PP3 Sink holes and cracks in the ground better explained.

January 6, 2012


Monday, 10th October, 2011.










Sink holes and cracks in the ground better explained.










In PP2 I did not bring out exactly why the centrifugal force produced by our sun rounding the spiral arm of the closed stellar cluster it is in produces polar shift, disasters, sink holes and now cracks opening up in the ground all over the world in many countries.


The sun is rounding its spiral arm, and this circular motion is producing centrifugal force – which is driving the magma up harder AND HARDER against the tectonic plates causing more and stronger volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, via the increasing pressure. That explains the growing disasters. The HEAVE from C.F.(Centrifugal Force) moving along as the sun goes around(Because as it goes around the HEAVE force moves around too!) the spiral arm causes the Earth to physically tilt more. A real PHYSICAL tilt, not JUST a magnetic one. A real physical, geographical, geological polar shift. Changing the axial tilt of The Earth.


Disasters have been increasing these past 6,500 years.


There is a rapidly growing polar shift.


Sink holes are forming all over the world.


And NOW we have CRACKS appearing in many parts of the world! Cracks in the surface ground.




Centrifugal Force WILL hurl the contents of a spun object to the sides, even as a much lesser Centripedal Force will throw a small amount of stuff to the centre. Plus create two tubular double funnels connecting the inner and outer surfaces. Such spun objects are hollow.(Including The Earth.) They HAVE to be! Or the laws of physics are abrogated!


C.F. is cause by the spin. Explaining WHY The Earth,etc.(All the heavenly bodies and fields) is HOLLOW.(It is SOLID Earth which is absurd, not hollow Earth!)


When that C.F. is increased by the solar system rounding its spiral arm, then that force(which originally caused the molten Earth to congeal in the hollow shape), then greater HEAVE, puts pressure upon the tectonic plates, causing worse and WORSE volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.




I can understand why this upwards’ heave causes the ground to rise up in places, globally. Then when such ground gets stretched, it HAS TO crack! To accommodate the decreased amount of surface. That is easy to follow.


What I find hard is SINK HOLES! WHY would sink holes form? Perhaps the heave- up from the increased centrifuge is not the cause of THEM!


And why so often such circular shapes?(I incline to think that sink holes have another cause. Like The Hadron Particle Accelerator at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. Creating HUNDREDS of small black holes EVERY day(And they are now building a bigger and better one! Mad!!)(What I am suggesting is that these small black holes get created – and then burn holes going increasingly downwards into The Earth. I don’t know. Just speculating(That sink holes is not caused by C.F.).)




The North Magnetic Pole is moving faster and faster towards Siberia. Currently about 150 miles per year. I calculate from that that a full inversion of The Earth is still up to 8 years off.


Though some say February 6th, 2,012 is the date of the final inversion.(Which will be fatal for ALMOST all life upon Earth.(And other planets of our solar system.))




Now, because The Magnetic Pole is simply the EDGE of the tubular double funnel entrance to The Great Hollow Within, then it is not only a magnetic shift, but a PHYSICAL one,too! The rims cannot move unless the Geographical Pole also moves.(If a circumference moves then the circle moves,too!)(Centre of circle is Geographical Pole. Circumference is magnetic pole!)




This is a bit of a relief. Because I had feared we only have about 3 months to doom. Now it could be as much as 6 to 8 years!


The Nibiru Complex and Phaeton are not the cause of this growing polar shift.(Our sun going around its STELLAR CLUSTER(sic) spiral arm is!) Nor do I think that Sun Earth Northern Winter Solstice Alignment(Of December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.) with The Great Rift at The Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy is.


Nibiru Complex and Phaeton are I think too far away as yet to be affecting The Earth. ONLY JUST starting to! And I believe The Great Rift, Centre of Milky Way is FAR too far away to be affecting us much.


So! Since SOMETHING has to be causing Increasing disasters, Polar Shift and THE CRACKS opening up in the ground ALL OVER The Earth. Plus POSSIBLY the sink holes. Then(And it HAS TO BE something ASTRONOMICAL – because of the enormous effects!) WHAT astronomical objects/s could be causing it?


People all over the world are asking WHAT is causing these cracks opening up in the ground! (In about ten to twelve countries now well scattered globally!)I think I have provided the answer. Centrifugal Force! Heaving the ground up! Making it shatter due to the increased surface to stretch over!




There appears to be a bit of a conflict on as to whether the (NOW) reported 150 mile North polar increase towards Siberia is per year OR PER DAY!!


Now this Polar Shift became noticeable back in March, 2,011. Just over 6 months ago, as of writing.(It now is October 10th, 2,011.)




If 150 miles(but doubling and some), then, if daily, we should all be dead by now. So I THINK it has to be every YEAR. As in fact officialdom claims.


Had it been DAILY, then in about 8 days, FULL physical inversion would have occurred. But up to 8 years gives us a bit of BREATHING SPACE!!




The Earth is wobbling. And this wobble is growing EXPONENTIALLY!!






I am SUGGESTING that with Nibiru Complex and Phaeton being perhaps years off, AND The Polar PHYSICAL shift, that we have a LITTLE more time to play with!! I hope so! So we can perhaps ORGANIZE the moving of the best specimens of everything down WITHIN!!(The North Geographical Pole.)




I keep on I know. And there be some no doubt who are tired of my almost daily newsletters. But THE POINT IS, – we either GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE – or poor chance for future life on this planet! So it is VITALLY important!!(So the MAGNITUDE of the EVENT drives me on!)




I spell it out to you – to help you UNDERSTAND.




Many THINK that the cause of our woes is Nibiru.(Planet X.) The next planet out beyond Neptune.)(So long sought.)(Known to The Ancient Sumerians,etc.yet not know by our scientists, astronomers!) No! It is, I aver, SIMPLY the centrifugal force created by our sun rounding The STELLAR spiral arm of the group of stars it is IN!






We have MAYBE about 7 more years to doom.(Our Gregorian Calendar has been mucked about with!)(So we need to be VERY careful with our Doomsday dates!)




Nibiru, by the way, should soon be appearing. Like a small red moon at first.(I mean to the naked eye.)(And I think that because of this, NASA is confessing a few things it has been VERY reluctant to confess!)




It is true that there would be a mass panic by releasing such news, but I SAY that it is better to have a mass panic NOW(When we can do SOMETHING about it!)rather than MASS PANDEMONIUM further down the track!(When it will be TOO LATE!! Because people can adjust. But if you leave it until they see Nibiru for their selves, then you can EXPECT trouble!!(By then too late for them to do anything(Like get down The North Geographical Pole!)about it!)And how unlikely for people to trust NASA,etc. again!!


Nibiru is NOT the cause of our present woes! Though it will bring woes of its own(terrible ones) later.(Likewise with Phaeton.)




I think the real reason for the official secrecy(conspiracy of silence) is to have better control of us!




It is silly, I think, to hide all these things.


People are very adaptable!






But they DO need time!






So the great question surely must(or should be): How do I survive?!




We are not talking about a Katrina like disaster, let us give it a value of say 1. What is coming up is about 2 MILLION.(Two MILLION times worse than Katrina!) So it is colossal. Right off the map. Tsunami at least thousands of feet high. ETC.






Now, over our heads RIGHT NOW, AS I WRITE, there is an ARMADA of humanoid alien space craft! Perhaps up to 30 BILLION of humanoids.(Weird looking(to us) aliens.)




WHY are they MASSING over our heads??




Let us put 1 and 1 together: SOMETHING STUPENDOUS in the way of disasters is ABOUT TO HIT US. VERY SOON. Any time from now on!




Homo sapiens had their genes modified way back by The Annunaki aliens.(To create gold miners.)


In other words we are their CATTLE. And they are our farmers!






Now good farmers protect their cattle, when storm threatens.




I SUGGEST that the reason they are MASSED above – is to EVACUATE us. Or those chosen worthy to be evacuated.




