ZZ26 We need a GOOD calendar!

April 27, 2012


Saturday, 28th April, 2,012.










We need a GOOD calendar! Not The Current Georgian one!










We urgently need to get rid of this harmful calendar that we are using, and switch to a better one! One preferably based on Moon Cycles!


Our present calendar is very mathematically unsatisfactory and causing massive trouble. NEED to drop it as soon as POSSIBLE!!


A Lunar Calendar based on 13 x 28(Plus 1.5 days.) days, would be mathematically better.(Gregorian Calendar is not amenable to factorizing,etc.)


31 days in January, 28 days in February, except leap years when 29, etc. is extremely cumbersome. And causing very much trouble.






13 months of 28 days should be better. Have 29.5 days in the thirteenth month.


Try to think in terms of number of moons and suns,again!!






When we say How many days in a month? How many months in a year? How many years since Christ, and so on – we are working MATHEMATICALLY.


But when we try to fit to Astronomical orbits, we are into orbits not mathematics!




All being needed to be dove-tailed into our needs. Like when to plant, and so on.




Calendars are ways for marking off TIME. But since Earth,Moon and Sun,etc. are so unrelated, we really do need one calendar for each heavenly body. Number of Earth rotations:Days. Number of Moon revolutions about The Earth: Months. Number of Earth revolutions about The Sun: Years. – and so on.




I don’t know. I have not studied this.




Why not have 13 months, then 1.5 days. And start again. Every year.








What about 3 calendars. All going simulaneously. Moon calendar. And a Sun calendar. Moon calendar showing where you are per moon, in days since last new moon. And Sun calendar showing where you are per sun. Number of days since last Earth orbit of sun. Then a calendar showing number of years since Christ.(Or might I suggest number of years since last passing of Nibiru(Planet X)?)(Though I hear this may be Nibiru’s last passing of Earth.(But I do not see how .)(Why? What is going to stop Nibiru from continuing on and on…?))(Incidentally, IS its orbital period less now?? 2,800 years? No longer 3,600 years. How come??)




A calendar is a device for marking off time. We use moon, sun and then number of suns since last big event. Unfortunately Earth, Moon and Sun are not in synchronization! There is no obvious relationship between them.




I understand the sun goes around Alycone(In The Pleiades.).




So, logically, we need to measure our circuits of Alycone, and then circuits of Alycone going around the spiral arm of the closed stellar cluster that we are in.




And so on.










Unfortunately Man AS A WHOLE is very disorganized. He has virtually NO organization AT ALL!! On the contrary – is in utter chaos!!




The circuits of the heavenly bodies and fields are organized though.




Though, as said, Earth,Moon and Sun just don’t interfit easily, if at all.

























ZZ25 A panacea. Kerosene. Can cure cancer,diabetes and many other diseases.

April 25, 2012

Wednesday, 25th April, 2,012.





A panacae, – Kerosene!(Can cure cancer and diabetes,etc. Makes and keeps you young too(it can do)!!)(Well known cure in Eastern Europe.)(Do NOT expect support from ANY medics!! Say NOTHING to THEM!! Big Pharma, Big Medicine thrive on our diseases!)(So EXPECT very angry DENIAL from THEM!!)(Don’t mention to Doc!!)




Who would have thought that KEROSENE was a PANACAE? It certainly seems to be. It can cure Cancer, fast. And most, if not all, other diseases, like Diabetes for instance. (I disclaim ALL responsibility and accountability for what I am saying here. PLEASE note!!)(ACCORDING TO a Walter Last…(More anon))

Called Paraffin in The U.K.And a few other countries.

There are certain caveats though(warnings). Of which PLEASE take NOTE!!(DON’T get it into your lungs. Like via vomiting, taking down the wrong way,etc.etc! – Or it can kill you.)(It is fatal in the lungs.)(Do or die sort of thing!!)


I obtained this information from Nexus Magazine(April-May(In Australia.) 2,012.) From an article therein called”Iodine, – The Perfect Panacae.)(Kerosene is ONE of a number of panacaes based on hydro-carbons and connected to Iodine.)(Don’t go by what I say about it here, but in that article!) Written by a Walter Last(January 2,012.).)(Anti-oxidants too figure n panacaes. As many diseases cannot stand OXYGEN!!)

I am ONLY referring you to the article!


If you go onto The Internet, punch in(web-site) http://health-science-spirit.com, you should turn up the article. Otherwise get Australian Nexus Magazine(an excellent magazine) April-May, 2,012 for it. If you wish to learn more about this.(I understand it cures cancer(SOME cancers,at least)fast.)

