fff4 Hurricane Sandy,etc.

Tuesday, 30th October, 2,012.



Hurricane Sandy,etc.


Hurricane Sandy, a category 1 hurricane should start hitting The U.S. Eastern Seaboard any time, if it hasn’t already started doing so. First raindrops have already been reported. The trouble is this giant, soon to be tropical storm, should merge with two big winter storms, one to the north, and one other – to form a MONSTER storm. New York is one of the places due to be hit. In North East U.S.

Alan Jones, a talk back U.S. radio commentator, suggests that it looks ominously like as if the storm Sandy has been engineered – by The Political East via Haarp weapons through Djibouti. Endorsed by President Obama to cancel or postpone the election, in order to stay in power, as it looks as if Mitt Romney could well win! It would be understandable if Obama went along with that IN ORDER TO stay in power. It is a SUGGESTION, the truth of which – I do not know. Possibly, but it does look suspicious, the place, the time, and the two other storms in that region. Plus the fact that the Storm Sandy is now moving north. The election might have to be postponed if the electric grid went down.

The risk of Romney winning is too great for Obama to ignore. Might Obama go along with sabotaging the weather using Haarp weapons

Is it The Political East(doing it)? Is it Obama?

Or is it just fortuitous?

Food for thought.



Vic. Vicon. Bill.




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