fff7 Red dust is from Nibiru causing red rain and red waters.

November 4, 2012

Sunday, November 4th, 2,012.

Red dust is increasing!

Please understand, we are entering the worst 3 months or so in the history of Man on this Earth!! Due to a number of cataclysms or equivalents. About six, one after the other. Some simultaneously. I keep on, I know. But you will all SOON see why!! I am trying to get you to ACT IMMEDIATELY!!(To probably save your lives!)(We might be wise to try to make Venus inhabitable for NEXT TIME!!)

At present a downfall of red dust is increasing. Disasters are increasing,too. And so are tide heights. Plus an amazingly rapid melt of ice in Antarctic, Arctic, Greenland and glaciers!!!! And sink holes, cracks in the ground, strange sounds coming from below, ETC.(BECAUSE of ground being raised.)

Get OUT of the coastal and river-side towns and cities! And get well up in height! Take with you all essentials(to be found on Internet), INCLUDING a STEEL SHIPPING CONTAINER(to live in)(rig it out) AND a GENERATOR, plus DIESEL to run it! To make electricity(as main power grids expected to go down PERMANENTLY…soon)

A number of gigantic things are happening or about to happen: 1. We have The Wobble of The Earth – peaking December 21st, 2,012. This is producing centrifugal force which is heaving the layers of The Earth UPWARDS. THUS creating holes underground – as a larger surface area gets produced. So we are getting increasing CRACKS, SINK-HOLES. As the ground stretches,of course!! The strange sounds are I think – due to the rocks below getting STRETCHED – as the ground is heaved upwards.(What is happening right now is more due to The Earth’s WOBBLE than Nibiru. But Nibiru is approaching. THAT EVENT quickly to be followed by A GRAVITATIONAL,ETC. WAVE centred upon The Galactic Alignment of 21.12.2,012. Which should be worse,even far worse, than what Nibiru does! THEN on(or about) February 14th,2,013.A.D. we can expect TERRIBLE flares,etc. from the sun. This should knock out all electric grids globally, if they are not already out!! Plus satellites,ET AL. ALL things electric and electronic!!!!

About FIVE BILLION(5,000,000,000) humans are expected to die – horribly and terribly. During the next few months.Maybe 6 billion.

Waters and waterways, world-wide are starting to turn RED. Blood red(scarlet) and vermillion. This is undoubtedly due to the red dust NOW falling increasingly from THE TAIL(Of Nibiru)(A big tail FULL of junk.) wafting up and down, blown towards us from Nibiru – by The Solar Wind.

I had THOUGHT that this red dust was iron oxides(ferric and ferrous) – but apparently not all of the red particles are dust! Some are ALIEN MICROBES! Life forms(From Nibiru) – merely LOOKING like dust!(As some Indian scientists have found out.)(These alien microbes DO NOT HAVE D.N.A!)

Nostradamus described a ball of fire with sparks trailing behind it. An excellent description of Nibiru!(The Winged Serpent of The Sumerians.)

This red stuff is poisonous. And it is getting into EVERYTHING. Therefore STOCK FRESH POTABLE WATER too!!

Israel is itching to strike Iran. But it would risk World War 3. – Which would be the equivalent of ANOTHER CATACLYSM!

Then after that we can expect World Civil War, as the masses rise against the rulers!!

That is now equal to about SIX CATASTROPHES!! All coming close together!!!!
Even one would create an Atlantis or Lemuria(Or equivalent)!! We have SIX coming, all very soon, and at about the same time!!

Some lands are going to sink. Others to rise(Australia and New Zealand are expected to rise a bit.)(Australia may get split in half north to south. Down the middle.)

We are looking at continents rising and sinking.

The growing heat should fast melt all the ice on the planet. Raising the sea HUNDREDS OF FEET. Three or four hundred, maybe more.(Greenland just lost ice sheet!)

PLEASE be WARNED, folks!!

Roads are going to be jammed – and impassable. With TERRIFIED fleeing masses.

Fires will be burning everywhere.

Earthquakes raging all over(some in unusual places) – along with volcanic eruptions, super-hurricanes AND TORRENTIAL RAIN. It will be about six Noah events packed into one!!

12 years close study of this subject on The Internet tells me these things.

It is The End of The Age. A 6,500 year age, AND a 3,600 year period, AND a 5,125 year Mayan period, plus many other important cycles ending – and re-starting!!(Do not expect TO THE DAY. NOR for EVERY forecast to eventuate. Most probable being stated.)

Death will be about 5-1 ON. Very few will survive.

Those few that do – will be flung into the latest STONE AGE. But with little or no metals left in the ground – to get out!!

NOT a good time to go travelling, especially in the air!!(As satellites will go down, The G.P.S. too.) Pilots will suddenly be left(similarly with ships at sea) to their own devices!(Having to land WHERE they can!)

Nibiru can be expected to start A POLE SHIFT. I think it started(Phase one) 31.12.10. Now I THINK this will be a COMPLETE GLOBAL REVERSAL. North and South GEOGRAPHICAL POLES – changing ends!!!!

Naturally oceans will sweep over the continents.

And the most ferocious wind blow non-stop – for many hours – as The Earth goes over.

Earth’s rotation should stop for 5 to 6 days. Then as Nibiru pulls from the other side – start the rotation again – in the opposite direction.

Between the sea flooding the lands, AND a GIGANTIC DELUGE – flooding will be TERRIBLE.

The very air will catch fire!(Or seem to.)(The material falling through it will catch fire.)

MANY buildings, if not all, will collapse. So TAKE CARE not on you!