Remember! Dangerous(it kills) IF got into the lungs! So you MUST NOT vomit, take it down the wrong way, and so on! Keep it OUT of the lungs!!(Or it gives you a kind of pneumonia – which kills – or can kill(kills,I think)). SO be VERY careful IF you do take it!!

I suppose not many people drink kerosene – but there it is.(If you have a serious disease like cancer, then you may be glad to take that risk. But REMEMBER THAT risk DOES exist!!) I know nothing about it. Just going by what I read In Walter Last’s interesting article. It also makes (and keeps) you young(er)!! Good, EXTERNALLY too(like on the skin) I understand.


Lots of people have cancer, diabetes or other serious disease/s. I am thinking of them.(But PLEASE remember, I know NOTHING about it. Only going by Walter Last’s article!!)(JUST a referral!!)

All the best!
















ZZ23 World needs to improve!

April 24, 2012


Wednesday, 25th April, 2,012.










We need to change the world for the better,asap!










The world needs to be improved. Which is obvious.


The way to do this is to have ONE GOOD POWER which rules the entire world, and ENFORCES law, order – and IMPROVEMENT!!


The U.S. is TRYING, but UNO is hopeless.(As was The League of Nations before it.)




Emphasis seems to be on material, secular, physical and technological progress. But the most important thing is SPIRITUAL! THE DIVINE!!!!(Animals show us humans up!!)






There are too many people on the planet. Population control via birth control needs immediate implementation!!


There is a CRYING need to STOP producing more children!(We DON’T need MORE people! Time was when we did. But we don’t NOW. STOP promoting sex and reproduction!!)


All countries of the world need to do this.


Wars need stopping, as does Crime. But above all SIN and all wrong doing, need stopping.


There are only so many resources to go around. You dare not just keep on producing more and more humans!


Stop all wars via a World Policeman. U.S. has been trying for years.


There is UNO, of course. And The Security Council. But they have thus far failed.


We need to also tackle SIN and wrong, Crime, Poverty, Disease, Injustice, Education, Health, Unemployment, Traffic, and relations with Extra Terrestials,etc.




A colossal task, but which one day it is hoped will be achieved.




Drug Control, of course. But above all the banning of alcohol and smoking!!


The trouble is that it is almost impossible to force humans to do the best thing. They just resist obeying good orders and advice. And keep on undoing any good achieved.


We first also need to agree on what is best for us.




There is also Production and Supply.(There are many things of course.) Thre is Knowledge(Education).




And Employment.




A World Police – to enforce these things.




Obviously law and order produces the best results. We all NEED to get together – to enforce it.




Via rules and penalties.




Britain was top power until U.S. took over. Around 1943.




UNO keeps trying. But how HARD!!






At present Iran and North Korea are the main problem nations. Backed by Russia,China and Pakistan,etc.






Then there are The Extra-Terrestials,etc.






What is wrong with Mankind? He is evolving. And this is the stage he is currently at.


Alcohol is an OBVIOUS NO-NO. Yet humans just CANNOT or WILL NOT stop its abuse. It NEEDS banning!! A most glaring blatant NEED. LOOK at the harm it causes!!!!


We need to elevate our conciousnesses, and live from the higher self, not the lower!!




Jesus tried, but was crucified! The world remains too lawless. And it will be a VERY long time before it becomes law-abiding!!






So responsible-minded people keep on trying. But what a task!








Religions and philosophies try.


But nations have different ideas, and war against each other.








Will we ever get there? To a world permanently at peace. We need to KEEP ON trying!!






Nibiru,etc. And the aliens are now arriving.






Nibiru has a solution. Wipe- out or start again!!




We cannot tame Nature. We find it hard to even tame our selves.














KEEP The Ten Commandments,etc.


Love GOD, and love one another.






TRY to get off Sin and Wrong, Sex, Drugs, all vice. Get on to all virtues!!




Many know WHAT to do. But self-control is difficult.










Nibiru and Earth Wobble keep on occurring of course. And they bring huge problems, periodically. How hard for people of this solar system to progress and stay progressed!!




We face God’s wrath, The Devil’s wiles(The Forces of Negation.). Nature. And our selves.


We succeed or wallow permanently(even if we survive) in circumstances less than what they could have been. And they are bad ENOUGH!!




It is easy to talk.


But we DO NEED to TRY!!








How many(how few?!) will even try??




THAT is a question!!




















ZZ22 WHERE will YOU go when you pass on??

April 21, 2012


Sunday, 22nd April, 2,012.










Some warnings to the world!!










The world does not seem to be very clued up on the perils that lie ahead!


So I propose to list some of them, and spell out their dangers!




2. The biggest danger is Hell after death for those who have done more harm than good. In the measure that one has done more harm than good.


