fff2 More again on Nibiru,etc.

October 27, 2012

Saturday, 27th October, 2,012.

Further on Nibiru,etc.


Get your minds on Transition, Ascension,The Blue-White Light, and GOD!!!! Get your minds off anger, violence, sex and drugs! This is advisory, not an order, – IF you want to escape Judgement, Hell,Hades and despatch to a worse planet. The choice is YOURS. Not by your statement, – but by your ACTIONS!!!! Watch your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS – which LEAD into the things that drag us down, here now, increase our bad karma and kill our desire to do good, and even the power to do good!!!!

Nibiru, The Destroyer, The Planet of Doom, The Terrifier – and what ushers in The Great Tribulation – IS coming.

A Great Revival should start up – born out of FEAR, once Nibiru SHOWS itself(as it will very soon – like a big red full moon) to the whole world! Quickly followed by The Galactic Alignment, World War 3 and World Civil War – following global economic and financial collapse. Then comes collapse of society. In The West,anyway.

Flares from the sun around February 14th, 2,013 – can knock out electric power world wide. Global EMP!!

It will mean back to OIL LAMPS – and CANDLES. At the least.

Stock up POTABLE(drinkable)water, food, electronic devices and batteries. I advise GET AN ELECTRIC GENERATOR!!

Grow your own food.

And get close to a Super-Market.

Dig a trench SOME DISTANCE from your home and super-market.
I am telling you how to survive the coming Great Tribulation!

Meditate and Pray, do maximum good, NO harm AT ALL to any creature. Not just physically, but emotionally too!!!!(The emotional is far worse than the physical, though does not feel so.)

It is not a judgement. I mean that Nibiru,etc. is not a judgement. It is a natural cycle event(Though one that was unfortunate via Sol,our sun,capturing one of these brown dwarf stars and its satellite Nibiru)(There are MANY brown dwarfs in space.). The brown dwarf star is Hercolubus. It is in the natural order of things.

Expect GREAT civil unrest.

And home invasions.

Plus Declared Emergency and Martial Law.

Also FORCED removal into FEMA camps. Be like concentration camps.

Those resisting will be shot.(Dead!)

Not noticed the number of people going missing lately??

A world population reduction is on. Via chemtrails, secret bump-offs, vaccines and abductions.

When The Annunaki land – we may HAVE TO mine gold for them, give them our genes, be subject to VERY painful probes into all of our orifices, and have to mate with aliens – to help produce their planned AND ON-GOING HYBRID RACE!!!!
No Utopia and Golden Age is coming otherwise, VERY MUCH the reverse. Prepare now. But do NOT commit suicide. To avoid terrible penalty for this in The Spirit World.
Worship God, repent of all sins, and accept Christ into your heart, then spread the message. And this message of mine. Christian teaching. Basically from Jesus CHRIST.And GOD.
To fail means Hell, Hades, Judgement – and death.

Note that if you raise your spiritual vibrations, you can switch to parallel time tracks – where good things start to happen.

Another thing you MAY qualify for is the ability to change to better time tracks – which necessitates meditation and prayer, good deeds and the doing of NO HARM WHATSOEVER physically or emotionally to ANY human or animal. Nor even plants and minerals. Insects, included!(The command to NOT kill applies to ALL creatures,not just humans!!)

It is YOUR choice – and call. You have free will.
The aliens will land en masse.
We are under the rule of The New World Order, under The Reptileans, and The Illuminati. And I BELIEVE The Free Masons(I am not sure about this last one.).

God is returning to Earth. But FIRST, the wicked must be removed! Through physical removal from this planet, and via death.

We should be under the rule of GOOD, ex The Pleiades and The Outer Pleiades. Where we are originally from. NOT these invading Orions and Sirians!!
We first were sent to Phaeton, the planet that once orbitted between Jupiter and Mars. But we blew the surface off via a thermo-nuclear war.(Understand that new creations occur periodically.)(On Earth Genesis occurs repeatedly. Because Nibiru,etc.happen periodically.)

