ZZ5 TWO huge events now getting into gear!!

March 24, 2012


Saturday, 24th March, 2,012.










Latest noises are BOOMS!!








There IS a common factor to all these things: Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, increasing heat, sink holes, cracks in ground, big crack in Antarctic ice, strange sounds, and now BOOMS.


It is NOT due to Nibiru or Big Red(big planet due to whizz by us near end of year!). It is due to Earth’s increasing WOBBLE as we approach Dec.21/22, 2,012!!




The Earth’s WOBBLE is reaching PEAK – about 9 months hence. This is producing CENTRIFUGAL FORCE – which is HEAVING Earth’s INNARDS upwards. Thus increasing the area of surface! WHICH is forcing crust to STRETCH rocks,etc. THIS is what is producing the strange noises, NOW BOOMS!!


Listen! The CRUST of The Earth, The Lithosphere IS SLIDING over The Asthenosphere(The LOWER crust)!! Because, it is being PUSHED by The Antarctic ICE straining against THE ROCK OUTCROPS as the growing heat from the rising magma is melting the base ice! Allowing the ENTIRE ICE MASS to TRY TO get blown and slide down hill.


But BECAUSE of the rock outcrops – it CANNOT do this! INSTEAD, it is INCREASINGLY pushing The Upper Crust(The Lithosphere) over The Asthenosphere(the lower crust of The Earth). And the rising magma IS PROVIDING THE LUBRICANT!!






Got it?? The increasing heat coming up from below(NOT Man-made global warming!(THAT is a SCAM lie!!)) is MELTING THE BASE ICE(creating MELT as LUBRICANT for the ice to slide on against ROCK OUT-CROPS!!) AND it is creating MAGMIC LUBRICANT for the upper crust to slide over the lower!!




So an ICE FORCE has been created(the weight of the ice upon Antarctica!).


AND a FIRE FORCE has been created(pushing the OTHER WAY!!) due to the SOLAR WIND,ETC. charging up the core of The Earth!! Which in turn is increasing the gravity,etc.tidal forces upon the entire crust of The Earth!!




THIS is WHY we had those strange anomalies about a year or two ago when sun rose and set much farther east, and the weird appearance of sun and moon,too!!












Now NOTE we have TWO unusual things occurring here: 1. The Earth’s surface being STRETCHED(to accommodate rising ground). – Hence the weird noises, now BOOMS.(As cavities in The Earth are collapsing!)(The sounds are not coming from the sky, but from UNDERNEATH us!! Inside of the SHELL of The Earth!!(The Earth is hollow!! As are ALL the heavenly bodies and fields!!)




AND we have, 2, The Earth’s Upper Crust beginning to slide over the lower crust! This goes in fits and starts CURRENTLY, but will increase into a steady motion – first producing a POLAR SHIFT, and later A PHYSICAL INVERSION OF THE EARTH!!


Nibiru and Big Red(An alien planet captured from Sirius B, 5 times size of Earth, and 22 times its mass, due to WHIZZ by us towards end of the year!) are still far too far away AS YET to affect us much!!






In short, we have (Apocalyptic Trumpet, yes!!) the VERY BEGINNINGS of a CATACLYSM!!


The FIRST of at least TWO!!






No! We won’t be hearing from Governments and Media,etc!! They are struggling to fool us into thinking nothing is happening!! So as to KEEP control of us – AND to avoid Mass Panic and PANDEMONIUM!!!!






Alien UFO’s MASSING above PREPATORY to MASS RESCUE of best half of Humanity! Get READY!!










Vic, your faithful informant!!(NOT to scare you un-necessarily, but to ALERT YOU to coming destruction!!)(Get out of it via ASCENSION!! That is the starting up raising of Earth’s VIBRATIONS!! Assist via mass prayers, mediation, yogas and sutras,ETC!!!!)




You dig??


Well DON’T let it be YOUR GRAVE!!














Vic, boy!!






ZZ4 Some perils we NOW face!!

March 24, 2012


Saturday, 24th March, 2,012.










Some perils we now face!(Starting up this year.)










1. Cataclysm caused by centrifugal force created as The Wobble of The Earth increases towards December 21st/22nd, 2,012. Causing tremendous damage world wide.


2. Second Cataclysm due to the arrival of Big Red, a planet captured from Sirius B. Planet XI, due to pass us BY December 21st/22nd, 2,012. Causing tremendous damage world wide.


3. The Galactic Alignment of Dec.21/22, 2,012 could cause a cataclysm.




4. The Age of Aquarius can be expected to provoke a back-lash from the unevolved, and from animals, who are unable to handle the new higher vibrations.




5. Germs increasing resistance to Anti-biotics.




6. The Third World War. Sparked by Israel and/or U.S. Attacking Iran. Ending up possibly with North Korea nuking and emping The U.S. I do not think U.S. will win this one!




