nnn1 After death.

February 26, 2013

Wednesday, February 27th, 2,012.


Nibiru is still around. And Pole Shift is still on. I understand November, 2,013. With 2,013 and 2,014 being bad. From catastrophe/s.

Most important thing,is, do all the good that you can. Be as kind as possible! That you may go to the best place in The Spirit World after physical death, get the best deals in future lives, and be happiest now. MANY in The Spirit World bitterly lament that they weren’t better in life. So don’t make their mistake!

We live for ever, in one long endless(and beginningless) series of lives, with interregnums in between. After-lives in The Spirit World. Gradually evolving, according to our efforts. Up through the kingdoms of nature, sometimes changing planets. Now human, there is no limit to the heights we can reach.

One endless cycle of births and death. Our appearance remains about the same, slowly improving. Provided our nature does.

Physical death is not the end. There IS NO end. How wise then to make ourselves as good as possible.

We discard our CURRENT physical vehicles of course. And these rot away after each death. But we are a set of at least seven vehicles, encased one within the other in 3d and 5d. The physical is the outermost. Physical death SEEMS like the final end, but isn’t

The next realm we enter(after physical death)(The Spirit World, a series of ever finer planes) – is far more complex and beautiful than this one. But it has an upstairs AND a down. We go to those conditions which most suit our make up.

Go back in time – and take a better route! Yes, it can be done!!

Those now in spirit, urgently want us still living to inform others as to what truly happens.

The best among us rise to paradisical heights in The Spirit World. The worst, to planes increasingly unpleasant. According to how bad we have been.

Get as many as possible to learn WHAT awaits us(all of us) after ALLEGED death.

How much money and goods,etc.we have counts for far less than how great our riches in SPIRIT are. We get those by helping OTHERS. We cannot take anything material with us. Only what we have mentally made of our selves.

We live in a 3d material world, now. Higher up lie planes increasingly fine. Though still material. The lowest planes beyond are much like the physical Earth plane.

In this physical world we basically walk about. But on the next plane up, though we can walk about if we wish, we can fly(without wings)(Due to low gravity.)! Whatever suits us at the current moment.(On the better planes we can.)(On the lower, we become like LEAD!!)

The plane we enter immediately after death is a carbon copy of this physical world. Though actually it is the physical world that is the carbon copy!

We gravitate to that level that we have earned. We can go lower if we choose to, but not higher.

So IT IS of SUPREME importance as to what we make of ourselves in life!(Not materially, but mentally.)

Punishment fits the deed, beyond. It last until we have learnt our lesson. The punishment is being on a low plane. Being with people we do not like. Nor they, us.

The place to spiritually advance is HERE in this physical world. Hard, but key to progress. TRUE progress!

Good deeds lighten our soul’s weight, but bad deeds increase it. We simply float, like as in water, at the level we have created for ourselves.

Though it is true many of our deeds are due to pressure wrought by evil doers upon us, it is for us to overcome their pressure, and do good nonetheless.

We are all learning. They who learn most, do best. GOD does not decree where we go. WE do!!

Hell varies per the deeds we have done. When we improve, our conditions get better. They won’t be for ever. And will fit the wrong doing.

The depicted religious hell(flames and brimstone, devils,etc.) are only for the worst. And will last until we can rise out of them!

I am not interested in being popular(by spouting what you WANT to hear). But only in what I have learned is the truth.(I am fully aware of being hated for speaking thus!)

In the physical MONEY buys us our conditions. In The Spirit World, our NATURE decrees them.

God has set it all up. But it is for US to LEARN the ropes!! And not be stupid. Any more than we would(normally)not jump into deep water with leaden weights on!(But instead attach BALLOONS.)(Bad deeds are our leaden weights, good deeds are our balloons!)

There you have it folks. And i would be guilty were I to tell you otherwise!

I am speaking true. So PLEASE HEED what i am saying(Sorry about the small i, but my keyboard has failed.).

I have heard enough accounts from those now suffering in The Spirit World, to KNOW the truth of what i am saying!

GOD bless.


All the best!

Bill(Vic is my web-name.)



February 4, 2013

mmm4(December 3rd; 2,013.) Be good, or lose(Life’s aim is not just to live,but to live WITHOUT incurring HELL afterwards. Mental regret may be worse in its way than physical pain))!

