ggg4 WHERE are we going?

Monday, 19th November, 2,012.


Spiritual COLLAPSE!!

I am VERY deeply concerned at the increasing laxity of humans.The leaning towards the flesh – and away from SPIRIT!!(And Man’s weakness towards wrong-doing and negativity.) NOTHING could be MORE important. ESPECIALLY with about EIGHT cataclysms(or equivalents) IMMINENT!! And the danger of going to HELL!! So death, – AND Hell.

EIGHT CATACLYSMS IMMINENT!! But hardly a murmur!!

AND all-out efforts to stop me informing people! It is unbelievable!!

WE ALL FACE Death, Hell, End of this civilization,DOOM – and in the IMMEDIATE FUTURE!!!!

Is it REALLY worth losing Heaven, entering Hell, death and mass destruction – for the sake of more ease and pleasure??!! Either WE are stupid, calloused,disbelieving – and/or past caring; OR are just not WITH IT!!!!


The DESTRUCTION of this civilization(this WHAT??)(We are all sliding downhill. Nice until you HIT the BOTTOM!!) is IMMINENT!!!!
Death is nothing. It is WHAT FOLLOWS that matters so much!! Heaven or Hell?? Paradise or Hades??

WHERE we go after death DEPENDS upon HOW we treat others!! If unkindly – then to a bad place(in the quantity and degree of that unkindness). If pleasantly, then to a nice place. In the degree we dished it out!!

It IS a fact!!

It is true that none of us can be better than they are. However, we do need to TRY. Unless pleasure and pain avoidance NOW – outweigh misery hereafter!!

Love God – and love one another!! But so many humans seem to have confused LOVE with SENSUALITY!!(And Need and Desire)Love is uplifting. Sensuality,though coarsely pleasurable – takes us DOWN in vibrations!!

We NEED to get back to The TEN COMMANDMENTS!!(Because LOVE has become so confused with OTHER THINGS!!)

The basic trouble is we put the things of the flesh before the things of the spirit.

It is SO important NOT to sin(wrong against God) AND not to do wrong, even Caeser(Government and Man.)(Or even animals and plants,etc. Nor people’s RIGHT emotions.).
I am fully aware that this makes me unpopular, even highly unpopular – with the world. Because, IN GENERAL, it(spirituality and religion)(this is the way to go) are SO hated by the world.







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