ggg2 Switch to silver. And other matters.

November 14, 2012

Wednesday, November 14th, 2,012.

Disengaging from gold was a mistake.


In 1972, THEN President Nixon unhooked the U.S. Dollar from Gold. And, since then, the economic and financial rot has set in. And UP went prices,etc. He did this to try to get U.S. out of a growing fix. It succeeded. But at the cost of much worse later!!

Originally, we had BARTER. 6 Sheep for a cow sort of thing. But this was inconvenient, so bank notes and coins were introduced. And today we have Quantitative Easing(Q.E.) which is ad lib printing of bank notes. And the creation of electronic balances.

However, this is only works for a while. Eventually hyper-inflation sets in. And we have a Zimbabwe type situation. We are now in Q.E.3. With Q.E.4 on the horizon.
The Roman Empire collapsed similarly. We are simply duplicating what happened to The Roman Empire!! They disintegrated. Are we backing exemption from cause and effect?? ??
If you consider bank-notes, these were introduced for CONVENIENCE. Originally SIGNED PROMISSORY notes, PROMISING to pay the bearer ON DEMAND – the sum of so many pounds of gold. Very gradually we are being CONDITIONED into believing that these pieces of nicely designed prettty pieces of paper had value in THEMSELVES!! But they REMAIN bits of paper!!

Bank-notes will work ONLY as long as the OTHER PERSON ALSO sees some mysterious INTRINSIC value in those bits of paper. Which, of course, they do not have!!

VERY gradually we are being led up the garden to see these notes, bank-notes, as valuable IN THEMSELVES!!

But PAPER, however intricately designed and prettily coloured can NEVER take the place of gold and silver,etc! You HAVE TO make the TOKEN(e.g. bank-notes) to HAVE an INTRINSIC value of ITS OWN. Or people will not accept them – eventually. And hyper-inflation grows. As in Zimbabwe,etc.

This is what U.S. faces, and Europe. Which is leading to Western COLLAPSE!!
I recall when British Pounds bank-notes WERE promissory notes(Promises to redeem bearer ON DEMAND in gold! At The Bank of England. And similarly with all Commonwealth countires. AND in The U.S.Etc.) But VERY gradually the promise is being WITHDRAWN!!(Whilst hoping that THE PEOPLE won’t notice!!)
People KNOW the difference between paper and GOLD(Or SILVER – now a better substitute for wealth!!)(Though, of course, far less valuable than gold.)(Gold and Silver are about ready to GO THROUGH THE ROOF!!)(BECAUSE The OLD TOKEN of best value, The U.S.Dollar – is starting to COLLAPSE!!(Because of the insidious gradual slide into making it MERE pretty designed pieces of paper. GRADUALLY separating(EVER so subtly and gradually) the ERSTWHILE promise to redeem in gold – from an AUTHORITATVE SIGNATURE!!(From some worthy BANK!!)

You can’t do it! The STRENGTH of the value of BANK-NOTES – lies in a SIGNED PROMISE by SOME AUTHORITATIVE BANK’S CASHIER,ETC!!(To REDEEM in GOLD.)(But Nixon took that away in 1972!!)(When he unhooked The U.S.Dollar from GOLD!!!!) Take that away – as they are VERY cunningly and gradually doing – and all you have left IS WORTHLESS PAPER!!!!

If EVERYONE tried to redeem their bank-notes by GOLD – The Authorized BANK – simply COULD NOT meet the OVERWHELMING DEMAND!!!!

The ONLY VIABLE solution to the mounting debt and deficit – IS to STOP trying to divorce TOKEN from GOLD(Or SILVER,or some recognized TOKEN OF VALUE!!).

Though that would mean rejection from office – because too unpopular!!

You CANNOT evade your debts and deficits!! No matter WHICH way you TRY!!!!

CREDIT CANNOT replace bank-notes. Only be being VERY SEVERELY reduced per the debt and deficit!! – Which the people would not wear!!
So prices MUST rise – and society collapse!!

Rome fell. And now U.S. Dollar is heading same way. Leading to collapse of West!!!!
Otherwise known as “You CANNOT have your cake AND eat it!!”.
But NO leader would be allowed to reign UNLESS he PERMITTED having cake AND eating it!!

And thus we are DOOMED to lying failures. And hyperflation- leading to eventual COLLAPSE. Fincancial and economic. Unpaid debt and deficit has NO OTHER way out!!



The dilemma is irresolvable!!

2 into 1 WON’T GO. Never has, never will!!


OR have HYPER-INFLATION(Zimbabwe over again) and EVENTUAL COLLAPSE!!!!
So Politicians, world-wide HAVE TO lie -and make FALSE PROMISES. Which they KNOW that they CANNOT keep!!
The biggest liar wins UNTIL the final COLLAPSE!!!!


The people pay via higher and higher prices – HYPER-INFLATION!!!!

Then we get bank-notes of higher and higher denominations – until it becomes ridiculous AND IMPOSSIBLE!!!!(Like a bulge in the something. You CANNOT get rid of it! ONLY keep changing its position!!!!)(But WILL heat remove it??!!)

So WHAT is the ANSWER?? – There VERY SIMPLY – ISN’T ONE!!!!
The answer is EVENTUAL COLLAPSE!!!!

It MUST come!! So up go taxes. On the middle class and the poor. And prices.

U.S. CANNOT NOW pay off its debt and deficit. Long since become too great. FAR FAR too great!!

WHO is going to bail out U.S. – And Europe??

Stop grinning. We ALL are!! Via COLLAPSE, civil war. But they probably will try World War FIRST!! AND lose it!!
The answer is simple: Switch to SILVER!!(Gold is too expensive.)

Better still: Go onto My Rating System. Share out the wealth!! View it!!
Otherwise get onto SILVER – and suffer the higher prices!!

When the kitty, and finally the cupboard is bare, – then you just HAVE TO go without!!

Better than World War, and better than World Civil War. ISN’T IT?? ??

Get onto my Ratings’ System. THAT would save us. Save us all!!
But of course, good sense has never been Man’s Way. Belief in “magic” always has!!
Get onto SILVER, – or COLLAPSE!!!! And MAKE everyone carry THE LOAD!!!!
My Ratings System is easy. You assess The General Wealth – and divide it out AMONG ALL!!!!

