mmm3 The Western Calendar.

Sunday, January 27th, 2,013.

mmm3 Something interesting about The Western Calendar?:-

365 days in a year.(Actually more like 365.25.)(But taking to the nearest whole days.)

There once were 364 days in a year. Now, working on 364, if I divide 364 by 1, 52 and 364 in turn, I get 364 days in a 364 day year, 7 days when I divide by 52, and 1 day by dividing by 364.

(Days are 24 hours long, rather less in the old 364 day year.)

364 days of 24 hours. 1 day.

7 days, which is 1 week, when I divide by 52.

28 days, 1 month, when I divide by 13.(13 lunar months in a year.)

I get 1 year when I divide by 364.

Day, week, month(lunar month), year.

From 1, 52, 13 and 364.

1,13,52,364. Factoring 13,4,7 in increase multiples.

Is there anything unusual about this?




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