April 1, 2012


Sunday, 1st April, 2,012.










Will Israel attack Iran. And, if so, – when??










The position is this: Iran is strongly suspected of making an atomic bomb. And by the end of the year(2,012). Which is breaking the nuclear weapons policy.


Now Iran is behind Terrorism, Hamas, Hezbolla, occupation of Lebanon, threat to Israel, and threat to the world. Syria is allied to them.


Has stopped some supplies of oil to a country in Europe.(Greece, I think!!)


Is threatening to block The Straits of Homuz,etc.(The big important oil and other supplies channel to the world…)




If a non-nuclear Iran is this much trouble, WHAT will a nuclear one be??






Israel observes its choice: Attack Iran before it(Iran) can safeguard its nuclear development(Which is July 1st, 2,012.), or wait for Iran to attack Israel.(It has long threatened to wipe Israel off the map.)(Israel may have nuclear weapons.)


IF Israel attacks Iran, it will have great difficulty finding all of Iran’s nuclear plants. Plus the fact that the facilities are very deep down!!(Bombing the ENTRANCES would seal them off!!)




Israel is not equipped to do this job AT ALL well!!(And U.S. does not want to!!)




IF Israel DOES attack, then Iran will counter attack, not only against Israel, but against The U.S. too.(As they are so much in league.)(Doing HORRIFIC damage. And starting World War 3.)(Which would end this civilization.)(Making Cataclysm 3, so to speak, as TWO other cataclysms are about to start up any time now!! Namely Wobble of The Solar System creating Centrifugal Force heaving up Earth’s INNARDS – including MAGMA!! AND the close passage of Big Red to The Earth(just about destroying nearly all life and structures upon the planet via gravity,etc.TIDES!!).




If Israel does not attack Iran, then Iran, with nuclear bomb, will almost surely attack Israel.(Because it would target Israel’s NUCLEAR arsenal,ETC.ETC!!)




We hope Israel will make the sacrifice and NOT attack Iran!






U.S. has told Israel – if it attacks Iran, it will be ON ITS OWN!!






BUT!! I cannot see U.S. keeping out of it!!


U.S. is more or less obliged to support Israel, and I believe will do so.(As Jews support so many financial,etc.functions of U.S,etc!!)






U.S. etc are in APPALLING debt and deficity. WORLD Economic and Financial Collapse can be expected…any time.


However! Obama is a Muslim. And I doubt very much that he will attack Iran!








Cache 22?








If U.S. goes to Israel’s aid, then Russia and China, Pakistan and North Korea,etc. will pile in AGAINST The West. Then we have WW3. With every imaginable weapon ALL IN!!!!






The equivalent of a CATACLYSM would almost surely result!!






Will Israel make the sacrifice OR funk out??




I think neither. We can expect Israel to attack Iran AND inadequately some time over the next 3 months. The sooner the better is believed!






YOU do the maths!








I do not rate the next three months. More likely THE NEXT FORTNIGHT!!(Israel is not known for dragging its feet. Nor for inefficiency. And their leader is strong willed!!…




After that we can expect Wobble Cataclysm and then Big Red cataclysm. (These are all wipe out(of world) events!! Or nearly so!!)








North Geographical Pole anyone??








Unless you prefer death, POSSIBLE rescue by bearded giant aliens OR get down The North Geographical Pole.(Failing rescue by Authorities, who have limited room – for their blue-eyed ones!! In their long prepared underground,etc. CHAMBERS!!)








There it is, chaps!!






I see that Anomynous did not(this week-end,anyway) disable The Internet! It was a possibility!!








Anyone for Mars??












I hope you ALL see some of the challenges of this Terrible Year of The LORD, 2,012!!






And all the above is without mentioning Galactic Alignment(Possible Cataclysm)(December 21/22, 2,012.).




And The Start of The Aquarian Age(Which a negative world would start a World Civil War over!!)(You know where half the world goes around blowing up or burning down EVERYTHING standing, including humans…




There are,too, The VERY HOT patch in space ahead,the deadly particles cloud we are entering, the mini black holes being created at Cerne, the growing resistance to anti-biotics,(The world is in blissful ignorance SO FAR, preferring their usual sport, celebrities functions and what they wear,etc.,booze and so on AND SO ON…)(LATER ON they will KILL those who did not warn them!!)(I am frantically TRYING to warn you all, but meeting GREAT opposition and resistance.)(But world is mentally ASLEEP, as usual!!)








We have too Haarp, and Blue something(U.K.)(AND The Russian equivalents…)(Without even mentioning RED China!!…), New World Order, Growing Anarchy, vanishing oil, rocketting petrol prices, and so on AND SO ON!!!!(There are very many awful things in the offing.)








Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise? Ah,yes,maybe. But what about when a boulder or something lands upon YOUR head??!!








Aye! THERE is the RUB, you see!! Well, I hope you do!!










World is living in a FOOL’S PARADISE!!






It THINKS that things will go blithely on as usual.








Poor things.










Me? Well DEEP in the sea in a plastic bubble is IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!!














Sorry, SUICIDE is out.(Penality in Spirit World after death is very great…)












There it is, CHAPS. Just the tip of the ice-berg for you!!












Think I’m joking?




I been studying these things for DECADES. MANY decades,…….)






I am SIMPLY calling a spade a spade!!












You would rather not know in advance????








Well, I THOUGHT I had better tell you, than not!!






Shall we PRAY, or discuss a CRUISE SHIP to The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!








YOUR call!!






I am TELLING YOU what I see!




And I have a VERY high I.Q.




AND am not known for telling untruths!!(Not on THIS subject!!)










Pass the mustard, Judas.






Only THIS TIME we are ALL going to THE CROSS!!!!








Nails in the hands or wrists, will be FLEA-BITES compared to boulders on the skull!!…




Nothing we can do about it??




1. Flee down The North Geographical Pole!!(SafER down there!!)




2. Opt for Ascension.(Raising of spiritual vibrations, and escape via 5 or 6d!!)(D is for DIMENSION)






3, Persuade your local bearded Annunaki alien GIANT to take you aboard his flying saucer!








4. Or get a WELL-equipped Plastic Bubble – and get deep into the sea,…












5, OR,… survive against all odds, and live out your life in an icy CAVE somewhere!!










Just showing you your options!!








Well, I TRIED…








MAN!! Do you believe in ghosts? Nearly all of us will be one SOON.


But, you see, WE are the ghosts. Watched by The SUPER living (In The Spirit World,ETC.)(MOST people are without A CLUE – as to WHAT it is all about,…) in HORROR at the way we carry on,…














For now, at least!!








Many of us PURPOSELY got born at THIS time, to WATCH and paticipate in – what is called




To EXPERIENCE the most exciting and DEVASTATING event to happen to Earth, and the rest of our solar system, sun included!!


A once in a 26,000,000 year event!


For us it will be our worst time ever, by far.(Future included!!)






Glad you came,now??






































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