WHO, but the rich, would complain??!!
CANCEL the current currency. Issue a NEW ONE. Divide THAT out among ALL!!!!

Do this annually. Repudiate all debts. Start AGAIN, from scratch!!

Pass an act. ENFORCE it!!

And then after U.S. and Europe, – do it GLOBALLY through UNO!!!!

The alternative is war in some form or other!!!!
NO objections sustained!!

Either that or SUFFER the higher prices!!!!

Or have WAR!!

You go into debt(and deficit), then YOU WEAR it!!!!

Do AWAY with INCOME TAX!! Have,instead, PURCHASE TAX!!(Tax at the shop, NOT at the pay-packet!!)(Tax at exit point, not entry point!!)(Tax on what you buy, not on what you earn!!)

Do AWAY with TIME PAY, have instead, PRODUCTION pay!!(You no produce, then YOU NO get paid!!)

STOP molly-coddling those destroying us!!!!



By SELLER accepting ONE FIFTH of the price shown!!
ONLY greedy sellers would object – and suffer!!

By slashing ALL prices by five, then you cure inflation over-night!!

The people would hardly object(do not reduce wages of course – or you go back to square one!).

Remember that the manufactures are going to have THEIR bills reduced FIVE FOLD too!!

I estimate that FIVE FOLD too high IS about the mark!!
WHY not?? Prefer World War??


But Human Nature HATES simplicity!!(SO revealing!!) Perhaps THAT is the trouble!!!!
Government ministers exempt OF COURSE. Otherwise they will not introduce this!!

Prices are FIVE TIMES too high. So ENFORCE an immediate five-fold reduction of ALL prices immediately. And annually.

WHO would object? Only those who keep raising prices. Those aiming to get rich.

They SHOULD NOT object BECAUSE – THEIR prices are going to be SLASHED FIVE FOLD TOO!!!! Get it??!!

GREED has stuck them(the prices) UP. So ENFORCE the compensatory REDUCTION!!!! By passing suitable act AND enforcing it!!!!

CANCEL ALL debts and deficits. World wide. General AMNESTY!!!!


Now WHY aren’t I king??!!
I am being semi-serious NOW, of course. But can YOU think of a better solution?? ??

If prices are 5X too high(which they ARE), then SLASH them ALL five fold!! By LAW!! ENFORCE it!!

EVERYONE who sells ANYTHING MUST then reduce their prices five fold!!

We do this by SEEING TO IT – that all goods and services ONLY get ONE FIFTH of the marked up price PAID!!

Any objections – get the police!!

So when ANYONE buys goods or services priced at SAY five whatever, then buyer ONLY pays ONE – WHATEVER!!

WHO is going to suffer? No one!! The cause has been greed. The cure is anti-greed. SLASH those prices BY THE AMOUNT they have been raised. And get onto SILVER!!(Not gold!)

Do this annually. But remember to CHANGE THE CURRENCY each time,too!! Different designs each time!!

OLD bank-notes(of previous currency) for use by business people ONLY(To compensate them – and get them to agree!!)(So THEY do well BOTH ways!! Government ministers, all parties, to be exempt and enjoy both worlds!! To get them to agree!!!!)

THIS removes ALL debts and deficits. And solves THAT problem. THAT problem currently HANGING US all!!!!

WHO is going to object, and WHY????

Would the people who will only pay ONE FIFTH of marked up price? I don’t think so.

Would the government ministers – who will be permitted to have both old and new worlds? Hardly.
Would the business people – who would themselves ONLY be paying one fifth of what they are charged? BUT who would be ALLOWED to use THE NEW currency, AND the old(but the old for business only). THUS having BOTH WORLDS!!!!

NO ONE should object.

But SENSE has(so far) not been Man’s strong point!!

In any case business can raise selling prices. – The obvious move. But they do that anyway. And people will STILL only buy from the cheapest sources!! Business is obliged to price as low as possible(as usual) – to compete with their rivals. Of course!!

Business is OBLIGED to keep prices down. Or put themselves OUT of business!!

I don’t mind not being king!

I just want to see a better world.

WHY wouldn’t you play ball????

The bottom line is: We remove the inflation by SLASHING it. By LAW.

I don’t see the problem. Could someone point it out? Or otherwise accept my idea.

THAT would cure hyper-inflation. AND avoid WAR!!

What is the use of having LAWS – if they aren’t good?? ??

Don’t you want lower prices??

GREED is a bad HABIT. So try SENSE!!

Israel is thinking of hitting Iran. Using nuclear weapons!(Because Iran won’t toe the UNO line and NOT make atomic weapons. Also they are seat of Terrorism. Because(Iran is) about to produce atomic weapons. (As CONVENTIONAL weapons are not powerful enough – to reach far under-ground.(Why not just BLOCK entrances?!))

U.S. wants to use sanctions and diplomacy to make Iran NOT produce atomic weapons. But Iran is NOT stopped by sanctions and diplomacy!! However, alternative would likely bring about WORLD WAR!! As Russia and China would likely go to Iran’s aid if attacked. And if Israel attacked by Iran, U.S. would go to Israel’s aid. And WW3 that way. Hobson’s Choice. Best way – let Iran do ANY attacking. THEN world SHOULD not support them!! Because THEN Iran aggressor!!

Israel! DON’T attack Iran!! (U.S. not likely to, – unless in support of you. SUFFER Iran’s non-compliance. Better than world war. Isn’t it??!! Which would wipe out just about ALL life on this planet! MAKE the sacrifice, Israel. For sake of WORLD,AND yourselves – as well as U.S!!

All right, LIKELY Iran is misbehaving and making atomic weapons! Would be strange if they weren’t!!(Being rogue nation.)

However!! WHAT is alternative?? Surely not a move leading to WORLD WAR. And world annihilation!!!! – Would ONLY make things worse.
The time to have attacked Iran is LONG since past! About TEN YEARS past! Better NOW to suffer a nuclear Iran(North Korea went Nuclear. But no world war!(Yet!!)) So why not tolerate Iran TOO. For sake of saving entire WORLD!!!!(ALBEIT by letting Iran get away with it.)

Let Iran do the attacking, IF they are going to! THEN blame would surely fall on Iran.
IF Iran attacks. THEN you can clobber them. Not before!!

TURN the other cheek.

