eee12, Doom will be soon!!

October 22, 2012

Monday, 22nd October, 2,012.

To CLARIFY what is coming SOON.

My e mail address is: is MOST important! We are (very nearly) ALL – about to perish!!)(In a set of disasters beyond belief!!)(Over the next FOUR MONTHS!!)(Have I got ANYTHING wrong? – TELL ME, please!!)

This is my understanding of a VERY confusing picture: There are TWO objects approaching. One is the dark star, a brown dwarf star, a star that did not ignite(or something LIKE that), Hercolubus,Tyche, a huge cold object anything up to four times Jupiter size. Captured by our sun from space, or perhaps from Sirius B. Hercolobus is also called Nemesis. The other is one of six objects, satellites(moons) OF it. The sixth one is Nibiru.2003 UB – 313?(Or is that another name for Hercolubus?) (Anyone! Am I right, or not?!) Nibiru is 3 to 4 times the size of Earth. Nibiru is red and hot, volcanoes exploding all over it. – Streaming off two columns of iron oxide particles, red particles. Ferric and ferrous oxides. Making it look like a winged serpent or dragon. V-shaped. Used as flagship of their fleet. Planet X is this mini solar system – which is an alien failed star with six satellites orbitting it, now part of our solar system. It is an alien world – that does not RIGHTLY belong in our solar system, but which is now a permanent resident. It is just that is has a HUGE looping orbit of 3,600 years. THIS is THE BANE of our solar system. It DESTROYS ALL it gets near(or very seriously damages it)!!

There is a small object, apparently another moon of Huberculosis, which shares the 3,600 year orbit of the whole complex we know as Nibiru.(Which is Planet X)

Finally there is a trio of small objects, Sedna, Eris, and another object. These have been dislodged from The Oort Belt(By Huberculosis), and thus have joined the party.

The Fifth satellite of Huberculosis is Homeward. This is the home of The Annunaki aliens, shortly to land EN MASSE on Earth. NOT to invade us! But to rescue us from the SET of CATACLYSMIC disasters NOW imminent.(Starting up about now, and lasting for 3 to 4 months.)

Nibiru is the name of the sixth satellite of Huberculosis. But the name of Nibiru is also being given to various other, but small, objects accompanying the failed or semi-failed dwarf star.


Unfortunately Earth humans have misunderstood and think that these aliens are invading us. This is not so. And we would be most foolish to engage them, as we are doing more and more, in battle!!(In return for VERY advanced technologies we have allowed them to abduct humans! And to create a HYBRID race! Which is well in progress.(The Annunaki modified our genes to create a species suitable for mining gold for them – which they need to shoot particles of gold into their atmosphere – to reflect the light and heat of the sun TO Nibiru.)(Which gets very distant from the sun.)(They were here 3,600 years ago, the last time Nibiru came by on its periodic 3,600 year orbit.)
The West is choosing a VERY BAD time to attack Iran(which they are now contemplating). West is choosing to attack a non-nuclear Iran. It could only lead to a World War 3, which would destroy just about all life on this planet. IDIOTIC, especially because The Nibiru set is about to do that!!(Wipe out this SO CALLED civilization.)(The West’s feared choice is: Face a non-nuclear Iran now – or a nuclear armed Iran in the near future. West could quickly no doubt sort out Iran. But Pakistan,etc. And North Korea, along with Russia and China – and other countries would go to to their aid!!!!

Our future is bleak – to say the very least of it – with about SIX cataclysms in the offing, SIMULTANEOUSLY. Over the next few months!!
U.S. does not want to attack Iran,really.(Knowing the cost.) But Israel does. And is twisting U.S’s arm!
The world in general does not know about Nibiru,ETC. But does need to be warned – so it can at least mentally prepare for Doom!