7. The increasing belligerence of The U.S., and of N.A.T.O.(Quest for oil being a root reason.)(That and world control.)


Israel should sacrifice itself for the sake of the world, and NOT attack Iran.(So should U.S. The time to attack Iran was a decade back, not now! TOO LATE now!! They can do TOO MUCH damage NOW!! Otherwise we shall have WW3 – and the whole world destroyed!! Use NUT NOW! NOT when TOO LATE. U.S. must NOT do a Nazi Germany act!(which it IS building up to!). And its leader should NOT do a Hitler!!(Germany invaded Poland and Russia back in 1939. U.S. and NATO hit Libya and Iraq recently in like manner!!)




8. Economic and Financial Collapse beginning in Europe, spreading to U.S. And engulfing whole world.


9. World Civil War.


10. U.S. becoming Fourth Reich. Via Nazification in Fascism.


11. Killing of most Earth’s inhabitants to reduce the population.


12. Population growth unsustainable. Not enough resources.




13. New World Order.


14. Take-over by aliens.




15. Islamic Uprising.




16. Current ruling power in U.S. is destroying U.S.Constitution.




17. Political East has overtaken West in World Dominance and progress.


18. The rise and RISE of RED China!!




19. The re-surgence of Russia!






20. The rise of GERMANY in Europe!






21. Rise of Vatican Power.








22. Terrorism.








23. Back-lash by The Mob.










24. Alien abductions.(Aliens creating a hybrid race. Are they abducting us progressively – to advance that end?!)






25. World rebellion by YOUTH!!








26. Hacking.








27. Cyber Warfare.








28. Martial Law,etc!!








29. Privacy is being overthrown.










30. Hyper-Inflation.(Like in Zimbabwe!)








31. Dangers inherent in Nano-technology.










32. Robotic control.










33. Crime is getting out of hand.








34. Dossiers on every-one!!










35. Big Brother!!








36. Bureaucracy in Big Government.










37. T.V. sets spying on you.








38. Negativism under-mining whole world via The Media,etc.










39. Some-one in U.S. getting VERY nervous about his Birth Certificate!!


No NAMES!! But two birth certificates exist. One issued in Hawai. And one in KENYA!! CLOSE examination shows Birthers RIGHT. The Kenyan one is the ORIGINAL one!!


The POINT is this: Current U.S. rule is doing what Hitler did in Nazi Germany did back in the 19 thirties and forties!!


The Western attack on Libya,etc. was DEFINITELY wrong!!


THAT is NOT the way to go ON!!(Let us not be humbugging HYPOCRITES,now!! If we rail against evil, how CAN WE suffer it done by OUR OWN nations??!!)(Iraq should NOT have been invaded! If any country, Iran!!(For not stopping manufacturing towards atomic bombs!)


Saddam and The Libyan Leader, Gadaffi(And The Egyptian leader was wrongly ousted!)were disposed of(murdered!!) WRONGLY. It was VERY wrong to kill THEM!!!!)


Killing Ben Laden may have been necessary. For Justice.


But we must NOT become like the people we SO rail AGAINST!!










40. The rich few ruling the world.








41. Spirituality being under-mined by excessive interest in sex, drugs, dope(pharmaceutical drugs),etc.








42. Pharmaceutical,etc. groups getting too rich and powerful.










43. Good ideas being suppressed for VESTED INTERESTS!!








44. Governments getting too big.








45. More and more money in hands of fewer and fewer.










46. Medics getting too dominant.








47. Couch potato danger from Television, Negative games,etc.(By negative here I mean unethical.)(An obsession with KILLING!! It is NOT healthy for any of us!)








48. Obesity and Diabetes and Cancer,etc. From eating too much junk food.








49. Danger of English being supplanted.








50. Racism card being over-played.


The danger is REVERSE racism. Or wipe out the white skins!! The dark skins are not in danger, the WHITE skins are. Dark skins outnumber whites 5 to 1! So please no more nonsense about danger from white skins!!)








51. Technological imbalance over things of spirit. We are TOO materialistic!!








52. Humans are too stupid.(Intelligent, but foolish.)


53. Police States.




54. Trade Unionism.




55. The Big Corporations.




56. Left Wingism.




57. Socialism. And of course Communism in China and North Korea,etc.






58. Fascism.






59. Increasing illiteracy,etc.






60. Humans far too absorbed by low desires and tastes!!






61. Hell and Hades are REAL! BEWARE of them!! After death.








62. The people in general haven’t got a clue what is REALLY going on. Are in for terrible shocks VERY SOON!!






63. False knowledge and ignorance.








64. The world is straining at gnats, but swallowing CAMELS!!








65. Debt and deficit are killing us – especially via credit cards!!






66. Humanity lacks SELF CONTROL and DISCIPLINE!!






67. Advancing materially. But going downhill SPIRITUALLY!!










68. Danger of losing Christmas,etc. to Multi-Culturalism.(Which Humanity is NOT ready for. It is doomed to fail!!)(We may have seen our last Christmas(anyway) – due to this absurd fad of bowing to minority groups to appease in the eyes of the gallery!!)










