eee1 Are you ready for it? WW3.

Monday, October 8th, 2,012.

The Iran situation, my view.


The situation is this. The U.S. Presidential elections are about a month away. Obama has(or had) a slight lead. I think he will win. May be best.

The West cannot PROVE that Iran will not create atomic weapons, though it is probable, of course!! Israeli intelligence indicates that they will.

West has been taking Sanctions and Threaten line. With NO success. Iran won’t play ball. Likely they won’t. Sanctions bite a bit – but not enough, I do not think.
A nuclear Iran cannot be tolerated. Agreed.(Yes, West tolerated a nuclear North Korea, why not tolerate Iran? But Iran big threat to OIL(Too vital to ignore.) But an attack to make them desist is not likely by U.S. Certainly not before an election. And Israel acting alone – is not likely to stop Iran. At least not for long.

Earliest Israel attack, early 2,013. About February, perhaps. But fatal for Israel if U.S. does not come to their aid. But I expect they would.(In ANY case, Iran,etc. won’t DIFFERENTIATE!!)(If ONLY Israel attacks Iran, Iran etc.would STILL hit U.S. ETC.(And allies.)!!)

Iran needs to be halted. But if Israel launches a futile attack, Iran will counter attack – and with DEVASTATING consequences – leading to WW3.

U.S. might just leave them to it, but Iran would, I think, hit U.S.targets too.

On the other hand, if West does not stop Iran, Iran will, with Russia and China,etc.etc.(And North Korea) – soon hit The West. So the drift to WW3 continues. And likely no way to stop the rot!!
West’s best hope is not to attack – because too costly to West. But be ready to counter an attack from The East.
What we need is something like Nibiru – to distract the world from drifting(or jumping) into World War 3. And THAT(Nibiru) SHOULD come in time!!

World War Three to start within a couple of years.

But Nibiru,etc. should be here LONG before then!


The West has been huffing and puffing a decade or more. All to no avail. Nor likely to be.(The West is funking hitting Iran. And very wisely so!)

Meanwhile East gets stronger.
What does one do? What CAN one do? But wait – for the inevitable!!
So, – PREPARE!!!!(Get a good long box with burial instructions, AND dig a trench outside FAR from any buildings!)(Present day society, world-wide HAS FORGOTTEN how awful ANY war is. And SOME think it might be fun. A SORT OF game!!)
U.S. is broke, but, with allies maintaining a big armada in Straits of Homuz. West cannot afford this war(Or any war).(Houston, we have a problem: How can(does) ANYONE deal with Nuclear Radiation from Re-actors in U.S. and Russia,etc??)(No wonder we are LOOKING FOR ANOTHER PLANET!!)(But nearest VIABLE one is many LIGHT YEARS away!!)(WW3 and/or Nibiru,etc. THAT is the question!!)(How foolish to opt for BOTH. So PLEASE put Nibiru on a HUGE sign – and start waving it in front of nations preparing to go to world war!!)(Which is greater? To uphold the principle of DO NOT DEFY UN MANDATE!! OR, a world SOAKED in nuclear radiation?? I think it is TIME world took itself to task – and JOINED JESUS ON THE CROSS!! RATHER than EVEN RISK – a world FLOODED with APPALLING RADIATION. Consider EMP attacks too! (That is thermo-nuclear radiation knocking out ALL electric and electronic appliances.(It might be wiser for prospective world invaders NOT to destroy the enemy’s cities,etc. – but to just knock out all their equipment via EMP attacks!!(You simply explode a radiation device high above the country whose people(including babies, women and children!) you SO hate!! IS the WHOLE WORLD nuts?? We have a very beautiful planet here. Cannot those who love it – STOP those who just LOVE KILLING AND DESTROYING??!! HUMANITY has a problem all right! Think of all the poor animals(and plants) too!!(A world war would guarantee HELL all over the planet – via radiation, explosions,fires,ETC.(This may have happened on Mars,too. Witness the HUMAN survivors NOW struggling in THEIR ruined cities,etc.,(Now, do we evacuate Martians(they are humans)TO Earth, OR, humans to Mars?? Think about it – WILL YOU!!!!)(I REPEAT: There are MILLLIONS of HUMANS, ON MARS, RIGHT NOW scraping out an existence in their ruined cities(in craters) – because of Nibiru AND the very thing WE, of Earth, are CURRENTLY contemplating!!(It is not clear whether humans migrated from disaster hit Phaeton(erstwhile planet orbitting between Jupiter and Mars!) – and then to Mars, AND/OR migrated from Earth to Mars a million or so years ago! WAKE UP Earth-men! We are under the RULE of VILLAINS. WE are the fools!! IDIOTS, in fact.- but NEVER MIND,EH????)

Saudi Arabia,Emirates,etc. must surely start building their own nuclear weapons, now. Because West taking NO action.(And,thus, as with Hitler, Ahmud will MARCH on!!)(Is Ahmad(suitable name)The Anti-Christ? He seems to be TODAY’S HITLER!!)(Iran is on brink of producing first nuclear weapon!)(But it is said that Israel has hundreds.)(Big question: Why SHOULDN’T Iran have equal rights at atomic weapons building?? At least that could be how THEY see it!

He who attacks first has element of surprise. And should win.

So West is more or less OBLIGED to attack.

If they don’t, East will, soon after. And then there will be much worse conflict – with The West VERY battered.
No SANE party WANTS war,especially a war SO FATAL to all parties but WAR has a way of coming – no matter what.

Neither side could wipe out the opposing country completely. And thus a Counter Strike would be inevitable.

We could only end up – VERY QUICKLY – with a world in ashes – and bathed in TERRIBLE radiation.

For each side would clobber the other – ceaselessly with nuclear, thermo-nuclear, conventional, biological and chemical,ETC. weapons – unti VERY LITTLE was left standing ANYWHERE on the globe.(Build next to a Super-Market, and have a good drill!!)(Semi-serious.)
It is like with THE TIDE. You CANNOT stop it.

Angry feelings, along with arsenals, MUST build up – until explosion point.

Parties go by FEELINGS – however unjustified – NOT sense and wisdom!! So there you have it. THAT IS the human condition – and it hasn’t changed. Nor is likely to!!

A short future for THE WORLD, – unless Nibiru,etc. can COOL HOT heads!!
But WHERE IS Nibiru,now? It is now October 8th, but Nibiru is playing possum!!(Hard to see and controlled by Intelligence!!??:)
Nibiru is DEFINITELY THERE. And should appear to naked eye by entire world AT ANY TIME NOW!!
We need to dangle a big sign – with Nibiru,etc. written on it – in front of those getting itchy on the finger!

Humans DON’T go by SENSE, but by FEELINGS, especially LOW feelings!! This fact has been demonstraed enough times through history, – surely!!?? And MOB rule dictates, not wise individuals.


PREPARE to meet THE MAKER. Coffin-maker first. And then THE LORD!!!!
What A PITY Man cannot control even his self(by and large) – let alone his world!!

UNITED NATIONS? WHO are we all kidding????














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