OOO6 Methane situation getting worse.

Continuing on Methane,etc.

The world does not seem to grasp what is happening! Sink holes and methane emission is getting worse. The ground humping up, cracks – and then sink holes. The reason is heat and gravity,etc. from Nibiru. Meanwhile Huberculosis wanders on.

Nibiru, aided by Earth wobble is pulling the ground up. This is creating caverns below – which become sink holes. Hence the increasing number of sink holes, preceded by humping ground and cracks. Globally. Meanwhile The Lousiana horror continues and is trying to move down towards New Orleans.

Methane,etc. is rising out of the ground. This is caused by heat, especially from Nibiru(The Red Tide is not so much algae – as red dust ex Nibiru. Which is full of microbial alien life.) is melting the permafrost, and the H2O compent in the methane hydrates lying below it.

As the methane hydrates dissolve, methane gets set free – and rise up through the soil, and finally come out(unstopped by melting permafrost!) and kill grass and crops, eventually killing ALL life on this planet.(There is no way to stop it. I think the ufo’s with the aliens are massing to evacuate humans willing to leave, – out of it – to another planet perhaps.)

So methane in increasing amounts is escaping into the air and into the sea, globally. THIS is what is killing the animals(including birds, fish and shell fish)(this is what killed the honey bees) Until evacuation by aliens, we need to mass produce gas masks with methane filters!(You study the grass and crops in your area. Grass going yellow. Dying. ALL life on Earth will eventually die!)(The animals are trying to tell us, especially the dogs.)(Some humans are noticing that something is wrong.)

What is wrong is that METHANE is INCREASINGLY escaping out of the ground – killing ALL life, including US!!(It will get into the underground shelters and bunkers,too. Through the air-conditioning,etc.)(The unpolluted air down there can only last a limited time!)

Evil forces, who do not want life on Earth to continue, are trying to stop me getting this news out to the world, and all the other news you need to know!(The chem trails are there to conceal Herculobus and Nibiru(planets not in our solar system).)

Methane is Natural Gas, LPG, the stuff used in gas stoves. It is poisonous, inflammable and explosive.

There is lots of it down below. From the time when there was much methane in the atmosphere. A light gas,normally,that floats away. But combined with water is heavy(which it is now) and builds up on the surface of The Earth, in the air, and under-water.

It killed the honey bees. Fish and shell fish desperately trying to get air(Humans and animals have lungs to process the oxygen. Fish have gills to process oxygen. This oxygen is increasingly getting polluted with methane!)(Very few seem to know about this. So PLEASE help me spread the word world wide. Help me get this news out. The survival of all life on this planet depends upon it!!)(Meanwhile the ufo’s with their aliens are here EN MASSE to evacuate us to another planet once(as it will eventually) the amount of methane, now gradually suffocating us, suffocates us too much!! Temporarily the answer is methane filtering gas masks.(Inconvenient, but the alternative IS DIE!!)

This is not some idle rumour I have dreamed up, but A FACT! You STUDY the grass.weeds and crops,etc. In PATCHES in space and time, it is DYING. World wide. In time must kill ALL life upon this planet! So do take note!!

Fish and shell fish are beaching themselves – in a frantic attempt to get AIR! So to obtain the oxygen they need to live!! Birds fall from the sky sometimes. It is METHANE POISONING!!(For about a decade or more now, we have been hearing about fish and crustacea beaching themselves,and birds dropping dead from sky, vanished honey bees!

It is getting WORSE. And will continue for YEARS. Until ALL life on this planet is dead!!(Go back and read this paragraph again. Please!!)

All because METHANE is INCREASINGLY escaping from the ground and into the air, and sea!!(Lots of it down there. From the time when methane was plentiful in our atmosphere!)

It HAS been locked up in Methane hydrates. And PLUGGED DOWN by Permafrost. So little has hitherto escaped. But NOW,with HEAT, especially from Planet Nibiru, this is NOW escaping. I repeat: Methane Hydrates(That is methane with water added(This makes it heavy.), in the soil. The H2O component gets dissolved and the methane goes free, rising through the soil(as permafrost getting melted too,was formerly blocking the escape of the methane).)

There is little way of knowing! All we get is fish and crustacea trying to beach their selves(No, it is not suicide attempt, but because of need for OXYGEN, they are resorting to AIR – to survive! Once out of the water, they have access to air.So desperate they KILL themselves(by beaching) TRYING to get air TO LIVE!! But their gills cannot process it this way! So they die. EN MASSE!!)

You understand better, now??

Why fish and crustacea beaching themselves. Why birds falling from the sky, dead! WHY HUMAN DEATH RATE IS INCREASING!!(I believe.)

HOW are we going to know? Methane is a slow,silent,insidious KILLER!!

Which is WHY you need to take me seriously – and SPREAD this information – WORLD-WIDE!!(Got it??!!)

ALL life upon this planet will die eventually!!

Including US!!

Hardly anyone knows, you see!! But a very small few DO know. And so do the aliens. Those chaps in the flying saucers and mother craft. They will eventually EVACUATE those willing to go!(The alternative is die!!)(Not enough people will wear gas masks!!)

I know it sounds unbelievable, – but THERE it is. And I am TELLING you. Please SPREAD the news!!

All because of METHANE. (The heat is being greatly augmented by the planet Nibiru!)

Another world war is NOT the answer!

U.S. in terrible debt and deficit. People need to live within their means! So we have money to deal with the increas
ing METHANE!!(Economic and financial collapse starting up.)

People think that the authorities will tell us. No! They will only tell us falsehoods, as usual, so to keep control of us, AND to avoid PANIC – leading to PANDEMONIUM!!!!

World is in denial, you see. They HIDE Nibiru’s existence. And so we do not believe Methane increasing. And ALL life on Earth perishes. ALIENS HERE TO EVACUATE US!!(When it gets too hard to breathe!!)

Do you understand? DO YOU HEAR ME. DO you hear what I am saying?

No. Because you believe only authorities. But they HIDE the truth from us!!(There is some wisdom in this. Because Earthmen go beserk once they hear TRUTH!!!!)

Haven’t you NOTICED that EVERYTHING(including US) is DYING??

The grass, WORLD WIDE, is going YELLOW!! Not due to local causes!!

The ONLY answer is to go to another planet.(Because no way to stop the methane. And gas masks will be too impracticable! Aliens here to evacuate us!!

TIME to WAKE UP, Earthmen!!


Vic!!(Listen to THE ANIMALS! Listen to the dogs!! They know!!)

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