69. Political Correctness destroying us!








70. That and other VERY negative ACTIVISMS!!



71. Yes, our hard won Democracy is fast being LOST. After such a long hard struggle to win it!!



72. Danger of protecting and promoting ANIMALS before HUMANS!!








73. Fiat paper money(and coins) are WORTHLESS. Just wait until you all REALIZE that fact!!(Paper is worthless. Especially with NO PROMISE to refund in gold or silver printed upon it!)






74. Evil is taking over Earth via Devil, Illuminati, Rich few, Unruly mobs. Get the act together, world!!






75. Important truths NOT being taught!!






76. Universities and Colleges NOT teaching important values!!








77. Hang on to gold, especially silver!! Red China has collared most of it. Watch rulers don’t take the rest!!






78. This world is EVIL!!










79. World OBSESSED with low things like Sport, Skiffle, Entertainment, titillation of low desires,etc.(World thinks it does not matter!


But it DOES!! And lowered vibrations let in all manner of evils!!)










80. World believes it is improving when it is degenerating!!






81. Police increasingly powerless against miscreants!!








82. Women and children ruling the males!! Male rule is needed!!




83. Improve, world. Or get destroyed!!






84. Justice? Justice is a farce and a mockery, all too often!! As has been said: The law is an ass!(By a character of Charles Dickens.)




85. Locking people up is cruel. You NEED corporal punishment. Like the birch.




86. Stop PAYING people to sit at home and rot watching TV and Computer games!!








87. Wake up white skins, dark skins taking over!!








88. Purchase tax NOT Income Tax!!




89. PRODUCTION pay, not time pay!!






90. You need to SHARE OUT The Wealth!! Do it peacefully and easily via my RATINGS schemes!!




91. Good DIET,etc. needed.




92. Stop rubbishing each other, and smearing,etc!!




93. Cut out the FOUL language!!




94. Keep Standards UP, not lower them!!






95. Good idea to have 2 years physical and mental training for 18 year olds!!




96. Spank!(When children are TOO ill-behaved! Or do you prefer they get jailed,etc. in later life?! Hmmm??)






97. We NEED Religion and Philosophy. Don’t abandom them!!






98. Make work for the dole, yes!!






99. Punish crime and misdemeanours by permanent mark on skin of forehead. So we all know! A points number up to 100, in red if bad, blue if good!!!! The higher the number, the MORE good, or bad.(Perhaps subtract surplus of one – from the other.)










100. Or do you all PREFER a worse world?


Or NO WORLD at all??!!






Come on,now.




Good behaviour HAS TO BE enforced by DISCIPLINE, if people refuse to discipline THEMSELVES!!!!






WAKE UP, world!!




If we do not improve, and SUFFICIENTLY, then those powers in charge of us – may destroy us!!




Where are our WATCHDOGS??




Where are our CENSORS??






WAKE UP world, U.S. powers are DESTROYING U.S. Constitution, and are moving towards doing harm to whole world AT THEIR OWN PERIL!!






U.S. and Israel should not be disparaged either!!










And save yourselves – whilst there is ANY time left!!




No tattoing, it is UGLY and revolting. And no metals piercing(It is STUPID!!).No MARRIAGE between those of same gender.(If you MUST have foolish art on your skin – use TRANSFERS.(They can be easily removed!!)


People, stop sinning and doing wrong. You are not only hurting others, but YOURSELVES(by lowering your vibrations – thus letting in evils!).


BAN alcohol! AND smoking.


Ban nudity,etc.(Indecent exposure.)


Ban COMMERCIAL advertising!!


BAN ALL offensive things!!!!








Life is not A GAME! We are in a DEADLY SERIOUS contest against forces which would destroy us – and MOST gleefully!!




























ZZ3 A reprieve??

March 17, 2012


Sunday, 18th March, 2,012










A reprieve??










I spoke yesterday of two cataclysms starting up right now.


I may have been a bit previous!






In the case of Big Red now approaching us, it should also be slowing down. Because having passed inside of the sun’s position, it should now be being braked by the sun. That means a longer time before it reaches The Earth. The question is – how much longer??




In the case of The Earth’s Wobble – in the other cataclysm, – it too might be slowing down. As it approaches peak on December 22nd, 2,012.






Neither cataclysm should cut much ice with us until at least 2,014!!








Which gives us more time to prepare.










But don’t go to sleep. Both super disasters are STILL coming!!




















ZZ2b Two cataclysms now starting up!!

March 17, 2012

Vic Conway

March 17, 2012 at 4:10 am

Saturday, March 17th, 2,012. ZZ2b. Two cataclysms starting up now! With two more to come!!

