ZZ32 The Origin of Earth-men.

May 11, 2012

Thursday, 10th May, 2,012.





The Origin of Earthmen.




Phaeton, the planet that used to circle the sun between Mars and Jupiter had two city states engaged in a thermo-nuclear war. An untested device went wrong and the deuterium in their sea ignited, blowing off the surface of the planet.

The surface, land and sea, became asteroids and comets.

The planet shot off – through the orbit of Mars, and is anywhere today.



The Proto-Earth, called Tiamek got struck by one of Nibiru’s moons when Nibiru was passing by. Which cracked it open – into asteroids and comets,etc.plus our Earth and our moon which was originally a moon of Tiamat.


ZZ31 More upon Life on Mars,etc. And The Fukoshima Radiation Threat!!

May 9, 2012


Thursday, 10th May, 2,012.










Tremendous and terrifying news!!












The Red Planet, Mars, is visibly red even to the naked eye!


Is there life on Mars? WAS there? Bacterial, perhaps? LOL! There is not only life upon Mars, but it is HUMAN life! And, more than that, IS Earth Human Life!! Remnant humans and animals live on Mars! RIGHT NOW!! Humans IDENTICAL to us. They ARE part of OUR Humanity!! They are EXACTLY the same as us!!




There are HUGE cities upon Mars. Mostly in some of the craters, and underground. GIGANTIC Real Estate. Cities that once housed up to 40 MILLION inhabitants!! You can see highways, bridges, streets, lakes and forests!(Study the videos for YOURSELVES!!)(Especially on U-tube. Check Human Life on Mars,ETC. through your browsers!!)(And you will be stunned at what The Rovers are picking up!)




Earth humans on Mars? Have space ships containing humans been secretly despatched to Mars, and they are now breeding after colonizing the planet?! No! Not at all. Nothing like that.


The Earth humans NOW LIVING upon Mars have been there a very long time. Millions of years, perhaps.




So WHAT is going on? Is our history of Earth Humanity all wrong?




There was once a planet called Phaeton. It circled the sun between Mars and Jupiter. It was inhabited by HUMANS. I don’t know exactly WHAT happened. Was there a thermo-nuclear war raging between two city states? Was there a war between Phaeton’s humans and aliens? SOMETHING tremendous happened.


Nibiru passed close by.




The up-shot was that the deuterium in the ocean thermo-nuclearly ignited. Blowing off its surface. Asteroids resulted from the land bits. Comets resulted from the sea masses.




What was left is The Asteroid Belt.






Many no doubt died. Some evacuated the planet in space ships. Heading for Mars and The Earth.


A colony was established on Mars. And one on The Earth. Same root, – Phaeton.




Mars, and The Earth, became profusely inhabited.






Anyone who punches in Life on Mars?(VIDEOS) And Human Life on Mars?(Remember to add VIDEOS!) – should be astonished at the scenes The Rovers are picking up.




The question is: What happened on Mars to reduce their HUGE population to just remnants – as now. Were they invaded by aliens? Whatever happened seems to have left their HUGE cities largely intact!!


Yes, there is a colossal wealth of buildings on Mars. A squatter’s paradise.


And, if we can get there, READY-BUILT cities to be occupied! IF the current remnants let us!


There seems to have been A BATTLE. A war. Bits and pieces from this war are scattered over the planet.(Mars)




Mars’ atmosphere is nearly wholly Carbon Dioxide. However, some plastic(or some-such) bubbles can be detected. Perhaps they had oxygen inside them! I do not know. Just trying to piece together A PICTURE.




There is a FASCINATING WEALTH of material on many videos – for anyone who cares to take a look! Artifacts scattered about The Martian surface. Plus some forests and lakes. Signs of an ocean, – now dried up. Plus a few humans and animals STILL LIVING there!! There is even a railway tube track!


No canals found on Mars, but plenty of just about everything else!!








Life appears to be ubiquitous(everywhere).








I repeat: The Martians are EXACTLY like us!! But much more technologically advanced.(Some may recall Orson Welles(1938) story about an invasion of Earth from Mars! Which caused panic in places!!)




The reason they look EXACTLY like us – is because THEY ARE US! It is just that The Mars contingent developed further than The Earth contingent did!!




You may recall that I said Earth Humans originated on Phaeton. Some going to Mars. And some to The Earth!!(Now I learned that LONG before I saw the amazing videos of advanced life upon Mars!!)






Should we go to Mars? MAYBE a better idea would be to go to Venus! But the planet needs SEEDING first with chemicals to induce the creation of oxygen. Then much later on perhaps we can move to Venus IF and WHEN the need arises!!(And it might!!)






Earth has little chance of making much progress if every 3,600 years(maybe less now) Nibiru wrecks the planet!(We need to warn those of 3,600 years hence of the periodical coming of the VERY destructive Nibiru!)(Even as we are being warned via The Great Pyramid and The Crop Circles by aliens,now.)






Mars seems to have got off lightly. Because of its HUGE cities – which appear to be undamaged or little damaged!!






All of this should of course be FRONT PAGE HEADLINE BANNER NEWS world-wide!! But it is DELIBERATELY being HIDDEN, and covered up by NASA,etc!!


People like myself, trying to inform the masses are naturally being resisted and opposed. And with great success. I am only able to reach a tiny few people!!


The WHOLE WORLD needs to know!






PLEASE help me to get this news out to the world!!








Because what happened to Phaeton and Mars could happen to us. As it is we get the prevailing civilization wiped out EACH TIME.(Every 3,600 years. Or whatever it is now.)(Recall Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis and Phaeton! Great Civilizations on big continents – that sank beneath the waves.)






Lemuria was in The Pacific Ocean. Atlantis was on Antarctica. And Poseidon(wrongly called Atlantis) was in The North Atlantic Ocean. They were not cities, but CONTINENTS.






And NOW it is OUR turn. As Nibiru closes in!


Due within months.