I THINK they have come to save us, not to destroy us!(Being FAR FAR ahead of us technologically and mentally, had they wanted to destroy us, they could have done so WITH CONTEMPTUOUS EASE at any time over the aeons!)(We are STUPID to fight them!)(At present their rule seems to be: You kill one of ours, we will kill one of yours. But nothing more!)






Imagine a farmer going into a field to save his cattle. A few odd bulls charge him.


Would be stupid for the farmer to kill ALL the bulls!






And certainly INSANE for the bulls to even TRY to kill the farmer/s!




But,alas, THAT is what is happening. U.S. and Russia are actually fighting them up in space!!




We would not stand a chance!








It would be like natives in canoes hurling spears at powerful galleons! DAFT!!










We live in exciting times all right!






From now on things get REALLY interesting!






We need to stop fighting each other.




And TRY to deal with the IMPENDING disasters about to massacre just about ALL of us!!




I wonder if Julia Gillard knows how to handle it??!!(Get rid of Labor, not Gillard! If you just get rid of Gillard, they will simply put Rudd or someone in her place, and simply ensure MORE years of misery! How well do you think the Labor-Greens,and independents who keep that destructive combination in power, would handle our remaining years?!)(Trouble is the mob masses get fooled by empty words! And they keep on getting fooled! Which is FATAL for all of us!!)










Sun created CENTRIFUGE is causing disasters, polar shift AND pretty clearly – the cracks opening up in the ground! Though unsure about the sink holes.








I hope things are a bit clearer to you all now!








February 6th, 2,012 is a proffered date for Doom. But WHICH 2,012 are we looking at?!


The Gregorian Calendar could be as much as SIX years advanced!(Thanks to tampering by The Ecclesiastica(to stay in power).)(Thus making it only 2,005,now.)




It is 2,011,now. BUT! Is that Gregorian 2,011, or True Modern??




Do you see what I mean?




Yes, MAYBE February 6th spells doom for NEARLY all creatures on Earth, BUT – WHICH 2,012.A.D?? (Are we looking at!)


I put A.D. to distinguish from B.C.(The new nomenclature is too SAME looking!)











I was saying earlier that we had maybe 3 months to DOOM. But between Gregorian Calendar deliberate(and casual) error years AND the vagaries of about SIX major factors now converging to bring us DOOM, it is hard to be too exact!



There are VERY many different opinions out there.




However! Because I have PROVED and CONFIRMED 2,012,Doom, I can speak with some confidence.


If ONLY we knew WHICH 2,012 applied!!























PP2 Cracks in the ground

January 6, 2012


Sunday, 9th October, 2011.








Cracks forming in Earth!




I can explain why!










In at least six countries, lately, the ground has been rising cracking open, preceded by a BOOM.


No earthquake. No volcanic eruption.


What is causing it??


I think I know why!




A decade or two back, I worked out how to get the CORRECT AND exact(two different things!) distances to the heavenly bodies and fields.


By so doing I discovered that our solar system, basically Sol our sun, is one of a group of many stars!(A closed stellar cluster.)(Because I was able to plot, with the aid of a student mathematician, all the astronomical fields: Stars, Stellar Clusters, Galaxies and Radio Sources,etc. Including The Quasars. Thus MAPPING, and in 3d, the ENTIRE universe!!)




So I KNOW that our sun is among many stars in a Closed Stellar Cluster!


This stellar cluster has two spiral arms.(Do not confuse with the GALACTIC spiral arms of The Milky Way!)(Ours is one of many stellar clusters in our galaxy.)


Every 6,500 years, our sun, Sol, along with its solar system retinue, swings AROUND the one of these spiral arms it is upon.


Doing so produces Centrifugal Force, in sun – and ALL objects in our solar system.




Now no other cause is known.




This solar swing around is speeding up PARABOLICALLY, and should peak December 21st, 2,012.


This centrifuge which we are in is heaving the magma up against the tectonic plates – causing our growing disasters!


It MAY also be causing the sink holes.




I submit that it is also producing 1. The Polar Shift and 2. The cracks in The Earth! And possibly the sink holes,too. Along with other curiousities no doubt.


Centrifugal force is a force caused by something doing a circular movement.(Centripedal force produces a much smaller INWARD force, creating a core.)


Our sun, a star, is simply orbitting the original and base point it has on its spiral arm. Which we, and all the other residents of the solar system MUST follow.


Currently(as it does every 6,500 years) it is ALMOST back to where it starts this huge periodic orbit.






In other words this growing C.F.(Centrifugal force)will peak on December 21st; 2,012.A.D.


I think that these tools like Haarp,etc. are IN PART designed to make us think that the fact that the disasters caused by our sun rounding its STELLAR spiral arm is caused by Haarp,etc! They are TRYING to hide from us all the GIGANTIC DISASTER – which is just starting up. It will be spread over several years. A super duper colossal disaster which is actually about FIVE differently caused super duper cataclysms.(Namely Phaeton, Nibiru Complex, The line up with The Great Dark Rift at The Centre of our galaxy, the sun rounding its STELLAR spiral arm, the arrival of The Annunaki aliens, and Earth’d conventional disasters like world wars,etc.Along with economic and financial crises.)




I INSIST that our only way of escape(since we cannot prevent this cluster of MONSTER cataclyms) – is to flee down The North Geographical Pole(Or the south, but north much easier)! In order to enter The Great Within – where those living creatures there get protected from much of what is happening on top.(The Earth, like all heavenly bodies and fields and large objects(bolides) is hollow. And that there are TWO(at each end of Earth) one thousand mile wide tubular entrances leading down, YET NOT UNDER-GROUND!!)(The Earth’s surface is a double reverse helix. That is has a rounded surface which DOUBLES BACK upon itself. So inner and outer surface are BACK TO BACK. Down there is a huge ocean and land, VERY lush, with a temperate climate. ALMOST as much sea and land as the outer surface has!(It is ONE CONTINUOUS surface. Like a doubled back SANDWICH!!)(So that by pushing on over The Geographical Pole(either one), you MUST unknowingly end up(after hundreds of miles) on the INNER SURFACE!!(Which is NOT underground!!))




Note that what we call the magnetic poles are in fact THE RIMS or edges of these over a thousand mile wide tubular entrances. THEY in THEMSELVES do not move, but the observer, where-ever, THINKS that the magnetic poles is a simple point! When it is actually a 3,500 mile long circumference! And thus it appears to be moving, when in fact it is the observer that is moving!(What is moving is the tilt of The Earth!!)(Growing parabolically!!)




The MARKED poles(North and South) are PHONEY! They are NOT at the geographical poles!!(The actual geo poles are about 500 miles PAST the MARKED poles, and are 400 miles up in SPACE!!)(So, because of the tubeway, there is no land to contain iron,etc. Which is WHY the magnetic pole is not where the geographical pole is! NOTHING there but air and space!!)




Many humans and animals and plants “down” there. They are twice the height of surface creatures!!




So go there, but TAKE ARMS!!


Though there is a friendly race of giant humans down there. Along with Neanderthals, pre-historic monsters – including Dinosaurs! And wild natives and dwarfs,etc. Plus a Nazi base. And, MAYBE, a very aged Adolf Hitler!! A huge volcano and ufo base there too.




Though this centrifuge we are in(Like if you are in a car tearing around a sharp corner, – you will find it hard not to continue in the original direction. And so it is with Earth and all other planets,etc.NOW!! EVERYTHING is trying to get flung OUTWARDS!!)






So these cracks opening up in the ground are the physical result of (increasing outwards!) the centrifuge HEAVING the ground upwards! Creating a BOOM as the rock,etc. underground tears apart.(Spin a top or anything, and any fluid within gets HURLED to the sides!)


The Nibiru Complex and Phaeton,etc. are still too far away to be the cause of this HEAVING upwards in everything, and I can think of no other so necessary major cause for the disasters, the polar shift, the cracks in the ground and the sink holes(maybe),etc.