We currently live in a 3d physical world, a material plane. On a planet in space amid myriads, if not an infinite number, of worlds. Earth is a negative world. Technologically advanced to a degree, but very little spiritually. People do what they wish – so far as they can. Too many are living a RAT race,etc.(Dog fight,and so on.) I observe a world that is too negative. There are too many negative people pulling down too hard for the world to get anywhere spiritually. Even if you avoid physical hurt, it is almost impossible to escape the mental blows. It is one big game of GET THE BETTER OF THE OTHER FELLOW – or he will GET THE BETTER OF YOU. We are all guilty to some extent or other. Indeed it is a necessity in life to get the better of others to some degree! In order to SURVIVE!! So we have to CONSTANTLY WATCH THEM. Or we suffer, mentally at least. Emotionally.


Negatives constantly work all out at preventing positives from doing any good, and will destroy them if they can!(Negatives are evil and low people. Positives are good people. Animals are likewise. All creatures are engaged in this ceaseless battle. Alongside the struggle to get one’s daily bread,etc.to keep body and soul together. To live the best life that they can. For self and family,etc.(Naturally the negatives see the positives as evil and low. Though DEEP DOWN they KNOW!!))






There is a natural and on-going ANTIPATHY between the two groups, the good and the wicked.


I send this out – to try to help ALL people. And thus to avoid suffering as much as possible.


If we get caught in our evil deed,then we get punished by Man. And even if we dodge Mankind’s punishment, we suffer GOD’S in The Spirit World. Where we go that place, our home place, which we have qualified for. Hell is separation from God. But Hades is a set of increasingly(as we descend)set of PLANES(vibrational) – where, if we qualify for such, we suffer at the hands of the unpleasant inhabitants!! On the other hand, Heaven is being WITH GOD. And Paradise is a set of increasing(as we ascend)vibrational planes, in The Spirit World, where we find joys and pleasures amid those like ourselves.


Heaven and Hell are states or conditions of SOUL. Paradise and Hades are MATERIAL planes, albeit of a finer nature than this physical material world.


If we do more harm than good, then the weight of our soul increases proportionately – and we gravitate to THAT level in The Spirit World!! That is for sure.(Believe me, folks, we DO survive death!)(What men call death – is actually BIRTH. The shedding of this physical material body, this outer shell or skin we CURRENTLY wear!(It is NOT the end of us, merely the end of the physical vehicle!!).)




This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in life!! That we go to the best place we can after death!! Which is WHY the good are good, if they are not fools!!


The evil on the other hand HATE all Authority, and believe they should be allowed to do WHATEVER they like. And they do this TO THE MAXIMUM!!(We all do what WE like.)(Or we are not ourselves, but are fools.)


The good do good deeds to the maximum, wishing for the best outcome to their life.(Though one does not have to die to obtain pleasant results to one’s deeds!)


The wicked of course try to THWART the good folk, and the good folk TRY to convert them into doing good!!




Each side sees itself as good. (On the whole!!)




I suppose SOME of each side know what they are, if not all, deep down!!




To be good you usually need to believe in GOD, follow Jesus, be positive,etc. And constructive.


The wicked are just being their low selves. We all have to be our selves, and won’t do better – until we see the wisdom or necessity for it. Many wicked are WILFULY so. Some just don’t know any better.




There is a high self, and a low. The good live from the higher self. The wicked from the lower. Which they see as the way to go for them.(The GREAT need is to succour the higher self and live ONLY from that. Whilst starving out the lower self!!)




Neither(the good and the wicked) understands the other.






The necessity here is to repent and accept CHRIST(The Manifest Spirit of GOD.) IF you see your error. And henceforth live from CHRIST or GOD.(Jesus is Son of Man. CHRIST is SON of GOD. Both were in Jesus. CHRIST SPIRIT was 100% in Jesus, or very near.(CHRIST is GOD. Jesus was the best of men. CHRIST is GOD’S SPIRIT. Jesus a(the) most exalted man.)




Men naturally provide for the body. But we should, and NEED to be, more concerned for our souls!! Though we need to look after the body in order to stay in this world.






The important thing is to be your self, to be honest, and try to improve to the maximum Or you are cheating yourself. Any failure incurs SUFFERING for YOU!! We are all at varying degrees of evolution, and should not sit in judgement upon one another!!(Try to find out what it IS you came here to do. And DO it. To the very best of your ability!!!!)








Yes, we shall go to be with our own kind. But if you are wicked, that won’t be much fun!!






Birth actually was our death! DEATH is our BIRTH!!




When we got born we died to The Spirit.


When we physically die, we simply SHED this outer garment – that many THINK(wrongly) IS us, and get BORN again into The Spirit World. Hopefully with as few regrets as possible!! We ARE responsible and accountable for ALL that we do. Even from birth!!




