fff5 Prepare now! Get generators and metal shipping containers!!

October 30, 2012

Tuesday, 30th October, 2,012.


Prepare! Or DIE!!

We are looking at the IMMINENT demise of our civilization! (Starting up within the next 3 to 4 months, and lasting about 3.5 years!)Due to Nibiru and The Galactic Alignment! I MOST STRENUOUSLY urge ALL OUT preparations! Get a METAL CONTAINER(To live in.)(To shield from the junk falling from Nibiru’s TAIL. Up to 70 pound BOULDERS, along with poisonous RED DUST.), an ELECTRIC GENERATOR(I expect power grids to go down PERMANENTLY!!), stock up all essentials for a LONG period of DEVASTATION with NO ASSISTANCE!! Remember – all useful APPLIANCES – and BATTERIES!!!!
Nibiru is closing in. But The Galactic Alignment could be worse! And there is also the Wobble of The Earth peaking. All calamities centred upon December 21st, 2,012.A.D!! With the possible addition of World War 3, World Civil War, Declared Emergency and FEMA camps!

So far, 2,012 has been comparatively peaceful, but all that is about to end with a SET OF wham,WHAM cataclysms starting up WITHIN 3 to 4 months! Ending this civilization with COLOSSAL loss of life PLUS damage!

You know those big metal containers used for shipping goods? Each of us needs one. PLUS an electric generator. On top of all the other requirements listed on The Internet, which PLEASE DO CHECK LIST!! EXPECT the main power grids to go down PERMANENTLY!!

Stick your metal container near to a super market – and live in it! Stock it up with ESSENTIALS. Sufficient for AT LEAST many months.Even YEARS)!!The Great Tribulation is expected to last 3.5 YEARS!! So PLEASE BE READY!!

Don’t wait for The Authorities to tell you. NOT this time! As they want CONTROL of us, AND to avoid panic!! They best do this by leaving us to it. And themselves vanishing into their VERY deep shelters!! Because it is just too difficult to get about 7 BILLION humans into safety!!

You MAY get rescued by aliens. 50-50 chance.
Nibiru, big passing planet, Galactic Alignment(explosion recently observed at centre of our galaxy – which is MOST ominous), possible World War 3 AND World Civil War. VERY few can possibly survive such odds!! When you get to the other side – head for the blue white light, immediately!!


This civilization will be WIPED OUT, The FACE of The Earth DRAMATICALLY changed, sea rise of hundreds of feet, and with EVERY possible imaginable horror and terror occurring, PREPARE to enter the NEXT STONE AGE. Knowing that it were better – to have died!! But DO NOT commit suicide!!
IF you get an electricity generator(you will need diesel, probably,to run it) – then you MAY be able to contact other folk, world wide, who also have equipped themselves with an electric generator! And be able to carry on SOME sort of EXISTENCE, in communication!!

Even the AIR will be scarce, as some of it could get removed by Nibiru. You will need POTABLE(Drinkable)WATER(Bottle it!) Watch that the red dust does NOT get into it. It is poisonous. Get a water filter. DISTIL the water. Or CONDENSE it!!(Boil it and drink the CONDENSATION! NOTE, NOT the water(even boiled!)!!)

Food will get scarce, and other necessities.
Robbery will be common. Along with every imaginable other crime!!
All law and order will VANISH!!
TRY growing your own food.
Stock up AS MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. As we are going to need to survive for 3.5 YEARS!! And then the rest of your life!!
Nibiru is A FACT. And so is The Galactic Alignment!!
Life as we know it now IS ABOUT TO END!!(Shall I repeat that??)
Beginning with economic and financial collapse. Money, worthless. So GET all the SILVER that you can. Gold is all right, but so expensive!! Civilization will collapse. In the West at least. Starting in Europe and U.S.

This is about as certain as certain can be!!
Safest place will be under the sea!
Buildings are going to collapse. Nibiru passing so close will start a pole shift, and drag the crust of The Earth hundreds to thousands of miles one way, and then far more the other. Yes, The Earth is going to stop spinning. For a few days. So some places will get nights or days lasting lasting a few days!! Four to five.

Nibiru should not hit us. But it is expected to stop many a heart!

The SHOCK to the world will be TERRIBLE.

Blame is going to be laid!

Volcanoes will be popping up everywhere. And one ceaseless earthquake will follow the first BIG JOLT.

One non-stop electric storm.

Plus a tremendous DELUGE. That and melting ice.

Flares from the sun will knock out all electric power grids PERMANENTLY!!(February 14th, 2,013.)(Nibiru should appear like a big full red moon at ANY TIME. Junk falling out of Nibiru’s TAIL will be falling for YEARS!!)

