ggg1 Doom, and after, continued.

Wednesday, November 14th, 2,012.

Continuing with Doom, and after.


Two other cataclysms I forgot to mention in fff12, Doom, and after.

One is alleged to be due to expanding objects. Saying sun will expand SOON, and swallow Earth up.

Plus one other, details forgotten.

Nostradamus predicted milk and IRON, soon. (In addition to Blood.(The red dust in water produces a liquid looking LIKE blood.))
How many have seen the films Knowing, Melancholia and 2,012? I believe all three show a planet approaching The Earth, causing a cataclysm and wiping out our current civilization.

THAT is the scenario WE ARE NOW IN. Because Planet Nibiru, the 10th planet, is approaching The Earth – and will cause a cataclysm, wiping out this civilization.
It is expected to get VERY close to us, PERHAPS as near as 50,000 miles! But not hit us. Probably not hit us.

However. Many people may wonder if it might!!(As it passes by.)

So there should be GREAT alarm!!!!







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