Survivors landed on Mars. Then there was a general passage there via re-incarnation.
Mars got terribly damaged by Nibiru and angry aliens.

The remnants struggle to survive, and had a war with each other.

There is alien humanoid and human and OTHER life everywhere. Including on Moon.

300 MILLION humans NOW living on Mars. Huge cities,etc. there. Including pyramids, sphinxes(I think.), Faces and other monuments.

Millions are living on Moon,even. Mostly far side.

Possibly Nazis right now on Mars and The Moon.

UFO’s are everywhere.

Yes, we have been, and STILL are, being lied to – as to the true state of EVERYTHING!!
The Nazis got favoured by the aliens. And were given very advanced technology. Including how to levitate, space and time travel INSTANTLY,anywhere(teleport), and to pass through matter!!!!

They opened bases in Antarctica, Underground,too. As well as on Mars and Moon…(They went to Mars over half a century ago.)(There is life WITHIN The Earth,too! I do not mean JUST underGROUND and undersea!!)(The world within has its own inner small red sun.)

There is a parallel race of sprites. Including fairies.

Also a race of mini humans. On moon.

Yes, we survive death, and re-incarnate. Death is the most joyful event in life! It is nothing much. Just a shedding of the outer envelope. A permanent exit from the physical brain.(OOBE’s are temporary exits.)
Death is simply the loss of the physical body. Which is the outermost vehicle of SEVEN bodies that we are in!

Yes, it is possible to leave the physical body temporarily, and also to pass through matter.(We all do this at death. Even animals survive death.)

We can enter the original replica of the physical, and we can enter higher planes.
We have lost our once incredible psychic powers. Due to materialistic living.

We need to unite with GOD divinely,etc. NOT humans,physically!
The sighting of Nibiru(coming soon) will oblige MANY to convert to good. In sheer terror and horror.

We must stop wars. ALL WARS. Stop destroying our beautiful planet. And live in PEACE!!!! Tolerating ALL evils done to one. NOT avenging them!!
We risk blowing up The Earth.

One of the reasons the aliens are now massing around us – is to stop us spreading our evil into the rest of The Solar System. Humanity is VERY unevolved. Is very VERY iniquitous.

Jesus Christ showed us the way to live. FOLLOW HIM!!
Note, advisory, NOT compulsory. But note that failures die,go to Hell and Hades – and risk ex-communication to a lower planet!!!!
Sex and drugs are our downfall. Along with anger and violence!!!!
We have LOST our way, and our marbles(minds), as well as our hearts and higher wills!!!!

We are AT The Cross Roads. We change IMMEDIATELY – or perish!!!!


Renounce ALL evil!!


Evil is doing harm to others. Retaliation is not justified. SUFFER it!!

Certainly punish evil, but not as an act of revenge. Punish via physical pain, not incarceration and death!!!! Nor deprival of funds. Flog felons(criminals). Yes,those in power and office, execute murderers. We need to get back to an eye for an eye,etc. We have FAILED the way out offered by Jesus CHRIST!!!!
Humanity is VERY unevolved. It is young in soul. But it NEEDS to LEARN!!!!
Alas, if you MUST have sex, then marry! Self abuse is sex with one’s self. Shun it!!

If you want good heart feelings, get them by doing GOOD.

Love and help one another. Not take advantage of others!!!!

Drugs is the cheap easy way to good feelings. SHUN it!! As it will lead to loss of all feeling!

God exists. QUITE invisible,etc. And keeps lowest profile. We have free will, but DO NOT abuse it! Or we will lose our freedom, and even our lives!!!!
Public worship is helpful. As many find it too hard to worship adequately alone. So GO TO CHURCH(or whatever your place of God worship).
Earth is not a playground!

And living is not a sense indulgence SPREE.(It has become so for many. But is not meant to be that way.)(Because an easy life USUALLY incurs a painful hereafter!!)

