ZZ13 A sequel to ZZ12. On Nibiru.

April 11, 2012


Wednesday, 11th April, 2,012.










A little bit more!!(Nibiru,etc.)








1. Tides are caused(Sea tides for example.) by the gravity of Sun and Moon. As they change their distance from us, so their gravity force changes – producing THE TIDES. Heaved up masses of water, sea-water, roll around the world, rising and falling.


2. As Nibiru approaches, its big gravity will produce tides,too. So watch out for changes in the heights of tides!! That will be the beginning of horrors.


3. But FIRST, The Wobble of The Earth will cause The FIRST Cataclysm. THEN after that Nibiru will take over!!






4. Some will believe me. Some won’t. But since we KNOW about The Wobble of The Earth, AND the finding of “Nibiru”(Actually Big Red, Planet X1!!) – Then The Modus Operandis EXIST!! You are asked to REMEMBER THAT!!(The Earth does a Wobble every 6,500 years. Centrifugal Force FROM this Wobble IS(right now!) HEAVING up The Innards of The Earth. Causing Sink Holes, Cracks in The Ground, Booming,etc.sounds rising from the stretching rocks of The Lithosphere.(BECAUSE as the ground rises, its extent increases – which STRETCHES the rocks. And this is the cause of the strange sounds now issuing(in places) from BELOW!! Not coming from sky. (It is) coming from the ground!!)





5. Last time, Noah(Heard of him?!) WARNED the people of a coming FLOOD. And the rain fell. But increase in precipitation is only ONE thing that happens! You may regard me as Noah.2.if you like.(Though quite a number of people are warning of the approaching CATACLYSM(Several coming up, starting THIS YEAR!!))(As The HEAT from Big Red increases as it draws close each time, so of course the condensation increases – leading to the increasing precipitation.)

6. Aliens gave the date of May 20th, 2,012 in a crop circle. The Mexican expert(Mr Jamie Mussan, I believe.) read the crop circle – and gave us the date. May 20th, 2,012.(Which is 39 days ahead!)(Not long is it?!)(This is in respect of Big Red(Wrongly being called Nibiru.)(Nibiru is Planet X, Flagship of The Galactic Fleet. Big Red is the name I HAVE GIVEN to the planet now approaching us at 3,500 miles per hour. Which is Planet X1.)(This planet IS THE MENACE. Not Nibiru,Planet X, which is our Rescue Ship!!)(Bearded Annunaki aliens on board that.)(It is a huge space ship that goes on rescue missions. Was a war ship. Still is when necessary.))


I think that it is better to know than not to know, so I pump out this information. Also in the hope that some of you will get down The North Geographical Pole(Big Tubeway Entrance near there leading into Earth’s hollow interior!!)(This is where most go each time this occurs!))(It will be safe down there from awful lot of stuff falling from sky from THE TAIL of Big Red(Note we are already IN the tail, and have been for some time!!)(Nibiru, wrong name, but to avoid confusion!!))(Though not safe from tides! Etc.)(Deadly RED DUST also falling.)(Started some time back!)


Whatever you do DON’T say this is rubbish! The RUSSIANS,ETC. are TRACKING it!(It is already in sight. Still very small as yet. But of course will get bigger AS IT BEARS DOWN(upon us)!!)(It has been photographed and videod FOR YEARS!!)




7. Eclipse of sun same time!


8. After the cataclysm, it will be HELL ON EARTH!!




9. Listen: Lemuria, Atlantis, Poseidon. These are the names of the past great civilizations which sank beneath waves during PREVIOUS VISITS of “Nibiru”!!




10. Note that there are TWO great CYCLIC SERIES that produce cataclysms. One is produced by The Wobble(Every 6,500 years) of The Earth. The other(Every 3,600 years) is caused by “Nibiru” – which is actually Big Red, the ugly planet presumably captured by Sol, our sun, from Sirius B’s solar system!!(THIS is the nasty monster to fear!)(When it first arrived it hit Tamiak, The Pre-Earth planet, producing Earth,Moon and some asteroids,etc.)




11. After the cataclysmS there will be so little food,water,etc. Even AIR will be scarce(It is going to catch fire!).




12. UTTER CHAOS will follow. Of course!!




13. Ruins.


14. Few survivors. As few as one in a thousand surviving!!




15. And FINALLY, CHRIST returns.




16. Corpses everywhere. Human,animal,etc.




17. Order gets re-stored very gradually.




18. The after-math shall be worse than the event!!






19. A new Stone Age begins. And so on,…




20. Some may be taken to other planets.




21. Electrons from the sun EMP everything.(Put out all electric and electronic equipment.)




22. New continents after old ones vanish.




23. Remember! MANY satellites of Nibiru!(Big Red) As many as 34, I hear.






24. Even if one of THEM hits us, it will be wipe out!!






25. There will be a New Heaven.






26. And a New Earth!!










27. Last time it was Poseidon(In The North Atlantic). Wrongly called Atlantis.




28. The End of Civilization(world-wide) OF COURSE!!








29. Gods(Aliens. Annunaki aliens) will land and rescue the better half of us. Evacuate us to Mother Craft over-head.(We are their CATTLE, remember!! So will save the best.)






30. They did this last time – At Poseidon.






31. Even The Spirit World will be affected!!








32. THIS event is what JESUS was referring to!!(“Then shall the end come” – will be found in The Christian Scripture.)
























Vic.(Noah.2. My own appellation!!)









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