fff10 The Crunch.(Cataclysms coming.)

November 9, 2012

Saturday, 10th November, 2,012.



The Crunch!!(Cataclysms coming!!)

I am very deeply concerned at the dire things that are about to happen, and the almost total disinterest by people in general about it.

Consider: Nibiru is soon to pass us. The Galactic Alignment is 41 days away. As is the start of The Aquarian Age. Terrible flares,etc.from sun expected around 14.02.2,013. Israel is considering attacking Iran.(Which would probably start WW3.)

The Aquarian Age will bring in higher vibrations. The world will hate this – and rebel. Thus we face five cataclysms or equivalents in the immediate future:World War via Israel attacking Iran(imminent), The Galactic Alignment – with its threat of a Gravitational Wave,etc(Masses of particles coming up from The Galactic Centre)(EMPING the globe,knocking out satellites,etc.). A possible rebellion against the higher vibrations of The Aquarian Age(World Civil War.); Nibiru at any time, and Flares,etc. from the sun around February 14th, 2,013, five very nasty negative events. That is FIVE cataclysms or equivalents!

Any one of these five could wipe out this civilization. We have all five in the very near future! Plus Global Financial Collapse via U.S.Debt and deficit. Global Economic Collapse. Collapse of The West. Followed by attack of The Political East on The West.

Thus our future could hardly be worse!!

What a pity the world cannot live within its means. It is not hard to do. Just a little self control! Just do NOT spend more than you can afford! The trouble with credit is that some cannot resist going on it. Resolve NOT to go into debt! Thus saving peace of mind!!

RED China heading for World Number One.(U.S. has already given it its gold.)(Isn’t The West bothered any more??!!)(AND given Russia – superiority in Thermo-nuclear weapons.)

What counts(or should do I think) is not how much food you have in your mouth, but how much money you have in your bank account!(AFTER being rich in The Spirit of God, and replete with good deeds!!)

Good deeds should be top coin. But so many of us are obliged to let our bank balance rule us!!

The trouble is, you see, is that once in The Spirit World after so called death, we sink into material conditions which we HAVE TO live in!!(If our bad deeds exceed our good, then these material conditions will be negative! Knowing this should make people positive. THIS is the most important fact in life, and why the wise are good!!)(THAT is what counts! Not(SO MUCH) how much money you have in the bank, BUT HOW MUCH SPIRITUAL CREDIT YOU HAVE with GOD!!)(We need ENOUGH in the bank, TOO!!)

Many people do not appreciate this. Probably because they do not think that there is anything after death.(But how wrong you are!!)

In this physical world, our material wealth enables us to keep one jump ahead of the low vibrations which ill-deeds create. By wallowing in material goods and things.(Which then blinds us to our spiritual loss and debt!!)

However! In The Spirit World(Where we go after SO CALLED death.) Our spiritual account decides our material environment! (In the physical world, our bank balance creates our material conditions.) And thus if our evil deeds exceed our good, then our material conditions reflect our spiritual balance!!(Which, lacking material things via money, then creates material conditions for us if our spiritual balance is negative!!)






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