eee1 DOOM. Nibiru. AND WW3(??).

Wednesday, October 10th, 2,012.

Doom in six weeks!!(Nibiru. AND World War 3(??))


In my last article I said that World War 3 might start in early 2,013. Or soon thereafter. Perhaps by Iran,Pakistan, North Korea, Russia and China viciously attacking(all out, thermo??nuclear,biological, chemical,ETC.) U.S. Resulting in the demise of this so-called civilization.

In this article I warn of Planet Nibiru’s arrival in SIX WEEKS!! With disasters starting immediately!!

I am hoping Nibiru will prevent any WW3!
In Australia, The Coalition can POSSIBLY now reach the required 75 to oust Labour.
Hotel,etc.locks can now be picked easily with a pen-LIKE device!!
Greece looks like exiting EEU and Europe.
A brain eating amoeba is loose in Pakistan. ETC.
There are numerous other nasties.

Back to Planet Nibiru. It is NOW in sight, IN DAYLIGHT, looking like a small full moon! At least one of Nibiru’s moons is!(Nibiru is in sight. AND at least one of its moons,apparently!!)

Nibiru has the capacity to end this “civilization”! And will almost certainly DO so!!
Some birds have fallen from the sky. I believe this is due to electro-magnetism from Nibiru. I think Pole Shift STAGE TWO is beginning.

I expect Nibiru to PASS US,EARTH, late in November, 2,012. About Nov.21 to 26 period.

Then on December 21st, 2,012, we have The Galactic Alignment. With unknown results. But many particles coming up from Milky-Way’s Galactic Centre!!
The Age of Aquarius begins,when Pisces ends, December 21/22, 2,012. When higher spiritual vibrations come in. The world will hate this – and rebel VIOLENTLY!!!! Be READY!!!!
Yes, Nibiru is approaching. I have been working on this for 10,11,12 years(ten to twelve years). And trying frantically to warn the world.

Nibiru began as Planet X, predicted through NASA IRAS infra-red telescope. Then hastily denied. But it IS coming. And they are trying to conceal it with denial and chemtrails!!

Red dust began to fall from 2,000 on. Later becoming red waters – like The Yangstze for example. Due to the red dust getting into water. It first looks like blood,then goes vermillion. (Something like that.)Ending up, if thick enough, looking like TOMATO SAUCE!! It is iron oxide. It is dangerous. Can die if you drink it!!(It is definitely NOT tomato sauce!!)

It needs DISTILLING, best.
Then come red skies. Because Planet Nibiru(Our Planet X, apparently.) has a huge red cloud of iron oxide dust particles around it(it is emitting two huge columns of red oxide dust, one on each side,making it look like an elongated V), and a huge long TAIL of JUNK. Mostly dust. Plus much DEBRIS. It wafts. Waves up and down. So we go in and out of the tail,which PRECEDES Nibiru. Thus we get spells of red dust,red waters and red skies,etc.
Now this red dust is going to get EVERYWHERE. But it is poisonous! It will get into crops,buildings,water, – and AIR!!!!(I think we shall need gas masks to survive. As it will choke up the lungs!!)
Our growing disasters have been due to the approach of Nibiru.

The Pole Shift’s stage one of 31.12.2,010 was due to Nibiru.

The recent high tides in Auckland, New Zealand – are due to Nibiru.
I expect Pole Shift Stage Two to begin AT ANY TIME!!(Some birds fell from sky, a day or two back. This will throw out all navigation too.)(Also expect the tectonic plates to start see-sawing again!!)(Changing LOCALLY where sun and moon sky,etc. rise and set!!!! Causing complete confusion.)

Without shelter you will die. Horribly and terribly.

But only a selected few can survive!! In shelters and bunkers that have been built.

Just not enough room for well over 6 BILLION people!!
I gather that 3 to 4 BILLION people will die fast. I think another 2 to 3 billion more slowly. Yes, that will leave about no one. Animals,plants,buildings,etc.TOO.Of course.
Buildings will be levelled. The Pole Shift stage two should begin with a tremendous jolt. A COLOSSAL global earth-quake.

Only hope, if not in shelters fast enough, is rescue by aliens.

Best hope – lie in trench in open. (I don’t fancy that!)

TREMENDOUS electric storms. And flares,etc.from sun,later.
The sea should rise UP TO 675 FEET. Rather quickly. Changing the face of The Earth DRAMATICALLY.
Safest place – up on top of The Great Dividing Range in Queensland, AUSTRALIA.
Nearest safest town is Stanthorpe, I believe. I am fairly sure of it. Stanthorpe could come off almost unscathed. Worst danger there I THINK – is if it rains much(as is probable) of the creek rise, overflowing – and flooding the town.

Stanthorpe should also be safe enough from rising sea. Which could end up lapping against near to Stanthorpe!!

Tides should now rise dramatically, more and more. A prelude to the up to 675 feet rise.
Watch out for Nibiru appearing in the sky like a full red moon. Size at maximum, I believe.

I hope you got all that.

It is about as certain as certain can be. So PLEASE heed WELL!!!!
Get away from coasts, riversides,cities and all low ground below about 2,000 to 3,000 feet. As the sea will be sloshing about a lot. Flooding entire countries, even CONTINENTS!!