There is another dreadful event likely to happen soon, apart from World War 111, and economic and financial global collapse, and that is the release of deadly radiation from The Fukoshima Plant in the event of an earthquake! And Japan often has earthquakes!!(Which could possibly wipe out this civilization and make Earth uninhabitable for hundreds of years.)


MANY civilization destroying events are now LIKELY. In The Offing!!












GOD bless!


And ALL the best!! We are going to NEED it!!
































ZZ30 The world situation now. May 8th, 2,012.

May 7, 2012


Tuesday, 8th May, 2,012.












Evacuate to Mars??










There is a lot of interest lately in an alternative planet to Earth – for Earth humans to move to, as this planet seems to be getting too contaminated with problems.




The moon is a dismal prospect, and Venus is worse.


There is Mars, where dwell the remnants of some war against attacking aliens.


Advanced human life exists on Mars! In some of the craters!


Are there plastic or somesuch covers enclosing air? Undamaged in some craters perhaps. After the deadly war has left few survivors(human and animal, plus the little folk).




Mars is not so desolate as is thought! Outside the craters in the red sandy deserts – there is total or near so desolation, yes. But in the craters, some, a few perhaps now, there are a few humans left.(They look very much like us!)


I suspect that Earthmen originated on Phaeton(Where the asteroid belt now is), the few survivors of which(Perhaps from a near pass by Nibiru and/or some thermo-nuclear war between city states, or something else. Maybe a combination of these.) went in space ships to Mars.(And some to Earth. Later, some moved from Mars to Earth. )




On Mars are many HUGE cities in some of the craters. Huge cities of around 40 million inhabitants(originally). Now occupied by a handful – struggling to survive in the deserted cities – and out in the open. Along with marauding humans and animals. (Get the picture! Humans originating on Phaeton, moving(the remnants of Nibiru passing AND attacking aliens) to Mars and Earth. And,later, following Nibiru and/or aliens – moving to Earth.)








Could selected EARTH humans evacuate there? If The Martian remnants would welcome us. – Which is very doubtful.


I think many Martians have gone underground!(Maybe air pockets down below.)








Yes, there is life on Mars. RATHER more advanced than microbial! Far


more advanced than we are. Technologically, anyway.








Maybe we could rescue them, and get welcomed in return!!(The few remnants are struggling to survive against other Martians and animals.)




It is rather cold there, that’s all!


And swept by huge red dust and sand storms.






The universe is alive with alien cultures. Some advanced. Others, more like us. Space, and time, is abuzz with aliens. Various wars.


Many human. Some humanoid.






Our moon is alive with aliens. As is Venus,etc.








Meanwhile Nibiru closes in on Venus,Earth and Mars.










Nibiru is also a rescue ship. Flagship of The Galactic Fleet. A warship,too. But badly damaged.






Much life WITHIN Nibiru. Different life-forms, including animal, forms.










It has six or seven satellites, moons. Moons as big as planets!








UFO’s massing above us. To rescue us, I believe. Not attack or invade.








Will Nibiru hit us? I don’t think so. It is on a 3,600 year trajectory that takes it to 4 million miles from Earth. Near enough to cause severe problems!




WHY would it hit us now after 4.5 billion years of going on that trajectory. I don’t think so.






We have things VERY wrong. There is much we do not know.








It is still too far away to affect us much.










The planet is being used as a home, a base, a warship and a rescue ship.








So its trajectory may vary a bit!






Also, it is operating(originally in the infra red) in 3d,4d,5d and maybe higher dimensions.


Maybe why so hard to see.








I do not think The Earth will get destroyed, just badly damaged.








All sorts of stories abound. It is hard to get a true picture, and certainly not a complete one!










Nibiru, Planet X, EXISTS. And is coming. Some time over next few months. Up to about 2,014, possibly.


July 21st, 2,012 seems to be the calculated date. By a Mr.Lake.




PERHAPS not until Sept;Oct;November or even December 21st, 2,012. Or even later. 2,014, or later still.








I don’t know.






Some say it is waiting for us to get more spiritually developed. If so, I think it has a very long wait.










It is important to focus on ASCENSION, and Transition.






ASCENSION is a mass raising of Earth and its inhabitants’ vibrations, wavelength.






Mass Transition is a mass move of humans and animals,etc. into The Spirit World.




Some will be transferred to other planets. Higher for the worthy. Lower for the failures.(The failures are they who turn to negative evil and low ways.)








CHANGE is certainly coming.




Left to our own devices, we could hardly see this year out!




So many huge negative things in the offing.






Is Ron Paul going places?


Can Obama survive?






In Australia, Labor is hanging on by the skin of its teeth. But Swan is pointing to Surplus.


Julia Gillard is very anxious just now. Coalition in lead at 72 to 71. And if Wilkie goes ahead as threatened, then 73 to 70.




Either way, Gillard is hard put to stay in power.


She should call an immediate election. Yes. Let the people decide.




If she resigns, then almost certainly Rudd would take over.(Or Crean. Or Shorten? Etc?)






She is trying to hang on to power at all costs. But is really up against it now.(Is facing defeat in Parliament.)




Will The Surplus save Labor?






We shall see at next Opinion Poll, maybe.






She is under great pressure to resign – or call an early election.








My articles are now become more like a Newsletter.






Yes, 2,012 should be a very eventful year. Despite a very quiet start.






Greece is nowhere and threatens to drag EU down. So may get kicked out. They want the massive bail-out AND not pay for it. Or as little as possible!




No one but mob now rules Greece. When didn’t they?




Yes, this could initiate economic and financial global collapse.








Israel and U.S. may or may not attack Iran.(If they do, then WW3 likely!)




What is happening in Syria?




Russia is preparing to attack if West pressures Syria too much.




And also to attack if West attacks Iran.




West may back off.




But then later Iran and Russia may throw their weight around.




Obama is actually negotiating(trying to) for the right for U.S. (In Europe) to defend against Iran!


Russia is psychotic and paranoid!! Has been all along!!


This after U.S. gave Thermo-nuclear ascendancy to Russia!




Is West nuts?


Or is Obama trying(at all costs) to hang on to power?!