Our actions change our soul’s VIBRATORY rates – and life treats us accordingly.







It doesn’t much matter(not at all, really) WHAT happens to our physical bodies!



The surprise for many is that we find ourselves still ALIVE after we have died. (In FACT, MORE ALIVE than EVER!!)Even though our physical body has been disposed of(buried or cremated, or WHATEVER).


The truth is that it is the physically alive that are dead, and the supposed dead VERY MUCH alive!!(Comparatively, of course.)(They AREN’T in the graves! They are in The 5D SPIRIT WORLD!!)






I am lucky to KNOW these things. So I share with you. Believe as you wish, but you WILL find, that it IS so.






We usually take a vacation in The Spirit World, until we wish to evolve spiritually some more!(The Spirit World is a set of material planes, getting finer, and we ascend as far as we can go before descending again after having gone as far up(the fifth dimension) AS WE CAN GO!!)(The only place we can go after that – is back into the physical. Most, usually enter some chosen feotus – and get born again.(Re-incarnation.)(I THINK we take on the shape(appearance) of the person we were last.)(Though, of course, we have to GROW to that!)(I am HOPING that we can just possess some WALK-IN adult, and save all the hard growing up!)(A WALK-IN is a physical adult(or some-such) VACATED(by passing on) for use by ANOTHER.)(Not all are happy with the physical vehicle they have chosen, and leave it.(Leaving that physical body still alive!!) But ANOTHER spirit coming back down into the physical MIGHT be glad of it!)(And takes it over – as its own.)(I just hope they will have passed all the best exams!)(It DOES save a lot of trouble!!)






Those who die before reaching maturity CONTINUE to grow up IN THEIR SPIRIT BODIES!!(If a child dies at aged 5, say, in the physical, it will enter Spirit – and finish growing up THERE!)




No one and NO THING ever dies!!


We are always at SOME level.








2. Nibiru, Planet X, continues its approach. It should reach Earth and pass it WITHIN the next year. (Probably some time THIS(2,012)year!!) Taking us all bar a tiny few into The Spirit World. It will wreak TERRIBLE havoc. Not likely to hit us. It hit Tiamat, The Pro-Earth.(Our moon was Kingu, ITS moon.)(Tiamat’s moon.) Creating our Earth.






3. I suppose you could, if you wished, enter an animal foeutus. But I imagine not too many do that.(No wonder some animals are so smart.)








4. I suppose we COULD stay in The Spirit World indefinitely(much easier materially there), but then we would not SPIRITUALLY evolve.(Which is MOST important!!)








And there you have it fellahs.(No hard feelings, you guys who hoped for extinction! It just will never be!!)(So make the BEST of yourself! YOU are going to HAVE TO live with what YOU have made!!)(Always!!)








So PLEASE do not worry about death, or not seeing loved ones again, including one’s pets.




Other spirits will be watching to take care we make the most wise decisions. Like NOT getting born a cock-roach, or some such creature!!




We cannot JUST do what we like. Other intelligences will be keeping an eye open.


You can get re-born in another country.(We move around quite a lot.) Another planet – will be much harder!!






The supreme thing is to not do so much wrong that our karma dictates we get re-born as a cripple or something unpleasant!!






VERY few of us should live to see the end of this year!




So I harp on death and the spirit world, and re-incarnation.






Good to know what is happening and the best way through!!










5. Is it warm (In S.E.Queensland.)for the time of the year? I think the reason for the increasing heat is the approach of Nibiru! A VERY hot planet.(Which resembles a brown or red dwarf star.) Also due if only in part to the extra magma being heaved up by centrifugal force from The Earth’s Wobble.(Which occurs every 6,500 years. Whilst Nibiru comes around every 3,600 years.(Though some say now it is down to 2,800 years.)(BOTH cyclic series are occurring SIMUTANEOUSLY right now!!))








6. I am very disturbed by the almost delirious attitude of some I see on Television.(Like the constant laughing on T.V. Channel 7 News for example.)


I am afraid MANY folk are in for a MOST AWFUL come-down!! WHAT as SHOCK so MANY are VERY SOON to be in for!!









7. Nibiru should appear – much like a big red full moon VERY SOON. Any time in fact. Maybe within weeks. And THEN shall IMMENSE TERROR encompass Mankind. AND the animals!!





8. Even THE SPIRIT WORLD will be damaged!!
































































ZZ21 Continuing Nibiru,etc.

April 19, 2012


Friday, 20th April, 2,012










I answer myself!! Nibiru,etc.










1. If there were a large object closing on Earth that would arrive within a year, it would be large enough to be seen!(My own question and answer!) By one, at least, of the 30,000 astronomers out there viewing the sky. And reported.


