hhh2 Red tides and Nibiru,etc.

November 29, 2012

Thursday, November 30th, 2,012.

hhh2  Red Tides and Nibiru,etc.(Continued.)


        Hullo you few I can reach(I hope!).

        Do you all realize the GRAVITY of the situation now confronting us? We are looking at not just the probable  death of the recipient here, but the wiping out of this civilization! Via Nibiru getting close, causing first a magnetic pole shift,etc. then a physical geographical pole shift involving full PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHICAL inversion of The Earth. This will change the face of The Earth, a sea-rise of hundreds of feet, U.S. splitting in half, Australia splitting North to South. To occur WITHIN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS!! 4,5 to 6 BILLION people are expected to die terribly and horribly. UNLESS they can get into A RELIABLE SHELTER DEEP UNDERGROUND, OR get rescued by aliens!!(How many are taking me seriously??)

       We have just had RED TIDES off Sydney, first Clovelly Beach,then Bondi and THEN TEN more beaches – all getting RED TIDES! (A red tide USUALLY is when RED ALGAE(or some other colour, or even no colour)washes up on beach(ocean or lake or sea – or maybe RIVER BANK)

     Yes, I am VERY concerned. As 4 to 6 BILLION humans and corresponding animals,etc. are about to die terrible horrible deaths!(I am not talking about a thunderstorm, but the HORRIFIC SUDDEN end of this society(all on Earth!!)!!)(With most buildings and trees levelled! “Not one stone or brick shall be left standing upon another!”.(Holy Bible!!)(The Reference is to THE EVENT about to occur. WITHIN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS!!)(Two to three months at most!)  Due to the VERY close pass of Nibiru!

         Now The Red Tides (a sample was analyzed by two Indian scientists – and found to be ALIEN MICROBES, lacking a nucleus and also lacking DNA! I cannot think that ALL of the red particles we are now passing through(field thereof) are alien microbes, so I GUESS iron oxides AND alien microbes!!

         These RED TIDES occur from time to time(they are very rare), and are attributed to RED,ETC.ALGAE!!(I think they are MISinforming us, and that EVERY TIME, they are red alien microbes!!)(It is not red algae – that is WHAT they are TELLING us!!, but red alien MICROBES. Which are POISONOUS. Killing fish and shell fish, and could kill humans.

          We are also getting RED SKIES(I don’t mean sunrise and sunset type.).

          Now Nibiru is a red planet, iron oxides. It has a HUGE halo of red particles surrounding it. Gold-red coloured haze.  And we are getting reports of red tides, first in Texas, Sea of Azov,etc. And then Red China. And now off Sydney, Australia!!

            The Annunaki aliens(Up to FIFTEEN FEET tall.) make slaves of us to mine gold for them. They want our genes. And The Earth women!!

           There have been prophecies for thousands of years of doom. DIFFERENT cultures all point to 2,012.

            We have the huge planet Hercolubus now off Jupiter. AND we have Nibiru – now close to The Earth.(Yes, TWO objects. Mother and son. I believe that Eris,etc. are SATELLITES of Nibiru! Though many are comets etc. pulled out of The Oort Cloud – by Hercolubus.)

            Along with STRANGE SOUNDS coming from below(not above)(stretching rocks as Earth’s surface rises from Wobble(increased due to Nibiru near), and we have FOREBODINGS of SOMETHING BIG to happen soon!!

           All this smoke without fire??

           All signs and indications are pointing to some colossal event or SET OF events due to occur within 2 to 3 months. More specifically within 2 WEEKS!!

           A Galactic Alignment is expected December 21st, 2,012. The Aquarian Age also starts then. All cycles,etc. seem to end on that date. Disasters worsen.

           P.A.T. claims 4 BILLION humans about to die.(As Nibiru causes Earth Inversion!)

           The Magnetic Pole behaves more and more strangely. And moves from Canada towards Siberia faster and faster.

            Anomalies are occurring, and the sun is playing up increasingly.(Bad flares,etc. Feb.14.2,013. May knock out Global Power Grid!!)

            Things DO seem to be climaxing.

             Even NASA warns of bad times ahead. Jesus, Nostradamus,etc.Einstein,Cayce, Mother Shipton and others all warn of dire blows SOON.

             How many are going to say: “They have said it before. Go back to sleep!”. Yes, it has been proclaimed for the last 2,000 years. Remember Y2K? But I say that Y2K, 2,000 A.D. was intended ONLY as a ROUGH APPROXIMATION for 2,012!!


             Play safe. PREPARE!! Stock up. Form a club. Invest in a submarine or submersible.(Safest place will be deep in the sea(or some-such)!! Those on submarines best off!!)

              How many more wake-up calls do we need??

              Get a shipping container and an electric generator(plus diesel to run it).Plenty of batteries,etc. AND electric and electronic devices!!   Stock up on drinkable water too – because this red “dust” will get everywhere!! It is from NIBIRU. And it is poisonous!!


              Yes, many deny Nibiru,etc. Many died in Noah’s Flood,too. But Noah and his family built an ark – and SURVIVED!!

               Is your ark ready??

               It is not safe to ignore ALL wolf cries!!


               EVERY 3,600 years Nibiru comes around. When it does some huge continent and civilization vanishes!! (We have an asteroid belt where erstwhile planet Phaeton once orbitted the sun.)

               LESS THAN 3 months left!!

                I am not crying Wolf. I am crying 2,000 Tyrannosaurus Rexes!!(Make that 2,000 TRILLION, or more(!!)!!


                Please yourselves!!

                Built a shelter? Good cave near you??

                Hoping to Ascend vibrationally?(And escape.)

                Got your name down with the local Annunaki alien? Just asking!!

                It is all going to co-incide with Christmas and The New Year!! The Festive Season. Or come days BEFORE!! (December 12th slated for THE EVENT. )(December 21st, 2,012 is MERELY Mayan,etc.Long Count Calendar date. It is not likely the set of catastrophes will occur ON that date EXACTLY!!(You have heard it all before? And you don’t like to be reminded?!)


          Moans next??!!






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