He is Muslim. Born in KENYA, not Hawai!! Also, I believe Socialist. And maybe Communist.








I fear we have seen our last Christmas.


Political Correctness,etc. is costing West CHRISTIANITY.(Though Christendom is NOT Christianity.(Islam rising.))




Political East NOW subjugating The West!!






Has RED China curbed North Korea??












All waiting to see if West will attack Iran. I think not before U.S. Election.




So will Israel attack Iran. Will they drag U.S. in, or even get them to attack?!






Meanwhile fear of Iran and Russia and North Korea and China grow apace!!!!!(I think we are looking at WW3 starting in June(2,012.) Via the fuses of Iran,Horuz,Missile Defence of Europe disputed by Russia!(What A NECK!!!!)India-Pakistan thermo-nuclear war.


Will India join Russia-China alliance??








West usually turns to war – to get out of its difficulties. Like now!!






We have problems!!






Will HAARP save The West? I think it is the only thing that is. That and THE DRONES!!






Meanwhile killer contrails rain down upon us. 1. To reduce world population via killing crops. 2. To reduce Global Warming(Which ended in 1998!).










Your call. I think it will be World Civil War. Starting with U.S.Civil












Aliens to intervene??






Electronic devices now rule.


And hacking.








WW3 may have started OUT OF SIGHT!!








Obama preparing to suppress U.S. populace.(Which now has many guns.)








West is keeping East in check via Haarp and Drones. Plus Hacking and Electronic devices.




But East is hitting back.








Either West attacks Iran, or Iran attacks West!!




Sanctions aren’t working(enough).








India versus Pakistan war brews.






And Sudan war.






Meanwhile The Pirates are still a problem.












Aids continues.






West badly in debt and deficit.








The great chess game goes on.








West is at bay. As U.S. is sinking.




U.S. dollar threatened.






Gold to rule, soon?




And silver above all??












Houston, we have a problem!




General disintegration gathers pace.




Folks, you better believe in ASCENSION and Transition!!!!










































ZZ29b Continuing on Nibiru.

May 1, 2012


Tuesday, 1st May, 2,012.










Ascension best answer to Nibiru!










I mean by Ascension the raising of one’s soul’s VIBRATIONS high enough. It is claimed that that will save you from Nibiru! Though would like to know HOW!!




Meditation and Prayer are good ways to raise your vibrations. Stop doing all evil, bad and low things,(No sinning or doing wrong!!) – as they lower your vibrations immensely. Do MAXIMUM good!!




As Planet X Nibiru gets nearer, we may expect to increasingly feel its effects. Of course.


Now we know that the gravity of the sun and the moon raises the sea level around the world. We call this TIDES. We are familiar with changing tide levels as sun and moon approach and recede.


ANY object near to Earth would do this. And Nibiru is approaching. Its MASS is 22 times that of The Earth. I don’t know HOW close it is going to get, but I understand very close. Naturally this must raise tide levels immensely. So it will be interesting, nay, IMPERATIVE to watch tide levels from now on, very closely!


Some of the changes we can EXPECT as Nibiru closes in(This is an object the size of SATURN!)(We have ONLY MONTHS left!!): Growing HEAT. Increasing LIGHT.(We will see it grow larger in the sky, like a yellow-red full moon.Or a sun.) Rising TIDES(as said). Increasing natural disasters, like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Increasing(because of the growing heat)precipitation. EMPING should occur. Knocking out almost all electronic appliances. And maybe electric appliances,too.(Probably)Tremendous increase in lightning and electric discharges. Power failures.(This is THE END Jesus spoke of!)(It could hit us. But I do not think so. We have survived NUMEROUS previous passings, why not this one?!)(

THE EVENT will be THE GREATEST EVENT and THE WORST DISASTER ever to hit Man on Earth!!)(Past and Future.))

Intense terror and horror by all is almost certain. And a terrible re-action of anti-social behaviour by just about everyone! Which will be almost worse than THE EVENT itself!!



All this is foolish. All that was necessary to do was to warn all and get as many people as possible down The North Geographical Pole. I suggest Cruise Ships preceded by Ice-breakers. Just head due North – and KEEP ON GOING. You will eventually find yourself upon The INNER SURFACE of The Earth!! Inside The Great WITHIN!!!! Safe at least from the outer bombardment from space(out of The Tail of Nibiru). Use Gyroscopes,as compasses fail increasingly as you approach The North Pole.


If you had told the people early enough they would have had TIME to adjust and adapt to the idea! And whilst there would have been some mass panic, we might have avoided THE MASS PANDEMONIUM which I see coming, as everyone sees UNESCAPABLE AWFUL death immediately ahead!!




Boulders will be scudding down all over the place, and tremendous electric discharges occurring all over.(SUPER lightning strikes.)(Some will commit suicide, but don’t do this!! Terrible penalty on suicides in The Spirit World!!)


Now as soon as you find yourself in The Spirit World(Dead you will be called by the world, as your physical body will have died. Been killed.) –

HEAD FOR THE BLUE-WHITE LIGHT!!(As even dead, your problems are not over!)(Get AWAY from your corpse! And do NOT let your ghost capture you! Shun any spirits trying to take you down into Hell!(Though FRIENDLY spirits may,and probably will, assist you to climb up through the air.)(Raise your soul’s vibrations as HIGH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!)




Food and water will run out. The AIR will be almost unbreathable.(And will catch fire I am told, though I do not understand HOW.)



I see about 1/1,000 chance of survival. One chance in a thousand.


Forget about wills and a decent burial. It will be a case of NEARLY ALL will be corpses, and just a few(one in a thousand at worst)alive, out of their minds.


Get away from the coasts. Get to HIGH GROUND. Get OUT of the cities. Into the wilderness.(As humans will be stark staring RAVING MAD.)




The animals won’t be much better. Scurrying hither and thither, not knowing which way to go.




The EVENT is real and about as certain as can be.




I cannot help but think of THE TERRIBLE SHOCK people in general will be getting!!(As at PRESENT, very few SERIOUSLY believe that anything much is going to happen! It DOES take some absorbing! The END of this civilization. The END of this AGE!!)(Yes, it WILL be VERY TEMPTING to commit suicide.But better not to!)