In The Infra Red? Coming in at an unusual angle from below the ecliptic? An object hidden in a cloud of red particles? Plus a golden haze?(It is reddish yellow in appearance.)


Yes, a FEW might see it, and report it.


But bear in mind that all comments by astronomers on this object are forbidden – by NASA!(And all reports are required to go THROUGH NASA!)(Thus effectively blocking it OUT completely!!)(Or they are not accepted as factual.)




There are many laymen with telescopes and naked eye photography,etc. who also have seen and report on it.


Photographs and videos HAVE been taken – OF this object!!




Simply punch in Second Sun and Nibiru,etc. on your browser and you will find a number of videos and reports,etc.


So the answer is, that despite the ban by NASA,etc., – that it HAS been seen, photographed, videod,etc. Reported on.




A second sun, a black silhouette against the sun, and a V shaped object, plus the now naked eye red spot, have all been shown. U-tube.etc.videos are good.




So I note that it HAS been seen! By a number. And reported.






But laymen don’t carry much weight. And there is such a thing as faking.


Also we need to eliminate mocks suns, lens flares, reflections and refractions, temperature inversions,etc.(Which has been done by some observers.)




Still a number of pictures and reports can be found upon videos,etc. on The Internet. Getting nearer for some YEARS,now!




I think we do need to allow for at least THE POSSIBILITY!!






Such a LOT is at stake. The possible hitting of our planet, converting it to asteroids INSTANTLY.


Or, at least the wiping out of NEARLY ALL life upon The Earth!!




Within about a year.




Either get down The North Geographical Pole(Best entrance to The Great Within – to at least escape the hail of boulders,etc.from ABOVE!!)


OR, get into a strong enough shelter. 20 feet of steel around you and deep caves would be good!!






However, conditions afterwards would be SO bad, that it were better to have died!!




Yes, a few million can expect to survive. But what sort of a life will they have? Remember that ICE AGE will be following! Due to so much dust blotting out the sun – for a very long time!!(Followed by famine,etc!!)




We NEED to warn POSTERITY of what they may expect 3,600 years(Or whatever it is now, 2,800 or 6,500 years hence.)ahead!! By time capsules.






Some have been kind enough to warn US.








2. If Nibiru is coming(and it is!), WHY haven’t the authorities warned us. And why aren’t some people to be put inside shelters and bunkers??




A number of countries have shelters and bunkers.(So some have reckoned on some colossal disasters soon!!)




Because although some shelters and bunkers DO exist, VERY FEW of 7 BILLION people COULD be accommodated!!




Only a special few could be chosen for survival and taken inside. I don’t rate our chances of being one of those few, – DO YOU??!!(A few thousand,perhaps, out of SEVEN BILLION(7,000,000,000)people.( A one in a THOUSAND chance!(1/1,000). Among candidates MOST unlikely to include YOU!! Even if ANY outside their SPECIALLY chosen ones were allowed!!






Naturally the authorities will select their best blue eyed ones, and the rest of us left to fend for ourselves – against almost impossible odds!!






And, unless you DO get down THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE, your chances of survival are almost NIL!




And even then you would be BEST off!!(Dead)(UNLESS you can find a frindly giant Annunaki alien!)








Little food, any water poisoned by the red dust, all shelters smashed, roaming gangs of beserk men(few women would make it), and packs of CRAZED animals – also desperate for food and drink. And flesh and blood is food and drink!!




It would be dark, even in day-time, for a long time. howling winds, bitter cold. Blood and water everywhere. Plus what LOOKS like blood – water mixed with the red dust!! Who could distinguish?? Corpses all over the place. Amid almost total RUBBLE!! Humans and animals. Little light. Cold, wild,wet and hot,etc.








Only hope otherwise would be evacuation by aliens!!




As in that film(Starts with a C), you MIGHT be taken for a while to another planet. Or a Mother Ship high above.




Don’t commit suicide!!(Severe penalty in Spirit World for that!!)




You would be alone, and without electronic and electric equipment.




Very few would live long.


Just about all survivors would be injured.








Little would be left standing. And all sorts of junk would be crashing down from above – for a very long time.






Hell on Earth is to start immediately, and gradually build up to … UNBEARABLE.


Maybe Nibiru won’t arrive until December 21st, 2,012. Though probably will pass us sooner than that!!






No good leaving a will.




And who is going to bury you??






Apart from the increasingly high WAVES(sea,etc.), there will be growing HEAT, and worsening DISASTERS of every kind.


Nibiru is like a second SUN!! Radiating MUCH heat!!




Get near a good deep CAVE!!(Trouble is OTHERS (human and animal) will have thought of that too!!)(Everyone will be OUT of their MINDS, and in absolute TERROR – and HORROR!!!!)




