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November 18, 2012

Monday, 19th November, 2,012.


Spiritual COLLAPSE!!

I am VERY deeply concerned at the increasing laxity of humans.The leaning towards the flesh – and away from SPIRIT!!(And Man’s weakness towards wrong-doing and negativity.) NOTHING could be MORE important. ESPECIALLY with about EIGHT cataclysms(or equivalents) IMMINENT!! And the danger of going to HELL!! So death, – AND Hell.

EIGHT CATACLYSMS IMMINENT!! But hardly a murmur!!

AND all-out efforts to stop me informing people! It is unbelievable!!

WE ALL FACE Death, Hell, End of this civilization,DOOM – and in the IMMEDIATE FUTURE!!!!

Is it REALLY worth losing Heaven, entering Hell, death and mass destruction – for the sake of more ease and pleasure??!! Either WE are stupid, calloused,disbelieving – and/or past caring; OR are just not WITH IT!!!!


The DESTRUCTION of this civilization(this WHAT??)(We are all sliding downhill. Nice until you HIT the BOTTOM!!) is IMMINENT!!!!
Death is nothing. It is WHAT FOLLOWS that matters so much!! Heaven or Hell?? Paradise or Hades??

WHERE we go after death DEPENDS upon HOW we treat others!! If unkindly – then to a bad place(in the quantity and degree of that unkindness). If pleasantly, then to a nice place. In the degree we dished it out!!

It IS a fact!!

It is true that none of us can be better than they are. However, we do need to TRY. Unless pleasure and pain avoidance NOW – outweigh misery hereafter!!

Love God – and love one another!! But so many humans seem to have confused LOVE with SENSUALITY!!(And Need and Desire)Love is uplifting. Sensuality,though coarsely pleasurable – takes us DOWN in vibrations!!

We NEED to get back to The TEN COMMANDMENTS!!(Because LOVE has become so confused with OTHER THINGS!!)

The basic trouble is we put the things of the flesh before the things of the spirit.

It is SO important NOT to sin(wrong against God) AND not to do wrong, even Caeser(Government and Man.)(Or even animals and plants,etc. Nor people’s RIGHT emotions.).
I am fully aware that this makes me unpopular, even highly unpopular – with the world. Because, IN GENERAL, it(spirituality and religion)(this is the way to go) are SO hated by the world.








November 18, 2012

Monday, 19th November, 2,012.


32 days to the end.


The end of what? I am not sure. World or Age?! I am finding it VERY difficult to give an accurate assessment of the world situation.(Some say universe, some say galaxy, some say solar system, some say Earth,…)(The Mayans locked on to the date of December 21st; 2,012. Must have been a very important date to them. But it is to many other sources too.)

People are quick to say End of AGE,not End of world. But how to define WORLD? Universe? Galaxy(Milky-Way)? Solar System? Earth? SOMETHING IMMENSE is about to happen, ending this civilization. It may not wait until December 21st, 2,012!

This(My difficulty making an accurate assessment of the current situation.) is due to an annoying lack of news. Due to Chemtrails hiding what is going on up there. And to the strange disappearance of Nibiru!(Are The Authorities terrified to inform the people – that civilization about to be WIPED OUT??!!)

Nibiru has been awaited some time now. But it has VANISHED. Hercolubus AND Nibiru are close to us. Hercolubus is Mother of Nibiru.

Has Nibiru passed us – and is now heading for Mars? Around mid July, 2,012.

Hercolubus is out around Saturn, and is Saturn sized. A cold green monster. Shouldn’t hurt us. But Nibiru was expected to whizz by close to Earth destroying this civilization. But for months now no sign. Nibiru is more Earth-sized and red. With a million mile wide tail of JUNK. It is Annunaki aliens’ Flagship of The(their)Fleet. I incline to think no longer seen because already has gone by. Anyone got any ideas? Please contact me: WHERE IS NIBIRU??
Or is there a news blackout by The Authorities? Cutting us off from ALL news reports re Nibiru. And for 3 to 4 months now!

I have just copied this out from my Google G-mail:-(What IS PAT? Stankov’s Universal. Stankov’s Printing Press. Ascension Law. Printing. – Make sense to anyone??)
PAT Comments on the Latest Post -November 17, 2012.
Posted: 17 Nov 2012 09:42 AM PST
On “”Four Billions Will Die in December…” November 17, 2012 George, It will take me time for all the information both my HS and yours have given us these past two days. It is a grievous situation indeed and I … Continue reading →



Four Billion Humans Will Die In December. Magnetic Pole Reversal, ID Split and Mass Ascension Will Occur Simultaneously Around the Last Portal 12.12.12
Posted: 17 Nov 2012 04:24 AM PST
by Jerry Richard James and Georgi Stankov, November 17, 2012 George, Thanks for your latest article and also the posting from Brenda Hoffman. I admire your ability to put together an article after this last wave. I started to … Continue reading →
I, Vic, cannot make any sense of this organization. Screwball? Or have they some legitimacy?? Are they OVER THE TOP. Or have the got something??)

However, they say FOUR BILLION humans will die in December, 2,012. 12.12.12. Due to Magnetic Pole Reversal,ETC.(Things ARE happening in relation to The Magnetic Pole. Is it going to take The Geographical Poles with it??)

Can anyone help, please? I cannot make sense of it. Attention had been rivetted on Nibiru. But now THIS from PAT(whatever PAT is(anyone know?)) is now dominating. To occur December 12th, 2,012. Then on December 21st, 2,012, Galactic Alignment occurs. With unknown results. A monster plasma wave has blown from the sun. 2 days ago. 17.12.2,012.

Powers that be have gone very silent. Though the chemtrails may be saying something? They HAVE BEEN trying to hide Nibiru. But Nibiru seems to have gone by – 3 to 4 months ago.

ANYONE got any answers? I am very puzzled.


The situation is very ugly. Between Nibiru(as was?), Magnetic Pole changes AND The Galactic Alignment of December 21st, 2,012. Especially with Israel attacking Gaza AND the dangerous Iran situation. All marked by a strange silence.

Also there is The Pisces Age ending December 21st, 2,012. And Aquarian Age starting up next day. 22.12.2,012. Higher spiritual vibrations will start then. World expected to rebel.(As they prefer lower vibrations.)

The sun is playing up.(Due to Nibiru? And/or The approaching Galactic Alignment.)

I have delayed comment – because trying to get A PICTURE, – but in vain! Hard to get a picture AT ALL, – let alone an accurate one!! SOMETHING GIGANTIC is imminent!!!! Get INSIDE of Shipping Containers, folks,asap!!
What caused the bad thunderstorms over S.E.Queensland,Australia??








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