But West has made war THEIR way to Prosperity!!
Isn’t it better to suffer a nuclear Iran(atomic weapons) than to produce World War 3??!! No prizes for correct answer!!(Ah,yes, I know not so simple as that!!)

Aggressors deserve to be countered. So WHY become aggressor?? And earn world condemnation, – and destruction!!!!
Iran has been naughty. But so had(and is) North Korea.

Better a world with a naughty Iran, than NO WORLD AT ALL!!!! Isn’t it????(WHEN do enforcing PRINCIPLES become a lost cause? IF they ever do!!)
Price for punishing Iran is FAR FAR too high!!(I am not saying they don’t deserve it.)(Let THEM do the attacking – IF any is to forthcome!!(They SAY nuclear power for Peace only. Give them a chance to DEMONSTRATE THAT!!)(They want nuclear powered electricity. Maybe they speak true.)

IS the price of correcting(IF needed!) Iran to be world destruction??!! EVEN IF Principles NEED ABSOLUTE retention!!!!

THINK!! NOW. Before going TOO FAR!!!!
If West NOW goes aggressor(on UNPROVEN contention(that Iran is going for nuclear weapons(they probably are!)) – then West open to GLOBAL CENSURE!!!!(Because we simply do not KNOW if Iran REALLY plans to wipe out Israel,ETC.)(Give them A CHANCE to work for Peace!! AND a chance for WORLD to SURVIVE!!!!)(ALBEIT a chance TOO to BLUNT West via Israel BEFORE West can maintain its advantage(over Iran)!!)

I know putting Iraq in its place worked for West. But Iran is FAR FAR different to Iraq!!

Iraq Arab. But Iran PERSIAN!! MIGHT make enough difference!!


Let us ALL pray for Peace. As global ALL IN, ALL OUT war – will be UNTHINKABLE – for us all!!!!(Principles DO need retaining. But West is CRAWLING – to KEEP Iran at bay!!)(I don’t know here.)

Has Principle become more important than those HOLDING the alleged principles??!!

Principle FOR EVER! Yes, of course. But!! Isn’t it better to die TRYING to survive rather than die TRYING to exterminate A ROGUE??!!

Comrades: WHICH is better? A world containing a naughty Iran. OR, NO WORLD AT ALL!!!!

Are you THINKING?? ??


Sleep well!!(IF you can!!)

Me simple human. You wake up TOO LATE!!!!

ANY comments?? ??

Ho ho. Fee fum?? Me think so. But who is Fee and who is Fum????


Are the righteous dead REALLY superior to living ducks?? ??

Me no know. But SOMEONE had better!!!!


Alas, PRINCIPLES DO support us.

Us souls.

But we BODIES, will be HARD PUT detached from those souls
!!!!(The answer IS a lemon. SUCK IT, – and SEE!!!!)
I am saying, rightly or wrongly, if West attack Iran, even JUSTLY, then Iran make West pay TOO HIGH A PRICE(comrads!).

Even in a world of KEPT principles??!!

Human nature is just too bad.

Alas, nothing for it, but THE CHOP. Whether West initiated, OR Iran punch West on nose – FOR DALLYING TOO LONG!!!!

I do not know.

I think Human Nature ABOUT to pay price OF BEING HUMAN!!!!













ggg1 Doom, and after, continued.

November 13, 2012

Wednesday, November 14th, 2,012.

Continuing with Doom, and after.


Two other cataclysms I forgot to mention in fff12, Doom, and after.

One is alleged to be due to expanding objects. Saying sun will expand SOON, and swallow Earth up.

Plus one other, details forgotten.

Nostradamus predicted milk and IRON, soon. (In addition to Blood.(The red dust in water produces a liquid looking LIKE blood.))
How many have seen the films Knowing, Melancholia and 2,012? I believe all three show a planet approaching The Earth, causing a cataclysm and wiping out our current civilization.

THAT is the scenario WE ARE NOW IN. Because Planet Nibiru, the 10th planet, is approaching The Earth – and will cause a cataclysm, wiping out this civilization.
It is expected to get VERY close to us, PERHAPS as near as 50,000 miles! But not hit us. Probably not hit us.

However. Many people may wonder if it might!!(As it passes by.)

So there should be GREAT alarm!!!!






fff12-2 Doom, and after.

November 13, 2012

Tuesday, 13th November, 2,012.

After doom, – what?
Please pass this on TO AS MANY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!!!
Doom is coming, and is in SIX scenarios. And a number of very bad events: 1. Nibiru. 2. Galactic Alignment. 3. Re-action to start of Aquarius Age. 4. Solar flares,etc. 5. World War 3. 6 World Civil War. PLUS sundry horrors and terrors. Like Photon Belt. Hot Spot in Space. Viruses,etc. getting used to anti-biotics. Invasion by alien red microbes. Hundreds of growing black holes created by Particle Accelerator/s. Also mass landing by aliens, mostly Little Greys, Hybrids and The Annunaki.

Those Earthlings GOOD ENOUGH, may get evacuated to Mother Craft by aliens.

Some facts on Nibiru. Nibiru is currently conspicuous by its absence. (Maybe Huberculosis has gone behind sun! But Nibiru is a satellite. MAYBE gone behind sun too.)But it is around – Somewhere. It is comparatively small.(Do not confuse it with its parent dark star, brown dwarf like parent, Huberculosis. Nor with satellites. Nibiru is one moon(of six) accompanying Huberculosis.(Nemesis is a much more distant small star companion to the sun.) Eris is the main orthodox name for Nibiru. Sedna is merely another object of similar size – but from The Oort Belt(of numerous comets,asteroids, meteors,etc.).

Nibiru will almost certainly not hit us. But SOME of its entourage COULD!!(We are entering into a million mile wide TAIL, which is preceding it(blown towards us by the solar wind,etc.). Which is FULL of JUNK. Debris, dust, six satellites(up to Earth size), RED so called dust(but actually red alien microbes)(Though there might be red dust too. I had thought iron oxides, ferric and ferrous(oxide). Unsure.) However. Nibiru does not need to hit us to cause horrific damage. Like wipe out this civilization, and change the face of The Earth. Largely due to a sea-rise of up to 675 feet(in a few hours, I understand). Nibiru is about 4 to 5 times the size of The Earth. Voluminar(Volume wise.) It will approach to about 14 or 15 million miles on its first pass, due soon. Perhaps early in New Year, 2,013. The year to dread is less 2,012, than 2,013, AND 2,014! And beyond. As The Great Tribulation lasts 3.5 years. Followed by about 20 years of VERY HARD GOINGThough things may START to get bad any time up to the end of this year. Centre-ing on December 21st, 2,012.)(Nibiru is only, after The Wobble, the first horror. Galactic Alignment may be FAR worse!!)

