eee13 Strange occurrences to come, soon.

October 24, 2012

Wednesday, 24th October, 2,012.

Vibrational jump is coming.


I understand that there is going to be a jump in the vibratory rate of The Earth, and, presumably all its occupants. May be because of The Start of The Aquarian Age, and/or of The Galactic Alignment.

In consequence of this jump, which may occur in one leap, or a gradual rise, we need to be aware of strange things that can happen to us.

For instance we may find that we float in the air.

Or we may see our long dead grandmother.
Because our spectrum of vibrations is moving into new territory – involving things like those I have mentioned. I am only assuming that it is possible.

Certain LOWER manifestations may also cease to occur.
Some material objects may disappear. And new unusual ones manifest. Your television set may vanish. And a statue of some entity appear, though probably not as a replacement.

All creatures should experience this.

So, if you see a troupe of fairies dancing down the road as you are walking along, try to just accept it.

I am putting this badly, I know. But how else can I describe so strange a possibility?




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