Yes, it will be the end of life as we know it.(That must be about the biggest understatement of all time!!)






Disasters will BUILD up to a crescendo, while continents will sink below the waves, and ocean floors burst through the surface of the sea. World wide. Nearly all structures are going to crash.






THIS is why I have been pounding away ceaselessly for MANY YEARS now. TRYING to get as many of you as possible TO GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!








VERY close to The North Geographical Pole is a thousand,plus, mile wide TUBEWAY leading to WITHIN The Earth. Yes! The Earth IS hollow!! There is an upside down INNER surface, that will SEEM upright(Because Gravity will be upwards THERE!!), where you can survive better than upon the outer surface of The Earth!!(THIS is WHERE wise humans and animals go EVERY time that this Planet Nibiru passes!)(It is LUSH down there. Better than on the outer surface!)






It will be interesting to watch the EFFECTS of Nibiru(Via its gravity,magnetism and electric tides)(Along with electric discharges from the sun.) steadily increase as the months pass. Becoming more and more DEADLY.






The poorer you are, the safer you will be! Because of beserk angry humans, who will be making the recent riots look like a picnic!






Yes, stock up. Prepare! But others who haven’t prepared will be STEALING from those who have!


I would say: Have nothing. And flee into the wilderness. Get AWAY from all humans. And animals. You can live off vegetation and rain water there.(Should be plenty of rain!)(I advise tents and sleeping bags ON YOUR OWN. Go bush as they say out here. High up as possible. And as far from the coast and cities as possible. Keep away from buildings(which will fall). (Little should remain standing!) Trees will be falling too, so be careful! Your best chance of surviving. But need a cave!(A good DEEP one!)(Though other humans and animals may have same idea. So go where few go!!) As stuff will be falling from the sky. And the ground should be shaking continually.




I expect THE HEAT to kill many. Nibiru is VERY hot. A planet seething with erupting volcanoes.




Nibiru will cause a Pole Shift. Leading to an inversion of The Earth. The sun will rise in The West afterwards.


The Earth is going to turn upside-down. Physically. Geographically.






You may be lucky, and get evacuated by aliens. This is WHY they are massing above RIGHT NOW!! It is why UFO’s have been increasing in numbers and sightings.


Lucky ones will get housed in Mother Craft high above. And some may be taken to other planets.






THE EVENT now only months ahead will be the biggest EVER(including future) experienced by Man on Earth.






The few survivors(a few million people) will start civilization again. Back to The Stone Age,etc. In a new ICE AGE.


There will be a period of darkness(for some). As The Earth stops rotating. For two or three days. Then starts to spin again, upside down, going the OTHER way!!




This is what we can EXPECT!










WATCH the positions of the stars,etc. And where moon and sun rise and set. When The Earth inverts, all the stars will seem to fall, of course. North Pole will become South Pole.






This happens every few thousand years. Because Planet X, Nibiru, HAPPENS to pass so close to The Earth in its trajectory!(It has(or had) an orbital period of 3,600 years. But some say that this is now 2,118 years or something like that. But WHY? After going billions of years in 3,600 year orbits.)




You should find what I am saying to be very accurate.




Nibiru LITERALLY plays SKITTLES with our Solar System every 3,600 years! I think it has already destroyed FOUR planets, and those it only passes by – suffer severe damage.






We shall very anxiously watch it appear larger and larger in the sky as it gets closer. Hoping that it won’t hit us. It shouldn’t do.(IF it does, it will be the first(and last)time!!)






Watch to the south. Near to Orion.








It is ALREADY visible to the naked eye. As a small red spot. The Russians are tracking it.(That small red spot will grow…AND GROW…)






NASA dropped it like a hot potato!








It was THEY who found it!!











Now here are two novel ways to improve your life. They occurred to me this morning. I wish to share them with you.


If you had amnesia and could not remember what happened yesterday, wouldn’t you wish to recall it?




Well, shouldn’t we be interested in knowing what happened in PREVIOUS LIVES(Super-days)?!




It is possible to find out, via a GOOD hypnotist(into age regression,etc.).




Learn what happened, what you did, in previous lives(and interregnums(the periods between lives in the spirit world))




And, if you are interested in what you will do in FUTURE lives, it MAY be possible to go view the lives to come – via age PROGRESSION! And in future interregnums.(Incidentally also in past and future DAYS, including nights(what you do when asleep)(Spirit sometimes leaves body during sleep.)(And goes a-wandering!)(Knowing what you will do in future DAYS should be VERY interesting!!)(Including on the day of your death!!)








Though it should always be possible to switch to a parallel time track!!








If you see yourself dying in a plane crash, then you could avoid flying. At least on that fateful day!






These are only suggestions. The details need working out.








The point is this: If Parallel Time tracks exist, then we can change to another one.




This raises the question: If I see myself in an unpleasant situation, can I avoid it? Like with the plane crash. Can I switch to another time track even though I have seen myself get onto that plane!






Yes. It is not set in stone. I can change the future.




I can even change the past! Go back – and take a better route!! Get onto a better time track!!








Now that is HANDY. But you will need a GOOD hypnotist who is into age regression,etc. And the money and time to invest!!




You will see yourself taking Route A. On one map. That is the route you originally took.


So you take Route B, a better route. On a second map.




Lay a second map on top of the first one. It is a case of using the second map. Where you take the better route, Route B.






Time is not linear. It is a field. I can go back and go a different route!(Though I cannot change the fact that I went the route I did first time.)(The LATER route is the route that scores.)


Similarly with The Future.


Picture the second map overlying the first one. Both maps exist. Go back and take the top map!


You haven’t (you can’t) alter the fact of the first map, the route you originally went. But you can on a second map take Route B, the better route.


You cannot alter the fact that you have taken the route you did, but you can on a second map – take a different route.






It is the route you take LAST that counts the most.












Find a good hypnotist into age regression,etc.






















