nnn1 After death.

Wednesday, February 27th, 2,012.


Nibiru is still around. And Pole Shift is still on. I understand November, 2,013. With 2,013 and 2,014 being bad. From catastrophe/s.

Most important thing,is, do all the good that you can. Be as kind as possible! That you may go to the best place in The Spirit World after physical death, get the best deals in future lives, and be happiest now. MANY in The Spirit World bitterly lament that they weren’t better in life. So don’t make their mistake!

We live for ever, in one long endless(and beginningless) series of lives, with interregnums in between. After-lives in The Spirit World. Gradually evolving, according to our efforts. Up through the kingdoms of nature, sometimes changing planets. Now human, there is no limit to the heights we can reach.

One endless cycle of births and death. Our appearance remains about the same, slowly improving. Provided our nature does.

Physical death is not the end. There IS NO end. How wise then to make ourselves as good as possible.

We discard our CURRENT physical vehicles of course. And these rot away after each death. But we are a set of at least seven vehicles, encased one within the other in 3d and 5d. The physical is the outermost. Physical death SEEMS like the final end, but isn’t

The next realm we enter(after physical death)(The Spirit World, a series of ever finer planes) – is far more complex and beautiful than this one. But it has an upstairs AND a down. We go to those conditions which most suit our make up.

Go back in time – and take a better route! Yes, it can be done!!

Those now in spirit, urgently want us still living to inform others as to what truly happens.

The best among us rise to paradisical heights in The Spirit World. The worst, to planes increasingly unpleasant. According to how bad we have been.

Get as many as possible to learn WHAT awaits us(all of us) after ALLEGED death.

How much money and goods,etc.we have counts for far less than how great our riches in SPIRIT are. We get those by helping OTHERS. We cannot take anything material with us. Only what we have mentally made of our selves.

We live in a 3d material world, now. Higher up lie planes increasingly fine. Though still material. The lowest planes beyond are much like the physical Earth plane.

In this physical world we basically walk about. But on the next plane up, though we can walk about if we wish, we can fly(without wings)(Due to low gravity.)! Whatever suits us at the current moment.(On the better planes we can.)(On the lower, we become like LEAD!!)

The plane we enter immediately after death is a carbon copy of this physical world. Though actually it is the physical world that is the carbon copy!

We gravitate to that level that we have earned. We can go lower if we choose to, but not higher.

So IT IS of SUPREME importance as to what we make of ourselves in life!(Not materially, but mentally.)

Punishment fits the deed, beyond. It last until we have learnt our lesson. The punishment is being on a low plane. Being with people we do not like. Nor they, us.

The place to spiritually advance is HERE in this physical world. Hard, but key to progress. TRUE progress!

Good deeds lighten our soul’s weight, but bad deeds increase it. We simply float, like as in water, at the level we have created for ourselves.

Though it is true many of our deeds are due to pressure wrought by evil doers upon us, it is for us to overcome their pressure, and do good nonetheless.

We are all learning. They who learn most, do best. GOD does not decree where we go. WE do!!

Hell varies per the deeds we have done. When we improve, our conditions get better. They won’t be for ever. And will fit the wrong doing.

The depicted religious hell(flames and brimstone, devils,etc.) are only for the worst. And will last until we can rise out of them!

I am not interested in being popular(by spouting what you WANT to hear). But only in what I have learned is the truth.(I am fully aware of being hated for speaking thus!)

In the physical MONEY buys us our conditions. In The Spirit World, our NATURE decrees them.

God has set it all up. But it is for US to LEARN the ropes!! And not be stupid. Any more than we would(normally)not jump into deep water with leaden weights on!(But instead attach BALLOONS.)(Bad deeds are our leaden weights, good deeds are our balloons!)

There you have it folks. And i would be guilty were I to tell you otherwise!

I am speaking true. So PLEASE HEED what i am saying(Sorry about the small i, but my keyboard has failed.).

I have heard enough accounts from those now suffering in The Spirit World, to KNOW the truth of what i am saying!

GOD bless.


All the best!

Bill(Vic is my web-name.)

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