This is WHY I urge BIG STEEL SHIPPING CONTAINERS. Rig them out!! NOW!!

This is advisory.

Buildings and trees,etc. will be collapsing everywhere, GLOBALLY.

Rivers will burst their banks, and the sea invade the land FOR HUNDREDS OF MILES!!

Tsuanmis everywhere – of up to 700 feet high!

If you stood on top of The Empire State Building in New York, you could perhaps dangle your feet in THE SPRAY!!

Sea to rise anything up to 675 feet. (Initially). 3 or 4 hundred AT LEAST.

That film 2,012 gives a rough idea.
Stock up! But FOR WHAT?? Absolute BEDLAM!!

Cloud should obscure the sun for many YEARS.

Precipitating first an ice era, – and then an ICE AGE!!

If you grow your own food. Perhaps Hydroponics, how will it fare in sea-water HUNDREDS OF FEET deep?? ??
Gangs of crazed humans, and PACKS of raving mad animals, attacking and eating,etc. EVERYTHING in sight – will top it all off!!

Plus Police and Army,etc. TRYING to over-ride ALL!!
I hear that it will be best to get at least 6,000(Or was it 600?) FEET up – above PRESENT sea level. I THINK it is 6,000 feet. As water is going to be SLOSHING up VERY high!! A 15 mile bulge, mostly of water, is going to overflow the lands!(The worse the nearer to the equators(old and new).)

A non-stop ELECTRIC STORM should also be raging.

Get WELL away from places like Yellowstone!

Some lands will rise, some will fall. So it is not just a case of tsunami dodging. But if you are on sinking land – you need to ADD that height on.(You need to get well over 600 feet above sea level(or lake, or river level) – to escape sea,lake and river. Tsunamis.)(But remember that if the land you are on is sinking, you will need WHATEVER that drop will be – ADDED!!)

I understand that the entire British Isles will go under. And some of North West Europe. But study the FUTURE MAPS on The Internet – to see the EXPECTED lay-out of the surface of The Earth. Yes, it will be ANOTHER ATLANTIS or LEMURIA!!

WHERE is Nibiru,now? I do not know. I simply CANNOT fathom its exact postion. Due to so much non-information and mis-information(mixed with truths) going on!!

It is going to be THE WORST TIME EVER for Mankind,etc. upon this Earth!!(Future included.)


I do not know the details. Hard for ANYONE to!!
Nibiru IS a fact. Do NOT be misled otherwise!!
And so, apparently, is The Galactic Alignment’s Gravitation Wave,etc. Which could be worse,even far worse, than the awful Nibiru event!! Both imminent!!


Pray and meditate LIKE MAD!!
A FEW will survive it. But to a life that might be worse than death!!!!

So there you have it. What to EXPECT. Make some allowances, I cannot say details.
The Internet is full of it.

Preparations are NOT for nothing!!(But WHO is going to KEEP his/her supplies??!!)(From destruction AND theft!!!!)


No, I am not exaggerating. EXPECT what I have said!!


The aliens may help. Prepare to get whisked aboard a mother-craft!! IF you are good enough – to qualify!!


47 days to December 21st, 2,012. The Great Day. The Terrible day of The Lord.
No, the sky may not fall in EXACTLY at midnight on THE DAY(21.12.2,012), but cycle closures and re-starts AND the APPALLING disasters – will CENTRE upon 21.12.2,012.

The next 3 to 4 months will be HORRIFIC. And the next 3.5 years – GHASTLY in THE EXTREME!!!!
Cannibalism is going to be rife. As food and water will be so short! HUMAN flesh and blood will serve if necessary. And it IS going to be necessary.
Naturally it will be one colossal crime,sin and wrong doing,etc. SPREE!!!! Non-stop from VERY SOON on!!!!
NO property or vehicles will be safe. Torching everything will be the order of the day!!!! Including humans and animals!!!!
INSANITY will reign completely….


Few will know what to do.
I advise GET NEAR THE BUSH(Wilderness), ON YOUR OWN, near drinkable water, and HIDE from ALL!!!!(You WON’T be able to trust ANYONE at all!!!!)

At least near to a Super-Market!!(Arrange with owner/manager beforehand, and leave cash by till!!)

Do NOT commit suicide. TERRIBLE penalty for this in The Spirit World. Where we go after death!!!!
WATCH the rising tides, the increasing “dust” and disasters, and Nibiru now visible in the sky.(Down south, towards Orion.)With the naked eye. But is hard to see,yet.


Death will be ALMOST CERTAIN. And a terrible and horrible one!!!!


If you go into Bush, you have falling trees problem(going down en masse). So get near bush(or super-market). Trouble with steel containers – is lightning strikes. Weigh the odds!!

Live in vehicles,good. Just drive anywhere. Roads will get blocked.
Best result will be death!!
If you stay indoors(anywhere) building will probably fall on you!
Under water is good. As water will provide best cushion against many things!
Otherwise inside mountain or cave.


Even 20 feet of steel over your head may not be enough!!


So hope to avoid the big boulders!(Crashing down from the sky.)(Like hail!!)(Average weight expected – about 70 pounds.)


Underground, best of all. Get shelter dug fast!
Sounds like mad ravings? This is what’s coming!!(Put very roughly.)
Over the next 3 months or so! And then very hard going for 3.5 years, about.

But will take DECADES to even START to get back to bearable conditions!!
EVEN IF you can manage to survive – WHAT VERY FEW WILL!!!!



Take me VERY seriously now!!

Yes, pack a tooth-brush!!




Bill. Vic. Vicon.







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