ZZ28 Latest on Nibiru. DON’T miss it!!

April 29, 2012

Monday, 30th April, 2,012.





The latest on Nibiru.




Nibiru is one of a number of names given to Planet X, an alien planet captured from Sirius B by our sun, Sol, about 4 billion years ago. This planet is REAL, it EXISTS. It is NOT some hare-brained notion. But because wolf has been called so many times, few believe it.

I have studied this very closely for about 12 years. It has a trajectory which takes it close to The Earth. The most likely date for a pass(It will pass us twice, once coming in to the solar system – and once going out, rather farther off. First time it will wipe out nearly all life forms upon Earth. Second time, very little. It will destroy this current Aryan civilization(so-called civilization). It is about the size of Saturn. Is yellowish red, VERY volcanic, VERY hot, VERY evil. It looks like a small second sun, a V-shaped comet, a black disc, a big red moon.)(Comet Elenin has gone. But Nibiru LOOKS like a comet a bit.)(The Ancient Sumerians described it as a V shaped winged Horus, and THAT is PRECISELY the shape of the huge object NOW closing upon us!! It ALL fits. I think it is better to know – than not to know.)



Its orbital period was originally 3,600 years.(Note that SIMULTANEOUSLY with this event, called THE EVENT, The Wobble of The Earth will peak(December 21st, 2,012.A.D.). The Wobble is due to the gravity of Sun and moon playing on The Equatorial bulge,etc.of The Earth.)(This Wobble ALONE usually produces a cataclysm every 6,500 years.)(Thus TWO(cataclysms)will occur. The first is starting up NOW, and peaking Dec.21;2,012. The Second will occur within about a year. Most likely date is July 21st, 2,012. Which is just under 3 months ahead.


The reason for CHEMTRAILS by the way is apparently I believe to cool Global Warming(Which ended in 1998!). Chemtrails are vapour trails purposely being emitted by a number of aircraft employed for the purpose. This is global. It is seemingly to counter Global Warming.(Allegedly due to fossil fuel burning by Man(Which is LUDICROUSLY small. A wicked ridiculous SCAM!!))(0.004%(Even Nature only produces 0.016%)(Of all global warming)(Global Warming is due to the approach of the very hot Nibiru AND the rising magma ex centrifugal force of The Earth’s Wobble. It is a cyclic thing, has NOTHING to do with Man’s industrial or domestic usage or wars,etc.) It was started in January, 2,010.(But Global Cooling began after 1998!)(Between this deliberate cooling by Man, AND the paucity of sun-spots a few years back, a cold era is being created.)(The next ICE AGE will begin IMMEDIATELY after Nibiru has passed!!)(It should last anything up to a thousand years.)(Creating TERRIBLE famine,etc.)


The particles from The Un-necessary Chemtrails are killing crops, and via that – humans and animals!!

I can only give you MY VIEW. Which I think is VERY accurate. I have both theory and evidence on my side.

There are too many people on the planet. And too much traffic. Humans are also still very spiritually unevolved. Though technically evolved – thanks to a deal made with aliens in exchange for technology.(They give us advanced technology if we let them abduct humans and animals,etc.)(To create a HYBRID race.)(Which is well advanced.)

Apparently we were created long ago by The Realians, aliens.(From The Pleades?)(But it seems The Annunaki aliens modified our genes in order for us to be made slaves to mine gold for them(To eject as particles into THEIR atmosphere(On Homeward planet) to INCREASE the amount of heat and light reaching them.(Their planet accompanies Nibiru WAY OUT in its VERY elongated trajectory, so it gets VERY dark and VERY cold otherwise.))



Claimed to be BALONEY by a large number of skeptics, I find that their claim is FALSE. They are undestandably afraid and have gone into DENIAL. But that gets us NOWHERE!!(Because PRANK mad Johnny has fooled us many times, is no reason to conclude he is wrong THIS TIME. He is right THIS TIME!! But WE NOW are FOOLED into disbelieving him!!)(It is(analogy)LIKE having Johnny see how far he can fill the bath upstairs, whilst there is a river over-flowing(unbeknown to us)AT OUR DOOR. So the simple minded THINK that the cause of the trouble is the over-flowing bath!! NO!! It is the OVERFLOWING RIVER OUTSIDE!!)(Analogy,remember!!)(There isn’t much time left Earthmen(including me) to WAKE UP. But you had BETTER do so, – and FAST!!)

It is policy of world, especially West, to DENY ALL wonderful and marvellous FACTS.


If Nibiru is so big and so close WHY cannot we see it?! We can!! It is now looking to THE NAKED EYE like a small red spot, inside a cloud HAZE of red-yellow PARTICLES. STILL far too distant to be much noticed.(NASA,etc. have BANNED ALL reporting by astronomers and ANYONE saying ANYTHING about it! Even governments and media,etc. are BLOCKED from mentioning ANYTHING about it.(Though NASA found this object back in 1983. Denying it strenuously within A WEEK – once they discovered its size. Shelters and bunkers being built in a number of countries. And seeds stored,etc.)(The only thing puzzling me is its size. Is it 5 times (linearly) Earth, or is it Saturn sized. Though perhaps THAT is Saturn-sized! That needs checking!)

Neptune and Uranus, as well as Sun,etc. are being increasingly DISTURBED by SOMETHING. Perturbations. Pluto-Charon was evidently a double satellite of Neptune. Nibiru(Planet X)’s orbit of the sun is ABOUT twice as far out(from the sun) as Neptune is. So it is a VERY long way out.

I do not understand WHY the existence of ANOTHER large planet out way past Neptune is absurd! It is THE ONLY THING that makes SENSE!! Explaining the perturbations to everything in the solar system AND the PERIODIC CATACLYSMS.(Sinkings of Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis, Poseidon – the last three.)(Huge civilizations upon very big CONTINENTS.)


Titius-Bode’s gravitational and mathematical LAW FITS this object(Planet X, Nibiru.)!


EVERYTHING is indicative OF IT!!