The Annunaki aliens are obsessed with orifice probing(without anaesthetics)(EXTREMELY painful.But THEY don’t mind!)Gene extracting. Slave gold miners. And abducting. Also cross-breeding procedures.Mostly NOT by sex!

We live in a very beautiful world. But we risk destroying it, as well as ourselves.

We need to go in THE OPPOSITE direction. Starting IMMEDIATELY!!!! Which we SHOULD have done ALL ALONG!!
Yes, we have lost it.

But The Annunaki aliens are about to land EN MASSE. They will soon put us right!!
Science is fine. But is meant to be HAND-MAIDEN, not master!
Look after your SOULS!!
Even if it means loss of physical body!
Got the message??!!


Well apply it ALL OUT, IMMEDIATELY, – or get the BOOT!!!! By The Guardians.


We are WITHIN two months of the LAST CALL!!
Yes, live WELL for GOOD – even in your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS!!!!


Life is SACRED.


Go TO IT!!

We are here to GLORIFY GOD, not exploit everything!!


Alas humans have reduced love to the sex urge!

Sex and love are TWO ENTIRELY different things!! You can have either without the other.

We need LOVE, NOT sex! Not drugs either.

Drugs is cheating.

PUNISH evil doers, not let them off!
However, IF you can do it, FOLLOW JESUS!!!! And DIE TRYING!!

This is not a joke or a sky-lark.
Money is material valuables, not paper and brass!!

Nor is it an electronic bank balance!

Doing good should be a pleasure. A delight to the soul.

Instead, evil doers are WILFULLY blocking others from doing good, not just not doing good themselves!!!!

They do this via force and fear.

Animals are FAR nicer than many humans!
There is a penalty mind. So watch out!!

Yes, do unto others – as you would be done by!

Love GOD.

And love one another!!

Yes, too many people on the planet.

And FAR from enough resources to last long!

Water shortage coming,too.

AND maybe air shortage. Due to Nibiru sucking off our atmosphere. Partially, presumably, as it has done this MANY times before. Perhaps it removes air each time, only to have replenishment later. From plants presumably. But where will they get carbon dioxide from? Their air!

Most of us are guilty to some extent or other.

It is not enough to repent. STOP doing ALL evil!

TURN the other cheek.

Share what you have.

Go for GOD’S JOY, not easy pleasure!


Don’t avenge. Avoid punishing. THAT is God’s prerogative! Leave it to GOD!!

Forgive others, and you will be forgiven.

Reprove wrong-doing though!

PRAY for those who do you evil! Don’t reply in kind!!

Love those who hate you.(Not hate those who love you!!)

Do good to those who do you evil!

HELP those who need help!

I care for your SOULS.

GODLINESS comes before even cleanliness. Though we should be both.

There are holy books which teach these things. Gathering dust on shelves!!

Do NOT sit in judgement upon others!! For we DO NOT know the circumstances and conditions that beset them!!

The judgement that you mete out, IS the measure that you yourself WILL GET BACK!!

And, as they express it today, what goes around COMES AROUND.

MEANING what you dish out, will come back to you, good AND evil.

Therefore BE KIND.

To the UTTERMOST!! Not just in token show!!

Peace be with you!

And LOVE to ALL!!

This is really from GOD, not me. I am simply relaying.
Watch the tide levels. The sea is going to rise. As the ice melts. OF COURSE!!

Nibiru is very hot. Many will die from heat. The sea will boil. ETC.

The three months or so ahead will be bad. But the two years or so(3.5 years or more.) following December 21st, 2,012 will be the worst known!!

LET others do good, even to you!

Not prevent them doing so, that your pride may be exalted and your position improved!!

GOD commands these things. I am only ADVISING.

Commanded FOR OUR OWN GOOD!!
A word of advice. SHUN alcohol and smoking – like THE PLAGUE!!!!