The anomalous object near sun is either Nibiru, Flagship of The Galactic Federation’s Fleet, OR Big Red, a planet captured from Sirius B! Coming ALMOST straight for us!! Should pass VERY closely by around 21st/22nd December, 2,012. As with Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis and Poseidon, should JUST ABOUT wipe out ALL life on The Earth. Probability about 100%. Expect CONTINENTS to sink into ocean. New continents to come up from OCEAN FLOOR!!

Big Red is 5 times the size of The Earth. About 22 times as MASSIVE. (Mass is due to DENSITY.) Galactic TIDES,ETC. to cause TERRIBLE damage.

Chance of survival is very low. In any case would be better to die – so AWFUL will it be!!

Nibiru is Planet X. Big Red is Planet Xl. Both are approaching us. Big Red to end this civilization, Arya. Nibiru to save the best half of us.

A third cataclysm is possible – when Earth,Sun and The Great Dark Rift at The Centre of The Milky-Way Galaxy line up.

And a fourth(cataclysm) when Nature and Mankind re-act to The Age of Aquarius.

All of this is beginning RIGHT NOW!!

I expect the ice on Antarctica to slide into the sea. Ex The Wobble of The Earth’s Centrifugal Force.

2,3 or 4 CATACLYSMS to occur, STARTING this year(2,012.A.D!). This is THE TERRIBLE YEAR of THE LORD. THE EVENT!! THIS could be THE GREAT TRIBULATION!!(Though many prophecies yet unfulfilled!)

Probability of death FOR EVERY LIVING CREATURE ON EARTH is about 90 to 100 %!

Have you got that? It IS coming(up)(FAST!!).

Note: It is not JUST Big Red, which Nibiru is coming to save us from. But The Wobble of The Earth’s CATACLYSM, as well!!

The CRUST of The Earth started to slide about a year back. Remember when sun rising and setting too far to side? And The Moon looking queer.(Due to the VERY START of The Crustal Displacement. Note, not axial extra tilt(YET!!)(Polar Shift)!!)

I believe CRUSTAL DISPLACEMENT will resume again AT ANY TIME!!(It should go in jerks, starts and stops.)(It is not a continuous movement!)

It should be THE WORST TIME EVER(past AND FUTURE!!)!!!!(For ALL life on Planet Earth!!)


You HAVE been told!!


Go for Ascension via Prayer,Meditation,SPIRITUAL yogas and sutras. And abstaining from ALL low desires! Replace with the HIGHER!!

And maybe escape the horrors starting up NOW.

Few life forms on Earth should be alive within about a year!




We NEED to get The Authorities or SOMEONE to ORGANIZE an EXODUS of best specimens of humans,etc. DOWN The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!! Into The Great WITHIN.(I mean within THE SHELL, NOT inside The Earth’s Shell!!) Head DEAD DUE NORTH by Gyroscope from FAR ENOUGH south(To dodge haywire compass reading farther north!).













YY13 Save the world this way!

March 12, 2012


Tuesday, 13th March, 2,012.










Change your past,etc! Improve it!!










It IS possible to go back into your past and change it, improve it!(I cannot imagine anyone wanting to make it worse!!)


It is very simple. Go back in your mind – to where you did something you wished you hadn’t, OR, did not do something you wished you had!! And VISUALIZE yourself mentally DOING the other thing!!(GOING the better route!!) It works! You can tell by the uplift of JOY you will get when you do this!!(As THE BENEFITS will WORK THROUGH to you IMMEDIATELY!!!!) So DO it!!(Do the biggest things FIRST!!)(Just work chronologically through your life. Forwards AND backwards. Any way you wish!!)(The IMPORTANT thing is to DO it!!)




Yes, it is REAL!! And it DOES work!!




What you do you see,is, you get on to other PARALLEL TIME TRACKS!!!!




Consolidate all this and do it properly and better when you arrive in The Spirit World, at some suitable juncture.(Note: KEEP ON doing it. It may need a number of repeat actions! So KEEP ON doing it!!)




Now YOU can improve this unhappy world.(Via improving YOUR OWN life!!) By passing this e mail on to AS MANY recipients – by e mail – AS POSSIBLE. As quickly as you can!! Can you do that?




Because, the more people going back into their pasts and improving on what they did, – the better!! It will result in a better world!!




Two things,then: 1. Go back into your past, and improve on what you did. 2. Pass this e mail on to AS MANY recipients as possible BY E MAIL!! So that as many other people AS POSSIBLE – can do this too!!(Do both things together! Send off this e mail to your ENTIRE MAILING LIST,PLUS as MANY MORE AS POSSIBLE!! AND go back in your mind – improving your life. Which must THEN improve the world!!)


You will then thus improve your situation. And as many others as you can reach WITH THIS E MAIL – can do likewise!!(The more peope we reach, the BETTER we make this world!!)




