eee2 The End IS nigh!!

Tuesday, 9th October, 2,012.

The End IS nigh!


73 days to the end of this age. This 6,500 year Quarter Solar Cycle. December 21st; 2,012. Remember the date? 22nd starts a new cycle. Within 3 months of THE END. Not of world, but of this AGE.

Maybe not on that EXACT day. And for The Universal Meridian.(The Old Greenwhich 0 Meridian line.) But no man knows the EXACT hour. However, EXPECT IT within the next year or two.(MORE LIKELY within THE NEXT FEW MONTHS!!)

TIME will go on, and so PROBABLY will The Earth itself. But not this SO CALLED civilization! That ends. And with the worst disasters EVER. Past AND FUTURE.

The equivalent of about 6,7 or 8 CATACLYSMS are closing in upon us. All occurring together. I have tried these past ten years, a whole DECADE, to warn as many as possible of this coming.(It will be followed by THE RETURN OF CHRIST. The defeat of evil. CHRIST is a SPIRIT, not a man! The Spirit of GOD.)

It is for sure.

And I shouldn’t be far out. – If out at all.

Not the end of any of you, only of your PHYSICAL BODIES. We have about SEVEN vehicles all encased materially and vibrationally ONE WITHIN THE OTHER.(Not MATERIALLY, but VIBRATIONALLY!!) We shall, simply shed the lower vehicle, and enter The Astral or Spirit World. At FIRST, a replica of this physical world. You should be able to float about(in the AIR!). Those who have preceded us, friends,relatives,aquaintances – will likely come to greet us- to welcome us into The New World. It is LIKE going to another country.

Crustaceans and arthropads shed their skins.(In this world) We shall be doing something similar.(But in a bigger way.)

It is actually no big deal. We have these SIX other vehicles.
Try to keep calm.
The Spirit World is made of FINER MATERIAL than this physical world, and is much grander.

Later on, you will be able to re-incarnate – if you wish to. Some people prefer the physical. And some – The Spirit World. Average length of time spent in the physical is about 55 years. Average length of time spent in The Spirit World is about 50 years. Happy landing!(Those who have done good, receive their reward. Evil doers get punished.)(All in appropriate proportion.)

It will seem strange at first, but you will get used to it.

It is a material world, but FINER than this physical world.

At first we find ourselves in A REPLICA of this physical world. But The True Spirit World we need to enter, lies higher(vibrationally).(Pray all out, and KEEP praying!!) Get up there asap. VIBRATIONALLY. AND materially. So you will need to both raise your vibrations AND shoot up 3d wise – as high as you can get – to where you feel most comfortable. Spirits may help you. They usually do. Friendly humans who have gone on before.

Death is not the end of you. Only of your physical body! But it will SEEM like the end of you! It is the BEST event in life!! You should experience feelings of release and JOY – in the highest degree you can bear. Nothing to be afraid of – unless you have done more harm than good!(In which case you will go DOWN, not up. And in the measure of what you have done!!)

Take it easy! You will find that you can float and fly in The Astral AIR. Something like being under water.

LOVE will freely apply in The Spirit World. You will be going HOME.

The TUNNEL you enter is the suture in your skull, THROUGH which your spirit set of vehicles will pass once you leave your physical body.(Not ALL are going to die, but several BILLION are expected to.)(I would imagine that just about every spirit in The Spirit World will be mustered to deal with THE AVALANCHE of humans(and other life forms)(We have done the trip before – and many times.(And will again) – Over the course of endless life-times) switching from physical to spirit matter. You could make it on your own, but spirits will help where necessary. GOD is good, and IS in control!!

You may be surprised to find yourselves still alive after death, but so it is. Your physical body will be dead(That goes back to The General Reservoir of Matter and Energy.), but you then find yourself in your spirit vehicle(which looks exactly like the physical)(no problem).

Get UP as high as you can AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Vibrationally(5d) AND materially(3d).