They are drugs,too. WHY so hard on drugs, but not on alcohol and smoking??!!

SHUN them all!!

Ah, how EASY to SAY these things. How hard to do!!



Love everywhere is waning.

Because being materialistic and smart is SO conducive to an EASY life.

However! Easy living leads to DEATH!!!! Of SOUL, not just your body!!!!

WHO is God? God is the person doing the good deeds. Best exemplified in Jesus CHRIST.

Who is The Devil. The Devil is the one who encourages you to take the easy path. The broad way that so MANY are following!

Be comfortable in soul. Even if it means physical discomfort. Even physical death!!

I plead. NOT command! I ADVISE, not try to FORCE!!!!

Re: Sport. Getting balls into holes is not my idea of fun!!

The world is OBSESSED with sliding down hill!!

The Devil is sitting on the throne, you see,…(Put there by SO VERY foolish Man!!)




Bill, Vic, Vicon.







fff3 I continue with Nibiru,etc.

October 27, 2012

Sunday, 28th October, 2,012.

Evacuate to Venus!


Because Earth suffers a cataclysm every 3,600 years from Planet Nibiru, which means civilization gets returned to zero every 3,600 years, we need to prepare Planet Venus for occupation. We can do this by seeding it, so that a viable atmosphere can be created in about a century! Then we can move the best key elements there gradually. I think Venus escapes the damage caused by Nibiru.(But these things need checking and working out VERY carefully, obviously!)(It is not necessary, I do not think, to evacuate to a viable planet around another star.)

Apparently the maximum viable population for Earth is 500,000,000(half a U.S. billion). As we have a current global population of about 7 U.S. BILLION(7,000,000,000), a massive depopulation programme is necessary for humanity to survive!(Global resources can only support up to 500,000,000!)

I believe this is what the chemtrails is all about, reducing us to size!

However! It is not necessary to do this! Nature is about to do it for us.(Nature is very good at this sort of thing!) The coming set of catastrophes – due to Wobble, Nibiru,etc. and Galactic Alignment(The WHITE hole at the centre of our galaxy has just exploded. This will send a shock wave and particles to us by December 21st, 2,012.A.D.)(This could be worse than Nibiru.

Between Nibiru, Galactic Alignment, WW3 and World Civil War, Nature and Man should reduce Earth’s population to below 500,000 OVER THE NEXT FEW MONTHS up to 3.5 years! Most of it to occur between now and(including) February 14th, 2,013.(Flares from the sun day.)
So it won’t be necessary to have a de-population programme via chemtrails OR ANYTHING ELSE!!
Leave it to Nature re-de-population, and don’t attack Iran(to avoid WW3)(Thus avoiding the WIPING OUT of this civilization!!) , and don’t rebel against Authority , plus seed Venus – preparatory to moving there gradually – and all should be well!! THEN we can solve the Global Resources and Potable Water for all problem!

Knock off The Particle Accelerators,too. As being FAR FAR TOO DANGEROUS!!!!

Supposing the hundreds of black holes created EACH DAY do not stop growing??!!

No more IDIOTIC schemes please, you so-called scientists!!

No creation of half man half animal monsters either!!

CONTROL humans, DON’T CRUSH them!!(Minds being crushed out of existence!)

Be harsh on hard drugs, NOT the soft ones!

BAN alcohol! Legalize marihuana(Marihuana has good uses. Alcohol hasn’t!!).

Strictures are out of ALL proportion to the crimes!!

Enforce The Ten Commandments! THEN you’ll get a better world!!

Legalize the psychedelics. Especially Ayahuasca! Helps development of spirituality I believe.

Humanity needs to LEARN not to do negative things. As these lead to war,etc!

Let ALL do POSITIVE things. THAT WAY we can ALL live – and prosper.
I advise people to obtain a little SILVER. Rather than gold, which is too expensive. And is less likely than gold to become our next PRACTICAL VIABLE coin! Pieces of SILVER!! Of varying sizes.