So gentlemen, et al. We are in THE GRIP of a HUGE CENTRIFUGE embracing the entire solar system. It is THIS, I do aver, which is producing the parabolically increasing disasters, polar shift, sink holes,etc. AND now the cracks opening up in the ground.


Our best, and perhaps ONLY hope – is DOWN that North Geographical Pole!!(Though I expect cracks,etc. to appear in the lower(of the sandwich)(The meat in between is of course the double crust of The Earth)surface,too!






Now because our sun does not reach half way around its closing spiral until December 21st, 2,012; AND is increasing speed PARABOLICALLY, we are facing grim disasters over the next(It is now October 9th, 2,011.A.D.) 15 months!!(Parabolically increasing as the sun speeds up approaching its base, AND tightens it curl in as it goes around the spiral arm!)




THIS, not Nibiru,etc. is what is causing our PRESENT increasing big stuff(disasters,etc.). Nibiru,et al. and Phaeton,etc. are STILL, as yet, too far away to be responsible.(But later on they can be expected to hurt Earth,too!!)


So I see THREE months until it gets unbearable(due to Earth inversion speeding up). 3 years and 3 months to Phaeton and The Nibiru Complex. Including those cracks in the ground!! ETC. Due to gravity, magnetic, electric,etc. influences from Nibiru complex and Phaeton,etc.






We NEED(or die terribly and horribly!) to get those with money and means,etc. to ORGANIZE an exodus DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE. Of The best specimens of everything!! Or it will be the END of life here!!




I think going underground or inside mountains, and MAYBE caves will be fatal!! Though it may be even worse out on top – due to debris(boulders,etc.) falling from the sky out of the tail of Phaeton, AND Nibiru,etc. Etc.










I am enclosing some videos, especially on those cracks in the ground, which I urge you to study very carefully!!














You ARE being warned.


Right now. By me.


AND advised what to do.






There are about six or seven DIFFERENT major events occurring RIGHT NOW, simultaneously.


Which is very confusing.










I am TELLING you what is happening AS BEST I CAN.









I am an amateur scientist. Who is USUALLY right in his pronouncements!!



Get near to food and water, but above all SHELTER!! With first aid, and tools and batteries,etc. For computer,et al!(And, above all, PROTECTION against animals AND HUMANS!!)










All the very best to YOU ALL!!








We is gonna NEED it!!






Meanwhile grapple as best you all can with the economic and financial debacle AT HAND!!








The VERY minimum we can expect is permanent loss of satellites,GPS,etc. Electricity and all Electronics, plus all dependent upon these things, and electricity!!(Due to the increasing solar storms at hand!!)As solar sub-cycle 24 proceeds.(Back to oil lamps soon I fear!!)








It is the end POSSIBLY of the entire solar system!!




This IS a once in every 26 MILLION(sic!) years’ event!! With SUCH a CONFLUENCE of gigantic disasters!!




































RR16f, Re-capping,ETC. Bulletin for Dec.16;2,011!

December 15, 2011

Friday, 16th December, 2,011.

I am 90% certain that Nibiru(Planet X, now IX) has appeared TELESCOPICALLY to view. It has passed the sun, and is approaching Mercury.

I have mathematically calculated(I was only making estimates before.)its due time of arrival. And also of its appearing.

I put it at just past the sun, about 86,000,000 miles away, heading for Mercury. It was to the left of Mercury.

Should appear to the south, at dusk or dawn, to the naked eye in February, 2,012.A.D.

Travelling at 36,000 m.p.h. – that is 864,000 miles per day. So we have 86,000,000 divided by 864,000. Is, 100 days. But allow for slowing down, being pulled back by sun. Say about 120 days. That is about 4 months from now. Which is some time April, 2,012.A.D.
It is coming straight for us.
It should appear(To the naked eye.) about half way along in time. So two months hence(Feb.2,011.) – expect Planet 9, Nibiru, to APPEAR. Even in daylight.

It looks like a great yellow V in the sky. Particles of dust sprayed off, illuminated by the sun. Object itself is red. An ugly mass of erupting volcanoes. Size is HUGE. Anything from slightly smaller than Mars and Pluto size to FOUR TIMES that of Jupiter!!(Four times Jupiter size is most reported size.)(No wonder they are building shelters,and not saying anything about Nibiru’s coming(They deny it.)(But soon will be OBLIGED to admit its presence!). Winged Horus. Looks like a great red DRAGON in the sky.(Will do.))
Followed by fleets of huge UFO’s, laden with Humanoid Annunaki aliens. And preceded by a giant U.F.O. we have been calling Comet Elenin! (It dimmed its lights. Presumably to hide from us!) They are coming to EVACUATE the best half of humanity. So DO NOT attack them!!(It would be FATAL!!))

A space war is already in progress. Fortunately for us – they are just suffering it!! Enduring our foolish resistance.
THEY are giants with long heads and beards.
2. The EU could collapse at ANY time. With disastrous consequences for the rest of the world. Australia should suffer least.

3. Also imminent is war between U.S./Israel and Iran/Pakistan – backed by Russia supporting Iran, and RED China supporting Pakistan. India joining both.

4. Attack by North Korea on U.S.ETC. is possible. Using inter-continental missile/s to lauch EMP attack via a nuclear device exploded high in space.

That would stop nearly all electronic devices, including satellites.

Throwing us back 200 years.(Got your oil lamps and candles ready??!!)

Expect invasion after that. U.S. and Canada taken down. And also Australia and New Zealand.
5. Meanwhile only one good anti-biotic now!
6. Islam is conquering the world.

7. West going out.

8. Christianity(AND Christmas) going out!!
9. New World Order taking over the world.

10. Political Correctness gone mad.

11. As are Multi-Culturalism, Reverse-Racism, Invasion by immigration and boat people, and numerous ACTIVISMS against West, Whites,Spiritual folk and Christians. And, of course, the uprising PIRATES!! And The Taliban. Plus Al Quaeda.

12. Rich taking over poor more and more. But Occupy movement fighting back. Attacking the wrong people.(Wall Street is just a market.)(The rebellion is more an excuse for mayhem than anything else!!)
13. Devil and Pan are being worshipped instead of God and Peter Pan.

14. Sex,drugs,dope(phamaceutical drugs), are being pushed on us. Through media and advertising.
15. Confusion and Mix-up reign.
16. The enemies are The Trade Unions(Leading the Mob via The Extreme Left.), The Big Co-operations – like Murdoch and Sachs(Leading the extreme right. Through Banks dominating governments.).
17. Cyber war and hacking do cause increasing havoc.

18. World Civil war must result. Leading to Police State, Martial Law, Rule by Military and curfews.
19. Many evils now afflict The People.
20. We are not told The Truth, we are told Propaganda, what THEY(The faceless Second Government ones.) WANT US to THINK is the truth!!
Have a good Christmas, and as happy a new year as is possible UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES and worsening CONDITIONS!!!!
We,the people, are being suppressed by evil via negativisms.We are being duped by lies. Robbed by The Fed,etc. And are as sheep for the slaughter!!

Contrails being sprayed upon us constantly, world wide. To reduce the population from 7 billion to half a billion. Because we cannot support the population now!

DISEASE is the business of the medics!! Health does not pay!!

Vaccinations give us many of our ailments. Part of the reduce population plan.
Extreme left and extreme right are destroying us!!

Flouride apparently is good for teeth, but bad for system.

WE NEED to get back on to The Gold Standard. IMMEDIATELY!!(Or perish!!)

Better still, SILVER!!
Market is in a big correction. Gold and silver will come back up.

Expect imminent(now occurring)drop of 25% in Dow,etc!!
We MOST URGENTLY need to return to worshipping GOD.

Following Jesus!