It MUST result in a better world!!




The world is in a TERRIBLE MESS. This is a simple way out!






No big deal. Just improve YOUR past! And get THE MAXIMUM number of others TO DO LIKEWISE!!






3. Also, avoid annihilation by going for ASCENSION!!(That is the raising of your vibrations! Aided by the coming great uplift, THIS year!!)(Terrible things are slated to happen THIS YEAR, 2,012. You can avoid these by ASCENDING through 5d(The Fifth Dimension) OUT of it!!)






4. AND, if you wish, you can travel to anywhere in space and time, via meditation, by going into HYPER-SPACE. At first it will be in YOUR MIND!! Just raise your vibrations and wish and will yourself THERE!!






Many on Earth are doing nasty things. No, the way to go is to do as many nice things as possible. And THEN you will get a BETTER world!!






Jesus said: “Greater things than these shall YE do!!”(Greater than what Jesus did(Show the way to Salvation!!)!)


Now that is IMMENSE!




And YOU can do it(Improve the world!!) – by simply passing on this e mail TO AS MANY RECIPIENTS AS POSSIBLE!!






Worth it, don’t you think – to get a BETTER WORLD!!






YOUR chance to become an Altruistic Hero!






Currently we have so many people doing negative things, and producing a very unhappy place indeed.


Now we can change all this.








PLEASE do it!!








All the BEST!!






Nil desperandum!!








Humans have gotten into the wrong competition, you see! It SHOULD be a Human Race, not a RAT race!!




Their idea is that by hurting others, they get elevated.


However, this only results in others hurting YOU!! – Of course!!






So, INSTEAD of doing nasty things, DO nice things!!


THEN, in time, we shall get The Utopia and Paradise we have dreamed of!(Jesus pointed THE WAY!!!!)




Not hard, just MAKE YOURSELF do it.




And thus avoid going to Hell after death, and go to Heaven and paradise INSTEAD!!




Don’t tell me you DON’T want that!!!!




The spiritual law is this: If your evil deeds exceed your good, you will go to Hell after death! If your good deeds exceed your evil, then you will go to Heaven, after death!!




Just pass THIS e mail ON to as MANY OTHERS as you POSSIBLY can, as QUICKLY as possible.(‘Lest The Evil One frustrate you SOMEHOW!!)




GO for it!!


















Yip, yip!!





























March 11, 2012


Sunday, 11th March, 2,012.












Important Announcement.























This is a free service. I am not after your money. I have information to OFFER. IF you are interested.)(All I ask is that you pass this e mail on to as MANY OTHERS as you can, – by e mail., to give them a chance to learn these things,too.)


After a long life time of study and personal experience, I have garnered important information on the biggest mysteries of the universe. I wish to share my finds with you. That you may advance your knowledge.(Unfortunately we are not being told much if anything of the great truths of life, so I have undertaken as best I can. I hope what I offer will be of help to you.)(Please spread this by passing it on by e mail to as many others as you possibly can!)(People NEED warning!)




First, let me mention a few bald facts: 1. The Wobble of The Earth is creating sink holes, cracks in ground and Antarctica’s ice. Also is the cause of the moaning sound now issuing from The Earth(as the lithosphere’s rocks get stretched). Via centrifugal force which is heaving the INNARDS of The Earth upwards. A Cataclysm will ensue.


2. We are being approached by a big red planet about five times the size of The Earth.

It is being called Nibiru, but Nibiru is the name of Planet X, which is being used as a Rescue Ship for The Galactic Federation. We face great danger, but many will be rescued.(By Nibiru, The Rescue Ship. Which is carrying Annunaki aliens, giants up to 14 feet tall.)


I shall call The Big Red Planet, Big Red. Big Red is bearing down upon us – and should pass us 22.12.2,012. – Causing immense damage. Such, that we need to be either deep within The Earth – or OFF the planet. As death will be probable, otherwise.(From its gravity,etc.tides.)(Ending this Aryan Civilization.) Big Red is already visible(as a red dot) to the naked eye. But will become more like a red moon in appearance by around October this year(2,012.) Last time it came(it comes around every 3,600 years), we suffered a cataclysm which sank the great island of Poseidon in The North Atlantic.(Wrongly called Atlantis.)(Atlantis was Antarctica.)(Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis(Now Antarctica) and Poseidon all perished. Now it is our turn.)(About half of humanity will be saved.)(Think of me as Noah 2 if you like.)(Your first re-action may be too smile indulgently and ignore me. I DO urge you not to.(I have been studying Big Red for some 12 years now. I THINK I know a thing or two about it!)(PLEASE listen to me! You won’t hear much if anything about this from The Government or in The Media, because they wish to keep CONTROL of us, and to avoid panic. We can expect mass pandemonium as this THING gets close. I hold that this can be avoided if the people are informed IN GOOD TIME! Given TIME they can BRACE themselves. What is important is that we get the best specimens of everything down the North Geographical Pole. (Where there is a thousand mile wide funnel entrance to THE GREAT WITHIN! Aim dead due North so as not to miss it. A lush pleasant 74 degree Fahrenheit land lies within.Yes!)(WITHIN The Earth’s Shell, not INSIDE the shell!!)(Take bearings whilst still WELL south of The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole, by GYROSCOPE. Take ARMS!!)(So we can re-start life on this planet.)(Also inform by time capsule those of 3,600 years(or less now?)HENCE.)Take NOTE whatever you do!!)(You can learn a lot by looking at videos and reading reports(all sorts). Punch in on your browser “Nibiru” and/or “Second Sun”. You will get buried in all sorts of reports and videos,etc. To get to the truth(or near it)quickly, read what I have to say about it after 12 years of close study of the subject. A second cataclysm will ensue.)))


