eee7 Nibiru,etc.continued.

October 13, 2012

Sunday, October 14th, 2,012.

Prepare for end of the age and civilization!


The worst time ever for Man on Earth. Lies immediately ahead, over the coming WEEKS!! From Planet Nibiru, and, I fear, World War 3!!(Not likely end of world, meaning end of The Earth, unless we get hit by something VERY big!)(Nostradamus said NO HIT.)(But if IT gets to within 50,000 miles, how many are going to feel “comfortable”??)(It has passed us MANY times before. Not likely to hit us THIS time…)(But possible,surely,if creeping nearer each time??!!)

Things should just get worse from now on. In every way.

Natural disasters, basically. Affecting EVERYTHING!!

Expect this to continue until we enter the next Stone Age. But, as has been pointed out to me, no essential metals(all used up) left!


Dismal conditions should continue for YEARS, if not decades or longer.
Nibiru,ETC. OR WW3 is bad enough. But to have BOTH – as is likely – is INSANITY!!

Instead of risking yet another war, we should be warning world of the damage Nibiru is going to do.(That is WIPE OUT this SO-CALLED civilization, of Arya!)

The problem is that Nibiru is so massive. 22x that of The Earth. Which it is due to PASS – November 21st, 2,012. Its gravity, gravity-magnetism, electricity,etc. should reduce this civilization to a complete wreck. Beginning RIGHT NOW, and just worsening until about all is reduced to rubble and corpses!!

VERY few are expected to survive it. Such is its severity.
It will be the end of the physical life of nearly all creatures on Earth. However, we shall survive via our inner vehicles – in The Spirit World. And be able to re-incarnate. After a life-time in The Beyond.(Average time incarnate is about 55 years, discarnate – about 50 years discarnate. Sometimes male, sometimes female. Usually human!

The Spirit World is composed of much finer matter than the physical. Much easier to live in. However, periodic incarnations upon Earth or Somewhere are necessary – to evolve. So we usually come back from time to time.

We have sleeping and waking every day. And we have incarnate and discarnate terms(periods) every life-time(endless number, apparently).

The physical shell rots away, but that is not YOU. Merely a mould currently in use.

It is neither possible nor desirable to resurrect the physical body after it has died.

But God has arranged a BETTER scheme for us!
It is like wearing clothes. The physical body is simply our over-coat. We throw it away after it wears out. Who would want to continue in THAT old thing??

THAT returns, in due time, to the elements. For re-use, for some purpose or other.


No. We shed our overcoat(the world declares us DEAD)(And buries or otherwise disposes of the used shell).

We then go about in our suit, or dress. In The Spirit World. In a vehicle( spirit body) that looks like we were in the prime of life!(Though we can take on any age, child or old, if we so choose.)

I am giving an ANALOGY.

Physical death is a big event, of course. But it is not the end of the creature involved.

After an average 50 years VACATION(In The Spirit World), we re-incarnate,via a new foeutus. Retainining our appearance. Though we might change our gender. But usually returning human.(Best animals become humans. But few humans opt for an animal body next time.)

So we get A physical body. Which is a MOLD of The Spirit Vehicle(Or SET of vehicles.) And thus we get a FRESH,NEW,PHYSICAL BODY, – unless we can find a WALK-IN(Someone willing to vacate their physical body, so that YOU can nip straight into an adult physical body(thus saving the hastle of growing up).)(Otherwise you would have two(or more)souls in the same body. Which CAN happen!!)

That is the opposite of one soul sharing two or more physical bodies – as with identical twins,triplets,etc.(I am not sure about that one.)(Are identical twins ONE SOUL in two bodies??)

It is possible to live more than one life simultaneously. Perhaps in different worlds.