Prepare for THE BIG FOUR: Nibiru, The Galactic Alignment, WW3 and World Civil War. On top of the peaking Wobble of The Earth(which is causing the cracks and sink-holes,plus the strange noises(ex straining rocks below), ETC.). It is WAKE UP TIME for the world which is STILL fast asleep mentally!! All these things ALONG WITH MANY other horrors and terrors.

Yes, EXPECT a MASSIVE crack down by The Powers that be, plus a world revolt against N.W.O’s FEMA camps,ETC.

This is not scare-mongering(it might be were it false)(but this is SOUND knowledge), but this is A GRIM WARNING to you all – to GET READY!!
Meditation and Prayer will help immensely,yes.

Expect a MASSIVE Revival.

The world IN GENERAL has absolutely NO IDEA as to WHAT is coming up!!
But I have a good idea. SO AM TELLING YOU!!


I do not see open trenches as being much if ANY good. But metal containers or caves! Or both!!

Buildings will be no-no’s – because of collapse.
It will begin with the sighting of Nibiru like a big red moon in the sky, and the increasing RED DUST.(Which will create RED WATER. Sort of poisonous rusty water. Looking like blood and tomato sauce!!)


You cannot see Nibiru yet because it is still too far away to be at all obvious. And is still too much in the infra-red, plus too far south AND at an unusual angle!

Yes, it is visible to the naked eye, but you need to know where to look. It has been naked eye visible for a year or two now. A small disk,now.

There is Herbolucus and Nibiru.(Herbolucus(Nemesis) is a sort of brown dwarf star(one o f many) captured from space by our sun. Nibiru is a satellite of it, which has become Planet X, along with 6 or 7 moons going around Herboculosis, PLUS an ENORMOUS amount of JUNK, in its TAIL. Which is wafting up and down, which we are entering and exiting periodically.(Nibiru is a satellite of Herbolucus and has 6 or 7 moons orbitting IT.) Eris is one official name for Nibiru. But there is also Sedna,etc. And many comets dragged out of The Oort Belt by Nibiru. Along with asteroids and meteors plus much debris and dust. We enterered this huge tail back around 2,000 A.D.(I think this is the general picture. It is SO confusing in the face of disinformation by the authorities and scepticism by sceptics. Along with misinformation and so much extraneous data. Plus the fact that there is an enormous amount of stuff floating around up there, makes if extremely hard to get any exact fixes on this situation,which is not just ONE object – but a few!! But basically is this dark dwarf star Huberculosis AND Nibiru with its orbitting 6 satellites )(Huberculosis(Nemesis) is multi-Jupiter size, dark and cold. Nibiru is 4 or 5 times Earths size, but is very hot and dense.(Making it 22x mass of The Earth.) It has six or seven moons, up to Earth sized.It has two columns of iron oxides(ferric and ferrous) streaming off it, making it look like a winged dragon. This seems to be the origin of the idea of The Devil, The Serpent. Eris is an official name.

It is hard to pin down a description of Nibiru, but it DOES exist. Though fiercely denied by sceptics who cannot bear the thought. Officialdom wants to keep us in the dark – until they get to safety. Though I think they should have been open about it from the beginning – thus giving us all a chance TO PREPARE. And we would all be used to the idea by now!!(This is MY assessment so far, anyway. Trying to give an honest appraisal as I learn more.)

It is best to be truthful. And not fear it, no matter how bad.

And it IS very bad! IT is ONE of the causes of the periodic CATACLYSMS we get every few thousand years. I point to Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis and Poseidon.(Poseidon was in The Atlantic. Is or was PLATO’s Atlantis.(But is actually Poseidon.) Atlantis became a world-wide civilization. Originally Antarctica! Lemuria and or Mu was in The Indian Ocean? Anyway, they ALL sank beneath the waves.

Australia may get split(North to South)in two. But otherwise, along with New Zealand just get raised up.

Nibiru itself – as it get to the other side of us, should re-start the rotation of The Earth(in the opposite direction,of course).

The sea will rise hundreds of feet world wide. Due to melting poles and glaciers.

Stage one of The Pole shift caused by Nibiru occurred December 2,010.

Stage two is about to begin. And may be the entire rest of this cataclysm.

Two kinds of cataclysms occur. One is due to the periodic 6,500 solar cycle beginning, and one is due to the close passage of Planet Nibiru.

THIS TIME, we are in for BOTH. PLUS many other horrors and terrors!!

Odds are heavily that any particular individual will die. Horribly and terribly.

Killed by one of the elements. Fire, water,earth and air. Or one of the four aethers, including electricity.

Out in the open will be CHAOS. In any building, likely fatal. So get a metal shipping container!! AND a generator and some DIESEL.

Appliances and batteries. Meditate and pray.

There will be survivors. And it is not the end of the world. But it will SEEM like it!!

