fff9 Trying to clarify a bit.

Tuesday, 6th November, 2,012.

Trying to clarify a bit. Coming woes,etc.

I am surprised there is ANY doubt about Nibiru. Just lately it does seem to be conspicuous by its absence. It is alleged to be flagship of Annunaki Fleet. Under intelligent control. Can cloak itself. Or maybe higher intelligences are just waiting for more people to ASCEND before wiping out this so called civilization. I do not know. I don’t have any “inside” information.

I can only give my opinion. I may be out.(Not have it quite correct.)

Certain facts stand out: 1. Increasing disasters. 2. Unusually high tide (In Auckland and elsewhere.) recently.

Then we have these red waters. Due, I think, to “dust” particles being encountered as we pass through Nibiru’s tail.

Examination under an ELECTRON MICROSCOPE by some Indian scientists reveal CELLS, that LOOK like blood cells – but are not. They are cells that have no nucleus. And no DNA!! Conclusion LIKELY alien microbes. Probably from Nibiru. Not sand blown across from Arabia.(Some is occasionally, but these particular red particles(other colours reported too) look to be alien microbes!)(The worry is that(as they have daughter cells inside them) they might MULTIPLY and DEVELOP into unpleasant creatures. Like occurred as reported in Exodus,etc!! Just being tentative as to possibilities. I don’t KNOW.)

I urge you study on Internet. Which is mostly where I am getting my information from.

Holy Bible mentions prophecy of what LOOKS like blood(but isn’t) falling from sky in these end times(end of the AGE). Nostradamus ALSO mentioned “blood”(Also “milk” and IRON.)(Metal balls found recently(from sky).) Just SAYING.

Folks, I am not claiming infallibilty! Just expressing how it LOOKS to me, going by Internet reports and forecasts.

Now regarding Sandy, what WAS hurricane Sandy. Hopped around in The Caribbean a bit, then turned north, and finally veered off into New York and New Jersey,etc.areas. Doing awful damage. They are STILL suffering there.

What triggered my especial interest here, is the unusual path of Sandy. Hurricanes rarely turn north out of The Caribbean AND THEN take a rare sharp left to hit New York and New Jersey,etc. areas! Plus a FRANTIC Alan Jones on Talk Back radio. HE suggested that either Political East AND/OR Obama got Haarp to engineer and guide Sandy to do this.(DID Obama do this to win election? I DO NOT KNOW. Just a suggestion. The original thought (Alan Jones) was to postpone or cancel the election. So Obama could stay in power. Because he feared loss to Romney who had surged ahead – to get very close.) I have NO IDEA. Looks NOW to be no interference.(Maybe Alan Jones a bit imaginative here. I don’t know!)(But it is UNUSUAL for hurricanes to take this path.)
Haarp devices CAN do this(Guide storms.).
I am wondering(In view of the sanctions against Iran, and the scaremongering)if Political East countered by guiding Sandy to hurt North East U.S. Perhaps Iran did it. I DO NOT KNOW. I don’t NOW suspect Obama. But I really do not know. No, I don’t think Obama did it. But it seems SOME PARTY did. And Political East, perhaps Iran, MIGHT be to blame. I certainly do not know.
It LOOKS as if Obama will get back in. Incumbent presidents of U.S. USUALLY do. As do incombents generally.

THAT MAY be best. Romney might be too severe in correcting the past. Safer,PERHAPS,if Obama gets back in.(In the sense that what is too far gone, is best not interfered with(to avoid worse).)

The issue is EXTREMELY close. Last I heard, Obama was ONE PERCENT ahead, nationally.(I don’t know what the TOLERANCE is.)

It is very crucial to the world’s future, of course.

Obama looks confident. So I imagine he is in the know.

AND Romney looks depressed.

Romney LOOKS a loser.(He bears the look of a man who will LOSE. IF he wins could be nasty back-lash.)

We should soon see!!





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