My understanding of being good – is keeping The Ten Commandments PLUS “Love God, and love one another”.

Moses taught The Decalogue, and Jesus added the latter two commandments.

What happens if you don’t keep The 10C? Because they are based upon POSITIVITY(POSITIVE THINKING.),KEEPING The 10C, raises the doer’s SOUL vibrations, but not keeping them, or doing the opposite, LOWERS them.

The benefit is Happiness AND best chance of a good place after passing on into The Spirit World. Thus it is MOST important for us to keep these 12 commandments!!

Planet Nibiru seems to have gone away, at least for now. And no pole shift AS YET!! However, I believe that they are coming!! Soon. Plus many other nasties.(Including WW3, probably via Israel attacking Iran, which they are more or less obliged to do.)(And World Civil War. The U.S. is preparing for these things.)(We can expect financial and economic collapse GLOBALLY,too.)

If Israel attacks Iran, it almost certainly means WW3. Which will almost certainly mean the end of this civilization.) Iran will counter, wiping out Israel and doing horrific damage to the U.S. aircraft carriers and bases,etc. Iran and North Korea paving the way. The price of oil will go through the roof.

So The West is not likely to attack Iran.(So COSTLY!!) But Israel IS likely to do so. U.S. etc.then obliged to come to Israel’s aid.

Iran probably has a few nuclear devices ALREADY. Israel is obliged to hit Iran’s nuclear sites BEFORE that country aided by Russia and China,etc. attacks first!! Israel is not likely to care much about the rest of the world if Israel is in danger of wipe out. Dying through world war is no deterrent when you might die ANYWAY through an immediate attack.

Failure to keep The 12 C results in misery and a bad place hereafter!

Happiness is top goal. And a good place hereafter is VERY desirable! Paradise if soul vibrations high enough. Some degree of Hell(Commensurable) if soul vibrations too low.

When you die, ONLY the physical body dies! You then find yourself in your spirit vehicle, a ghost if you get seen. It is like losing an overcoat or great coat you are wearing. YOU don’t perish. Just the outer garment, the physical body,perishes!

Many should die in the coming woes, so it is good to know these things.

Therefore do ALL the good that you can. And with fear and trembling!! As The Spiritual Law(Karma) will exact payment of you TO THE LAST DOT!!(Called The Lord for short.)

If you do wrong, you risk the ire of the authorities, and of your fellow man, plus regret later when you find yourself in a place rather less than you might have hoped AFTER passing on.(When you do, head straight for the blue white light!)(And keep on going.)(NOT any red or somesuch lights, but THE BLUE-WHITE!!)

You only become a ghost(to those who may see you) IF you become Earthbound. That is unable to get up from the original of this physical plane – and into the higher reaches of The Spirit World. Now ALL of this is MOST important, so DO heed!!(Different DEPARTMENTS. Original of The Earth Plane is only ONE.)

These things ARE so!!

That being the case only fools will disregard!

The Hell you go to after death(IF you qualify) will not be the EXTREME religious hell that used to be taught, but a level of Hell COMMENSURATE with the UNREPENTED wrongs you have done.(Nor will it be for ever. ONLY until(if and when)you PAY via regret and remorse, penance,ETC. for your folly. THEREFORE repent of them!!(That means BURNING them OUT of your soul, not JUST regretting them!!)(So that you no longer FEEL them in your heart and being.)(You cannot undo having done it, but you can root it out!)(Yes,it hurts,which is WHY we have The Commandments.)(Why does God allow punishment, so that we may learn to DO better – and earn the rewards of doing good!!)

When moving into a home, it is wise to learn if the previous occupant/s have died! Because IF and WHEN Earthbound, they may RESENT your occupation of THEIR home!(As they think.) And try to frighten you out.(Whether they know they are dead – or not.)(They MAY know, but not know that The Spirit World has higher levels, TO WHICH they should go! So IF haunted, contact the spirits,and TELL THEM what has happened. That they have died, shed their physical bodies, which now lie in the grave, and ADVISE them to move higher.(THEY should move on, NOT(as a rule)that the new occupants should leave!)