Ditching harmful vibration lowering pursuit of low pleasures and joys.(Like sex and drugs.(Pharmaceutical drugs are giving us half of our ailments!)Especially alcohol and nicotonic smoking,etc.))
Fiat money is actually worthless. But by conditioning and brain-washing the people have been taught that IT is of value!(When,WITHOUT PROMISE TO REDEEM IN GOLD OR SILVER, it is WORTHLESS!!)
I am a Briton living in Australia.

Most of you are GOING THE WRONG WAY!!
Divine Will and Love are the true coins, not money and goods!!!!
What matters is our rating with GOD, not Man!

And how much SPIRITUAL good we are doing!!

And how many GENUINE friends we have, not hangers on,etc!

Family and friends are good. But THE ONLY TRUE FRIEND IS GOD!!

We are being brain-washed into getting married and having children to DOTE ON!!

Men chase women for sex. And the women TRAP them by luring them on and on. Into MARRIAGE – to be A STUD!!

Live in HUMAN RACE, not RAT,etc. races!!
Jesus(Jeshua!) had the best idea: SUFFER all that the world throws against you! Even to physical death and torture!!

Mental pain is worse than physical!!
Devil has fooled us you see!

The way to happiness lies NOT in being popular going with the mob and sliding down hill!
Go NOT the broad way that MANY travel(To destruction), but the narrow path THAT LEADS TO SOUL LIFE!!(Physical life does not matter!!)
The attractive looking way only takes you into increasing MISERY.(And HELL after death!!)

The forbidding way of obeying God and following Jesus LEADS TO LIFE ETERNAL!!

Stop eating JUNK food!! It will kill you!!

AND drain your pocket!

BEWARE of Internet Fraud, Identity Theft and deprivation of your wealth and property!!
Evil, deceiving SHARKS abound! ESPECIALLY at Christmas time!

Masquerading as “friends” who can lead you to wealth!!(Ha ha.)
World losing its marbles rating animals above humans! Humans ARE NOT animals!(Kill sharks,crocodiles(and alligators),lions and tigers,etc!!!!)(And BAN dogs!!)
(Though most animals are better than humans. Bar dogs when you pass their owner’s property! (Dogs take on their owner’s personality!)

Cats are the best!

Cats, and birds!!

A pretty face often conceals a CRUEL heart!!

This is the gimme generation.
Spawned by many who should never have married!!

Untaught by their parents.
Vengeance is MINE saith The Lord GOD of Hosts!!(Nibiru cometh – to sort us ALL out!!)

They who laugh now shall weep.

But they who weep now, shall laugh!
And THAT laugh shall ring out THROUGH ALL ETERNITY!!
When times are good, WATCH OUT FOR THE COMPENSATOR!!
Behold! That V in the sky,now!! V for Vengeance. The VENGEANCE of THE LORD!!!!
Australian Federal Government is less hung now, but Rudd eyes the throne!

The faceless ones want Gillard OUT. And Rudd back in power. Or some better prospect than the so often grinning current P.M!!
Out by April? THEY want her out LONG before then!
She is fighing back hard and well.

But she is being deserted!
Can Abbot snatch power in the confusion.
I doubt it.
The mob have it too well wrapped up!
Nibiru will be increasingly seen at dusk. A new star is beginning to appear, folks!!

The MONSTER that brings an Atlantis destroying event!

Do not be fooled. Our present increasing disasters,etc. ARE DUE TO EARTH’S WOBBLE!!(Conjoint with Earth’s rotation and revolution.)(Nibiru is STILL far too far away to affect us yet.)
But it is COMING, fellahs,

And CHRIST is returning – WITH The Heavenly HOSTS!!!!
Your friendly advisor,


RR15b 2,012.Nibiru.Etc. Some more!!

December 14, 2011

Thursday, 15th December, 2,011.

I put it to you!! 2,012 and Nibiru,etc!!

As plainly as I can!!!!
We, Mankind, on this Earth, are in the gravest situation EVER!! Including ever to be!!

I try frantically and DESPERATELY to warn you all.

PLEASE listen to me!!

HEED what I am saying!!
You read that all right?? GOOD!!!!
WHY?? Because unless we DO, we ALL face a most horrible and terrible death. About FOUR MONTHS hence!!

There is A LOT to be said for my not saying anything!! BUT!! Our ONLY hope is to get WITHIN THE EARTH. And I DO NOT mean underground(which could WELL be FATAL!!).(Many nations now building underground chambers, bunkers, storing seeds,etc. Why?? Because of NIBIRU,ETC!!!! This is IT,chaps. The hour has come!!)

So, as I see it, the ONLY line I can take, for the BEST, FOR ALL OF US, is to tell as many people as POSSIBLE, of our most dire and GRIM situation, and urge them to get THE AUTHORITIES to get as MANY AS POSSIBLE of the best specimens of humans(take arms!!) DOWN the thousand mile wide TUBULAR ENTRANCE to THE GREAT WITHIN.(Yes! The Earth is HOLLOW!!)(It has a DOUBLE SURFACE. Visualize an 800 mile wide shell. We live on the upper outer surface, BUT, … 800 miles down there is an INNER SURFACE, with its OWN land! A lush,temperate place.(Upside down, but because gravity is UPWARDS down there, it feels right way up!!)


What is the problem?? The problem IS, that a HUGE object(Anything from slightly smaller than Mars – TO – FOUR TIMES THE SIZE OF JUPITER – IS bearing down on us(heading straight for us) – at about 32,000 m.p.h!)
It SHOULD NOT hit us. But it MIGHT!!

It is expected to pass Earth by a WHISKER, (1,000,000 miles, 100 miles. Who knows EXACTLY??!!)

Now the trouble is, this MONSTER, called Nibiru,with its six or seven satellites and enormous tail of dust, including rocks, debris, RED poisonous dust, and even perhaps HYDROGEN CYANIDE!!

Way back in time men searched for an object that was disturbing Jupiter and Saturn. They found Uranus. Later the found Neptune. And then Pluto(with Charon). But STILL the pertubations continue. It seems that there is STILL another object out there!

Planet X! Now given the name of Nibiru, after The Sumerian god, Nibiru.
For 2,000 years we have been warned of the approach of this object. About a dozen REPUTABLE sources warn us. Including Jesus and Nostradamus, Einstein and that man in the wheel chair. Stephen Hawkin(s).

About 95% of Humanity DON’T WANT TO KNOW!!
And there are a majority of sceptics claiming the idea is stupid.(Why??)(WHY is the idea stupid??!!)

Do these critics KNOW IT ALL??!! Do they KNOW that Nibiru is NOT coming. I venture not!!
We need to seek THE TRUTH, NOT what we WANT to BE the truth. There is A DIFFERENCE! Right??(Yes, most of the people I send to are not so sceptical! But I have to put it out!!)

A VAST difference!

I can understand people NOT WANTING to believe this. Who wants a horrible and terrible death in the very near future? Not many!!

However, we DO need to FACE THE FACTS!!
Planet X was knocked out of its neat circular orbit long ago by shock waves of SOME kind from a star which exploded(A Nova). Onto a VERY elongated orbit. Which takes it past(by a WHISKER!!) The Earth.

It took the entire surface off Phaeton! The planet that USED TO circle the sun between Mars and Jupiter.
It badly damaged Mars.
And it makes a mess of Earth. Every 3,600 years.
The time of the next due pass IS 2,012.A.D!!
SOME TIME next year!

I see it becoming visible to the NAKED EYE February. And passing us April(2,012.)

It was found by NASA. But suddenly dropped like a hot potato – when they learned its SIZE. However, The Russians took up tracking it.