Bank-notes and coins have become FAR TOO rubbish paper and brass!

People need to start living WITHIN THEIR MEANS!! Materially AND spiritually. Thus to obtain happier lives.(Pleasure is not happiness!)

Too many are living far beyond it, which casts into debt – and a miserable life!
When the global economy collapses(I believe it has already started.), then we shall NEED a TOKEN that is NOT WORTHLESS!! Pieces of SILVER!! NOT rubbish bank notes(long since devoid of the promise to redeem in gold!) – and BRASS.(The watered down COINS we now have!)

Otherwise we shall be forced back on BARTER, – which is VERY inconvenient. Six chicks for a loaf of bread sort of thing!

So mint pieces of SILVER!(SILVER, not white metal!)
Once enough people realize that bank note paper is STILL just paper, and brass just junk(current coins!), THEN perhaps they will switch to PIECES OF SILVER!!
At PRESENT, we are psychologically CONDITIONED to regard pretty pieces of bank note paper, and the scrap metal coins, as TOKENS OF VALUE! But once enough people REALIZE that paper,however pretty, and scrap metal,however weighty, are WORTHLESS, then perhaps we can switch to SILVER coins, and not the white metal imitations we have now!(Tokens NEED to be of the face value!!)
Let the punishment FIT the crime!
In the old days(LONG back!), written on bank notes was A PROMISE to REDEEM in gold, on DEMAND, by the bearer!(In Britain, anyway.) THAT signature has LONG since gone!!

People only regard bank notes and coins as OF VALUE – so long as EVERYONE ELSE does!(But how long will that be??!!)

People have NO IDEA of the true grave state of the world. NOR of the WORST EVER global CALAMITIES about to occur!! Over the next THREE MONTHS or so! – Creating a horror situation for 3.5 years!! Though it will take DECADES for the skies to clear, and the dust to settle, after THE HOLOCAUST – NOW starting up!!

This is WHY Obama is signing up these executive orders and preparing FEMA camps! To contain the tremendous BACK LASH that will occur ONCE PEOPLE WAKE UP!!(To the DIRE state of EVERYTHING!!)

Current world population is about SEVEN BILLION. Food,water,ETC. resources CANNOT LONG stretch to that!(Especially if Iran closes The Strait of Hormuz!)
The date of December 21st, 2,012 A.D. is the official key date for the start of Mass Transition, ASCENSION,DEVASTATION of the face of The Earth, and GLOBAL DOOM.

If you refuse to know about these things, then WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO, when the knell sounds?!

Can you PICTURE the skin of an orange sliding around the orange? Well, that is about to happen to THE ENTIRE EARTH. Because THE CRUST of The Earth is ABOUT to SLIDE hundreds of miles around, if not thousands. First a bit south, then A LOT north!! Naturally THAT will produce BIG CHANGES!! In the space of a few hours! Queensland is soon to move into the tropical climate of Indonesia!(Then whisked south to where Antarctica is now?!) Then should follow a GEOGRAPHICAL Pole Shift, PHYSICALLY inverting The Earth!

Expect a tremendous Earthquake,world wide,as The Pole Shift(Geographical!) jolt starts!

GET OUT of ALL low lying districts. EVERYONE NEEDS to get up to AT LEAST about 3,000 feet high, above present sea level! IMMEDIATELY!!

Because the great heat of The Northern Summer, The rising magma(due to rising land caused by centrifugal force ex Earth Wobble, AND the great heat of rogue planet Nibiru, AND whatever is coming up from The Centre of The Milky-Way Galaxy, all combined, will rapidly melt the ice caps and glaciers. That melt will raise the sea level HUNDREDS OF FEET. Three hundred and odd, I understand. But this will be preceded by MUCH SLOSHING ABOUT – produced as THE CRUST slides one way and then the other, SOUTH,then NORTH(In The West, the opposite in The East)and the tectonic plates become see-saws.