World War is bad at the best of times. But being very deeply in debt and deficit, AND with the Nibiru set approaching, it is uttermost MADNESS!!!! But Israel wants to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons.(Understandable!)(However, the powers that be are taking the line that it is better NOT to inform the world about “Nibiru”.)(Who apart from mass panicking, would oppose control of people.)(Iran has refused to toe the line, and INSISTS that it is nuclear energy for peace,not war. And has REFUSED all along to obey the U.N. Mandate of no nuclear weapons. But can we TRUST the trouble-making country of Iran, which is also the main supporter of the terrorists??!!(Israeli intelligence indicates that they are making a nuclear bomb. And it WOULD be in line with Iran’s belligerent behaviour!! It thus seems ALMOST certain that they are not coming clean. But ARE making a nuclear weapon. However, the cost will be WW3 and the likely destruction of just about ALL life on this planet!! So: Which is preferable? To INSIST on THE PRINCIPLE of COMPLIANCE – like the rest of the world.(Bar those permitted to have nuclear weapons.) OR, to defeat Iran now BEFORE it gets nuclear!!!!)(Israel has no doubt as to the better course. But U.S. is reluctant. Though will be hard put NOT to support Israel, as The Jews hold The West’s purse-strings!! However, three aircraft carriers NOW face Iran. Adhere to Principle AT ALL COSTS.(The thing to do.) OR, realizing that it means wiping out just about ALL life on The Earth, go weak – and plead for sacrificing THE PRINCIPLE so that life may continue on Earth!! A VERY NASTY choice. But THAT is the issue!!(Negative forces oppose and have reduced me to being able to contact only a TINY FEW!! Whereas the WHOLE WORLD needs informing!!)(BUT The West MOST ADAMANTLY refuses to inform The Public. So a TINY FEW, including myself, ARE TRYING TO UNDER-TAKE!!)

By right, The U.N. Mandate SHOULD be obeyed. (Iran should toe the line.)(NO nuclear weapons!!)(But Israeli Intelligence,etc. THINKS that Iran is not complying.)(It would indeed be strange if a rogue nation were not aiming at making nuclear weapons!)(But IS IT worth destroying the world for? By right, yes. It being a PRINCIPLE. Obey! Don’t defy The U.N.Mandate!!)(HOWEVER, there IS a higher principle:(Per JESUS CHRIST and GOD.) TURN THE OTHER CHEEK!! Hard enough for individuals. HOW HARD for NATIONS!!!!)(Let Iran attack FIRST. IF it is going to.)(THEN there is just cause maybe for self-defence!)(We suffered North Korea with nuclear weapons. Why not Iran?? Shall we sacrifice the principle to SURVIVAL? And let Iran GET AWAY WITH IT? OR, do we adhere to a principle at the expanse of just about ALL life on this planet?? In this case, there would be no survivors to adhere to the principle!!)(At what point(if any!!) does the principle become less valuable than the entity or entities it is designed to protect??!! I think and HOPE that Israel will NOT attack Iran. In order that THE WORLD may survive. But U.S. depends upon The Jews for the purse strings!! Is this dilemma irresolvable???? Normally, yes, Iran should NOT be allowed to get away with it! ESPECIALLY as they would, if not attacked, soon attack The West, aided by Russia and China,etc.etc. So UNLESS we can follow Jesus and turn the other cheek, THEN West either hits Iran soon, OR EAST will attack West EVEN HARDER, not much later!!!! And thus the world is being dragged into WW3 and ANNIHILATION. Because Iran(IF they are!) is SUSPECTED of making nuclear weapons(Iran denies it,which I think might even if guilty!), but because Israel won’t sacrifice Israel to spare the world(a bit longer,anyway!)!! THAT is the IMMEDIATE thorn!!

Israel would be insufficient if they acted ALONE. So all U.S.etc. needs to do(if Israel tries to attack Iran SOLO), is ABSTAIN from helping them!! Thus turning the other cheek.

WHEN is a PRINCIPLE BEST thrown away??

And WHEN is it wisdom to NOT make a FIRST STRIKE??!!(Because it might be suicide not to!!)(And even worse suicide to do!!)

The two in this case are going HAND IN HAND!!!!

IS IT better for Israel to suffer great hurt – in order to spare THE WORLD.(As Iran,etc.would REALLY damage Israel, AND U.S.etc.(The West,etc.) IF Israel attacked!!(Which they seem determined to do. And perhaps rightly, and even wisely!!)

So THERE you have it.

It IS a dilemma!!(Even WITHOUT The Nibiru Complex. But we have The Nibiru Complex TOO!)

SHOULD we sacrifice THE WHOLE WORLD to a principle? (Punish the wrong doers!)

OR, should we(the world) rise up and embrace Jesus’ GREAT PRINCIPLE: Turn the other cheek!!

I say THE LATTER!!!!(Though PRINCIPLES should be UPHELD at ALL COSTS!!)


And would reject it ANYWAY!!!!

Therefore, I see NO WAY OUT for the world!

We are obliged to attack Iran. The West is.

Not just to punish evil doers. But to avoid THE SUICIDE of NOT opting for a FIRST STRIKE. THOUGH Iran is guilty.

Forget the principle,unless you CAN follow Jesus,which you should, as it is best!
THOUGH it means SUICIDE to an aggressor!!(We would be LETTING Iran,which is so guilty,beat Israel!!)

And WHEN DOES following Jesus – slide into dodging a nasty opponent??!!










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