It is HUGE. Evidently a PLANET. With six or seven moons.
Now a great confusion exists. The Earth wobbles every 6,500 years. And at peak(2,011,2012,etc.) centrifugal force via Earth’s rotation and revolution causes disasters to increase up to 2,012 – and then die down again.(We are experiencing worsening disasters.)(TWO sets of serial cyclic disasters: One every 6,500 years, the other every 3,600!!)
Those in the know THOUGHT that the cause of these increasing disasters(and heat) was Nibiru. But Planet X(Nibiru) is still too far away to be the cause. No! The cause of our hyperbolically increasing disasters is THE WOBBLE of The Earth.(As it approaches peak.)
The WOBBLE of The Earth ALONE could cause a polar shift. But we have Nibiru soon to cause it,too!!
Phaeton,also,what is left of it, is out there somewhere.

Four big events are imminent: 1. The Wobble of The Earth PEAKING. 2. The sighting and arrival of Nibiru(Planet X). Feb,2,012 and April 2,012, respectively. My guesses. Producing a cataclysm which is best described as Wipe – out and The End of The World!! Expect HORRIFIC damage!!

3. The Great Alignment of Earth,Sun and The Centre of our Milky-Way Galaxy. (I do not know what to expect from this. Maybe nothing.)

4. The ending of the Pisces astrological era. And the start of Aquarius!!

This is a GOOD thing. But those who dominate on Earth are VERY NEGATIVE. And will re-act VERY badly!!

ALL FOUR of these events are due to happen 22.12.12!! Producing at least two CATACLYSMS. Maybe three. Plus Man going beserk, along with the animals. And finishing off anything that might escape the cataclyms!!

The pre-cursor to a polar shift a few months ago, on top of the increasing disasters and heat, plus the sink holes,and now the cracks opening up in the ground – SHOULD be starting to make us THINK!!

All due to The Earth’s WOBBLE!!
But Nibiru is speeding along TO JOIN THE PARTY!!

We have been told(By The Sumerians,etc.) that Nibiru looks like a(giant V) WINGED HORUS, and a great RED DRAGON. Visible in daylight(when it gets close to us)! Looking like a great red moon!!
I have been studying all this for 12 years. Believe me, this is no phoney thing!

It is COMING!! Nibiru approaches!!
Videos show this THING, as a very elongated V. PLEASE look up Where is Nibiru now,etc. videos and SEE for yourself/ves!!

Being seen all over globe now. The very V shape described by The Sumerians,etc!

Hardly co-incidences!!
Difficult fake jobs!!
You cannot see it until you zoom in. I mean the person taking the video zoomed in.

How do you fake a zoomed in result??
And why would people in New Zealand, South America, Mexico and U.K. all see the SAME V shape?!

Collusion you hope?!
All trying to fool us that some non-existent tenth planet(??) IS coming straight for us – FAST!!
Either Nibiru is coming in OR there is a world wide conspiracy to make us THINK that Nibiru is coming in!
With the VERY shape described by The Sumerians,etc!!

WHICH do you think it is, brother? Sister??
Everyone gone bonkers world wide trying to fake(in Zoom videos) the very thing so many HATE??!!
I have a problem with that. Don’t you??
Either that thing is THERE, and coming in fast. Or, so many have gone nuts trying to fool us it is there!!
I say it is THERE.

Is it possible to fake in zoom video?

You have to zoom RIGHT IN, before you can see ANY shape, let alone a V shape. The VERY shape we are being told Nibiru has!
It LOOKS LIKE a second sun(or did). But when it nears us, it should look like a second MOON!!

What do we DO??!!
At least escape the hail of boulders,dust, two red dusts, and hydrogen cyanide.
It should help! Right??

Not a word about this by Government or Media!!

To avoid panic. Above all TO KEEP CONTROL OF US!!

It is better to tell the people asap, rather than to face PANDEMONIUM at the last moment WHEN THEY DO find out!!

Especially when our BEST HOPE is WITHIN THE EARTH.(Get DOWN The North Geographical Pole(A one thousand mile wide tubular entrance NEAR there! Head due dead north – and KEEP ON GOING!!))

I warn of some other things,too!

The danger of going to Hell after death!

Repent! Then accept CHRIST into your heart. And stop sinning and doing wrong(Those of you who do.)!!!!

Death of the physical body is NOT the end of you!

We are NOT our physical bodies!!

After death we find ourselves in another vehicle! Many in Hades OVER there urge me to warn you all!!
We spend an average 55 years here in the physical, and THEN 50 years AVERAGE in The Spirit World.

But it has an upstairs AND a down! Our vibrations(of soul) dictate WHERE we shall go in The Spirit World!!(Our actions(deeds,omissions,words,THOUGHTS,)… govern those vibrations!)

Low pleasures and joys(like sex,drugs,etc.) LOWER our vibrations. Thus taking us down(proportionately to our wrongs) after we pass on, and here now, AND in future lives(We re-incarnate!! We live for ever, and already have!!!!).
My motive is simply the least suffering for all of you!

I am not trying to SCARE you. Simply to give you a chance to save yourselves. From Planet X, from Hell, bad karma giving you bad future lives and even from suffering in this world!!!!
WHAT can be more important than these things I have just
THINK about, it WILL YOU??!!
ALL of us need to. Because pressure by negative types drive us go for sin,wrong, low pleasures and joys!!!!(Peers urge us to be stupid. One more drink! Have a smoke! Go ahead,do it! Be a devil?! AND SO ON.(Go to HELL like THEM??!!)(Keep them COMPANY in their MISERY??!!) And the non-stop BOMBARDMENT of the adverts!!)

We are CONSTANTLY tempted and urged to do low things, even evil. But the price is HELL!!!!

In proportion to how much wrong and low we do!!

Avoid Nibiru. Get WITHIN The Earth.(But NOT underground!!)
Even more so, avoid HELL!!
And avoid bad future incarnations.

And even suffering in this world and LIFE!!!!

Do I speak wrong? No!

Do I speak in vain? YOU hold the answer to that one!!
I address myself,too!!
Nibiru is not YET in (naked eye) sight. But it IS in telescopic sight!!
It is HUGE. It is VERY destructive. It approaches us FAST. It is should pass at one million miles.

It may even HIT us. But I don’t think so.
A VERY exciting time ahead now. As we rush towards Christmas and The New Year.

I warn us ALL.

TWO months(I think) to sighting Planet X with the naked eye.

And FOUR MONTHS to horrific and terrible DEVASTATION, via two cataclysms{at least}!!!!
THESE things ARE TRUE!!!!

View and EXAMINE the videos of this V shape bearing straight down on us!!

Have I made MY POINT?? ??
I propose to send you videos,etc. Relating to 2,012.A.D.

If you don’t want them, just SAY,please.

I naturally assume you like to be WARNED of coming bad things.

I know I do!!

RR14c The Chop!!

December 11, 2011

Monday, 12th December, 2,011.

The Chop!!

We stand on the brink of the greatest event that Man on Earth will know for a VERY long time. Thousands of years…

For many years now I have repeatedly tried to warn you all. Prospect is of a sudden terrible horrible death.

I am TRYING to save us all. But the lack of interest is disturbing.

Yes! There IS something we can do about it!! GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!(There is a thousand mile wide tubular entrance to The Great Within(But NOT underground!) NEAR there!!)(Just head DEAD NORTH, and KEEP GOING!!)(Also WEAR special helmets, or dust caps at least, to KEEP OUT THE DEADLY RED DUSTS and Hydrogen Cyanide. Both are killers.)

WHY and HOW are we facing such savage severe problems?

How certain am I of what I am saying? As certain as that the sun will rise tomorrow!!
WHAT is the problem??

There are FOUR reasons for anxiety:-
1. We are about to experience the EXTREME point of the current Earth WOBBLE!!(Due 21.12.12.) This means the peaking HYPER-BOLICALLY of the growing disasters.

2. AND the arrival of The Tenth Planet(Now Ninth) of our Solar System. Nibiru!(Due 21.12.12.) This will bring APPALLING DESTRUCTION world-wide!!(Like with Atlantis.)(This CATACLYSM should START some time within the next 6 months. And last a few years…)
3. Also, The Great Alignment of Earth, Sun and Centre of our Galaxy! 21,12,12, This will produce unknown results.