Unless you can get into an EXCELLENT SHELTER, an horrific and terrible death IS ALMOST CERTAIN!!(UNLESS the aliens evacuate you). A FEW will survive. But anything from about 30 to 70 % of Mankind should die. Plus animals, plants, buildings,ETC.

Nibiru CANNOT be stopped. And there is little hope of escaping it.(Do NOT commit suicide! Awful penalty for this after death in The Spirit World.)

IF you can raise your spiritual vibrations, AND your physical ones up high enough, you MAY transfer to a parallel universe or another time track – and escape the worst, but you will need to be VERY GOOD – and SUPERB at meditation, prayer and ascension!!!! Not much hope I’m afraid. But you can try.(Look for GOOD shelter,too!!)

Yes, stock up with essentials. AND grow your own food. Stock up potable(drinkable) WATER too.(Nibiru may remove our atmosphere,or some(perhaps most) of it.) Tides will be oceanic AND atmospheric!!)

The red “dust” is poisonous. Do not drink water with it in. Nor foods OF COURSE.
It is going to get almost EVERYWHERE.(Some of it will I THINK be iron oxides(rust), and some(if not all!!) will be red alien microbes. Fatal for us,no doubt.

It will be AWFULLY hard to keep out the red stuff. It will be turning all waters RED. Increasingly. Might look like tomatoe sauce. Be blood coloured(scarlet) at first. And then vermillion.(“Milk is coming,too. And IRON.)(Big iron balls?)(Some found on beach/es recently.)

Will be difficult – as in the air, water, crops, everything.(Unless you bottle water,ETC. now – before too much gets in!)

There is also The Earth Wobble which is increasing. Peaking December 21st, 2,012.(That is when Mayan Long Count Calendar cycle ends.(A 5,125 year period.) But there are also the quarter cycles of Sun(6,500 years) AND Nibiru(3,600 years). And other cycles. All ending 21.12.2,012!!!!

A 26 MILLION year cycle is ALSO ending, making this event(It is CALLED THE EVENT.) – THE BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT event that will happen TO MANKIND,ETC. ON THIS EARTH!!!!(PLEASE read that again, slowly!!)
Some of us, perhaps many, got born now ESPECIALLY to witness and experience this once in 26,000,000 years event!

The equivalent of about SIX cataclysms will occur! All concentrated(their BEGINNINGS) within the next THREE MONTHS!!!!
The Wobble will bring its OWN problems, but less serious than the others. Like SINK HOLES, CRACKS, Strange sounds(from BELOW)(Only APPARENTLY from above.). From the stretching rocks!!(Wobble heaves up the ground via centrifugal force, stretching the rocks, creating sink holes and cracks,etc. due to higher ground level obliging earth and rock,etc. to cover a larger volume – and thus leaving GAPS in places!!)
There are three films,especially, on The End of The Age(iT WILL seem LIKE the end of the world!!)theme. Threads is about NUCLEAR (Thermo-nuclear mainly, I think.) WAR. Knowing and Melancholia involve a large planet hitting us.(However, it is MOST unlikely that Nibiru will hit us. It will merely pass closely, ENDING UP – after appearing like a large red full moon, about 50,000 miles from us(Earth).(I repeat: It is not Huberculosis(which is Jupiter plus sized, but is a mere 4 to 5 times Earth size, and having a MASS of 22x Earth(Due to great density.). Plus magnetism.) So it will be HORRIFIC and TERRIBLE.
A second later pass(By Nibiru) will not cause damage. Not to speak of, anyway.

I say again: Nibiru SHOULD NOT hit us.

AND it is the smaller of the TWO planets now approaching us. Huberculosis is safely ENOUGH distant. But Nibiru is going to come CLOSE, and finally VERY CLOSE.
Drowning will be a big danger. Due to bulge of sea at equator sweeping all coast lines as The Earth’s rotation slows – and finally stops.(But gets started again – by Nibiru – pulling(PUSHING, actually, as gravity and magnetism,etc. (PUSH, not pull!!)from the other side.(MASSES of gravitons,etc. will get pushed onto Nibiru. These will push start Earth.))

Expect about 6 days of stoppage. That means nearly a week of day in U.S. Nearly a week of night in Australia – and so on – depending upon your longitude.(Check on Internet for important details.)(Including sea heights. Watch rising tides,now.)

There will also be a PRE stoppage of about 3 days PRECEDING the slow down and stoppage of The Earth’s ROTATION.(See Nancy Leider of Zetans for details.)

Winds of 300 m.p.h. at least., will blow, for almost a day. Naturally MANY buildings and trees are going to be ripped out!(It is the vacuum created by high winds that does the main damage. This sucks trees OUT of the ground(And buildings,etc. And ANYTHING perambulating upon the surface.).
As I have indicated, even AIR will become scarce. And certainly food will. Plus all essentials.

We can expect many humans and animals to go RAVING MAD. And do TERRIBLE DAMAGE to everything. Almost as bad as the main event!!

Fires will be everywhere. Plus earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and tsunami and tidal waves. Severe and every-where.

Nibiru can be expected to pull The Earth(push over)(As Nibiru will draw off everything loose upon the surface. Then Nature will FILL the vacuum!! At at least 300 miles per hour!! As air,etc. will move into the created vacuum.)

The Pole Shift will probably be 180 degrees(that is a full inversion, the poles changing ends, sky views reversing,…)(Geographical poles TOO!!)

Also expect a tremendous auric and lightning display, with gravity and magnetism GOING MAD.(Big danger of being struck by lightning!!)

Global emping. Permanent. So get GENERATORS!! (AND diesel!!)(Roads will become impassable, but handy to have petrol, vehicles!!)(So can drive on grass,etc!!)Batteries. Electric and electronic appliances. As a few will be able to communicate with the remaining few globally.

An immense bombardment from space as the wafting tail from Nibiru envelops us.