Seas will roar IN, and then, later – OUT!! SHOOTING UP hill-sides,ETC. DON’T under-estimate how far it can reach now! Or you drown,DIE!!!!
We may lose some of our atmosphere. Which could fall to a low level.


The British Isles and North West Europe are expected to go under. As is all but Eastern Australia. Study the world maps on The Internet. Showing AFTER the cataclysm.

Apparently Nibiru is very hot, so terrific heat should build up. Even to BOILING the sea!! Many should die from heat, of course, especially the infirm. Elderly and very young.

So watch THE TIDES as good indicator of Nibiru’s progress.
Best hope(MOST forlorn) – get into authorized shelters. Second: Hope for alien rescue – wafted above into UFO Mother Craft, even possibly other planets.

Do NOT commit suicide. May be bad penalty for that in Spirit World.


Money and coins, gold and silver,etc. – all become worthless.
Only things of value are the essentials: Food, water(yes!),may need only BOTTLED WATER – because of red dust. Batteries. Medical Supplies,ETC.

Keep your DOCUMENTS. The most important ones anyway.
The biggest danger will be mobs of humans – raving mad, destroying EVERYTHING.

And PACKS of animals – completely BESERK, attacking everything. Dogs for example should be RAVING MAD.
Study Internet for best solutions!!
The heat from Nibiru, and the rising magma below, PLUS a big increase in tilt of Earth,ETC. all contribute to rapid melting of the poles and the glaciers!! Thus raising the sea!!
Get TENTS. Camp away from HUMANS!! But beware of animals! Keep near WATER!! Bottled water.

I advise next to SUPER-MARKETS!!
Food, and potable water,etc.etc. will become almost non-existent. So people will go INSANE and rob you of these things. Even to eating human flesh, and drinking human blood. Also of animals. So BE WARNED!!!!

Cannibalism should be rife,eventually.
Fire will be everywhere. Everything will be burning. Much torched, as will vehicles, by INSANE MOBS.
Homes invaded, contents removed, including occupants!!
So GET TENTS,ETC!! And batteries for your electric and electronic appliances.
Radios essential – for news and instructions!!
Move fast,now. Nibiru IS in sight. And should appear large soon, like full red moon.

Expected to PASS US,EARTH in just SIX WEEKS.
No Festivities expected THIS YEAR. Nor any year,now for thousands of years!!
This is the end of this AGE. It will seem like the end of the world.


NO THING will be safe. Vehicles unusable due to clogged up roads!!

No fuel anyway.
Building up to UTTER CHAOS and CONFUSION.


Commerce and Trade will grind to a halt.


Study Nibiru on Internet.


BATTERIES. And MEDICAL SUPPLIES. As well as FOOD, POTABLE WATER,and your DOCUMENTS. Your important documents!!

Yes, good idea grow own food!!
Stock up tins of food!!

You really need enough for YEARS!!!!
Food,water,even AIR,and viable buildings will be severely depleted!!!!
In other words: Complete DISINTEGRATION of EVERYTHING.

Corpses, human and animal, will be all over the place – rotting, unburied.

FAR too many to cope with. And few left to cope!!
Lock all doors and windows, not that that will deter many!!
Duct or cellotape seal up all cracks. To keep out the red dust!!
You think I exaggerate? THINK AGAIN!!


Should be MUCH rain, and flooding.
Plenty of cloud.
Why do you think FEMA camps,etc. Plus upcoming DRACONIAN laws??!!


This is IT, chaps!!(I am in Queensland, AUSTRALIA.)


Batten and hunker down.


Nibiru has a mass of 22 times that of Earth, though is only(I understand 3 to 4 times its size). It is very dense.

Annunaki aliens will be landing.
WHY do you think there is a COLLOSAL ARMADA of UFO’s and mother craft, and GIANT alien craft OVERHEAD now??!!

To evacuate all humans from the Earth!!(Many,anyway.)
Noah’s Ark, 2,012 version!!
It will start SUDDENLY. So BE ready!!

Expect to DIE. Horribly and terribly!!!!


Nibiru’s GRAVITY and GRAVITY MAGNETISM, plus ELECTRICITY and MAGNETISM – should knock out all satellites, electric and electronic appliances, like in a GIANT EMP attack!!(Hence the need for MANY batteries of all kinds!!)
I am speaking as best I can. Make DUE ALLOWANCE for that!!(Hastily and ROUGHLY.)
Although Planet Nibiru won’t pass us for six weeks, it effects will start and grow from about NOW ON!!

Like with high and GROWING tides for example.

High and increasing heat.
Sink holes, cracks in the ground, strange noises(from rocks below getting STRETCHED!!), and rapidly growing DISASTERS of all kinds.

The people will go RAVING MAD – of course!!
Yes, POLE SHIFT. Stage two.

Remember that the tectonic plates will be see-sawing up and down increasingly – causing all sorts of anomalies!!

Complete confusion will reign!!
Lots of things I have probably forgotten!


All the BEST!! You are going to NEED IT!!











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