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September 19, 2012

Wednesday, September 19th, 2,012.


Some more on Nibiru!

       Nibiru is a name(of an old Sumerian minor god)given to Planet X.(10) Twelfth object of Solar System.(Counting sun and moon.) Eleventh if we discount Pluto-Charon.

       Someone has said that Nibiru is not Planet X. Because it is a Flagship. IS that correct??

       We have Nemesis, a twin of the sun, way out.

       Other important objects, way out, are Sirius, Sirius B.(Apparently Nibiru is approaching us from Leo.) Then there is Alycone, central star of The Pleiades. Further out we have The Outer Pleaides.

       Coming in, nearer to us, there is The Dark Star, which may be The Brown Dwarf, then The Nibiru Complex, with Homeward one of its moons(Home of The Annunaki aliens?), one of its six moons, not counting Nibiru.

       Whether Nibiru is Planet X or not – it is approaching us, and will come VERY CLOSE soon. It will look like a large red full moon when it suddenly appears any day now. September 26th,2,012  is one date.  With a passing close to Earth on November 21st, 2,012 forecast! That will do TERRIBLE damage. Ending this civilization.

        I believe Nibiru is Planet X. And is being USED AS a flag-ship. Current mission to help out creatures on threatened worlds.(Though I find it strange that the rescuer IS the planet that is going to do the damage.)

        This is quite a complex subject.

        I only know that Nibiru and its satellites,etc. is VERY real.

        Earth faces Nibiru,November 21st, 2,012.  The Galactic Alignment, December 21st, 2,012.  The Re-action by humans to the higher vibrations of The Age of Aquarius, which STARTS December 22nd; 2,012.  Then there are the usual horrors and terrors Humanity manages to conjure up.  Plus the imminence of World War 3 – as Israel debates whether to attack Iran on not.   Also World Civil War and World Rebellion. Along with States of Emergency and Martial Laws!!!!   They THINK that they need to – to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons.  But I urge Israel not to. Because it will almost certainly lead to WW3 – and end this civilization. Where is the gain in preventing an attack by Iran – if it leads to appalling global damage. It(to my mind) would lose more than it gains(materially, anyway).  The time to have stopped Iran was ten years back. A bit late, now!  And, I think FAR too costly!!  Let Israel sacrifice itself rather than the WHOLE world do so. Though IN PRINCIPLE, Iran should be stopped!!(For not toeing the line!)

         Iran would do awful damage. Without Russia, RED China,etc adding to it!!

         The HIGHER principle is(to my mind): make the sacrifice by NOT attacking Iran(even if they deserve it!) – because of the colossal destruction of WW3 which would follow. Better one nation perish – than the WHOLE world!!(But MAYBE better whole world perish than Iran get away with it.)(It is up to Iran and Israel now. I do not think U.S. will attack – except to rescue Israel when Iran counter-strikes!!)(U.S. has already told Israel “You are on your own.” Haven’t they??.)(But I cannot of course see U.S. NOT supporting Israel if Iran counter-attacks(and so overwhelmingly.)(Remember that U.S. under George Bush junior, funked attacking Iran – and very wisely so!!)(It will be MUCH MUCH worse now!!!!)

       GOD HELP US ALL!!

       The next six months should be  INDESCRIBABLE!!




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