4. The start of The Age of Aquarius(21.12.12.) should produce a terrible back-lash against the new high vibrations. Because the ruling forces are negative. But these vibrations are POSITIVE!!(Love,etc.)

In addition to the foregoing four, we have The Great Cleansing, The Separation of the goats from the sheep(the bad people from the good), The Great Tribulation(By the rulers to keep the people under their control!!) The Arrival of CHRIST – and The Heavenly Hosts. The End of the current ages and cycles.(Are we to expect a Venusian? And are the heavenly hosts UFO’s??!!)
Yes. It is true that 2,013 shall come! TIME is not going to stop. The Calendar WILL GO ON!! …2,014 and so on…

But what is expected to end is this civilization of Arya! And all current cycles and ages.

Including the current solar quarter cycle.

Also ending soon is The Age of Pisces.

Just over a year to go!

New ages and cycles will occur immediately!

Expect Ascension(Of The Earth and its inhabitants.), The Rapture. Mass Evacuations. Mass Transitions.

What unpleasant things are coming? EVERYTHING – to the highest degrees we can bear. One third to THE LOT are going to perish, horribly and terribly, suddenly.

Meanwhile economic and financial global collapse.

(Plus the failure of just about all electric and electronic systems.(North Korea nearly capable of launching an EMP nucler missile over North America,etc!!)(Knocking out nearly all electric and electronic appliances!! ETC.))

Unimaginable CHAOS,confusion, destruction and INSANITY must result!!(From 2,012. Doomyear,etc.)
With just about everyone going OUT OF THEIR MINDS…
Called The Last Judgement.

God is to punish Man for going against GOD!!

Yet the causes lie in Astronomy rather than Man.

It is NO GOOD killing your body! We have another set of SEVEN VEHICLES within this physical!! 5D wise(VIBRATIONALLY!!)

You would simply find yourself in your Etheric Double, in The Original of The Earth. More alive than ever. But having just MURDERED your own physical body!!

We CANNOT destroy ourselves!!

We live for ever. And ALREADY HAVE!!!!
So wise then to make the best of ourselves, not the worst!!
First we go into The Etheric. And later into The Astral – and moving through The Seven SPIRIT planes!
Destroying your physical vehicle makes as much sense as going scuba diving, and dumping your oxygen task,etc!! When on the sea bed!


First we have this WOBBLE – hitting extreme tilt. Producing centrifugal force peaking in all kinds of disasters maximizing, along with heat. HYPER-BOLICALLY!! (That is steep!)
The Wobble(Its extreme point) should create a PHYSICAL Pole Shift. A JOLT(which should level everything globally) As The Earth inverts, PHYSICALLY, winds of up to 200 m.p.h. should blow. For about 27 hours, I understand. Now WHAT is going to survive THAT??!!
Because we are ALREADY in the TAIL of Planet Nibiru, rocks,stones,dust, including deadly poisonous red dusts, as well as asteroids and comets,meteorites – can be expected to RAIN down, world-wide, upon us.(This is WHY getting down the thousand mile wide entrance(hundreds of miles long)to The Great WITHIN(Yet NOT underground!)
is SO important!!)
No boulders,etc.falling WITHIN there!(Understand: The surface of The Earth is DOUBLE, you see. It bends over and RIGHT around upon itself! Yet FEELS flat!(Though looks bent, were it not so gradual!!))

Humanoid Annanaki aliens are going to land EN MASSE, and evacuate the best half of humanity.(We are their CATTLE.)(They genetically modified our genes long back.)(To mine gold for them.)
Transferring many to another planet/s.
Because just about NO THING will be able to survive what is coming…
The surface of The Earth will be completely changed. Yes, a new Earth, and a new sky!!!!

Oceans and continents will inter-change!!

Massive tsunamis.
Non-stop FEROCIOUS electric storms.(Electric and electronic appliances will fail EN MASSE.)

A non-stop SUPER DUPER CLOUD BURST going on and on…
The very air will catch fire!!
Air,water,food,etc. will reduce to very low levels.
Gangs of men gone completely MAD will roam about. SMASHING EVERYTHING…(Oh,yes, grow your own, store water, money,food,supplies. Which will act like MAGNETS to gangs of men gone completely MAD and BESERK… EVERY home will be smashed in and INVADED. In frenzies of murder,rape,assault,torture, scores evened, and everything stolen, homes left in ruins, after being burnt down!!

Packs of wild animals will SAVAGE ANYTHING in sight. Utterly BESERK.

Parents will be eating their children.(To appease their hunger.)

And drinking their blood!(To appease their thirst.)

TREMENDOUS revivals will occur. As men frantically strive to appease GOD!!

Guilt will be condemning.
Going underground will be dangerous. The Gravity,Magnetic, Electric,etc. TIDES from Nibiru will be most severe underground!

Fountains of LAVA will spring up all over the place.
So when I say GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE – Man, I ain’t kidding!!

Nicer giants down there!!

You get the picture a bit now?

Starting up within 13 months.

I am fairly sure.

But going on for years. With ICE ERA.

Followed by an ICE AGE lasting over a THOUSAND YEARS!!

After that – back to The Stone Age!!
But the aliens will help us re-start civilization.

Silver and gold(note the order) will have value. Bank notes may not!
Fiat money thrown into the street!
(Which street?)(I should not joke. It is going to be APPALLING.)
Many will commit suicide. Assisted or not.
Heat should kill many.
And starvation,thirst,suffocation(lack of air),not to mention slaughtered by raving mad humans, and packs of beserk animals.
GET The Authorities to organize(I recommend CRUISE SHIPS)(Preceded by ICE-BREAKERS!!) mass evacuations DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!(Not literally. There is a huge(too big to see!) ENTRANCE near there. Leading through to THE INNER SURFACE of The Earth!!)

I am not flogging my guts out for NO THING!!
I care. I am trying to save us all!!

Death will come from all directions, and every way!!
I am not scare-mongering. I am trying to WARN you all!
So you have a CHANCE to save yourselves!

The approximation dates of 1999 and 2,000 have been taken LITERALLY you see. And because no thing(of note)happened, 2,012 is being POO POOED by many!!


For same reason sun rises each day!
So will wobble peak every 6,500 years.

And Nibiru whizz by every 3,600 years.

Both events are occurring simultaneously THIS TIME!!
Many got born SPECIALLY to witness THE EVENT!!

Trouble is, we don’t know exactly WHEN it will start!

Anything up to about six months hence.

It is ONLY CENTRED upon December 21st, 2,012.A.D.
It need not start,even, until early 2,013!(Finish about 2,018.A.D.)

But SOON it comes!!
THIS is the picture YEARS of close intense study have yielded me.
This is not some overnight lunatic idea!
Yes, expect it to get RATHER rough over the next few years!!
Nature will be bad enough.
But MAN his self is rising against Man!
World War Three seems to be starting up.
And The Eurozone looks set to collapse AT ANY TIME!!
Banknotes will become worthless bits of paper.
Silver and gold will be best.

But watch against their confiscation!!

EVERY imaginable horror and terror will occur!!

Non-stop – for YEARS!!

Only hope is evacuation by aliens!!

CHRIST could come in a UFO!!

A Christmas,etc. TO REMEMBER!!(Or is it FORGET??!!)

Mountains will collapse. Valleys will flatten,…

The meek will inherit The Earth.
The villains will slay each other…
Even I have serious doubts!
But THIS IS the picture I am getting…

Martial Law. Police State. Rule by The Military. Everyone dobbing in his neighbour!!!!
Islam, Political East, Russia,China – all rising fast.