3. The Alignment of Earth,Sun and The Centre of The Milky-Way Galaxy will produce unknown results. Possibly a third cataclysm.


4. The Age of Aquarius should by its higher vibrations cause a re-action(negative) by Nature and Man. This may cause World Civil War.




Now all four events are CENTRERED upon 22.12.2,012. That is this year!


You need to PREPARE, – or risk death.




5. I expect the 14 foot tall Annunaki aliens to land and evacuate the best half of humanity(Why UFO sighting are increasing – and why we are getting these crop circle messages.).






Now whatever you do DON’T STOP YOUR EARS!!




This is NOT some overnight hare-brained notion!


SUPERFICIALLY it might appear so, but it is SOUND!!






6. I worked out how to get the PROPER and CORRECT distances to the stars, closed stellar clusters, galactic clusters and quasars,etc. And did MAP the cosmos!


The map revealed MUCH to me.


For example, Arcturus is Sol’s twin, and The Andromeda Galaxy is The Milky-Way Galaxy’s twin.(Everything goes in identical pairs. Two lots: Close and Distant.)




I found out NUMEROUS great secrets.




6. I believe a great economic and financial collapse is coming. Starting perhaps in Europe. Then in The U.S. And finally world-wide.




7. It is VITALLY important to get SAVED. By accepting CHRIST SPIRIT into your heart.(Repent first). Then do all the good that you can(henceforth) by this spirit. If the evil that we do outweighs the good, we shall go to Hell after death in the degree of the imbalance!




8. Yes. We DO survive physical death. The physical body is NOT us! It is but a garment that we wear. A shell. A coat. Which we discard at death.


9. We can INDEED see our passed on loved ones again.




10. We re-incarnate. In a seemingly endless series of lives. Evolving as we go.


11. GOD certainly does exist! Best described as LOVE, and DIVINE WILL. And The Infinite. God is also The Spiritual Sun. And our Higher Self!!


12. Evolution is the great thing. We best evolve by descending back down into The Physical periodically. Because much faster progress(evolving) is made here in the physical!


13. It IS possible to change our past! We can do this by going back IN TIME – to where we went wrong, and(since we cannot undo what we have done), we may go onto an alternative parallel time track – and INSTEAD OF doing again what we did before, we can do something better.(Thus all the things that we did, but wish we hadn’t, and all the things we didn’t do BUT WISH WE HAD, we CAN correct!!)(We need to wait until we enter The Spirit World after we shed our physical vehicle before we can best do this!)(Can you follow me (this) all right? Imagine being on a train travelling along a rail track, but ran into an oil container, getting oil over the train. – You spent the night at a motel or hotel, then next morning board a fresh train on an adjoining(parallel)track – and away you go again – no oil to worry about.(But the fact of having got covered in oil on the first train REMAINS unaltered. Fortunately there are plenty of these parallel time tracks.)






14. When we wake up from a dream into our waking reality, we notice the difference!




When we pass from this physical world into a higher material plane, a jump from this current(in physical life) life that we call Reality can occur. How much – depends upon the level of our minds. But in The Spirit World there is much more scope to expand our present material reality – such that we can pass from this super dream we call reality – to a SUPER REALITY. It depends upon our elevation of conciousness.




15. Death need not be painful. The pain is inherent in the CAUSE of death, not in death itself! Death is a SUPER AWAKENING.


Birth was our death! Death is actually birth!!


We have a good long holiday vacation in The Spirit World. And then usually wishing to evolve, to descend YET AGAIN into this physical world(where I currently am). We feel obliged to do this once we have exhausted The Spirit World.


16. Many planes, possibly without end, lie beyond The Spirit World. We go as high as we can, and then descend back down the planes.




17. It is VITALLY important to realize that The Spirit World has an Upstairs and a Down. Up is increasing degrees of Paradise. Down is increasing degrees of Hell. We gravitate to that level that we have earned during physical life.


If your good doings exceed your bad – you will go to Paradise. If your evil exceeds your good – you will go to Hell.