Duct up your homes,etc.NOW!!

TRY to get Shipping Containers – to use as shelters – and to live in!!

As caves,etc. will get packed with humans and animals.

All FRANTIC and DESPERATE to survive.

The Elite already have their shelters.

Expect General Emergencies, Martial Law, FEMA camps,ETC.

And the most RUTHLESS rule by Military and Police. All who disobey will be shot DEAD. At least tasered.

So it should get MOST GRIM.

I say yet again: Nibiru will not hit us. And it is the smaller of the TWO planets now closing in. Four,actually. If we count in 203-ub-313 AND Sedna. But Sedna is merely a large rock ex The Oort Belt.(Comparable to Pluto-Charon.)
The FOUR objects are: Nemesis, Huberculosis, Nibiru and Sedna.(Eris and 203-uub-213)(Scientific name) are merely orthodox names for Nibiru.)(Planet X is the name given(Tenth Planet and Dubious Planet.) to Huberculosis.(Which is out past Neptune.) (Whilst Nibiru is ONE planet of a complex of them, used as Starship of The Fleet(Annunaki) Nibiru is I THINK somewhere between Venus and Earth. Do NOT confuse with Huberculosis. And even less with Nemesis!

Planet X may not exist. THAT is the planet that may not be! Due to pertubations in orbits of Neptune and Uranus, it was hypthesized that Planet X existed. But not for certain. It may be Huberculosis.

There is an AWFUL LOT of STUFF up there. Which makes things much harder.

And now because of Huberculosis, much material is being dragged out of The Oort Belt.

So few can be certain of anything! Except that some VERY large THINGS are coming our way!!

Plus THE TAIL of Nibiru.

Nibiru is alleged to be Planet X. But that is not exactly true. Planet X is essentially HYPOTHETICAL. It is THOUGHT to exist. To account for said perturbations.

It could be that those who deny that Nibiru exists – are really saying that Planet X does not exist. Which may be true.

So we need to be very careful. A SECOND SUN(And/or a second moon.) will become VERY clear(or it is expected to!) by December 21st, 2,012. A.D. This is Huberculosis.(Nemesis,farther out again, may not exist. Or be Huberculosis. POSSIBLY!!)

One or two stars very closely resemble Nibiru. And are confused for it.

I say again: Eris and 203-ub-313 are orthodox names for Nibiru. As was Elenin, a mere comet which crashed into the sun some years back. Elenin was the Blue Katchina. But Nibiru is the Red Katchina(Of The Hopi Indians.).(But Elenin got mixed up with Nibiru, which it is not.)
Elenin may still exist! Because Nibiru is used as space star ship. Having representatives of many alien races on board!

Elenin entered the sun, PERHAPS did not crash. Maybe did not get destroyed!!
Earth: Chances of survival are so low – I doubt its worth bothering!!


You may get rescued, you may not.(By aliens)
Depends how well behaved one is!
The good can expect rescue, the wicked,not.

Those harming The Earth can expect to be cleansed out of it. The CLEANSING IS coming!!


So-called death is MERELY of the physical body.

We all have SEVEN of these vehicles or shells or skins or suit. Most will lose the outermost(the physical).

The other six are far lighter,finer!!


When you pass on, keep calm, do not panic. You are simply losing your outermost SKIN or shell!!

Expect to lose conciousness for some days, to awaken in your spirit body!

When you do, head IMMEDIATELY for the blue-white LIGHT. And CLIMB, spiritually AND materially. To escape the raving mad pack, AND those low spirits trying to drag you down into HELL!!

PLEASE listen to what I am saying.
Are we all with it??
The Final Count-Down is ON!!


38 days to go. 38 days to December 21st, 2,012. That is when this SET of CYCLES ends. New ones begin on the following day.

However, MANY will be MINUS their outermost suit(the physical vehicle we now wear).
ALL the best,

The best will be those cleaving closest to GOD,Jesus CHRIST, Goodness and KINDNESS to ALL!!!!

Peace be with you all,

I have TRIED to keep as many as possible informed. But there are MANY who oppose goodness!!

TWO races on. 1. Those who LOVE all. 2. Those in the rat race, dog fight,ETC.

Love is FAR less easy than those who scorn it THINK!!

It took TREMENDOUS strength to die on a cross! The fools are not those who go to crosses(etc.). But those who hate those who do!!

We shall ALL see once we cross over to The Spirit World. Some to joy. And many to an AGONY OF REGRET!!
How CAN money,etc. POSSIBLY compare with the joys of one who has the most good deeds done?! THAT is the TRUE TREASURE!!


What is the short life in the physical COMPARED to life in The Spirit World. Moonlight compared to SUNLIGHT!!!!

We shall ALL see. And VERY CLEARLY indeed!!!!

Compare configuration of Nibiru,ETC.(Especially as photograhed by an Australian woman from a jet flying above Melbourne not too long back!!) with the configuration in crop circle!(They are almost IDENTICAL!!)
After Doom comes what happens to life-forms who cross into The Spirit World(Just about all humans and animals!!)

The Earth planet should survive. But its surface be changed.

It will be many years before we can expect to return to anything like normal. Normal for the next Stone Age that is.












fff10 The Crunch.(Cataclysms coming.)

November 9, 2012

Saturday, 10th November, 2,012.



The Crunch!!(Cataclysms coming!!)

I am very deeply concerned at the dire things that are about to happen, and the almost total disinterest by people in general about it.

Consider: Nibiru is soon to pass us. The Galactic Alignment is 41 days away. As is the start of The Aquarian Age. Terrible flares,etc.from sun expected around 14.02.2,013. Israel is considering attacking Iran.(Which would probably start WW3.)

The Aquarian Age will bring in higher vibrations. The world will hate this – and rebel. Thus we face five cataclysms or equivalents in the immediate future:World War via Israel attacking Iran(imminent), The Galactic Alignment – with its threat of a Gravitational Wave,etc(Masses of particles coming up from The Galactic Centre)(EMPING the globe,knocking out satellites,etc.). A possible rebellion against the higher vibrations of The Aquarian Age(World Civil War.); Nibiru at any time, and Flares,etc. from the sun around February 14th, 2,013, five very nasty negative events. That is FIVE cataclysms or equivalents!

