OOO7 Continuing Methane killing life on Earth!!

April 3, 2013

Wednesday, April 3rd; 2,012. COO7 Continuing Methane emission killing Earth life.

Heat dissolves the H2O component of Methane Hydrate in the ground, releasing methane which the permafrost blocks until it gets melted. Then the methane escapes, some as methane hydrate – which is heavy and is killing life on the surface of The Earth. DRY Methane rises some way into the atmosphere.

Hydrogen sulphide goes high. And this is why birds drop from on high – if they enter the hydrogen sulphide band.

Planet Nibiru is the basic cause – being hot, and increasing Earth’s heat. This process – that I have delineated – should go on for a couple of years – by which time all life on Earth could perish. The aliens in the Mother ships and flying saucers are here to evacuate ut. Note, not to invade us.

So birds dropping from the sky dead. And various fish and crustacea beaching themselves is explained by the METHANE GAS displacing the oxygen increasingly. The oxygen in the air, AND in the sea,etc.

Hydrogen sulphide is another poisonous gas.

Until we get evacuated, perhaps to another planet, like in the film Cocoon, temporarily – or even permanently, we really need methane and hydrogen sulphide absorbing filtered gas masks.

Watch the three gases,then: Methane hydrate, (pure)methane and hydrogen sulphide, seeping into the world’s oxygen world wide. No way to stop it. So suitable gas masks will be necessary until we can evacuate to another planet. Perhaps Mars.

The underground shelters and bunkers seem to have been built in vain, because the three killer poisonous gases should get down there via the air-conditioning,etc!(The air below can only last so long.)

And there you have it.

Explaining the disappearance of the honey bees, and of the birds falling from the sky dead, and the beaching fish and crustacea.(As they FRANTICALLY prefer to beach themselves to reach land air, rather than suffocate under water. But gills don’t work in air. So they die.

Fracking and drilling,etc. mining operations no doubt are LOCAL causes world wide. Also producing sink holes via cracks.

Man’s future on Planet Earth is very bleak.

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