When we “die”, our physical bodies become CORPSES.(Which usually get disposed of. Buried, cremated,dissolved or whatever.) That is EMPTY casings. Empty in 3d AND 5d senses!! But it is NOT the end of YOU!!(If you take your overcoat off, you may find yourself in your suit! The overcoat may be hung up – but YOU are not!!)

Unfortunately, due to Materialism, the common belief is that we ARE our physical bodies – WHICH IS NOT SO!! It is MERELY the outer garment! IT rots away to dust, bar bones,etc. which last longer.

After physical life, we SHOULD move on to the next STAGE. Which is the after- life in The Spirit World.

At FIRST, we may find ourselves in a duplicate of this physical world. The Spirit Earth being the original, not the physical world we are currently aware of!

However, the duplicate of the physical world IS ONLY the lowest level that we encounter after death. We need – via raising our soul’s vibrations – to jump up out(metaphorically) of ORIGINAL of The Physical Earth Plane – and into The Spirit World PROPER. Which is very different from this limited space time world we CURRENTLY find ourselves in.

So don’t hang about here!(‘Lest bad things happen to you!) But get UP (In 5d and 3d) AS HIGH AS YOU CAN!! And as fast as you can!!(As many spirits abound who will try to drag you down into HELL!!)(Where they can torture you! WHICH pleases some folk!!)

I write for your edification, because I CARE what happens to other creatures, not just humans. So I inform you. And after VERY LONG study – am very sure of what I am saying!!(Even as I hope other humans will care for me when I get into dire straits!)(The older we get once past a certain age,the more we get into trouble because old age weakens us!)

Simply raise your soul’s VIBRATIONS! By Prayer, Meditation, Good Works, and every which way you can. As the ultimate beneficiary WILL BE YOU!!

We live on an endless(no beginning, and no end) chain of lives. First, in this physical world, and then(after physical death,when the physical body is uninhabitable) IN The Spirit World.(What is called The Interregnum, The After-life.)(When we wish to evolve more and faster(which life in the physical promotes!)then we can re-incarnate!! When we are ready. Or, if we are unsure,when some wiser spirit advises us to!)(The Spirit World is very different to this physical world, and takes a bit of getting used to. We simply THEN dive into the foetus of our choice(or perhaps chosen for us by some wiser spirit) – and we are ON THE ROAD AGAIN!! WHEN we are ready. No compulsion.(This is MY understanding.)

Planet Earth is very unevolved spiritually. I mean that the humans on it are(very unevolved SPIRITUALLY). The Spirit World is composed of FINER atoms and molecules,etc. Pleasanter as you ascend, More unpleasant as you descend.(Speaking both 3d (d = dimension)and 5d wise.)(The Spirit World is A MATERIAL world!! But one MUCH more intricate than this current physical world.)(We need to rise 5d wise.(SOUL vibrationally.)(ALL space, and ALL time, exist IN some higher space!!)(Merely raising your spirit body’s vibrations will not be enough!!)(It has to be the soul or(emotional) heart.)

Space and time can get transcended in The Spirit World. Where ALL space, and ALL time, are present AT THE SAME(HIGHER) MOMENT!!(At least ALL of your personal time.)

Yes, animals survive(death)too, and re-incarnate, but as a rule each species stays within its species. Dive into a HUMAN foetus(one suitable for you), not an animal,etc.one! Other spirits will advise us on this perhaps. Don’t dive into ANY foetus, but one most suitable for YOU!! (Not just human, but the most suitable(for you)human!)

Not every one likes The Spirit World. These may try to POSSESS other humans,etc. So to live THROUGH them. But would YOU like it if another spirit possessed YOU??(So THINK before you do!)(Because as we treat others, so shall WE be treated.)

The more spiritual you are, the more you will like The Spirit World. The more materialistic you are, the more you will try to get back into contact with the physical. To enjoy it.

Humans sometimes possess animals. This would account for VERY intelligent animal behaviour at times.(Or you can possess a tree, or a rock.)(Or you might get refused entry.)(Or you might just float or glide around – as a spirit.)

We need to be VERY careful about this. You may possess some human perhaps, and then find some demon or some-such will possess us.(It cuts both ways. Remember that!!)