You will go to each place according to what you have created for yourself!


Eventually you will return to the physical(re-incarnate).




Living has neither beginning nor end for any creature. All entities are evolving.




18. It is VERY important to do minimum evil, and maximum good. Though one may escape jail, we CANNOT escape The Law of Karma(Or retribution)(For good and evil.)


Our deeds(actions, thoughts, words AND omissions) raise or lower our spiritual vibrations – according to whether good or ill. The consequences are immediate. Good or ill will happen to you commencing immediately in life. It will alter where you go after physical death. AND it will affect your future lives. You might get re-born a cripple for example – if you did something really nasty in life.


THEREFORE, do all the good that you can. And as little evil AS POSSIBLE!! As YOU are going to carry the lash back – which will be MULTIPLIED!!


If you have done wrong(sin against God and wrong against Man(including YOUR SELF), then REPENT.


Repentance is not just saying “Sorry” to God.(Speak in YOUR HEART.) But of BURNING out whatever wrong that you did! OUT of your heart. And keep at it – until it dissolves.(It is like staining your clothing – with whatever – and scrubbing and rubbing away until it is less noticeable(and feelable).)




So do NOT mess with your soul!








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YY5b. This and that. Especially THAT!!

March 6, 2012

Tuesday, 6th March, 2,012.





This and that.





I am VERY dismayed when I see the low levels of dissipation engaged in by so many humans.

I appeal to ALL – to RAISE their vibrations – not lower them!!

Lowering your vibrations(done by engaging in bad and low acts(thought,word,deed AND omission) lets in ALL MANNER of evils. Don’t people UNDERSTAND THAT??)(Not only in The Hereafter, but NOW, AND in future lives!!!!)


Create GOOD karma,not bad!

Because YOU, the doer, are GOING TO HAVE TO LIVE with the RESULTS YOU create!!

Yes, I could be accused of being a kill-joy. But, no, you have MORE joy(later) when you do NOT indulge in vibration lowering actions!!



I do not see how Campbell Newman can win if he has not been elected.(To Ashgrove or somewhere, presumably.) Even if the level of polling remains in his favour!

I also do not see how Gillard can lose – when it is another 18 months to The Fed. Election.(If this AGE ends 21.12.12!!)(The DAMAGE has been DONE!!)



Labor has to be scraping the barrel to put Carr in as Foreign Minister. He is PAST his use by date!

Put Rudd back in THAT job! For as long as Labor is in power, anyway.


Big Red(It is NOT Nibiru!) is to pass Earth about 22.12.12. Not much will survive THAT!!




Yes, the asteroids,etc. are increasing! Largely because we are IN THE TAIL of Big Red!


The WOBBLE of The Earth is causing the magma to rise – which will increase HEAT until 22.12.12!

And that will produce MORE rain(via EVAPORATION)!!


Expect the sea around Australia – and other places to rise more yet.


Yes, the flooding in parts of Australia is bad. But gear up for worse to come. Along with OTHER menaces!!


Damage to infrastructure, wear and tear on property AND PEOPLE, and Insurance, AND costs – is going to hit hard.


Please stop asking when the rain is going to stop.(It has stopped for NOW. But more will be in the pipe-line – due to HEAT!)

Regard this flooding as the VERY START of The WOBBLE cataclysm. With Big Red, Galactic Alignment, Re-action to The Aquarian Age cataclysms and woes! And then WORLD civil War following Economic and Financial Collapse.(It IS better to face what is coming, NO MATTER WHAT, than to dwell in a FOOL’S Paradise!!)


Just trying to get you on your toes – the BETTER to deal with the worse TO COME!!!!


NOT I assure you for the kicks from scare-mongering!

No,no. I do this to ALERT you – so for you to prepare BETTER. NOT to scare you!


MANY Humans cannot bear The Truth. We many of us see what we WANT to see. But this is bad for us. Seek THE TRUTH!!



Many hate me because they reduce things to the LOWEST denominator, instead of SEEING the highest – which IS what I have in mind!!




We are NOT our physical bodies! THEY are just SHELLS that we wear temporarily! Garments if you like.


This life we currently live is but a DREAM – when COMPARED with the life to come!(After the death of the SHELL so many THINK is us!)(Chappie, you are no more this physical body coat you are currently wearing, than you are a shirt you put on! Or a coat!!)(YOU are SOUL, a mental entity! INDWELLING, temporarily, this physical body!!)


However, WHERE we go in The Spirit World DEPENDS UPON HOW we behave during life! The good go upstairs, the bad down!! That is HOW it is!!!!


Many people get FOOLED by the fact that when you do evil(harm) – that you feels uplifted afterwards!(Conversely, if you do good, you will shortly be HATED by those envious of you!) But you see later on, they who have done good get uplifted, and those who have done harm – get DE-flated. MORE than the earlier loss! THEREFORE do all the good that you can. That you might END UP better off!!!!



