fff8 Red alien microbes invasion possible.

Monday, 5th November, 2,012.

Red alien microbes,etc.


The red waters are due to infalling red dust from Planet Nibiru. From its tail.

The red dust is actually red alien microbes. No nucleus. No DNA.

This is the second reported alien microbes invasion. The first was during The Big Oil Spill.

Louisiana is sinking. At least PART of it is. This could be due to oil removed from ground. It is POSSIBLE that this collapse below Louisiana will spread right up through U.S. To The Great Lakes.

Obama looks like winning again.

And Turnbull may replace Abbott as Coalition leader. In Australia.

Meanwhile Labour under Julia Gillard marches on to a possible victory at the next election.
Nibiru should appear like a large red full moon soon. Causing mass terror world-wide.

Between Earth’s Wobble, Nibiru and the coming Gravitation Wave,etc. from the centre of the galaxy(which recently had an explosion),at The Galactic Alignment, a continuation of the pole shift should result – wiping out this civilization. Causing 5 to 6 BILLION human deaths, terribly and horribly.

Cataclysms occur via two cycles. The 6,500 year one, and the 3,600 Nibiru period one. The Gravitation,etc. wave should produce a THIRD cataclysm. A world war now would be the equivalent of a fourth cataclysm. And a global mass uprising of the people – could produce a fifth(World Civil War.).

Myriads of alien space ships above are preparing to mass land Annunaki aliens. Partly to evacuate the best half of us.

Also huge Earth Ascension expected, including its inhabitants. Plus a mass Transition.

Strange things will happen. Like floating in the air, perhaps. And the appearance of sprites. And appearance of spirits of the dead.

The Annunaki aliens may require our gold, and us to dig for it. Also want our genes.

The red alien microbes COULD be The Predecessor of it all.
We all need to prepare for these eventualities.
46 days to December 21st, 2,012.A.D. The last day of the current Age, AND of The Age of Pisces.


There you have it.

All the best to ALL!!!!






4 Responses to fff8 Red alien microbes invasion possible.

  1. Josh says:

    Hi my friend, Thanks for the information. I’ve been studying Nibiru for a long time now. I’m curious as to if your in the know of such events as having worked for some government and if you have actually seen Nibiru with your own eyes through a telescope ?

    Also if you are in the southern hemisphere because that is the only viewing area of Nibiru at this time as Nibiru is coming from the south/south west from what i hear.

    I heard Nibiru has 8 moons and they are like baby duckings following there parent. the 8 moons also are like a string of pearls.

    Do you think Nibiru’s passage will happen before the galactic alignment of december 21st or do you think that Nibiru now will come after december 21st?

    So it seems like you are in the know and know for a 100 percent fact that nibiru is Real but Nasa continues to lie to us about what is going on out in space?

    I’m pretty sure myself that Nibiru is Real.

    Take care, Josh.

    • vicon2000 says:

      Tuesday, November 6th, 2,012.

      Hullo there, Josh. How are you doing?

      A Nibiru fan,eh?

      Yep, Nibiru is real. Six moons at last count. One is a flagship, making seven objects around it.

      When I say something, it means I THINK it is so, not I know it! I express in a way I don’t FEEL!!

      I do this for CLARITY, NOT cocksureness!!

      MANY are interested in Nibiru. You share my slavish attention to this er flagship. ‘Tis are blazing planet, very dense, emitting red particles containing alien microbes.(War of the worlds?!)

      I am down south,yes.

      NOT seen Nibiru through my OWN telescope(I don’t have one, now.). But then, I don’t need to SEE China to believe it exists!)

      Nope! No connection to government. Just piqued by Nibiru, as you appear to me(and many others are), Josh.

      I THINK Nibiru will come before Alignment, but it MAY be after!

      South West,eh? Why you toss in West??

      Oh, NASA can be counted on to be silent on issue.

      No,Josh, not 100% sure, just 98!(Grinning.)

      WHY you say Take Care. Me heap sure about Nibiru’s reality.

      I study Nibiru via U-Tube videos. We is on same sie, man, ain’t we??!!(LOL)(Nibiru is rather clear to me! )

      I have closely studied Nibiru about 12 years now.


  2. Josh says:

    I’m doing alright vic. i work alot of 12 hour shifts here. Mundane work sucks but it’s got to be done to pay the bills and live a decent lifestyle. Yah Nibiru has fascinated me for about 6 years now that i’ve known.

    Well i say south west because that is i believe where my ET contactee friend say’s nibiru is coming from, south west to north east i think , i think that is what he said before.

    Take care means to take care of yourself pretty much it’s what people say after they are closing a conversation sometimes. like take care of what you got to take care of wether it be family / friends yourself or anything in life that u need to.

    I’ve heard of the red iron oxide dust alot, i think it’s just oily dust particles that nibiru is surrounded in .

    Where do you get most of your red dust information?

    I heard nibiru has 8 moons following like a string of pearls or even like little ducklings following there mother or father behind them.

    I hope you can get a better picture or idea on the timing of this event . Please send me some links if you have any that are some good sources of information ?

    alright take care and hope to hear from you soon.

    • vicon2000 says:

      Red alien microbes. Info from my mind and the internet.

      Six planets plus Nibiru.

      Sorry, no links to hand.

      Sorry, pushed for time Brian.


      On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 5:59 AM, vicsesoterica

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