ddd18-2 My proof of 2,012, in brief.

Friday, October 5th, 2,012.

Simplifying my proof of 2,012!

How many gave up on the earlier ddd17,etc?! This article may help!!

There are TWO CYCLES!!(3,600 years, AND 6,500 years!!)


Many of you will be familiar with the orbital period cycle of Nibiru, 3,600 years. But how many know about the 6,500 year long Quarter Solar Cycle period?
Every 3,600 years, Planet Nibiru, The Destroyer, Wormwood, Tyche and so on(some of its names)… comes around. And wreaks havoc with the solar system. Yet it is ITSELF a member of the solar system. It is just that it is VERY far out, allegedly Planet X, at about TWICE the distance of Pluto-Charon.(So thus the perturbations to the solar system AND Titius-Bode’s Law predict!)(TWO different factors there.)
It is I THINK a captured ALIEN planet, not originally of THIS solar system, but of Sirius B’s.(A guess.) Which is why, probably, it description does not fit the other gas giants! Nibiru is not a bit like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune! It is SO alien!!


Now,then: The other disaster cycle: It is of 6,500 years. A quarter of the FULL solar cycle. Precession,Zodiac,etc.period.
Now what I did was this: A fluke. I happened to NOTICE a Mathematical LAW! I call it My Geometric Analytical Sequence(r)!

I noticed that all the biggest disasters(to the date given) totalled 13, and were separated by time periods that HALVED as we go along! The time periods half chronologically and the disaster strength halves,too.

So, it is like this(I found): We start off, at the beginning of each quarter solar period(of 6,500 years) with a CATACLYSM. Then, 3,250 years later occurs a disaster only half as intense.(I put this down to a waning influence from the sun, perhaps, or just The Earth.

Can you follow me? We begin, 6,500 years ago(historic present), with a cataclysm. Then, 3,250 years later comes a disaster only half as strong. And then, 1,625 years after that comes a disaster only a quarter as strong – as the original cataclysm. And so on through 13/14 disasters(each one the worst so far LOOKING BACKWARDS through time).(I am writing in current on-going PRIMARY PRESENT mode!)

And so we go on GEOMETRICALLY HALVING each time, the time-period in between:-
812.5 years, then 406.25 years,…get the idea? SOMETIMES there is more than one disaster, but not often.


Now the up-shot is this: These cycles(nothing to do with Nibiru!) are from the sun, affecting The Earth. When one cycle ends, another one begins.

Which means, fellahs, that immediately after some time in 2,012, there occurs a CATACLYSM. Then we may expect the halving(geometric)principle again. (Cycles not leaving gaps.)

You may raise your eye-brows at this, HOWEVER,… If you check via The Internet for big disasters on the years geometrically derived – YOU WILL FIND THE BIGGEST DISASTERS OCCURRING(looking backwards) UP TO THAT DATE!!

THIS is what I enlarged in detail upon in ddd17,etc. Which you may have found hard by(via) all the detail.(This article here now aims to make it easier to grasp the mathemtatical law(found by me) that I am pointing out.
Look: The mathematical sequence runs: 6,500, 3,250, 1625, 812.5, 406.25, 203, 101.5, 51, 25, 12, 6,3,1.5.,0.75…The geometrical principle, halving the time period each time.(After 13 we go below unity in time gap)
Now if you go back through time, subtracting each number of years – you will get a series of dates.

FIRST date is 4,488 B.C.
Next date is 4,488 B.C. Plus 3,250 years – which is – 1,238 B.C.(4488 less 3,250)
After that we get 387.A.D. and then so on in thirteen/fourteen step dates – up to 2,012.

If you check on The Internet for all those year dates, you will turn up some big disaster, the biggest up to then, looking backwards, I mean.(I know you can say that there are big disasters occurring all over, all the time….But I am referring to BIGGEST disasters UP TO THAT DATE(looking BACKWARDS, as we come forwards). The magnitude of each disaster will be half the earlier one!

This tells me that there is some influence coming from somewhere, or maybe limited to The Earth. Perhaps from the sun(probably, I think).

– Which, as time progresses, gets weaker, producing a big disaster, only half the earlier one, AND at a time-gap period HALVING each time!!

The cycle then starts again. At full force.

So! If it runs out to zero in 2,012, then zero time from SOME TIME in 2,012(To the nearest year time(The biggest disaster will usually be found SOMEWHERE IN THAT YEAR!) – Takes us to somewhere late in 2,012, to some time in 2,013…(And of course 2,012 IS the choice date for a zero time interval.)
If the cycle expires some time in 2,012 via many small disasters, then LOOK OUT for a big one – some time LATE IN 2,012 AND/OR beginning of 2,013!!

So far, 2,012, has been surprisingly quiet! Many small disasters.

Forget Nibiru. Nibiru is ADDITIONAL!
I am referring to The Geometric Sequence via the analysis of the current 6,500 year period!(Nibiru will be VERY nasty,yes. But it has nothing to do with the 6,500 year cycle!)
It is now(as I write) October 5th, 2,012, in Australia. Queensland. About 3 months to early 2,013.A.D.

What comes to mind? The Galactic Alignment. Which is, because on a much bigger celestial cycle – ANOTHER ADDITIONAL cataclysm.!
No! The disaster I am focussing on is a mere solar cycle event! ADDITIONAL to The Galactic Alignment!
Yes, 21/22, December, 2,012!(But not the galactic alignment cataclysm!)
Expect TWO cataclysms CENTRED ON December 21/22, 2,012!!
Plus the flares,etc.from the sun Feb.14, 2,013. Global EMP maybe!!
Plus possibly, if not probably(Maybe Iran will pre-empt The West!)(VERY much on the cards, for nasty powers who are currently sitting ducks!)(Are THEY going to just sit there and WAIT FOR Israel to hit them??(Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons. A first strike against is I would think IMPERATIVE!!)
However, I think Russia, China,etc. AND Iran, and perhaps Pakistan,etc. And MAYBE North Korea – will PRE-EMPT!!(I THINK that is what is going to happen. Consider the destruction wrought via the element of SURPRISE!!)(Whilst being sitting ducks to an atomic power!!(Israel).)
Advantage must be to he who strikes first!!
I say again: Expect a cataclysm from The Galactic Alignment AND one from my quarter solar cycle. As well as Nibiru,etc!!

And that is not counting the solar flares,etc. expected February 14th, 2,013!!
Also not counting WW3 and any other horrors(there are MANY) around over the next few months!!


THEREFORE, the next few months should be HORRIFIC!!!! With perhaps up to 6 BILLION humans horribly and terribly killed!!


Peace be with you(but HOW??),





Vicon.(I am tempted to put R.I.P. But WHO can??)(Head for the blue white light as soon as in Spirit World!)







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