God is not mean!
ALL things are indeed possible.
Although our previous physical body is dead, we have a fresh copy, commencing at birth.(As I say, unless one can inhabit an adult straight off – which is possible.)(But then you would not BE in YOUR body, but that of another!)(For which you would really require the permission of the other person.)(Called Possession if not welcome.)(Possession is tempting for souls who have lost their physical bodies, and prefer physical life to Spirit World life. Mediums do this temporarily, repeatedly.)(Can be dangerous.)(This is like pushing the legitimate occupant of a house out, – and living there instead.)(If we regard physical bodies as being like houses.) (Many cases in mental hospitals,schitzo,etc. are such!)(Where you have two,or more,souls occupying the same vehicle!!)
The point I am trying to make – is that though you have lost your physical body(at death), you CAN create a FRESH physical mold – with a replica(but improved) of the physical body you lost at death. Or, if permitted to, occupy another physical body. Walk-ins, or Shared bodies.(Walk ins vacate their bodies. But in the case of possession, you would be occupying an already occupied vehicle!!)
Yes, you CAN do these things. Even as you could push the occupants of a house out, and live in it yourself.

(With hauntings, you have a related situation. Where the previous occupant of a house died. But hung about as a ghost. The next tenant would then claim the house as their own, by law. But the PREVIOUS tenant, now a ghost, might not be too happy to vacate THEIR ERSTWHILE HOME – so that the new tentant could have the place to themselves!!)(This happens occasionally.)(WHO has prior right?? The previous occupant, OR the new tenant?!)(BOTH parties thinking the place rightly THEIRS!!)(What often happens is that the new tenant/s – flee/s in terror. But by right, the now, if dead, previous occupant should move on higher in The Spirit World. Preferably to remaining Earthbound. This is why you get some hauntings.)(Imagine living in a house, but then dying, but finding yourself unable to move higher in The Spirit World, observing the next tenant taking over what you might still regard as YOUR PROPERTY!!(Maybe because unaware that you had died!)(Bit akward!!) Wouldn’t YOU resist?!
Presumably there is no higher court both parties can appeal to.

No. I say that the new tenant has the prior right to occupy. The old tenant/s are no longer alive(but they may not know that!), and are understandably angry at the new tenant/s!!

It can even happen with BEDS!!
It is one thing to be a ghost. But hard to be an unwelcome ghost!!(This situation would only happen with Earthbound spirits. Usually one moves on into The Spirit World Proper. Though there are those who, though now spirits,would prefer to STAY on(a replica of)the physical plane, rather than to go to The Spirit World PROPER.


So when occupying a fresh building, might be wise to enquire about the previous tenant/s!!(Did they die?)

If this does occur(and it might), simply SPEAK to the spirit/s. TELL THEM – that they have DIED.(THEY might not know that!!) And as we do not consider the deceased as still being alive, the new tenant has prior right. (In the eyes of the living,anyway!!)

My subject is basically Nibiru,etc. But I digressed into ghosts,etc.

Reverting to Nibiru,etc:-

Yes, PREPARE! But for what? A living HELL? In a world where the others will just steal off you what you have saved!!

Nibiru is unavoidable. But we might be able to avert World War 3 – IF we do not attack Iran(Yes, Iran should be curbed, being the terrorist leaders, but can we afford to take on all these cataclysmic apastolic events – all at the same time!!) AND instead alert the entire world to the approach of Nibiru, Galactic Alignment, The Re-action to The Aquarian Age – and The Proton Belt, The Re-rise of The Virus,etc., plus many other horrors – and THE USUAL follies that Man engages in – we are entering soon!! PLUS the solar flares etc. of February 14th, 2,013.

Of course FEMA camps are being built,etc. And Draconian measures readied. To keep the world population in check, who are so angry at the powers that be for not warning them,etc.

The people should have been warned ALL ALONG. Instead of playing this ridiculous line of KEEP IT DARK. They COULD have ADJUSTED to the idea – and calmed down. As it is NOW, EXPECT global civil rebellion. And TERRIBLE carnage – as the authorities clamp down.(World Civil War.)

As it is, VERY FEW know about Nibiru,ETC!!

The shelters and bunkers will be for the chosen few – of course.

Where does The General Population shelter?? In caves??
TELL the people about Nibiru,ETC!! That they might prepare psychologically!!

THEY could have handled it! I mean that they COULD have suffered it. As it is you are going to have a MASS GLOBAL REBELLION! Against Authority. Without hope of winning!!