You will need arms to SURVIVE!!




We are JUST entering THE VERY START of it all, NOW!!










All the best!!


































































ZZ20.c. Sequel to ZZ19. The approach of Nibiru,etc.

April 19, 2012


Friday, 20th April, 2,012.










Sequel to ZZ19. Nibiru’s approach,etc.










Does Nibiru exist, or does it not??




1. Herschel began this towards the end of The Nineteenth Century, over a century ago. When perturbations in the orbits of the outer planets was noticed. One planet after another had been found: Uranus, Neptune. Then Pluto(and Charon), but adjudged too small to be major planets. A perturbation remained. Evidently there was STILL another planet out there. Out beyond Neptune(Pluto-Charon was too small to explain it.)


2. Then in 1983 NASA claimed to have found Planet X(as it was called). Named Nibiru by The Ancient Sumerians.(But DENIED it within a week! I think because they found that it was so large!!)(Would not be accepted by The General Public. So better deny it!! However The Truth CANNOT be hidden for ever!!)




3. We NEED another planet out past Neptune – TO EXPLAIN THE PERTURBATIONS in The Solar System, and of The Sun, AND of increasing heat and disasters on Earth.






4. When I see a spade, I believe in calling it A SPADE!!




5. There are TWO schools of thought. One school claims that there is no planet Nibiru.(A planet out beyond Neptune.) The other school claims that there is.




6. Nearly every living creature on Earth is almost certainly going to die a most terrible and horrible death THIS YEAR(2,012.A.D.), Because Nibiru is nearly 4 times the size of Earth, 22 times the mass, and has a very elongated trajectory orbit – which will bring it very closely past The Earth. Then via the gravity, magnetic and electric TIDES,etc.of Nibiru it will all but destroy this Aryan civilization.(As it does every time it passes us closely, which has been every 3,600 years., though some argue it is every 6,500 years!)




7. We have the theory, and we have the evidence. The theory is that because of the perturbations to the outer planets,etc. there has to be another planet(Pluto-Charon is not large enough!) to cause them.(Cataclysms occur every few thousand years. ONLY an astronomical object could cause them. Due probably to the orbit of some planet.)(The Ancient Sumerians declared that there was a planet(which they named Nibiru) out beyond Neptune. They have a diagram of the planets. Big Nibiru is cleared shown.(In addition to this, Crop Circles have shown this big planet Nibiru in diagrams out past Neptune!)




8. It was getting monotonous when planet after planet was named out past Jupiter and Saturn. Clearly the notion that there is yet another planet out beyond Neptune is almost to be expected!(Under the circumstances.)(What is unscientific – is denying the possibility!!)




9. I have given the theory. What,then,is the evidence?(For its existence.)




10. The evidence is in the numerous claims of sighting a second sun, a dark disk silhouette,and a V shaped object approaching us.(The Russians, and others, are tracking it!!!!)(Which fits the very description given to us by The Ancient Sumerians!)(Check for yourselves if you like. Punch in Second Sun and Nibiru and study the videos!)




11. Careful examination shows that it is not a mock sun, a reflection or refraction, nor a lens flare, nor anything like that!(Reports of this second sun,etc. have come in from all over the world FOR YEARS!!)A subject I note most STRENUOUSLY avoided by The Mainstream media,etc!!!!






12. Saying that believing in Nibiru is akin to believing in the little three pigs,etc. is clearly the angry emotional response of those who desperately try to make Nibiru look stupid, when it most palpably IS NOT!!




13. You cannot prove a negative! It is hard enough trying to prove some positives! WHY is it so lucicrous for yet another object to exist out beyond Neptune?? ??




14. I can understand people not wishing to believe in an object that is either going to hit us,turning The Earth into asteroids, or just about wipe out all life upon the planet! THAT is QUITE understandable!!






15. However! If the possibility exists(and it most certainly does) WHY frantically try to close your eyes to it??!! Doing that WILL NOT make it go away!!










16. Please examine the argument very closely. Tell me: WHO is being unscientific? Those denying a CLEAR scientific possibility – or those affirming it??!!




17. Please also tell me WHAT is illogical about my statements??






18. And WHAT is logical about CATEGORICALLY denying even the possibility of another planet out beyond Neptune?




19. Many people deny what THEY DO NOT WANT to believe in. But that does not alter the fact,nor the POSSIBILITY of such fact one iota!!








20. We tend to believe what we WANT to believe. Not necessarily The Truth!!








21. SUCH is human nature!








22, The existence of Nibiru is about as OBVIOUS as it is possible to be!!