Some people like eating,others – alcohol – and so on. Via POSSESSION you (as a spirit) MAY be able to continue enjoying the physical via someone else’s physical body!!(But once you do(if you do), you YOURSELF may become “fair game”)

Some spirits try to materialize – in order to continue physical living. They do this by absorbing physical molecules into their being. Your own corpse is the easiest way to do this.(Not recommended. Just SAYING.)(When enough physical molecules absorbed, then you materialize! Otherwise you would not be visible to most humans(and animals).(Children and animals are best at this.)(If you only get halfway, as is usual, you become a GHOST.)(A disembodied spirit, partially materialized.)(What is scary is less the FACT of a spirit, as the NATURE of that spirit. Which may be pleasant or unpleasant.)

Ghost are strange, and bizarre, BECAUSE they are only PARTIALLY materialized. PLUS the great FLUIDITY of spirits. (In our physical bodies(that is WHEN ALIVE), we are rather limited to the shape of our physical bodies, BUT, when a spirit(that is, disembodied) we find that we can FLOW into extensions of our basic normal shape.)

It is LIKE a creature having SHELLS. Like crustaceans and arthropads(insects,etc.). In that case, 3d extra casings. But when a spirit, humans,etc. can SHED extra 5d casings!

Normally we do not see ghosts, unless clarivoyant. OR unless THEY materialize to some degree.(Which,as said, they can do by absorbing PHYSICAL molecules into their spirit forms. However, if we change our vibratory rate we CAN become visible,ETC. to the denizens of other planes. And vice-versa.

Ghost don’t usually physically harm. But their unusual grotesqueness can terrify one. Even to death!(They are VERY disturbing!)(Have personally seen a few.)(We can all become one one day…)(They can lower(or raise) the temperature. However, they also LOWER one’s vibrations DRAMATICALLY. Via aborbing your life force to maintain their appearance to you. Consequently you FEEL great terror and horror when confronted by a ghost. Though there may be little or no PHYSICAL threat. DON’T fool with them. As they have some amazing powers!! THEY,THEMSELVES,may be pleasant creatures, depending upon their personalities and intent.(Revenge, seeking a proper burial,nameing a murderer, taking you to their corpse,etc. Revealing a treasure or a will, perhaps. Treat them NORMALLY(They(creatures) have simply lost their physical bodies!!))(What usually is disturbing is the grotesque FLUIDITY of their vehicles(spirit bodies), the things and shapes they can take on.)

Physical death is ONLY the end of the physical body, NOT the WHOLE being!!

I met one ghost once, and did not realize that it was a ghost until afterwards!!(Humans,etc.after death are much like what they were BEFORE death. I mean that their personalities are.)

You rarely meet a re-animated CORPSE. Simply THE SPIRIT.(Corpses CAN be re-animated.Not recommended!!)

Corpses usually inspire horror.(Especially when re-animated.) They are merely discarded SHELLS.

Spirits, on the other hand, are the entities THEMSELVES!!(Not a physical SHELL!!)

So there is a great and imporant distinction there. Between entity and shell.(Between soul and corpse.)

Cemeteries are full of corpses. ONLY the newly dead ones are to be CAREFULLY approached, because the departed spirit may try for some time to re-enter it. Not willing to believe that they have died!!(The dead IN GENERAL – have LONG SINCE been departed from.)

We may need to fear the spirit, not the corpse!

One might fear some person, but hardly his overcoat!

So there you have some important facts re; death and corpses.(Corpses are discarded overcoats. Spirits are the entities who once wore those overcoats!)(Of course re-animated CORPSES are not desirable company, but corpses PER SE should be neutral.)

ALL creatures pass through this stage. Humans and animals,etc. At the end of each life-time. But it is BIRTH that is fearsome. Death is often pleasant! Birth is rather painful. Especially for the mother.

And there you have it!

Disbeliever have no problem with this as they don’t believe, but still suffer the consequences!


mmm2 What shape is The Earth. On masses and gravity.

January 19, 2013

Sunday January 20th, 2,013. mmm2 What is the shape of The Earth??

Some of you will know(Double reverse helix.0

mmmi was the previous article. I meant to put 1, but i got put.

What are the consequences of gravity as we descend?

Imagine you knew nothing about mass and gravity. At first sight The Earth seems to be flat. Either of infinite extent, or finite extent. Shaped circular – or like a table top.

Masses tend to get together, and cohere.