Complete confusion will reign. From which we cannot recover(Not decades.)(And the we START to recover, but going into a Stone Age).


ALL the cycles centre upon December 21st, 2,012. So EVERYTHING will peak then.

The world will continue,yes, but be VERY MUCH changed!
I advise getting STEEL CONTAINERS, and living in them, because not enough shelters and bunkers to go around! Do this IMMEDIATELY!! Many if not most buildings will collapse. Get that ELECTRIC GENERATOR – because Power Grids WORLD WIDE will go down – PERMANENTLY!! THEN we may be able to continue communication with SOME others who have done likewise!!

There will be a serious shortage of EVERYTHING!!

So masses of people who survive(perhaps half a billion) will go around depriving the wise ones of what they have prepared!

GET the picture! After the TRIPLE horror CATASTROPHE centred upon December 21st;2,012, EVERYTHING will be scarce – for the few survivors. Steel containers MAY withstand much of the BOMBARDMENT from space(of the junk in Nibiru’s tail!). I think this is preferable to a trench out in the open! Hardly any air,water,food,medical supplies OR ANYTHING!! The wise may have prepared and set themselves up. But the rogues will quickly deprive them of all their preparations. And don’t forget human flesh and blood makes good food and drink!! Complete CHAOS must reign! And for decades. So even many of the survivors – will die. Starvation,thirst,heat,cold,murdered,hit from above by falling buildings AND junk from space. And numerous suicides.

The red dust increasingly falling is from Nibiru, Iron oxides, ferric and ferrous. POISONOUS!! So you need to have PLENTY of bottled water.(After the event DISTIL or CONDENSE ALL water!)(And DO NOT consume the red stuff! Iron oxides.)(Like eating RUST!!)(In water it looks like tomatoe sauce. But is rusty water!!)(Tidal heights are, I think, the best guide to Nibiru’s approach, though The Wobble might raise tides a bit too. An explosion in a white hole at the centre of The Milky-Way Galaxy is ominous. What will that send up??)

I do not know how much of our atmosphere we shall lose to Nibiru as it shoots by(Due to Gravity and Magnetic attraction.), but COLOSSAL tides will occur.

GET OUT of all towns and cities below about 3,000 feet. Or drown even if you escape everything else! As tremendous walls of water of great heights sweep inland. Get WELL away from sea and rivers!! Enormous TSUNAMIS everywhere. About 700 feet high. Initially much higher!!

THREE tremendous disasters are about to occur, one after the other.(Due to Wobble,Nibiru and The Galactic Alignment.)(They all peak December 21st,2,012.)It will be complete BEDLAM for months. Then tapering off over the following 3.5 years, but not getting back to anything like normal – for DECADES!!)

IF you face what is coming, you will KNOW your best defence! Better, I think, than just dying IN IGNORANCE!!

These things are about certain. But Meditation and Prayer can raise your vibrations enough to shift you to a higher parallel time track – where things are not so bad!

Many alien planets have these captured brown dwarfs – which cause great havoc on their long looping orbits. Best to move to Venus(in the future). This is because brown dwarf like failed stars abound in space, and many get captured by stars.

By dropping certain chemicals into the atmosphere of Venus – it can be transformed in about a century – to become Earth-like. We can reach Venus, but the stars are very much more distant!!
Buy or rent a metal container!! And LIVE in it!! Perhaps get one made.

Ordinary buildings are just no good in the face of mega-disasters!
Wise to get away from ALL humans,too. Get into the bush near a babbling brook! With a metal container.(Secret from humans. And keeps animals out.)
SOME will survive. But not many. However, it won’t be much of a life!
The great question now is: WHERE is Nibiru? Outermost of the six planets orbitting Herbolucus. It can cloak itself, and is intelligently controlled, so we cannot be sure. The Russians say it is visible to the naked eye. It is definitely there, and coming. But exactly when it will arrive, I do not know!!



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