WHY are The Authorities denying it? To keep OPPRESSIVE CONTROL of us. AND to avoid mass panic leading to MASS PANDEMONIUM!!

ALSO, there is obviously NOT ENOUGH room to house 7 to 8 BILLION people,ETC.(So you and I are being sacrificed so that the blue-eyed ones can be saved!!)(Well, it is human nature!!)


IF The Authorities announced End of Civilization within a year, there would of course be MASS RIOTING all over the world.(And we have seen what the rebellious can do!!)(Cities will get destroyed by them,soon.) So The West(at least) has been IN DENIAL all along.(I am meeting tremendous resistance and opposition to telling you.)(But I THINK(perhaps wrongly) that THE PEOPLE should be informed. Though I have GRAVE MISGIVINGS about this.)(The people, in general, are not sensible, and so would create ADDITIONAL harm. I fear that this is right! But! I INSIST that IF we went down WITHIN The Earth that we could save the BEST of everything – so to start(Life and civilization, so called) again once conditions permitted.)



CLEARLY, as disasters,etc. proliferate, SOMETHING is causing this, and we are heading very rapidly for A CLIMAX!!

The Earth IS hollow. And IF we got the best specimens of everything pertinent SAFELY WITHIN The Hollow Earth(And lived upon The Inner Surface!), then we would at least be sheltered from the HAIL of DEBRIS falling from NIBIRU’s TAIL!!(The alien planet Nibiru is being PRECEDED(sic) by a very big long TAIL of boulders, red dust,ETC.)(We entered this tail some years back. Red dust has begun falling. Red rain reported recently in India. Which is understandable!)

THIS is MY REASON for telling as many as I can reach(which be pitifully FEW), WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN WORLD WIDE)(To give us a chance to GET WITHIN(Not within the SHELL of The Earth, but WITHIN THE HOLLOW of The Earth!!)(Which is WITHIN THE SHELL!!))



Otherwise I would be silent!(As speaking out ONLY brings me trouble!)(Which I can ILL afford!!)



I am HATED and LOATHED for my trouble.



IF you ignore me, HOW are we going to RE-SEED this planet??!! DO tell me!!



Yes, you may regard me as Noah 2!




Except that I have NO ARK. The only arks are alien ships HIGH ABOVE, now MASSING to descend and save THEIR CATTLE!! WAKE UP Earthmen!!(I am one.) This is NOT baloney!! THAT is principally why the ufo sightings,etc. are increasing!)



We are their cattle, you see!! Being SO far advanced technologically than us. Though they are perhaps less spiritually advanced, and lack our genetic advance(though that puzzles me)(There are of course MANY different species of ALIENS.)(They are similar to us with their variations and fads.)(A few are friendly. Many are not. But Nibiru is being USED as The Flagship of The Galactic Fleet TO SAVE THREATENED PLANETS. Like our is NOW!!)



PLEASE listen to me. We have SO little time left!!




I want the best for us all. No SANE person would want otherwise.




As a born-again Christian(NOT the fundamentalist kind!), a believer in GOD,CHRIST, Jesus and doing GOOD and HIGH,though I fail increasingly. I would have to be VERY sick in heart and mind to be jesting with you!!



An AWFUL lot of us are about to die horribly and terribly. Don’t ANY of you CARE??



So FEW know anything about what is to happen!(And so it is every time.)




The trouble is you see the many negatives among us are only too(so completely!)successful at thwarting the efforts of the good and the high!! And so news like this so little surfaces!! Maybe that is best. But HOW do we CONTINUE Humanity,etc??!!




WHY isn’t Nibiru IN EVIDENCE?? IF it exists and is coming.



BECAUSE there is a VERY successful Conspiracy of Silence and Denial,etc. about it, as with ALL very important subjects, simply because the negatives among us are so many, so strong, so quick, so cunning!! YES!!




We are being LIED to, about ALL important things!!




July 21st, 2,012 seems to be the most likely date. But PERHAPS it will be as late as September,October or November, 2,012. HARD to say.



This red dust is DEADLY poisonous, and it will pollute our crops and WATER!!


Anywhere from a third of all life to all bar a few million are expected to perish!



Antarctica was Atlantis!, a continent, not a city!



The huge island in The North Atlantic that sank in the last Nibiru passing was Poseidon, NOT Atlantis! It was WRONGLY called Atlantis.(The one that Solon, high priest, and Plato mentioned.)




Signs of Nibiru’s approach:(Some of them) – Increasing disasters, growing heat and light. Alterations to Earth’s axial tilt! And the changing magnetic pole! Yes, we can expect a Pole Shift. The Earth will PHYSICALLY INVERT!!



Things are JUST starting to play up.




It is NO good panicking. Won’t get you ANYWHERE.




The ONLY PRACTICAL entrance to THE GREAT WITHIN is very near to The North Geographical Pole!!


Sail or fly in. I mean go in by ship or plane!! Lush(Steady 76 degrees F.Or it may be 72.) down there. Viable. Land where it is good. But you likely won’t come back.(There is a friendly race of giants down there. Everything is giant there! But there are also wild men, wild animals, PREHISTORIC animals,Mammoths, Dinosaurs, and so on!!)

You can fly in through near South Pole too.


There is a third entrance near Nepal somewhere.



I am telling you what I know. I know no more than what I have said.


USE gyroscopes! As compasses fail near poles. Use dead reckoning. As few landmarks!




There are also entrances via hundreds of miles of CAVES at various places.




It is not me you need to contact. Because I am telling you what I know.




Search Internet for more information. But it takes a LOT of sifting out!!









GOD help us ALL!!










Vic.(I have TOLD you. I cannot do more.)














ZZ27 The way to THE STARS!!

April 28, 2012


Sunday, 29th April, 2,012.










Is taking Kerosene worth the risk?

And 2012,AT END of article!!(Don’t miss!!)









In this article I show you a way to live disease free and to get young and stay young.


I also show you how to die and live on better.




AND how The Earth can leap up in vibration, especially by CONTEMPLATING the re-birth of our sun,etc. as December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. dawns!!




All the best!!