U.S. is broke. What an easy target.
The remaining democracies must crash to invading hordes…(Australia’s boat people spear-heading INVASION!! Its prime minister taking the country to DESTRUCTION!!)
Yet a miracle has occurred with bank notes. The people ACTUALLY think they are of value!!
THEY can be printed without limit!
This is handy, as Nixon noted in 1971!
They are WORTHLESS!!

Do you doubt that sun and moon will rise again,soon?(Actually it IS questionable!!)

Then also do not doubt Wobble’s extreme and Nibiru’s arrival.
Because BOTH are astronomical events, which MUST happen!!
I have spelt it out to you.
Read back on my earlier recent articles.

As there is FAR too much to put into one article each time!! Do you UNDERSTAND??!!

2,012 – 3 should be AWFUL…

I have driven myself into this for the last 12 years! Trying to find out exactly what to expect.

That is so hard!

The only CERTAINTIES are that The Wobble peaks 21.12.12. And Nibiru gets to about a million miles of us.
I say again: Earth wobble’s peak, Nibiru’s arrival, The Great Alignment, and The Start of The Age of Aquarius!!!! ALL centred upon December 21st, 2,012.A.D!!
December 21st, 2,012 is just A DATE.(The CENTRAL date.)

It is the date of the end of all current ages and cycles!!!!

Not ONLY the end of The Mayan Long Count CALENDAR!!
It is The Last Day of everything constituting our present set- up.

Yes, next day starts new ages and cycles. And the biggest CATALCLYSM to hit Man on Earth for thousands of years…

CENTRED UPON that date.

The disaster COULD start within 6 months.
On some date unknown.
And go on for years. I see 2,012/3 to 2,018.A.D.


Enjoy your Christmas. IF you can!!

As The New Year brings surprises!!
Yes, prepare to be suddenly thrown back 200 years. Have tools,etc. that do NOT depend upon electricity!!

HAVE I made my POINT??!!


Note: Expect Nibiru to APPEAR suddenly – at ANY time.

We NEED to get The Authorities on side!!

RR13b. Important cycles!!

December 11, 2011

Sunday, 11th December, 2,011.

Cycles,etc. and 2,012.A.D.

I am going to try to explain something very important here:-
We are being told that 2,012.A.D. is going to be CATASTROPHIC.(You know?? End of the world and WIPE-OUT. Things like this…)(Lots of us know a little of what to expect now. But how many of us REALLY believe it??!!)

We also get told that as the day advances we can expect it to get lighter(illumination) and warmer, and then after peaking – that it will get cooler again. Every 24 hours.(Because The Earth rotates on its axis – hiding the sun, then revealing it, in turn.)
I also know that the tides and women’s menstrual cycles hinge upon the moon and lunar months.

And that when winter comes, it will be cooler, and that when summer comes it will be warmer. This annually, every winter and summer.(Because The Earth is more tilted in relation to the sun, or less, seasonally.)
I know that all this is obvious and well known. But bear with me…

The hours, the days, the months, years,…
All due to cycles, Earth’s rotation, Moon’s position,Earth’s tilt angle as it goes around the sun, but we stop there! Why not go on??
Since the events producing the phenomena are regular – due to astronomical cycles, I can predict with a high degree of certainty – when to expect repeats! Of course. And we take this for granted!!

I know that at mid day it will be warmer. And at mid night, cooler.(Earth’s rotational position.)

I know tides will be low or high – according(a lot) to the moon’s position.

I know that in summer it will be warmer than in winter. And so on…(Earth’s tilt angle in relation to the sun, annually.)
The events behind occur at regular intervals. Hours, days, months…

We stop there. But why not GO ON??!!
How about we extend the list!
As the years pass, the ZODIAC changes.(We know this of course, and utilize that(as best we can!).(Astrology being rather unreliable. At least our interpretation OF it – can be.)(Roughly changing zodiacal signs every 2,000 years or so.)

Now,then, every 26,000 years, Sol, our sun, goes around The Central Sun, Alycone(In The Pleiades or Seven Sisters(a group of stars)! Not many know that. I didn’t until recently!!(Not very important to know.)(It is not exactly like next year…But 2,012.A.D. IS!!))(You with me, reader??)
Every 26,000,000 years, our stellar cluster(FOUND by me when I mapped the cosmos using PROPER distances, accurately!)(Not very useful to the average individual.)goes around THE GALAXY!!

(I do not know how often our INNER sun goes around within The Hollow interior.)(Not of much use as a rule.)

Now, there are two other cycles I think we SHOULD know about:-

Every 6,500 years The Earth completes one WOBBLE!
And every 3,600 years, Planet X(Our erstwhile tenth planet) does one orbit around the sun!(Taking a BUZZ at Earth ON THE WAY!!…)(If you want to scream, you just go ahead and SCREAM!!…)(Who will hear you WHERE we are going?! Eh??)
These latter two cycles are VERY important!!

BECAUSE!… When Earth wobbles reach their extremes, centrifugal force occurs – which heave the magma up against the tectonic plates!

Producing disasters! Which increase up to the extreme point, and then stop. Only to start again in the next cycle,and so on, and so on,…
We know SOMETHING about this!(Our increasing DISASTERS! And heat!) But have ascribed it to Man’s Fossil Fuel Burning!!(LOL)(True, we don’t impute our disasters to fossil fuel burning, but are just baffled.)
Now by simply noting that every 6,500 years,we may EXPECT disasters(and heat) to increase, we could PREPARE for such events!!(In much the same way as we may expect days to be warmer than nights, summer to be warmer than winter, and knowing the tides for safer fishing,and so on!!)
Also, KNOWING that Planet X(Now best known as NIBIRU) whizzes by us at one million miles EVERY 3,600 years, we can do our BEST to PREPARE for such events!!(Like get WITHIN The Earth(but not underground!). I mean get onto the LOWER surface!(DOWN The North Geographical Pole!!)(Or find another planet FOR A WHILE!!)(The Earth is neither flat,nor round, but is a double reverse HELIX. In other words IT HAS A CONTIGUOUS INNER SURFACE!! Yep.)

These latter two events are cycles that depend upon the activities of Earth’s WOBBLE(every 6,500 years), and Planet X’s position(every 3,600 years).
Since both events occasion enormous damage to Earth, it is so VERY important to know when to expect such!!
Finally, because I have found a geometric binomial sequence LAW, I am able to PREDICT with near certainty WHEN we may expect the WORST DISASTERS(to the date concerned)!!!!

VERY handy. Don’t you think??!!
Every 3,600 years is easy IF you leave a time capsule. And similarly with every 6,500 years.(I DO think our successors might be interested(!!). And,furthermore,that our successors might be OURSELVES RE-INCARNATED!! But I must not DIGRESS!!)
With my geometric binomial sequence law, I KNOW when these biggest so far disasters will occur. I am telling you the law(Progressively halve the 6,500 year term, and come forward in time in such jumps!)(And THEN you HAVE the biggest disasters thus far YEAR DATES!!) – so now you can predict record the disaster years FOR POSTERITY!!

If you don’t think those three just mentioned facts are valuable, then I am sorry for you!!
So PLEASE make a NOTE of what I am saying. And kindly INFORM the appropriate authorities – so that they may EXPECT such dire-ties. With me??
All right. Let us begin: BOTH the 6,500 year and 3,600 year cycles are occurring SIMULTANEOUSLY THIS TIME!!

If you are NOT interested in your OWN demise(along with just about every one else’s)then I should retire GRACEFULLY!!
YOUR call!!(vicon2000@gmail.com)(That is one of my e mail addresses.)(We are IN the last days of civilized(or,indeed,ANY…) life UPON THIS PLANET!!…)
In 4488.B.C. Our current timeal local Creation began! That was(come three weeks(!)) 6,500 years ago. What happened then? Came the AWFUL cataclysm that preceded The Sumerian Civilization!(And, if you go back in time in 6,500 year steps you will find similar cataclysms.)

