ZZ3 A reprieve??

March 17, 2012


Sunday, 18th March, 2,012










A reprieve??










I spoke yesterday of two cataclysms starting up right now.


I may have been a bit previous!






In the case of Big Red now approaching us, it should also be slowing down. Because having passed inside of the sun’s position, it should now be being braked by the sun. That means a longer time before it reaches The Earth. The question is – how much longer??




In the case of The Earth’s Wobble – in the other cataclysm, – it too might be slowing down. As it approaches peak on December 22nd, 2,012.






Neither cataclysm should cut much ice with us until at least 2,014!!








Which gives us more time to prepare.










But don’t go to sleep. Both super disasters are STILL coming!!




















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