Drinking SOME(Kerosene. But ONLY gargling(??) or mouth washing, a limited quantity, can cure just about all diseases, and fast.


There is a snag: If you get it into your lungs, you may die of Chemical Pneumonia. Possibly, perhaps certainly! VERY quickly!!


You can get it into your lungs by either vomiting it out, or swallowing it the wrong way!!(Do YOU do that often? You might, of course, on a strange alien substance like kerosene!)(The shock might send it down the wrong way, and maybe goodby you FAST!!)


Catching your breath whilst vomiting takes some into your lungs. As does having it go down the wrong way!!


Your body system could well vomit out so alien a substance! Kerosene is like petrol drinking!(Petroleum hydro-carbon stuff. The stuff used for fuel in most vehicles, planes,etc.too.)


I do not think it is worth the risk.


However!! If you have and are possibly dying of cancer or diabetes or some such disease you MAY consider the risk worth taking!!(Or even if you merely HAVE a deadly disease, but are not dying(yet).)




It is your choice and call. A personal risk. A DEADLY GAMBLE!!




I believe BOTH Lugol’s Mixture and Kero are VERY effective. But both can KILL. So DO take care!!




I would say you need to work out the odds against you through disease,etc. And the odds for you(less risk odds). And go by the balance!!






IF you take kerosene successfully, you should quickly eliminate all deadly disease you may have. AND slow ageing right down in the process!!






Now these are gains not to be sneezed at. And kerosene is legal and cheap.




It is called PARAFFIN in U.K.Etc.(Isn’t there a substance called LIQUID PARAFFIN you can take medically?)(There used to be, perhaps?)






Gargle daily with Lugol’s Mixture!(It contains iodine.)(The idea is to get back the idodine Big Pharma and Big Medicine are depriving us of, so they can get rich,etc!!)(It is marked POISON on my bottle. So I do not think you can drink it, even minutely!!)(Our systems NEED SOME iodine.)(Eastern Europe used to take Kerosene.)




Don’t(so much, anyway) go by what I am saying on Kerosene and iodine, but, if interested, go look at Australian Nexus Magazine and read both articles.


Volume 19, Number 3. Iodine The Perfect Panacea, by Elaine Hollingsworth, page 19. To 24, inclusive. Page 25 is interesting too.




The Kerosene article follows on almost immediately. On page 27. To Page 32, inclusive. By Walter Last. January 2012. Followed by an interesting advert!




Nexus magazine articles are interesting. On way out scientific and technical subjects.(Esoteric,etc.)




Both articles are copyright.






Quite a number of good medicines on the market. But of course they all cost money.




Budget so many accordingly.








I hope this article of mine has been useful.









By the way: Regarding 2,012, especially December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. It is important to know that the date marks a RE-BIRTH rather than a destruction! A spiritual or divine re-birth up to a higher vibration!

I do not know how NIBIRU, Planet X, got in on the act, but it is a NEGATIVE! Its purpose is to eliminate the low folk – who are holding back humanity and the animals,etc. By their contstant negativity. Pulling them down every time they try to go up!(But there is A PRICE on that! Be warned, and take ALL heed!! If you drag others down, perhaps out of ENVY(YOU may consider God has made a mistake making certain people happy or advanced, and try to adjust things!)


The price the wicked pay(for their negativity)(The wicked or evil ones are they who do more harm than good. I suppose we all do some good. And all do some harm. What happens is that the vibrations of YOUR SOUL get reduced PROPORTIONATELY to the harm you do, and you suffer accordingly in this world and life, AND after death, AND in future lives!! UNTIL you have paid off the debt!(Which can be done by REPENTING and ATONING!!!! You burn it OUT from your heart! And THEN do ALL the good that you can!!(Repentance is not just saying sorry!)(Saying sorry is too easy. If you MEAN it, it may help, but you have to redress the balance!!)


You also pay by failing to ASCEND at the end of the age(like now!)(December 21st is the closing date for entries!!), and you will then get left behind.(Not get rescued by aliens.)


If you fail badly enough, you will get despatched to a lower planet!


If you succeed well enough(if you raise your vibrations ENOUGH), then you may get evacuated by aliens, even transferred to a better planet. You may also ASCEND(in vibrations).




Remember that sex, drugs, dope(pharmaceutical drugs), and doing sin and wrong,etc.(seven,etc.deadly sins too), all vice… will LOWER your vibrations.






The longer you live, the more time you will have to go wrong. But right,too,of course, IF the world will let you!


Jesus had a good try,and got crucified. But his soul went to HEAVEN!!!!








And a VERY high heaven,ETC.










So it matters EVERYTHING how the individual concerned BEHAVES!!












Now concerning(I digressed a bit there.) the date of The Great Change, December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.(Is WHEN The New Age begins.)




It is IMPORTANT to know WHY and HOW this BIG CHANCE occurs:-








1. Earth and Sun align with The CENTRE of The Great Dark RIFT at The Centre of The Milky Way Galaxy(which we have become part of).


If you study photographs of The Great Dark Rift, you will see(As The Mayans,etc. observed!) that it is like a BIRTH CANAL! Now when the sun(in 2d view)passes down this birth canal at the very time that the dark rift(birth canal) CROSSES The Galactic Equator ECLIPIC, THEN the next New Age gets BORN!!


It is a GREAT EXIT which comes around periodically.


A cause for the greatest celebrations!




We know it as The Galactic Alignment.


At that moment(Sunrise on December 22nd, 2,012.)(YOUR sunrise.)




At that moment The Astronomical Age of Aquarius begins,too.








It is also when The Wobble of The Earth peaks.








AND it is when Planet X, Nibiru, arrives to pass The Earth!!(To RID The Earth of all creatures holding it and its inhabitants back!!)




(x is for my benefit. Where I have saved.)






TRUE MATERIAL Salvation by the way is being saved from Nibiru. Which raising your soul’s VIBRATIONS(By Meditation, Prayer,Divine Yoga and The Sutras(Understanding of The Scriptures. The teachings of the saints and sages,etc.)