And, in 1,588.B.C.(3,600 years ago) a cataclysm occurred. We know that Joshua stopped sun and moon then.(Because Earth stopped rotating for a few days. We KNOW why now! Right??!!) (And, if you go back in time in 3,600 year steps, you will find similar CATACLYSMS.)
Now wise after the events, we know that the reasons for these cataclysms was the 6,500 years quarter solar cycle and the 3,600 year Planet X orbital period arrival back along-side Earth(at one million miles distance).

The 6,500 year steps backward take us to (going backwards) Poseidon, Atlantis, Lemuria Mu.

And, taking 3,600 year steps backwards we get Joshua stopping sun and moon(Meaning Earth’s rotation stopped for a few days(!!)), and The pre Sumerian cataclysm, Stone Age,etc., and so on…and on….

You really need to refer to my previous articles,…(Sorry, not really able to get everything into ONE article!!)(So I am obliged to do a series of articles!!)

You get my point and drift??
KNOWING when to EXPECT these APPALLING CALAMITIES, we should be able to perhaps DO SOMETHING about them!!
I hope I am not boring you!
We are talking not only about the current life on Earth.

But about the (maybe) failure for any FUTURE life upon this Earth – to get a foot-hold!(Because if I cannot get any of you to go down The North Geographical Pole, then – it is THAT much harder for future life to evolve upon THIS PLANET!!)(Still, may be lucky and have an alien evacuate the most worthy half,…To another planet…for a while…)
Yes! I am afraid 2,012.A.D. DOOM,etc. is a VERY real in prospect!!(As sure as odds of 13 to the power of 250(Or 13 times itself 250 times!!!!) TO ONE!!!!(How would YOU like those odds in your favour? Hmmm??)
If you are not interested, sorry to have troubled you!
Good day.

RR12 How I know for so sure!

December 10, 2011

Sunday, 11th December, 2,011.

How I know, for so sure!

That 2,012 is Doom year. The cause basically is Planet X, now best known as NIBIRU!!


1. My geometric binomial sequence law.(I found that if I progressively halved and halved again, the 6,500 year quarter solar cycle term period, and went forward in steps of such years – I turned up ALL of the 13 worst(to that date)disasters to occur during such 6,500 year period!!)(The probability odds in my favour(That 2,012, the NEXT date in line(the 14th step!) – WILL produce a GIGANTIC CATACLYSM!!)(I confirmed(looking for worst(to that date)DISASTERS, each and every date with my BROWSER on The Internet, and CONFIRMED, fitting exactly to the year all FOURTEEN of such predictions by the geometric binomial sequence law that I found!!) are 13 to the power of 250. Or 13 times 13, 250 times!! Which is a number astronomical SQUARED!!(That I am right! 2,012 IS The Terrible Year of THE LORD!!)
2. Careful study of the many videos on U-Tube,etc. showing Nibiru(often looking like a SECOND SUN, a giant planet, a black spot on the sun,etc. with its six or seven satellite moons and accompanying fleets of HUGE U.F.O’s. (Have you not seen it? Punch in “Second sun videos” and “Nibiru videos” AND SEE FOR THYSELF!!
3. The report handed down now two thousand years of Jesus saying that he would return in 2(thousand year long)days, and that THEN WOULD THE END COME!!(Jesus started preaching at age 12. So A.D. 12 + 2 X 1,000(is 2,000) = 2,012.A.D!!)
4. The declarations from SO MANY sound parties that 2,012 is Doomyear.
5. The statements by so many group on The Internet that 2,012 marks the end of our present civilization, Ayrya.


6. The VERY fact of so many absurd denials by sceptics(But you cannot prove a negative!) – indicates great fear, based on deep inner belief that 2,012 Doom,etc. IS TRUE!!
7. The Crop Circles,etc. TELLING US that 2,012.A.D. is Doomyear!


8. The increasing natural,etc.disasters!!(SOMETHING is going on!)


9. The FACT that seeds are being stored. Bunkers built. Undergound chambers made. Including inside of a mountain!


10. NASA found Nibiru back in 1984. And announced the new found object. But! When they found out its size(Almost four times the size of Jupiter!) they suddenly DENIED their own finding! And went strangely silent.(But Russia took up tracking it. As have many countries and parties,now.)

This object is simply our Tenth Planet! (Now Ninth since Pluto(with its twin Charon) has been declared too small to be a planet.)(Yes, no doubt we shall have numerous asteroids and comets,etc.arriving too!!(Especially from the TAIL of Nibiru – WHICH WE ARE NOW IN!!)
Originally our planets circled the sun in neat rings. But when a nearby star exploded(nova), its shock waves damaged our solar-system and knocked Nibiru(the NOW discovered planet out beyond Neptune causing the mysterious perturbations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune)onto an extremely elongated orbit! Such that it now whizzes past Earth and Mars every 3,600 years.(Causing awful destruction.)(Slated to pass about a million miles from us(a whisker by astronomy standards!) This is WHAT it is. Planet X. Now usually called NIBIRU.(It was called Wormwood in The Christian Bible.)(The Terribly Destuctive planet. It is one of our OWN planets! Not some brown dwarf,etc! The Planet of The CROSSING.(Because it crosses Earth’s orbit around the sun.)(It is NOT Nemesis.))

Note that there are TWO astronomical cyclic events which cause terrible damage to The Earth and Mars,etc.

a. One is Earth’s WOBBLE. As it rocks slowly from side to side. Once every 6,500 years. The centrifugal force caused by this(Especially when conjoint with the extreme orbital point reached by our solar system when it rounds Alycone.(Every 26,000 years.)) – at maximum nodes produces terrible damage. We have Mu Lemuria, Atlantis and Poseidon as witnesses!

b. The other is the arrival every 3,600 years of Nibiru, our tenth planet, along with its satellite moons. And the accompanying fleets of huge alien UFO’s! Laden with Annunaki humanoid aliens, bearded giants!!

Presumably the axial tilt of The Earth, Venus retrogade motion and that of Uranus – were all caused by Nibiru as it sped by!


(Also we have The Oort Belt,etc. Plus I think the disappearance of planets still farther out beyond Nibiru, our Tenth.)(Damage probably by the exploding star nova nearby.)

(Pluto-Charon probably were satellites of Neptune, which got knocked away by the shock waves.)(Thus I theorize anyway.)

EXPECT our current increasing natural,etc.disasters – to SUDDNLY HYPERBOLICALLY INCREASE now. Once Nibiru appears in our skies. Visible too in daylight.

The point is that Nibiru has been TELESCOPICALLY visible since 1984. 27 years!! It is a REAL massive astronomical ENTITY!!
It is now between the sun and us.

It simply would not make any sense for it NOT to appear!!

TWO imminent horrors ARE The collapse of The Eurozone and the sudden appearance of Nibiru!(It looks like a great horrible red DRAGON!!)(With the two wings. The Wings of Horus!!)


Make that THREE imminent horrors. The third is The Start of The THIRD WORLD WAR.
AND a Fourth: First we have the likelihood of U.S./Israel confrontation with Iran and Pakistan(Iraq and Afghanistan on way out, but being replaced by Iran and Pakistan!)

Plus the detonation by North Korea over U.S. off a nuclear device delivered by an inter-continental missile knocking out all electric and electronic devices in The U.S!!
Russia backs Iran!

And RED China backs North Korea(And Pakistan!)
Cyber war is paving the way.
2,012 should be a VERY eventful year!!
MANY horrors and terrors are about to burst upon the whole world!!

Even without looking at the rocking Earth and The Nibiru Complex!!


Merry Christmas all. And a Happy New Year!!


Plus, of course, the three ways to view facts of 4488.B.C. Local TIMEAL creation year, The 6,500 quarter solar cycle period and of course the now increasingly familiar date year of 2,012.A.D!!



Vic.(A CONTAGIOUS Swine Flu has NOW been created in the laboritories!)(Galactic Federation anyone??!!)(WOULD they receive us??!!)

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