Ghosts EXIST! Aliens exist! Sprites(yes, AND fairies – they EXIST!!). UFO ‘s are some times alien craft!

There are VERY many planets in the universe.(Many no doubt think that there is no one else around. A view fostered by the idea begotten by The Church that God created The Earth, and set life upon it.(But do NOT conclude from that that God did not create life anywhere else!!)(That is egocentricism!)(Born of MIS-interpretation!!))


Why does God allow evil? Because if God ENFORCED no evil, then many lowly evolved souls could not progress!(The wicked(the CHILDREN) have it good now in the physical! Because that is their chance! And God would be a TYRANT! Now you can’t have it BOTH ways! Either you suffer worse through tyranny by having a god that ENFORCES no evil, OR – you have an INDULGENT god – which IS what we have!!)



Do not be deceived, after physical death, the good have it GREAT!! It is the turn of the children(the wicked) NOW – in physical life.

But AFTER physical death, the adults, the more evolved – have it GOOD!!







Yes, it hurts to lose a loved one to physical death! Of COURSE!!

But! Broaden your horizon a bit.

1. They are(IF they have done more good than harm(evil)!!) better off!!(Think of THEIR gain, rather than YOUR loss!!) They are in a better(FINER) world. They are on a higher plane(of vibrations)!!)


2. You can see them AGAIN, when YOU cross over(pass on) from this hard physical world into the easier and finer Spirit World!!


3. You can even POSSIBLY see them again – by going to a materialization SEANCE!!(IF they know how to come down to the physical level,etc.again!)(Please BEAR IN MIND, they have just finished a hard physical life, and after physical death are on VACATION in a better world. These things ARE SO!!(You can contact departed souls by telepathy! But I say LEAVE THEM REST!!)


4. And you CAN, IF you know how, leave your body, by Astral Projection – and – and maybe VISIT them in The Spirit World!!



So you see(I hope)(MUCH study and experience has taught me these things, these truths.)(So I confidently tell you!)



Do NOT do evil! Because if your evil exceeds your good at physical demise – you WILL go DOWN in The Spirit World!!

MANY NOW THERE plead and beseech me to TELL you. So I MOST GLADLY do so. That YOU might have a CHANCE to avoid THEIR fate!!(Because HELL is AN AWFUL place.)


And, please, no nonsense like “My friends are there. I shall be with my friends. (And happy, presumably?)”. Your friends will be suffering LIKE YOU!!!!) Do NOT kid yourself. HELL is HORRIBLE!!


So be WISE, and THINK NOW – not when it is too late!!




Gillard is deficient in SENSE. She cannot help it. And is fighting a great PERSONAL battle. Unfortunately she IS sinking Australia!!



However, THAT is how it IS. And we HAVE TO put up with it!!




When we(I am writing AS the thoughts come to me.) DREAM, we awaken into the physical world life, and compare the reality of the physical to the flimsiness of the dream world. WHAT a difference!!(CARE!! Astral excursions are NOT dreams!!)(Many THINK that they are. No!!)(Though vivid DREAMS DO EXIST!!)





Now when we die, we awaken from this super dream of life – into a SUPER REALITY beyond belief!!

Such that there is A PARALLEL between awakening from a dream into physical reality – AND – awakening after physical death from this life we THINK is so real! Got it?? Into SUPER-REALITY!!



Shakespear’s character, Hamlet, got it wrong, you see!

It is not “dreams may come”, (How do I know? Both by personal experience AND long hard study!!) but what dreams MAY GO!!


WHEN we have shuffled OFF this mortal coil!





We are on an expedition, between two eternities. Into this VERY narrow band of matter, we THINK is reality!


Do NOT commit suicide. NOR go for Euthanasia. No matter how hard it gets. Because, the more you endure NOW – in this nightmare we call life – is THAT MUCH less to endure AFTERWARDS – in The Spirit World!!








Do NOT be deceived and fooled by the MANY who say otherwise!!




Animals survive physical death,too!(In fact EVERYTHING does!!)


Many love to drag us down to their level!!





We are coming to the end of THIS AGE(not of the world!), and so THE SCUM is rising to the surface.



Do not touch the dark arts and witchcraft,ETC!!



And DO NOT dabble with Ouija Boards and Planchette,etc. NO THING that bids spirits come to you. None of these LOW methods!!

BECAUSE, you attract LOW spirits to you. And it can be VERY HARD to get rid of them!!(Or you may get ghosts AND POLTERGEISTS!! Or even pass on. BE warned!!)




So PLEASE – WATCH what you are doing!!





No, I cannot PROVE these things to you.


But I am NOT mistaken!!



VIVA la Godda!!





GOD BLESS you all.







Vic.(What I say may be unpopular, but it is true!!)(Which BECAUSE it is true, this very unevolved world – HATES…)(With it??)






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