eee5 I continue on about Doomsday.

October 10, 2012

Thursday, October 11th, 2,012.

I continue on about Doomsday.


November 21st; 2,012 is the best(most likely date)I can get for Nibiru’s passage(Passing Earth).

Nibiru is the current most popular name for Planet X, which is apparently a small dar k star – that never fired off(ignited thermo-muclearly). It has six satellites, two about Earth-sized, four small. The Outermost is called Homeward. And has Annunaki aliens on it. Then there is a seventh object – which is The Flagship of The Fleet. Currently engaged upon rescuing Earth men from coming DOOM.(NOT invading us!!) To be caused by the enormous gravity, gravity-magnetism, and electric and nuclear particles coming up from approaching Planet Nibiru.

The Annunaki aliens are humanoids up to FIFTEEN FEET tall. Who fancy our women.

We were slaves of theirs(We had our genes modified by them.). Obliged to mine gold for them. Until we rebelled. When they left(3,600 years ago).(They are limited to these once every 3,600 year visits.)(The next one is due any time from now on.)

I understand the powers that be might stage a FALSE alien attack invasion.(Which is insane – as we are then liable to defend against The Annunaki – who are here to rescue us!!)
Another danger is of a staged false attack by Iran(perhaps on Israel) – to give The West an excuse to attack Iran, – to prevent it getting nuclear weapon/s.

So that is two pending POSSIBLE false flags.

The West is good at these false flags. And often does it.

SO I understand.

Planet Nibiru, which is Planet X, Tyche, Wormwood, The Destroyer – to give a FEW of its names(Hercubolus is another.) is CREEPING up upon us.(Happenstance)


It could be a small dark star, a sort of BLACK DWARF. It is hot, ablaze with erupting volcanoes(I surmise) and emitting two columns of iron oxides particles, ferrous and ferric oxides(iron oxides). Apparently not a planet! But has become caught up by Sol, our sun, via gravity, from space, or Sirius B – or Antoine(Big Pleiades star.), somewhere like that. And is now constantly dragged around by our solar sytem. It, itself,is apparently a solar system, a tiny one. Not a brown dwarf, I do not think, though it MIGHT be. It is an ugly thing, not one of ours.
Caught by Sol, it has slipped into an orbital SLOT about twice Neptune’s distance, explaining perturbations.

It is not the sun that is causing the main problems, but Nibiru’s EFFECT upon the sun, disturbing it, and the rest of the solar system.
Star or planet Nibiru is travelling in the opposite direction to the rest of our planets, and has come up from below the ecliptic. Long since passed sun. Now between Venus and Earth. It is currently on an enormous LOOPING orbit around the sun. It is not NOW an extra(outside of)solar system object. But is part of the solar system.

It is dragging much material from The Oort Belt, like comets,asteroids, meteorites, debris and dust. Which is joining Nibiru’s IMMENSE TAIL – of JUNK.

It is not likely to hit us, but much of its JUNK will! Including the RED DUST.

Picture Nibiru with a tail strung out IN FRONT OF it! Wafting up and down. A tail we entered about 2,000.
It will END this so-called civilization, and return us to WORSE than The Stone Age – for many years to come. Should be dark sky clouds for years.

Get ELECTRIC GENERATORS! And batteries. All the ESSENTIAL things. As the main power grid,etc.WILL GO OUT – PERMANENTLY!!
Why cannot we SEE Nibiru? Well, we can! But is still too small because of distance – other than telescopically – or as a small second sun, or as a big dark disk.(So dark, we have missed seeing it. It is almost black, but seems brown. Could be BROWN DWARF,then!(I suspect IS so!)

A dark object has missed notice by nearly all against the black of space. THIS is why not noticed!

Remember,too,that NASA and JPL,etc. Authorities are DELIBERATELY trying to conceal it. Using chemtrails to try to hide it!(So FEW know about it.)
Naturally, the populace are going to be VERY ANGRY when it does appear soon like a big red full moon! When they learn that the authorities have been WILFULLY hiding it from us!

They should not have done this. But TOLD us truthfully WHAT was going on. THEN the populace would have, in GOOD TIME, got used to the idea, and not have gone beserk! But folly is the usual path of the world!!

We DO need a chance to take our best defensive action. So I myself am trying to inform the world. But resistance and opposition by negative types reduce my efforts to almost zero. I so deeply regret to say.

I fail to grasp WHY not being informed about the approach of big trouble is a wise course of action! Though we can do nothing about it!!

Some might like to say their prayers.

Or arrange their holidays and vacations accordingly!!
It MIGHT be best that the populace does not know. Considering that we can do NO THING about it.

There IS a lot for saying nothing. On the grounds that they will go beserk, and do MUCH damage.

On the other hand, informing them in GOOD TIME – would have given them ENOUGH TIME to GET USED TO THE IDEA!! I think they,the people,are UP to it!!

As it is NOW, you have got an awful lot of people,who do not like to be deceived, who will PUNISH the guilty ones!! Too much of a SHOCK. And TOO LATE!!!!