23. What IS lucicrous are the accusations of a three little pigs,etc. MENTALITY!!(Some honesty and SENSE, please!!)








24. What IS idiotic – is buying that argument.










25. However, that IS how human nature is!!








26. Many sceptics appeal to “Science” and “Logic” – as if Orthodox Statements are necessarily logical, OR scientific!! They are NOT!! But in important matters almost always NOT!!!!




27. WHAT is so illogical and unscientific about thinking that there may be more planet/s OUT beyond Neptune?? Please tell me!!


Especially when the current perturbations of the outer planets will be explained WITH another large planet out beyond Neptune!!




28. There are many people who deny the obvious IF it clashes with their wishes. But such is hardly the way to go!!
























ZZ19.d. Continuing with The Approach of Nibiru,etc.

April 18, 2012


Thursday, 19 April 2012










Nibiru’s approach,etc;continuing.








Section A:-








1. Nibiru was spawned by the explosion or implosion of Sirius B, – and THEN picked up by Sol,our sun.


2. It is NEARLY four times the LINEAR size of The Earth. About fifteen times the voluminar size(corrections). With 22 times the mass, it still is heavy on account of iron oxides.


3. Nibiru was taken over by aliens, The Annunaki aliens,long ago. And used as a warship and a rescue ship. It was hollowed out, probably utilizing the hollow interior already there. MANY alien species exist within. Reptileans, Insectoids, Octupuses,Dolphins,Hairy apes,etc.


4. It is The Flagship of The Federation(Solar, at least. Possibly galactic.) Fleet. Four dimensional, becoming five, possibly six. One of the reasons not seen. Apart from glare patches concealing it. Also because in infra red. Originally at least. AND coming in at an usual angle from below the ecliptic. Plus denied and covered up by NASA,etc. And RIDICULED by sceptics. So it is not too surprising that it is not accepted by the orthodox and the general media,etc. Furthermore it is hidden in a huge cloud of red or infra red particles of iron oxides shot off in two huge columns,that flap.(The Winged Horus.)




5. It is red, but with a yellow sheen. Often looks like a second sun. A miniature version of our sun, Sol.




6. The Annunaki aliens are coming to rescue us from its own ship!(They cannot change its trajectory.) It has been badly damaged in space wars. Resembles Deep Space NINE and STAR TREK ikons, perhaps entities!! It was crippled.




7. It is ITSELF surrounded by a cloud of gold particles(Put into space by them to provide heat and light when far from the sun, which it goes.).




8. I understand that it can control its passage time. Even delaying it UNTIL WE ARE READY. Because it will provide a(or the) means of ASCENSION(SPECIAL vibration raising of one’s soul.)! Thus its arrival date MAY be postponed!






9. The Earth is due for a Vibrational Uplift. A natural one. But Nibiru will join us when we have adjusted to the higher vibrations.(Also coming in with The Age of Aquarius.)




10. The earliest date for Nibiru’s arrival is July 21st,2,012, two months after the annular(a RING eclipse) eclipse of the sun. Two months and a day after. – Things will start to go seriously haywire after that date.




11. The FIRST effects due to Nibiru are already being felt, and have been for some time. Heat is one. Natural disasters, of course. (These effects(like an increasingly disturbed sun) are not due to Earth’s Wobble! They are due to Nibiru closing in.)(And temporary(as yet!)shifts in the axis of Earth,ETC.)






12. Wave heights AROUND THE WORLD are 5 to 25 feet higher than normal.(Not just far south down The Southern Ocean.(Corrections.))






13. Cold snaps are being experienced in many parts of the world. Though not in The U.S!(Which is or was having a heat wave. In April!)






14. Ice Ages(As distinct from the starting up new Maunder Minimum Ice ERA(a SMALL ice age)) are begat by DUST. Thrown from THE TAIL of Nibiru(Which is FULL of JUNK.), which we have already entered(some years back!). (The tail is big and long and the solar wind drives it IN FRONT, not behind!! This will increasingly blot out the sun. Causing an ice age. Apparently THIS is what causes ice ages! Every 3,600 years.(Though it is claimed that Nibiru’s orbital period is NOW only 2,800 years.)(Which means that we shall have even LESS TIME to recover from the cataclysm it causes each time!!)




15. Nibiru, being of such high density via its iron, is virtually indestructible. However its collisions and near passes of planets,etc. in the solar system apparently are speeding it up! Though I fail to see why.(Would have thought slowed it down!!)






Section B:-


15.b. We are entering colder times!!










16. Global Warming ended in 1997 or 1998(The latter, I think, which was the hottest year on record.). And we are now in Global COOLING!!(Warmings and coolings come and go, and are caused by Nature. And NOT man-made CO2,etc! Nor by volcanic eruptions and forest fires!!(0.004% of GW is due to Man. And 0.016% is due to volcanic eruptions and forest fires. VERY negligible. LUDICROUSLY small!!(They are,in their SCAM WILFULLY fooling and conning us via those pictures of belching industrial stacks!)(Look at things COMPARATIVELY and RELATIVELY!!)