Life for A FEW will go on. But a MOST AUSTERE life!! A Stone Age existence!!

It seems that the main years to fear are 2,013,4,5,6 and 7. Though the disaster will START near the end of 2,012. Probably. If not then, early 2,013.

Be ready to return Oil lamps and candles!(All accounts paid up??)

The sea will boil.

An ice age will set in. Following an ice era.

So heart-stopping days ahead folks!

And thus will end our civilization of Arya!
The Authorities cannot handle it properly.


But HOW NOW? SO difficult!!

They should have been open and honest from the beginning. But I think fear of a back lash at not being able to protect everyone made them hide behind silence!! However, it is easy to talk. And so VERY easy to judge!!
There are MANY things we could have done, and STILL can do:-

1. Get WITHIN The Earth(I do not mean underground.)(Though that is a good idea,too!)(There is a way WITHIN near to The North Geographical Pole!)

2. Obtain(ed) a metal shipping container – and live in it!!

3. Get into a GOOD cave!!

4. Have built A SHELTER.
But what can we do NOW??

All – so very foolish – AS USUAL!!
5. Just die?

6. Or take your chances with the aliens!!!!
Spread the news, please.

Remember! Buildings are going to fall(Odds on)!!

7. Yes, a refuge deep below the surface of sea or lake,etc!
8. Get INSIDE OF a mountain!! If you can!!


Normal living is going to become impossible. Within a few months!

It is not JUST Nibiru. But Galactic Alignment, WW3, World Civil War – and MANY other things. ALONG WITH the USUAL problems!! I DON’T rate our future!!


Shall I hide all this from you. Or inform you. I have chose to inform. Not knowing what any particular individual prefers. Or even is best for them!!

In the meantime EXPECT society to collapse as MONEY becomes unuseable. Silver and gold better. Preferably SILVER!!(Cheaper, and of better utility value!!)


Many, of course, are going to kill themselves. DON’T do it!!
And many will GET killed in the settling of old scores,ETC. As humans lose all that is left of THEIR MARBLES!!


Yes, Nibiru MOST CERTAINLY DOES exist. And is coming up. FAST!!

At 3,500 m.p.h. to be exact.

I THINK it is somewhere off Venus.(While Herbulosis is off Jupiter.)

Now this is MY understanding. Which I am still trying to improve upon!!


Normally, one would live near water and other humans.

NOW, these have become certain LOSERS!!(Everyone will be blaming everyone else. Everyone bar them selves.)

The roads will quickly get clogged and impassable.

Fires will be raging everywhere.

You WILL need a shelter.(Or DIE!!)
This will be yet one more desperate stand against the forces of Nature(AND of Man!!).
Oh,yes. The end of life as we know it. THAT is for sure!!


If we cannot get SHELTER, or saved by aliens, –

might as well just carry on normally…until the end. BANG!!(On the head, or something like that!!)





Let us continue bravely until the last breath!
Now WHAT would YOU have done – had you been in my shoes??
Death is no thing.(Say it VERY quickly!!)
It is WHAT comes AFTERWARDS – that is the worry!!(Especially for those who have fallen short!!)
More pie??
Not Red Bull, surely??!!
Worrying – will only make things worse. ALL AROUND!!!!


How many thought that Utopia(what we got now!) was going to go on for ever??
No. The TRUE Golden Age lies a long way ahead yet. First must come THE CLEANSING. As it cannot come with evil-doers around.

I MUST polish up my act. OR ELSE!!





Vic,Vicon. Bill.







fff4 Hurricane Sandy,etc.

October 30, 2012

Tuesday, 30th October, 2,012.



Hurricane Sandy,etc.


Hurricane Sandy, a category 1 hurricane should start hitting The U.S. Eastern Seaboard any time, if it hasn’t already started doing so. First raindrops have already been reported. The trouble is this giant, soon to be tropical storm, should merge with two big winter storms, one to the north, and one other – to form a MONSTER storm. New York is one of the places due to be hit. In North East U.S.

Alan Jones, a talk back U.S. radio commentator, suggests that it looks ominously like as if the storm Sandy has been engineered – by The Political East via Haarp weapons through Djibouti. Endorsed by President Obama to cancel or postpone the election, in order to stay in power, as it looks as if Mitt Romney could well win! It would be understandable if Obama went along with that IN ORDER TO stay in power. It is a SUGGESTION, the truth of which – I do not know. Possibly, but it does look suspicious, the place, the time, and the two other storms in that region. Plus the fact that the Storm Sandy is now moving north. The election might have to be postponed if the electric grid went down.

The risk of Romney winning is too great for Obama to ignore. Might Obama go along with sabotaging the weather using Haarp weapons

Is it The Political East(doing it)? Is it Obama?

Or is it just fortuitous?

Food for thought.



Vic. Vicon. Bill.



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