If you thought of The Earth as a solid round object, then at the centre of The Earth – gravity would be zero. In fact you would tend to float LONG before you reached the centre.

However, the Earth is hollow. And the centre of gravity of The Earth is the centre of gravity of the CRUST, or shell!!

At first mass would pull(actually get you PUSHED) you downwards, which is perpendicularly opposite to the zenith of the sky.

After quite a while gravity would try to move you sideways,(greatest mass being to the sides in the crust) both sideways, the result being that you would float in space WHERE-EVER you were. Downwards would be to either side, but because both ways(towards both sides)(NO force moving you downwards, NOR upwards!!), you would simply float where-ever you were!(As the sideways forces would neutralize.)

You would simply move in space, or where-ever! So provided you could SURVIVE down there, you could have a great time!

In order to proceed so to exit on the INNER surface, you would need to keep moving in the direction you originally were going. You could not know which way to proceed, unless you had some instrument that maintained your original direction. A Gyroscope could do this. So better have some of them with you!

Eventually,then, you would simply come out on THE INNER surface of THE CRUST!! And find yourself WITHIN The Earth, yet not underground!!

Once inside you could simply walk on its surface just like how you walked on the outer surface! There would be blue sky, with a small red sun way overhead.

As you approached the inner surface, you would feel as if climbing up hill. The opposite to what you felt when descending. Except that this uphill would be towards THE INNER SURFACE!!(Or you could turn around – and exit similarly back out on THE OUTER SURFACE!!)

I hope you can follow that!!

It only needs for the temperature to be not too hot,nor too cold, – and you could(given enough provisions) SURVIVE!!(If only there were no hostile humans,aliens or animals,etc. down there.)

We are taught that the further down, the hotter. Perhaps this only applies in volcanic pockets of lava below volcanoes.

Fortunately we do not need to excavate. Existing caves, like Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, would allow us to make the trip, IF we had enough provisions(or found food,etc.underground).

Alice in Wonderland and A Journey to The Centre of The Earth were concerned with reaching centre.(Alice, down a rabbit hole and The Jules Verne heroes went down various chambers.)

It was always assumed that GRAVITY would behave normally. That is like it does on the outer surface. But that is a mistake! Gravity depends upon MASS, and its distribution VARIES greatly!

Gravity does not JUST HAPPEN. Mass distribution is the key. Different masses tend to approach one another, and coalesce!

So you, and anyone, would be obliged to have regard for how MASS is distributed around you!

Up and down would only apply as you approached the outer and inner surfaces! Otherwise local mass would govern you.

You could simply move along the ground(the floor of the passage way you were on), or float through the AIR(which is handy). The problem lies in carrying enough provisions to see you through!!(Whether you are in Mammoth Cave in Kentucky OR in a man-made complex of caves below The Great pyramid at Giza.)

Are you having difficulty with the floatiing in the air idea?(Only MASSES of objects would govern! If there is no down or up force operating upon you(as would be the case when DEEP in the CRUST), and ONLY a SIDEWAYS force(In ALL directions sideways!(Visualize THE CRUST!) Then the EQUAL sideways forces would equalize.(in ALL directions around you, once far enough from the exterior edges of the crust)(only above and below exists!)would reduce to zero, and you could AND WITH EASE simply stay WHERE-EVER you put yourself, even if a few feet up in the air!(You would have to exert yourself TO CHANGE YOUR POSITION!)(Thus you could float with ease!)(ONLY when approaching the inner and outer edges of the crust would you experience UPHILL!!)(The crust is global, and 400 miles wide.)(MAYBE good place to go as Nibiru and Herbuculosis pass by!!)(When approaching large objects you would feel attracted towards them GRAVITATIONALLY.)(Slightly, depending upon their sizes.)

EVERYWHERE upon the outer surface,we feel the downward pull(push towards, actually)(We are SO used to this, that we tend to think that this applies everywhere. But it only applies on the surface of The Earth because our mass gets pushed towards The Mass of The Earth!(Due to the law of masses uniting and coalescing.)(Change the distribution and things behave very differently!!)(On the inner surface(Of The Earth(not the crust)(Though of the crust,too.) we would fall UPWARDS(towards the crust) – which would then SEEM down!)

