eee6 Supplementary note.

October 11, 2012

eee6. Thursday, October 11th, 2,012.

Additional note:-

Nibiru is said to be 47,000 milies in diameter.

Some say it will come to within 50,000 miles of Earth. That is about a fifth of the distance to the moon.(This object is, some say FOUR times the size of Jupiter.)(Anyway, we shall all learn, very soon, JUST HOW close this object comes. We shall see.)

At one fifth of the moon’s distance, an object THAT SIZE 25 time size of moon. Now they don’t say, rarely do, if that is LINEAR size or VOLUMINAR size.(SO important to know which!)

If linear, just picture 25 full moon lying side by side! Now visualize a big full red moon of THAT diameter!(Sky view) Pretty disturbing!

It is said to be travelling at about 3,500 miles per hour.

If it is due to pass us in 41 days(so we are told), then it is 3,444,000 miles away. About 3 and a half million miles. Somewhere between Venus and us.

They say it won’t hit us(That’s encouraging!).(It has done this about 28 MILLION times before. So I am heartened!! Don’t know about you!!)

It could cover the remaining 50,000 miles in just over 14 hour and a quarter hours! But they say it won’t hit us.(But how many will think IT MIGHT!!)

We need to go around a star that DOES NOT HAVE such an intruder!







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