THAT is NOT the way to go!!
Keep in mind, the GIGANTIC SHOCK to the people IN GENERAL, when this THING DOES emerge large and clear to WORLD VIEW!!
It will NOT be a FULL MOON! Though resemble one, perhaps. It will be RED. Looking like a large full red moon. But it WON’T be the moon!! It is Star or Planet Nibiru – which, captured by Sol, our sun, has BECOME our Planet X. It looks like a BROWN DWARF STAR. One which has not ignited thermo-nuclearly.
Many would rather not know. But you won’t be able to NOT KNOW once it appears, even in daylight, to world view!! And then it will be TOO LATE.


The best hope, I think, is in your own shelter OR CAVE!!(One that won’t collapse!)(As many buildings are going to!)

What a COME-DOWN from the good material life so many(in The West,anyway) NOW lead!!
There is a pole shift on. Caused by Nibiru. We have had Stage One thus far. That was 31.12.2,010. When strange anomalies were noticed.

At ANY TIME we may expect Stage Two of The Pole Shift, which should invert The Earth. That is The North and South Poles, GEOGRAPHICAL POLES(and the magnetic) will CHANGE ENDS!! I expect it.(It has always done it before in previous cycles!!)
So far The Earth’s CRUST has slid about 2.5 degrees.(Note: Not the tilt of The Earth.) The ENTIRE CRUST of The Earth, The Lithosphere – has SLID around 2.5 degrees.(In and out of the huge holes at each end of The Hollow Earth!! Or about 2.5 degrees, as I believed it varied per different places.(The Moon,too,has had a polar shift – or the start of one.)
You can check on The Internet. But the mass of information there, varies, and is confusing. So I urge you to listen to me who has studied it closely these last 10 to 12 years.

Planet X DOES exist, and it is closing rapidly upon us RIGHT NOW!!


Many fools try to deny this. But it is so obvious!!


The main population of the world does not know, and, still less,want to!


From now on things will REALLY get bad.


The argument, by the disbelievers is – and it is superficially good – is that an object THAT size(6 times larger than The Earth(or whatever multiple of times)) could not escape detection – ESPECIALLY by the MANY professional and amateur ASTRONOMERS world wide, with their telescopes,etc.
Many might think so. And many clearly do!
However, you need to keep in mind that a policy of DISINFORMATION and MISINFORMATION is being carried out by the powers that be! NASA has forbidden ALL astronomers to discuss the matter!
Ostensibly to avoid MASS PANIC, PANDEMONIUM. But actually to KEEP CONTROL OF US!!(SOME PARTY had better, but let that party have our BEST interests at heart, NOT OUR WORST!!)
AT FIRST the object was in THE INFRA RED.
PEOPLE do not normally LOOK in sky areas OFF the beaten track(which THIS object is!).(There is an AWFUL LOT of STUFF up there! Disentangling ONE particular object out of a WELTER of them – is not readily done!!)
An unusual ANGLE of approach.

AND from below THE ECLIPTIC.(Of a very dark object!(Apparently it has been shining by the sun’s REFLECTION, not its OWN light!!)


All these reasons have conspired to make the world population AT LARGE, NOT SEE this VERY DANGEROUS object!
Jesus, Nostradamus,etc.ETC. have tried for MANY YEARS to warn us of the coming of this COLOSSAL EVENT!!(What MUCH religion has been ALL ABOUT – AND FOR SO LONG.) COME ALONG,NOW!! Some honesty and THOUGHT, please!!
Dominant people DO NOT LIKE RELIGION,ETC. And would have the rest of us not like it either!! So they SCORN all mention of things like this. Because they fear it so, especially those guilty of doing much wrong!!
It is ridiculous to say that SO AND SO does not exist. Because one would need to know EVERYTHING that existed. And be God to do that. But ONLY GOD is GOD!!!!

However, there are many who do presume to know WHAT IS NOT!!
I think many at first,when they see Nibiru, will say that it is the full moon! … AT FIRST!!…

Those that do not believe in something, tend to DENY IT. But that is far too all-embracing a statement!!

It is amazing how many are blind to what they DO NOT WANT TO SEE!!


But denial will NOT make it disappear!!(Which evidently IS their fond hope!)
NOR is that scientific!


Many think that it is scientific to accept orthodox science, but MUCH in it is false!!
Orthodox science is not science!
Nor is science NECESSARILY logical.
NOR IS MENTION OF THINGS LIKE NIBIRU NECESSARILY unscientific! That is puerile talk!!

Nibiru is NOT on a par with Santa Claus!

Though Santa Claus is a distortion of Saint Nicholas.(Who cared for the poor,etc.)


With The Welfare State, there should be no poor!

(If you spend too much you can EXPECT to be poor – no matter how much money you had originally. Thrift is wise.)
You cannot HAVE your cake, AND eat it!!


Spiritually we only have WHAT WE GIVE AWAY!!



But judgements are facile.


And comparisons are odious!!







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