Yes. Gardening helps!!






Nibiru ends civilizations on every second pass(I do not mean the contempory RETURN passage each time!) of The Earth.


This occasion is a second pass. So we are FOR The Chop!!






First passes go into the OUTER solar system.


Second passes go into The INNER Solar System. Where The Earth is.










The CROSS is SO very important!




The big cross is where Sol, our sun, crosses the centre of the great dark rift at the centre of The Milky Way Galaxy. But above all where the trajectory of the sun’s passage down this birth canal cross the Galactic Ecliptic(Equator).




The Christian symbol is THE CROSS. So APTLY chosen!!








Four other crosses ALSO occur!! All around the big crosses of The Birth Canal, The Great Dark Rift.






It is important to note that we are PART OF Orion’s BELT!! Those three stars so prominent in the night sky.




What I mean is that in 3d,we would form a T junction. Us being at the bottom of such T!(Do you understand?)






I KNOW this because I worked out(it took me eight gruelling years) the PROPER and correct(TWO different meanings!) disances to the heavenly bodies and fields, stars, stellar clusters, galactic clusters and the QUASARS,ETC!!!!) And then MAPPED the entire cosmos!!






Note: We are part of a small galaxy crashing into The Milky-Way Galaxy, and not ORIGINALLY from The Milky-Way Galaxy!






And Nibiru, Planet X, is ex Sirius B!








There is also a Greater BELT, much farther out!!






The Pyramids and towns in Egypt are laid out to replicate Orion’s Belt!!






Sirius B orbits(or did) Sirius(A)




We are from The Pleiades originally. But Sirius took us over.




Also The Raelians begat us, I understand!




If you punch in The Raelians on your browser, you can learn much about(Intelligent Design) about this group!








Alycone is The Great Central Sun which Sol, our sun, revolves around.(Every 26,000 years I believe, probably THIS TIME too! Possibly anyway.)(And MAYBE one circuit of The Milky-Way Galaxy takes 260,000 years.(Or is it 26,000? Or 25,000, perhaps.))






The Internet is jam packed with articles, stories of all kinds. Most are very interesting. Some are by skeptics.








All I know is that an event of the greatest importance in human history (26,000,000 years?) is ABOUT TO OCCUR! It is called THE EVENT.




It is when the sun’s trajectory crosses The Galactic Equator. AND when the sun exits the dark rift birth canal(At the centre of The Milky Way Galaxy per 2d view!!)(A DOUBLE feature.)






It marks the ending of the old age, and a new beginning!!








Plus the ending of MANY cycles.(All that are relevant to us.)












Some will transit(die physically only)(Pass into The Spirit World.). Some will ascend. Some will get evacuated by aliens. Some will survive(A few million) – in a New Stone Age amid the start of a new ICE AGE. And some may escape down The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole. And enter The GREAT WITHIN.(The Earth is hollow.)(I do not mean that the shell is hollow(that is merely tunnelled). I mean that they will live upside down upon THE INNER SURFACE, yet FEEL right way up, as Gravity will point upwards!






Any questions??








Oh,yes, 2,013,etc. will surely come! But WILL YOU be around to see it??!!


THAT is the question!!








December 21st, 2,012 marks the end of the age. But Nibiru should arrive BEFORE that date! Some time in 2,012, probably. Not likely Early 2,013.






Though some say 2,014.A.D.








Happy landing!!








































































ZZ26 We need a GOOD calendar!

April 27, 2012

Saturday, 28th April, 2,012.





We need a GOOD calendar! Not The Current Gregorian one!





We urgently need to get rid of this harmful calendar that we are using, and switch to a better one! One preferably based on Moon Cycles!

Our present calendar is very mathematically unsatisfactory and causing massive trouble. NEED to drop it as soon as POSSIBLE!!

A Lunar Calendar based on 13 x 28(Plus 1.5 days.) days, would be mathematically better.(Gregorian Calendar is not amenable to factorizing,etc.)

31 days in January, 28 days in February, except leap years when 29, etc. is extremely cumbersome. And causing very much trouble.



13 months of 28 days should be better. Have 29.5 days in the thirteenth month.

Try to think in terms of number of moons and suns,again!!



When we say How many days in a month? How many months in a year? How many years since Christ, and so on – we are working MATHEMATICALLY.

But when we try to fit to Astronomical orbits, we are into orbits not mathematics!


All being needed to be dove-tailed into our needs. Like when to plant, and so on.


Calendars are ways for marking off TIME. But since Earth,Moon and Sun,etc. are so unrelated, we really do need one calendar for each heavenly body. Number of Earth rotations:Days. Number of Moon revolutions about The Earth: Months. Number of Earth revolutions about The Sun: Years. – and so on.


I don’t know. I have not studied this.


Why not have 13 months, then 1.5 days. And start again. Every year.




What about 3 calendars. All going simulaneously. Moon calendar. And a Sun calendar. Moon calendar showing where you are per moon, in days since last new moon. And Sun calendar showing where you are per sun. Number of days since last Earth orbit of sun. Then a calendar showing number of years since Christ.(Or might I suggest number of years since last passing of Nibiru(Planet X)?)(Though I hear this may be Nibiru’s last passing of Earth.(But I do not see how .)(Why? What is going to stop Nibiru from continuing on and on…?))(Incidentally, IS its orbital period less now?? 2,800 years? No longer 3,600 years. How come??)


A calendar is a device for marking off time. We use moon, sun and then number of suns since last big event. Unfortunately Earth, Moon and Sun are not in synchronization! There is no obvious relationship between them.


I understand the sun goes around Alycone(In The Pleiades.).


So, logically, we need to measure our circuits of Alycone, and then circuits of Alycone going around the spiral arm of the closed stellar cluster that we are in.


And so on.





Unfortunately Man AS A WHOLE is very disorganized. He has virtually NO organization AT ALL!! On the contrary – is in utter chaos!!


The circuits of the heavenly bodies and fields are organized though.


Though, as said, Earth,Moon and Sun just don’t interfit easily, if at all.













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