Any one of these five could wipe out this civilization. We have all five in the very near future! Plus Global Financial Collapse via U.S.Debt and deficit. Global Economic Collapse. Collapse of The West. Followed by attack of The Political East on The West.

Thus our future could hardly be worse!!

What a pity the world cannot live within its means. It is not hard to do. Just a little self control! Just do NOT spend more than you can afford! The trouble with credit is that some cannot resist going on it. Resolve NOT to go into debt! Thus saving peace of mind!!

RED China heading for World Number One.(U.S. has already given it its gold.)(Isn’t The West bothered any more??!!)(AND given Russia – superiority in Thermo-nuclear weapons.)

What counts(or should do I think) is not how much food you have in your mouth, but how much money you have in your bank account!(AFTER being rich in The Spirit of God, and replete with good deeds!!)

Good deeds should be top coin. But so many of us are obliged to let our bank balance rule us!!

The trouble is, you see, is that once in The Spirit World after so called death, we sink into material conditions which we HAVE TO live in!!(If our bad deeds exceed our good, then these material conditions will be negative! Knowing this should make people positive. THIS is the most important fact in life, and why the wise are good!!)(THAT is what counts! Not(SO MUCH) how much money you have in the bank, BUT HOW MUCH SPIRITUAL CREDIT YOU HAVE with GOD!!)(We need ENOUGH in the bank, TOO!!)

Many people do not appreciate this. Probably because they do not think that there is anything after death.(But how wrong you are!!)

In this physical world, our material wealth enables us to keep one jump ahead of the low vibrations which ill-deeds create. By wallowing in material goods and things.(Which then blinds us to our spiritual loss and debt!!)

However! In The Spirit World(Where we go after SO CALLED death.) Our spiritual account decides our material environment! (In the physical world, our bank balance creates our material conditions.) And thus if our evil deeds exceed our good, then our material conditions reflect our spiritual balance!!(Which, lacking material things via money, then creates material conditions for us if our spiritual balance is negative!!)






fff9 Trying to clarify a bit.

November 5, 2012

Tuesday, 6th November, 2,012.

Trying to clarify a bit. Coming woes,etc.

I am surprised there is ANY doubt about Nibiru. Just lately it does seem to be conspicuous by its absence. It is alleged to be flagship of Annunaki Fleet. Under intelligent control. Can cloak itself. Or maybe higher intelligences are just waiting for more people to ASCEND before wiping out this so called civilization. I do not know. I don’t have any “inside” information.

I can only give my opinion. I may be out.(Not have it quite correct.)

Certain facts stand out: 1. Increasing disasters. 2. Unusually high tide (In Auckland and elsewhere.) recently.

Then we have these red waters. Due, I think, to “dust” particles being encountered as we pass through Nibiru’s tail.

Examination under an ELECTRON MICROSCOPE by some Indian scientists reveal CELLS, that LOOK like blood cells – but are not. They are cells that have no nucleus. And no DNA!! Conclusion LIKELY alien microbes. Probably from Nibiru. Not sand blown across from Arabia.(Some is occasionally, but these particular red particles(other colours reported too) look to be alien microbes!)(The worry is that(as they have daughter cells inside them) they might MULTIPLY and DEVELOP into unpleasant creatures. Like occurred as reported in Exodus,etc!! Just being tentative as to possibilities. I don’t KNOW.)

I urge you study on Internet. Which is mostly where I am getting my information from.

Holy Bible mentions prophecy of what LOOKS like blood(but isn’t) falling from sky in these end times(end of the AGE). Nostradamus ALSO mentioned “blood”(Also “milk” and IRON.)(Metal balls found recently(from sky).) Just SAYING.

Folks, I am not claiming infallibilty! Just expressing how it LOOKS to me, going by Internet reports and forecasts.

Now regarding Sandy, what WAS hurricane Sandy. Hopped around in The Caribbean a bit, then turned north, and finally veered off into New York and New Jersey,etc.areas. Doing awful damage. They are STILL suffering there.

What triggered my especial interest here, is the unusual path of Sandy. Hurricanes rarely turn north out of The Caribbean AND THEN take a rare sharp left to hit New York and New Jersey,etc. areas! Plus a FRANTIC Alan Jones on Talk Back radio. HE suggested that either Political East AND/OR Obama got Haarp to engineer and guide Sandy to do this.(DID Obama do this to win election? I DO NOT KNOW. Just a suggestion. The original thought (Alan Jones) was to postpone or cancel the election. So Obama could stay in power. Because he feared loss to Romney who had surged ahead – to get very close.) I have NO IDEA. Looks NOW to be no interference.(Maybe Alan Jones a bit imaginative here. I don’t know!)(But it is UNUSUAL for hurricanes to take this path.)
Haarp devices CAN do this(Guide storms.).
I am wondering(In view of the sanctions against Iran, and the scaremongering)if Political East countered by guiding Sandy to hurt North East U.S. Perhaps Iran did it. I DO NOT KNOW. I don’t NOW suspect Obama. But I really do not know. No, I don’t think Obama did it. But it seems SOME PARTY did. And Political East, perhaps Iran, MIGHT be to blame. I certainly do not know.
It LOOKS as if Obama will get back in. Incumbent presidents of U.S. USUALLY do. As do incombents generally.

THAT MAY be best. Romney might be too severe in correcting the past. Safer,PERHAPS,if Obama gets back in.(In the sense that what is too far gone, is best not interfered with(to avoid worse).)

The issue is EXTREMELY close. Last I heard, Obama was ONE PERCENT ahead, nationally.(I don’t know what the TOLERANCE is.)

It is very crucial to the world’s future, of course.

Obama looks confident. So I imagine he is in the know.

AND Romney looks depressed.

Romney LOOKS a loser.(He bears the look of a man who will LOSE. IF he wins could be nasty back-lash.)

We should soon see!!





fff8 Red alien microbes invasion possible.

November 5, 2012

Monday, 5th November, 2,012.

Red alien microbes,etc.


The red waters are due to infalling red dust from Planet Nibiru. From its tail.

The red dust is actually red alien microbes. No nucleus. No DNA.

This is the second reported alien microbes invasion. The first was during The Big Oil Spill.

Louisiana is sinking. At least PART of it is. This could be due to oil removed from ground. It is POSSIBLE that this collapse below Louisiana will spread right up through U.S. To The Great Lakes.