Keep well away from your corpse! The danger is of being engulfed by your ghost(etheric double) – which will cast you into a fog,etc. until your etheric double disintegrates – which can be a very long time! So keep well away.(Your corpse(dead physical body) is where your etheric double goes, but if it spots YOU(The SOUL), then it will leave the corpse and wrap itself around you. It has a certain range. Keep OUTSIDE of that range!! So DO NOT go to your funeral, or look at your grave-stone,etc! You HAVE been warned!!(The etheric double is encased inside of your body during life, and when you die, it will cleave to the corpse(your dead physical body)(Thinking that is you.) But if it spots YOU,THE SOUL, it will try to merge with you. Which is unpleasant.
The Spirit World is a MATERIAL world. But is finer in composition than the physical. Just don’t stay in The Replica of The Spirit World – any longer than you can help! Get OUT of it. And get UP!!(Safe only if out of range of YOUR GHOST(Etheric Double).)(The RANGE is about 30 to 40 feet, I think.)(Play safe – until you have learnt a few facts.)
GOD be with you. And Peace!!
Death is The Last Astral Projection.(At least until you get a new physical body.)(What’s the hurry??!!)

Projection is simply getting out of one’s body.

With physical death, you won’t be coming back(into it)!(Enjoy your spirit vacation!)(With The Spirit World, you will find life materially easier, but spiritually harder. With the physical it is spiritually easier, but materially harder.)(You will be a GHOST to those remaining in the physical world. So MIND how you go. A FEW will be able to see you,etc. And they will usually be scared stiff!!(Because so bizarre!)(Mortals look like ghosts to spirits, and vice versa with the incarnate.)(They will – as a rule be able to pick up you by TELEPATHY. So if you want to communicate – use THOUGHT. And you will be able to pick up THEIR thoughts.)(Just PROJECT your thoughts into their heads! They will hear them – as THOUGHTS. And they can do the same with you.)(So DON’T FORGET, once you become a spirit(so-called dead) they cannot see you,etc. But they can pick up YOUR THOUGHTS – if directed to them!!(They may think that the thoughts are THEIRS. So impress hard and often!!)(So,remember! No can SEE you(etc.) But can pick up your thoughts!!(If directed AT them.)(Idle thinking is no good).

Now have you got all that? As you will PROBABLY NEED it!!
I urge you all to learn as much as you can in advance, as the start of The Final Act is IMMINENT!!

Be clued up. And then you can help the others!(They will be lost spirits like you.) Learn what you can on The Internet.

Be on full alert,now!!!!

Next event should be the appearance of Planet Nibiru(The alleged tenth planet, Planet X), like a large red full moon in the sky(day as well as night)!

I am surprised it is not yet much more evident in appearance!!

Some say it will get to within about the moon’s distance from us.(And it is about the size of SATURN!! Noticed the red dust, red water, higher tides,etc? As well as the increasing disasters.(The rivers of blood will be mostly due to the red dust getting in.(Like with The Yangstze recently.))(So expect the gravity tides to REALLY HIT us. Next stage of Pole Shift should occur soon. It is going to be AWFUL,mind. INDESCRIBABLE in fact. So gear up!! NOW!!!!)(A small FEW should survive – to start the next stone age,etc. I think so bad, better off dead!!)

I just don’t rate the next few months!

I think this is what all the FEMA camps in U.S. are about

I think better if they were just open and truthful with us!!
Personally, I think that it will be SO bad, that it won’t much matter WHAT we do. DEATH will only be a matter of ANY TIME, ANY HOW. Unless in shelter or bunker – no matter WHAT we do!!

2,012 is the year of DOOM. And it is NEARLY the year’s end.

Don’t be surprised if aliens rescue you!

Otherwise only hope will be in a VERY strong SHELTER or bunker.

Just about all buildings should fall. Many,anyway.

In a trench will be best. But that feels too exposed!

Biggest threat probably rise of the sea. 625 feet!(Some say.)

Get well away from big urban areas and coasts and riversides.
I think better off dead!(Awful thing to say, but that is what I think!)

Do NOT commit suicide!!

Do ALL the good that you can!!

All the best!!












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