Fearing loss of control of the people, and mass panic and pandemonium(at the news of Nibiru)(Because it is almost certain to wipe out this civilization.)(We have a dark star that did not thermo-nuclearly IGNITE, suspected of being a brown dwarf(which it might be), plus a planet(Nibiru which is encircling it, which has six satellites orbitting it, with two columns of iron oxides(ferric and ferrous) streaming out of it – making it look like an elongated V, the whole being encased in a huge red cloud of these red particles, a great ball of them. Satellite No.6 is their moon Homeward. No.7 is The Flagship of The Fleet. Red everything!! A seething mass of volcanoes erupting. Along with a HUGE LONG wafting TAIL of junk,debris,dust,etc.
The TAIL of this giant “comet” is PRECEDING it. Blown so by The Solar Wind. Thus we entered the tail around 2,000 A.D. Explaining the red dust – and the red waters – now increasing. Jesus warned us against it. As did Nostradamus – and many other greats. And the increasingly red skies that we are getting.

The Great Tribulation. To last about Three and a half years.
Stanthorpe in Queensland, AUSTRALIA, where I am, is about the safest place. Biggest danger there will be The Storm Water Creek flooding – if it rains enough. Which it probably will do!!
Fortunately, being the cattle of The Annunaki aliens,who modified our genes – to dig up gold for them, we may get rescued – and taken above in flying saucers(UFO’s) in to the safety of their Mother Craft.(Some may be taken to other planets.)

All of this should occur within the next few months, if not weeks!!

Don’t expect a festive season THIS year!!
Nibiru cannot be stopped. But we CAN prevent WW3,ETC!!



Sol, our sun, star – has a distant IDENTICAL TWIN, Arcturus.

AND a close binary, Antoine, the dark star.

(The Milky-Way Galaxy’s (all astronomical objects have identical twins) twin – is The Andromeda Galaxy.


Expect just about every building to fall.

Great heat is coming. Which should boil the sea.(When things get too bad I expect The Annunaki aliens – to land EN MASSE – and evacuate us. About half of us, I believe. Presumably the best half.

Study The Internet for details. IF you can sort out truth from falsehood and hoaxes.

Nibiru is REAL!! Get READY for it!!

The worst danger should be Mankind. So many re-acting SO badly.

We do not need WW3 AND Nibiru! Either will be enough!!


The gods referred to in Genesis – apparently are The Annunaki aliens! (“Let US make Man in our image!”.)(One will be taken, the other left. As they pick over who is best to be saved!)


Nibiru became Planet X. Taking up that planetary slot. At about twice Neptune’s distance.

Its looping elliptical orbit – takes it past Earth every 3,600 years. So closely that it seriously damages the surface of the planet. Via the rising sea,etc.

One of the many consequences is to INVERT The Earth, physically and magnetically, causing the poles to change ends. On the way the ice melts – raising the sea hundreds of feet. One estimate is 625 feet. But there will be severe SLOSHING ABOUT. So MAKE SURE that you get WELL out of reach of the waters! Which will shoot up mountain and hill-sides.(Farther than you might think!!)(And then fall back…)
The Polar Shift which began 31.12.10 – should move to Stage Two.
We need to find a viable planet around a star WHICH DOES NOT HAVE a periodic Nibiru visitor!!(Many stars have a looping outermost planet, so presumably it is a common happenstance.)


Because every 3,600 years, civilization gets knocked back to a stone age, and has to start again!!


The tragedy is – that so few people are aware of Nibiru,etc. THEY think everything is going to carry on as usual.

But how many have not noticed the increasing disasters? Mostly due to Nibiru.(How many alive now – because they CHOSE to experience and witness this event. Which is known as THE EVENT.

It has happened before. Lemuria, Atlantis, Poseidon…
Remember,though: TWO cycles. One of 3,600 years.

The other of 6,500 years.

But THIS time, these two great cycles, and other cycles – are occurring AT THE SAME TIME!!!!
The dramatic thing about 2,012 – is that all the important cycles have converged!
Any one produces a cataclysm!


THIS TIME, a NUMBER of cataclysms simultaneously!!


Yes, there are about 30 MILLION humans on Mars. A branch of humans going there a million or two years ago.

Either we moved on to Earth from Mars, long ago.
Or we colonized Mars way back!!
Who is cleaning Curiosity?(And Opportunity?) A HELPFUL Martian of human origin.
I wonder how NASA,etc. will explain THAT??(A thoughtful breeze??)






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