fff6 More again upon Nibiru,etc.

November 2, 2012

Friday, 2nd November, 2,012.

Continuing with Nibiru,etc.


The advantage with a shipping container – is that it won’t fall down upon you, like an ordinary buidling would. When The Pole Shift resumes via a jolt and a massive global earthquake! I don’t know how a steel structure would restrict electro-magnetic waves.

We have the equivalent of about eight cataclysms all occurring in rapid succession or simultaneoulsly. Commencing at any time. And lasting about 3.5 years. Wiping out this civilization. With several billion humans dying horribly and terribly. Mostly from Nibiru, Galactic Alignment, WW3 and World Civil War.

We really need to stock up for no fresh supplies coming in and a permanent break-down of the power grids. Don’t forget PLENTY of bottled drinkable water. With NO red iron oxides particles in it.

Normally with disasters, help comes at some point. Not with this lot! Each one of us will be on his or her OWN. You either look after yourself – or die!!

The crying need will be to contact OTHERS – all around the world. So that we can re-build SOME semblance of law and order, again!! Otherwise back to The Stone Age. Preserve records of the disaster. For future generations!! Warn of 6,500 year and 3,600 year repeats. From a planet coming close, and from the alignment with the centre of the galaxy. Plus there is a Wobble of The Earth on, AND sundry bad negative things. All peaking on December 21st of the year concerned. FEW will be able to survive. All this happens periodically.

If we could move to Venus or Mars, we might escape these depredations. Otherwise we shall need to rely upon the aliens!!!!




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