Global Warming existed LONG before Man got industrial, and even before Man!!


G.W. also exists on Mars!(No many pipe smokers,etc. on Mars!)








Anthropomorphic global warming is a wicked LIE, propagated to get rich via Thatcher’s Bonus!!(Also for Ratings,etc. And to increase foul PEER pressure!!)








17. Global warming PRECEDES carbon dioxide excess, not follows it!!


The Earth releasing much CO2 ex the excessive heat!


Hundreds of years later!!(The proper graphs show!!)










18. The SCAM only fools those who are not critical enough! And do not look DEEPLY enough!!








19. However, Global Warming is ONLY ONE of MANY con jobs perpetrated by deceivers on Earth!!










20. The Media is controlled by the vested interests of Governments,etc. to deceive MANY so as to get money and ratings,etc!!!!












Section C:-








The Shroud of Turin:-






The FACE,etc. in the shroud is commonly believed to be that of Jesus. The Vatican champions this idea.






However, the TRUTH is very different:-



The ORIGINAL shroud has LONG since been lost. At least lost track of.




Leonardo Da Vinci, that great versatile genius of The Middle Ages was commissioned by a VERY rich family who wished to perpetuate the shroud legend, even though the original shroud had got lost.(So to comfort the people.)


He was paid a large sum of money to FAKE a new shroud! One that would fool the world.


And Da Vinci did exactly that!!








Da Vinci had an hobby dissecting CORPSES. Which he obtained from graves,etc.


ONE of those corpses is the one NOW ACCEPTED to be Jesus Christ!!




What he did was lay the corpse OUTSIDE his home where the sun could fall upon it(the sunlight).


Using Camera Obscura(This would be the first photograph!), he arranged for the light coming from his “pin-hole” in his roof(Via an arranged mirror.) – to fall upon a VERY carefully made shroud made from the oldest cloth he could find, and doctored to become photograhic!






An IMAGE of the corpse of the unknown man outside was thus imprinted in the shroud! It was a negative, which is what the shroud’s image is.




He had to use a composite of images.






He THEN created a picture of HIS face super-imposed upon that of The Mona LISA!!


And inserted that into the cloth upon the face of the corpse!!










It was a success. And the whole world was fooled!!(As to what Jesus looked like.(The real Jesus seems to have been Appollonius of Tyana!!)(A man who it is claimed rivalled Jesus. And it seems turns out to have actually BEEN the man taken to BE Jesus!!)(The ORIGINAL Jesus apparently did not exist. But was a creation of The Catholic Church much later!)(As was its story.)




Now I do not know. It MAY be that there was A JESUS who rose after death, but who was not The Jesus we are led to believe(in)!






There were FOUR Jesus’, you see. There was The Jesus who resurrected(OR alternatively was an invention by The Catholic Church)






There was Jesus, The Rebel.

There was a POLITICAL Jesus.

And there was The Teacher of Righteousness!!(Maybe not a Jesus name.)



There were a number of Jesus’ who went around doing great good works.




Appollonius came through in a seance towards the end of The Nineteenth Century,in England. He claimed to have been a re-incarnation of Jesus!(He remembers doing great works in Judea.)




As in many great legends, various stories abound. All, convincing.


It is very hard to determine exactly what DID occur!!




It would very deeply emotionally hurt many people for this to come out.

So it MAY be better for it not to be widely known!! Only for those who can BEAR it!!




Nevertheless, for The Truth, as near as I can get it, go by this report.






Yes. MANY revere the face of Da Vinci cum The Mona Lisa SUPER-IMPOSED upon the face of the corpse of some unknown man from The Middle Ages whom Da Vinci procured to dissect in his anatomical research!!!!




AND Appollonius of Tyana, it SEEMS, was the original Jesus!(But PERHAPS not!! MAYBE not!!!!)


Whilst the accepted Jesus may not have existed. But been a creation of The Catholic Church!!



I do not know. I can only go by these reports I have picked up.




Section D:-


Obama has confessed IN COURT(New Jersey I THINK.) that his birth certificate is fake.

But argues that his popularity qualifies him to be and remain President of The U.S!!



Section E:-


Iran MAY be weakening and acceding. But Israel and U.S. remain poised.




Section F:-




North Korea is going ahead, even despite RED China’s disapproval!

They could well do a nuclear test,now!


And I fear, but hope not, explode an atomic missile of over The U.S. – In order to EMP North America!!(Now THAT would VERY naughty!!)


Is Jung Il UM going to exceed his ancestors??!!

























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