0005 More on methane killing life-forms on Earth.

OOO5 More on Methane!! Wednesday, March 27th, 2,013.

It is very important that the people understand what is happening. Especially in regard to the masses of dying animals, fish, prawns, birds,etc.

I believe that methane was once very plentiful in our atmosphere. That methane now lies underground in our soil in the form of methane hydrates. Beneath the permafrost. Globally.

Global warming, ex Nibiru, has been doing two things in connection with the methane. Melting the permafrost – and removing the H20(water) component from the methane hydrates.

Formerly we had methane locked up in the methane hydrates, AND overlain with the permafrost.

However, heat from global warming, is dissolving the water component in the methane hydrates, and releasing methane. With the permafrost being melted as well, the methane is rising up through the soil – and out into the atmosphere(globally) AND out from the sea floor, globally.(This is not the only way Methane is being released.)

Consequently, methane being inimical to surface and water life, creatures have been dying. This is why they have been beaching themselves. In a desperate attempt to get oxygen(fish breathe oxygen through their gills). So the cause is not(or not wholly) inability to navigate via some unknown apparatus in them by magnetic north, – but quite simply METHANE POISONING!!

Louisiana sink hole indicates strongly,via methane gas bubbling up near-by.

We are possibly facing a global life extinction event!

animals are desperately trying to escape the INCREASING amount of methane pumping out everywhere. No way to stop it.

I think we may have to wear methane eliminating or reducing gas masks. INCREASING methane discharge should proceed for at least 2 years. Which could wipe out all life on Earth.

We have been expecting something dramatic(which also may yet come). But now we get increasing methane in the air. Methane is poisonous, inflammable and explosive. Lightning strikes could set it on fire. This could mean fires and explosions all over. All over the globe.

Yellowing grass is just the beginning.

So THIS(Methane) is what is killing the animals!(And humans. Has the death-rate been increasing?)



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