ddd15 Many world disasters immediately ahead.

Friday, October 5th, 2,012.

Many world disasters immediately ahead!
1. There is the possibility that Israel may attack Iran – perhaps leading into World War 3.(Possible catastrophe.)

2. There is the closeness of Nibiru(Which might not be Planet X.)Nor The Annunaki Flagship.) and Huberculosis, the brown dwarf star.(Which may be the parent of Nibiru.) Plus Eris,etc.

3. Galactic Alignment. Of December 21/22, 2,012.

4. There is also(PROOF found by me) the cataclysm of 2,012.(Which should occur around 2,012 to 2,013.(I have a mathematical proof of this!)

5. The world re-action to The Age of Aquarius.

6. The Particle Accelerator/s at Cerne, near Geneva, Switzerland.(Which may lead to a Time Machine,etc.) – Which is producing(daily) hundreds of small growing black holes.(If any of those fail to stop growing…)

7. Entry into The Proton Belt.
8. Entry into The Hot Spot in space.
9. The Chemtrails being dropped(for years now) to reduce global warming. But MAYBE to reduce the human population.(It needs bringing down to about 500,000, to survive world famine.)
10. Lack of POTABLE water may wipe us out.
11. Flares,etc. from the sun around Feb.14., 2,012.
12. An EMP attack dislocating electric and electronic appliances.
13. Viruses,etc. overcoming anti-biotics.
14. Mass landing of aliens at any time.(To evacuate us from Nibiru.)
15. World economic collapse.(Rising gold and silver may indicate this.)
16. World financial collapse.(Rising gold and silver may indicate this.)


17. Possibility of(Fourth Reich) a Nazi attack.(Perhaps from North Pole.)

Any one even of these things would be catastrophic.(Some involve a cataclysm.)


All are possible if not probable within the next few months!


I do not rate the future of Mankind!!

Death may become preferable to life in many of the above.





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