Obama looks like winning again.

And Turnbull may replace Abbott as Coalition leader. In Australia.

Meanwhile Labour under Julia Gillard marches on to a possible victory at the next election.
Nibiru should appear like a large red full moon soon. Causing mass terror world-wide.

Between Earth’s Wobble, Nibiru and the coming Gravitation Wave,etc. from the centre of the galaxy(which recently had an explosion),at The Galactic Alignment, a continuation of the pole shift should result – wiping out this civilization. Causing 5 to 6 BILLION human deaths, terribly and horribly.

Cataclysms occur via two cycles. The 6,500 year one, and the 3,600 Nibiru period one. The Gravitation,etc. wave should produce a THIRD cataclysm. A world war now would be the equivalent of a fourth cataclysm. And a global mass uprising of the people – could produce a fifth(World Civil War.).

Myriads of alien space ships above are preparing to mass land Annunaki aliens. Partly to evacuate the best half of us.

Also huge Earth Ascension expected, including its inhabitants. Plus a mass Transition.

Strange things will happen. Like floating in the air, perhaps. And the appearance of sprites. And appearance of spirits of the dead.

The Annunaki aliens may require our gold, and us to dig for it. Also want our genes.

The red alien microbes COULD be The Predecessor of it all.
We all need to prepare for these eventualities.
46 days to December 21st, 2,012.A.D. The last day of the current Age, AND of The Age of Pisces.


There you have it.

All the best to ALL!!!!





fff7 Red dust is from Nibiru causing red rain and red waters.

November 4, 2012

Sunday, November 4th, 2,012.

Red dust is increasing!

Please understand, we are entering the worst 3 months or so in the history of Man on this Earth!! Due to a number of cataclysms or equivalents. About six, one after the other. Some simultaneously. I keep on, I know. But you will all SOON see why!! I am trying to get you to ACT IMMEDIATELY!!(To probably save your lives!)(We might be wise to try to make Venus inhabitable for NEXT TIME!!)

At present a downfall of red dust is increasing. Disasters are increasing,too. And so are tide heights. Plus an amazingly rapid melt of ice in Antarctic, Arctic, Greenland and glaciers!!!! And sink holes, cracks in the ground, strange sounds coming from below, ETC.(BECAUSE of ground being raised.)

Get OUT of the coastal and river-side towns and cities! And get well up in height! Take with you all essentials(to be found on Internet), INCLUDING a STEEL SHIPPING CONTAINER(to live in)(rig it out) AND a GENERATOR, plus DIESEL to run it! To make electricity(as main power grids expected to go down PERMANENTLY…soon)

A number of gigantic things are happening or about to happen: 1. We have The Wobble of The Earth – peaking December 21st, 2,012. This is producing centrifugal force which is heaving the layers of The Earth UPWARDS. THUS creating holes underground – as a larger surface area gets produced. So we are getting increasing CRACKS, SINK-HOLES. As the ground stretches,of course!! The strange sounds are I think – due to the rocks below getting STRETCHED – as the ground is heaved upwards.(What is happening right now is more due to The Earth’s WOBBLE than Nibiru. But Nibiru is approaching. THAT EVENT quickly to be followed by A GRAVITATIONAL,ETC. WAVE centred upon The Galactic Alignment of 21.12.2,012. Which should be worse,even far worse, than what Nibiru does! THEN on(or about) February 14th,2,013.A.D. we can expect TERRIBLE flares,etc. from the sun. This should knock out all electric grids globally, if they are not already out!! Plus satellites,ET AL. ALL things electric and electronic!!!!

About FIVE BILLION(5,000,000,000) humans are expected to die – horribly and terribly. During the next few months.Maybe 6 billion.

Waters and waterways, world-wide are starting to turn RED. Blood red(scarlet) and vermillion. This is undoubtedly due to the red dust NOW falling increasingly from THE TAIL(Of Nibiru)(A big tail FULL of junk.) wafting up and down, blown towards us from Nibiru – by The Solar Wind.

I had THOUGHT that this red dust was iron oxides(ferric and ferrous) – but apparently not all of the red particles are dust! Some are ALIEN MICROBES! Life forms(From Nibiru) – merely LOOKING like dust!(As some Indian scientists have found out.)(These alien microbes DO NOT HAVE D.N.A!)

Nostradamus described a ball of fire with sparks trailing behind it. An excellent description of Nibiru!(The Winged Serpent of The Sumerians.)

This red stuff is poisonous. And it is getting into EVERYTHING. Therefore STOCK FRESH POTABLE WATER too!!

Israel is itching to strike Iran. But it would risk World War 3. – Which would be the equivalent of ANOTHER CATACLYSM!

Then after that we can expect World Civil War, as the masses rise against the rulers!!

That is now equal to about SIX CATASTROPHES!! All coming close together!!!!
Even one would create an Atlantis or Lemuria(Or equivalent)!! We have SIX coming, all very soon, and at about the same time!!

Some lands are going to sink. Others to rise(Australia and New Zealand are expected to rise a bit.)(Australia may get split in half north to south. Down the middle.)

We are looking at continents rising and sinking.

The growing heat should fast melt all the ice on the planet. Raising the sea HUNDREDS OF FEET. Three or four hundred, maybe more.(Greenland just lost ice sheet!)

PLEASE be WARNED, folks!!

Roads are going to be jammed – and impassable. With TERRIFIED fleeing masses.

Fires will be burning everywhere.

Earthquakes raging all over(some in unusual places) – along with volcanic eruptions, super-hurricanes AND TORRENTIAL RAIN. It will be about six Noah events packed into one!!

12 years close study of this subject on The Internet tells me these things.

It is The End of The Age. A 6,500 year age, AND a 3,600 year period, AND a 5,125 year Mayan period, plus many other important cycles ending – and re-starting!!(Do not expect TO THE DAY. NOR for EVERY forecast to eventuate. Most probable being stated.)

Death will be about 5-1 ON. Very few will survive.

Those few that do – will be flung into the latest STONE AGE. But with little or no metals left in the ground – to get out!!

NOT a good time to go travelling, especially in the air!!(As satellites will go down, The G.P.S. too.) Pilots will suddenly be left(similarly with ships at sea) to their own devices!(Having to land WHERE they can!)

