8 Responses to Nibiru approaching again, bringing end of age.

  1. Have you thought about writing a book?

    • vicon2000 says:

      I am not good enough. Vic.

      • Hi Vic — I suspect you are “good enough”. And you certainly have the intelligence and the discipline to figure out whatever you don’t know already, which is amazing range of subject matter. In fact you have blogged, over the years, enough material for several books on several subjects. Nibiru, Spirituality, History, Alternative Culture, Permaculture, Morality, probably several How-To and Do-It-Yourself subjects, Astronomy for the Non-Astonomer,.. there are 7 and probably 9 subjects to start, which you already have enough material to publish. Just need to organize it. your thoughts and command of language are already organized and skilled. Bet you could collect enough mythology related to Earth Changes to put together another book, quickly. —- Just some thoughts I had…. every time I read one your posts. You could probably earn a doctor degree in any of the sciences lickity split, and use the material you’ve already complied in a thesis. Or have you thought about Philosophy? Or Writing as a study? —- Please forgive me for presuming to butt in. You probably have a doctor degree tucked away in your saddle bags, and live a thousand miles from anywhere. Still, I don’t think the effort of publishing a book (or two) would be beyond you. — Bear — from the other side of the World in North Florida, USA.

      • vicon2000 says:

        I have no OFFICIAL qualifications. Vic.

      • You have done well with self-teaching. It is kind of you to reply. Thank you. — Bear

  2. Slarson says:

    Interesting – where do you get your info? Please keep writing.

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