Normally we are only aware of ONE application of gravity, and that is when we get drawn towards The Earth. But inside the crust, AND upon other planets,etc., things would behave VERY differently. Also in The Spirit World!(Where THE DIFFERENTIAL between masses is much less!)(It is the decreased DIFFERENTIAL, not the decreased mass, that lets us float and fly in The Spirit World!)

So, it is ONLY when we leave the USUAL mass distributions providing gravity that the peculiar irregularities apply.

One has to go a very long way down inside of the crust BEFORE any peculiarities are noticed.

Most of us have a healthy respect for precipices and the like. BECAUSE of the law of masses trying to unite.


mmmi Woes ahead.

January 19, 2013

Friday, January 17th, 2,013. nnni

So how are you all reasoning now? World did not end 21.12.2,012. Therefore world not going to end(soon)? Men of Planet Earth, you do not understand. Earlier end of world dates are only end of AGE dates, APPROXIMATELY. New Mayan Calendar(Long Count) began 23.12.2,012(Or was it 22.12.2,012. PLEASE be patient! AGE ending date was 21 or 22.12.2,012. ONLY an approximate date! End of this Ayran civilization was due ABOUT then. ACTUAL time of end(of this civilization)is I BELIEVE OR THINK in 2,013 to 2,014. I think around February , 2,013.

Severe solar flares expected around February 14th, 2,013. These could EMP the planet globally around then.

A number of things could precipate end of this civilization: (i) Nibiru( I do not know WHERE Nibiru is. It is intelligently controlled and will not come near to us until the time is ripe. Perhaps it enters 4d occasionally. I don’t know!! (ii) Herbuclosis (iii) End of this civilization if West attacks Iran. (iv)Or, if Iran pre-emps and attacks West FIRST.)(Lot to be said for a first strike,as whoever strikes FIRST has the advantage of inflicting TERRIFIC damage on the other side! Therefore why wait??)(But it makes you look bad…)(You may win the war, but turn the world against you.)

It is best not to actually INVADE, or you too will get empted. So keep out, and dominate from afar.

These people(those who do this, or will do this) explode their device/s over or near the chosen territory you wish to dominate. Get them to clean up!(Rubble, and corpses,etc.)(Then rule them from afar.)(Less damage and killings the better.)

Perhaps Nibiru is playing Pecka a Boo??


mmm2 PREPARE for the end of this civilization in 2,013-2,014!! Vic.

January 15, 2013

Authorities trying to fool us Nibiru,etc. not coming. Do NOT believe them!! Vic.

mmmi Herbuculosis and Nibiru STILL coming. Be READY!! 2,013/2,014. Vic.

January 15, 2013

2,012 has gone, but Nibiru and Herbuculosis HAVE NOT!! Vic.

llli Herbuculosis,Nibiru and solar flares.

January 9, 2013

Wednesday, February,9th,
2,013. llli On Herbuculosis, Nibiru and Solar flares.

Our position is most parlous. At the very least power grids may go down globally. Due to flares from the sun,etc. Very soon.

Therefore with both(planets) Herbuculosis and Nibiru, approaching us, as well as possible severe flares from the sun, we are going need to know how to make our own electricity.

There are simple ways to do this, easily found The Internet. Especially via videos, particularly U-Tube. Under “How to make your own free (or cheap) electricity.”(Which is much more attractive than just going back to
oil lamps and candles!!)

It can be done via a power board that is not anti-power surge or anything like that.(If and when the national electric grids go down, most of us will be obliged to make our own electricity. Otherwise normal life will become impossible. There is a high chance of global electric grid failure very soon.)(So, VERY important that we all learn HOW to make our own electricity!)

Sol’s CLOSE binary companion seems to be the failed star or brown dwarf Herbuculosis. Nibiru which made a first pass of Earth back last(2,011) July(so far as I can make out)., will make a second pass of(much more distant) soon.(Or it may be that Nibiru is hanging about to come close on a first pass,yet!)(But it MAY have gone by. However, it still has to come out again – to exit the solar system.

I think the least we can expect is the local electric grid to go down, which, unless we can somehow manufacture our own electricity – will VERY MUCH end life as we know it!!(So please learn HOW(to make your own electricity)(Many methods shown on The Internet. On the videos.)

This is going to be IMPERATIVE!!


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