Nibiru can be expected to start A POLE SHIFT. I think it started(Phase one) 31.12.10. Now I THINK this will be a COMPLETE GLOBAL REVERSAL. North and South GEOGRAPHICAL POLES – changing ends!!!!

Naturally oceans will sweep over the continents.

And the most ferocious wind blow non-stop – for many hours – as The Earth goes over.

Earth’s rotation should stop for 5 to 6 days. Then as Nibiru pulls from the other side – start the rotation again – in the opposite direction.

Between the sea flooding the lands, AND a GIGANTIC DELUGE – flooding will be TERRIBLE.

The very air will catch fire!(Or seem to.)(The material falling through it will catch fire.)

MANY buildings, if not all, will collapse. So TAKE CARE not on you!

This is WHY I urge BIG STEEL SHIPPING CONTAINERS. Rig them out!! NOW!!

This is advisory.

Buildings and trees,etc. will be collapsing everywhere, GLOBALLY.

Rivers will burst their banks, and the sea invade the land FOR HUNDREDS OF MILES!!

Tsuanmis everywhere – of up to 700 feet high!

If you stood on top of The Empire State Building in New York, you could perhaps dangle your feet in THE SPRAY!!

Sea to rise anything up to 675 feet. (Initially). 3 or 4 hundred AT LEAST.

That film 2,012 gives a rough idea.
Stock up! But FOR WHAT?? Absolute BEDLAM!!

Cloud should obscure the sun for many YEARS.

Precipitating first an ice era, – and then an ICE AGE!!

If you grow your own food. Perhaps Hydroponics, how will it fare in sea-water HUNDREDS OF FEET deep?? ??
Gangs of crazed humans, and PACKS of raving mad animals, attacking and eating,etc. EVERYTHING in sight – will top it all off!!

Plus Police and Army,etc. TRYING to over-ride ALL!!
I hear that it will be best to get at least 6,000(Or was it 600?) FEET up – above PRESENT sea level. I THINK it is 6,000 feet. As water is going to be SLOSHING up VERY high!! A 15 mile bulge, mostly of water, is going to overflow the lands!(The worse the nearer to the equators(old and new).)

A non-stop ELECTRIC STORM should also be raging.

Get WELL away from places like Yellowstone!

Some lands will rise, some will fall. So it is not just a case of tsunami dodging. But if you are on sinking land – you need to ADD that height on.(You need to get well over 600 feet above sea level(or lake, or river level) – to escape sea,lake and river. Tsunamis.)(But remember that if the land you are on is sinking, you will need WHATEVER that drop will be – ADDED!!)

I understand that the entire British Isles will go under. And some of North West Europe. But study the FUTURE MAPS on The Internet – to see the EXPECTED lay-out of the surface of The Earth. Yes, it will be ANOTHER ATLANTIS or LEMURIA!!

WHERE is Nibiru,now? I do not know. I simply CANNOT fathom its exact postion. Due to so much non-information and mis-information(mixed with truths) going on!!

It is going to be THE WORST TIME EVER for Mankind,etc. upon this Earth!!(Future included.)


I do not know the details. Hard for ANYONE to!!
Nibiru IS a fact. Do NOT be misled otherwise!!
And so, apparently, is The Galactic Alignment’s Gravitation Wave,etc. Which could be worse,even far worse, than the awful Nibiru event!! Both imminent!!


Pray and meditate LIKE MAD!!
A FEW will survive it. But to a life that might be worse than death!!!!

So there you have it. What to EXPECT. Make some allowances, I cannot say details.
The Internet is full of it.

Preparations are NOT for nothing!!(But WHO is going to KEEP his/her supplies??!!)(From destruction AND theft!!!!)


No, I am not exaggerating. EXPECT what I have said!!


The aliens may help. Prepare to get whisked aboard a mother-craft!! IF you are good enough – to qualify!!


47 days to December 21st, 2,012. The Great Day. The Terrible day of The Lord.
No, the sky may not fall in EXACTLY at midnight on THE DAY(21.12.2,012), but cycle closures and re-starts AND the APPALLING disasters – will CENTRE upon 21.12.2,012.

The next 3 to 4 months will be HORRIFIC. And the next 3.5 years – GHASTLY in THE EXTREME!!!!
Cannibalism is going to be rife. As food and water will be so short! HUMAN flesh and blood will serve if necessary. And it IS going to be necessary.
Naturally it will be one colossal crime,sin and wrong doing,etc. SPREE!!!! Non-stop from VERY SOON on!!!!
NO property or vehicles will be safe. Torching everything will be the order of the day!!!! Including humans and animals!!!!
INSANITY will reign completely….


Few will know what to do.
I advise GET NEAR THE BUSH(Wilderness), ON YOUR OWN, near drinkable water, and HIDE from ALL!!!!(You WON’T be able to trust ANYONE at all!!!!)

At least near to a Super-Market!!(Arrange with owner/manager beforehand, and leave cash by till!!)

Do NOT commit suicide. TERRIBLE penalty for this in The Spirit World. Where we go after death!!!!
WATCH the rising tides, the increasing “dust” and disasters, and Nibiru now visible in the sky.(Down south, towards Orion.)With the naked eye. But is hard to see,yet.


Death will be ALMOST CERTAIN. And a terrible and horrible one!!!!


If you go into Bush, you have falling trees problem(going down en masse). So get near bush(or super-market). Trouble with steel containers – is lightning strikes. Weigh the odds!!

Live in vehicles,good. Just drive anywhere. Roads will get blocked.
Best result will be death!!
If you stay indoors(anywhere) building will probably fall on you!
Under water is good. As water will provide best cushion against many things!
Otherwise inside mountain or cave.


Even 20 feet of steel over your head may not be enough!!


So hope to avoid the big boulders!(Crashing down from the sky.)(Like hail!!)(Average weight expected – about 70 pounds.)


Underground, best of all. Get shelter dug fast!
Sounds like mad ravings? This is what’s coming!!(Put very roughly.)
Over the next 3 months or so! And then very hard going for 3.5 years, about.

But will take DECADES to even START to get back to bearable conditions!!
EVEN IF you can manage to survive – WHAT VERY FEW WILL!!!!



Take me VERY seriously now!!

Yes, pack a tooth-brush!!




Bill. Vic. Vicon.






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