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September 17, 2012

Tuesday, September 18th, 2,012.


Still more on ghosts.

              Death is nothing more than the shedding(like a shell) of one vehicle(like the physical) – in exchange for a higher one!(Unless you are stupid(unless for a SPECIAL purpose) – and go for a lower one, or one to a side!!!)

             Immediately after death, we will be in a replica world. On another material plane.

            Consequently, many do not know that they have died. And continue living as before!

            As a result of this, many try, often successfully, to scare off the new occupants of their former homes.  

           This is hard on the new residents. See it from the point of view of the former occupants. Imagine that YOU have just died, and find yourself, a ghost, living in a replica of your old home, on a replica plane!

           One day someone else moves in. Perhaps a family.  Probably you would be astonished and tell them to leave.  If they did not go you would try to scare them out. Which could easily be done(as a rule)!

           THEY(the ghost or ghosts)THINK that the place STILL belongs to THEM. Whilst you, the new arrival/s, KNOW it belongs to you now.

          You thus have a situation, where both parties(mortals and spirits)(each seeing the other as ghost/s!!), are claiming the same place as theirs.  A clash usually results. And one side tries to drive out the other. Maybe successfully. Though it is easier for ghost/s to drive you out,than vice-versa!!(But YOU, the new occupant, has the highest right. As a rule.)

           So, if you don’t flee after eventually learning that your place is haunted – by the previous occupant/s who has(have) died – but may not know it – you will probably get professionals in to evict the former tenant/s.

           Now, BEFORE getting drastic, hold a seance – try to communicate with the ghost/s.  You can do this by Ouija Board(or some such).  Or an electric meter designed to record messages from spirits.(Which IT will record even though you may hear no thing!)

           Tell the ghost/s that they have DIED!(They may not know it!) AND that YOU are the new legitimate tenant/s!  Tell them that – THEY need to MOVE ON. Move higher into The Spirit World. For their own good.  

           Tell them that they can move higher vibrationally, that being likely better than spending their after-life living in their old homestead!(At least not visibly,etc!)

           Note that many choose to live on in their old homes AFTER they have died. Sometimes though they KNOW they have died.

           THEY may not know that they have died!  Because both their new higher spirit bodies AND the REPLICA plane of the old physical world, may so closely resemble the prior – that they THINK that there has been NO CHANGE in their condition!

           THEY may not see you!  On the other hand, they might. And perhaps think that YOU are ghost/s!   Or by DOWNWARD clairvoyance detect you.

           There is a film called THE OTHERS.  Nicole Kidman is in it.   In her role she murdered her two children, and then committed suicide(Her husband had not come home.).  They became spirits. And the mortals that they saw they called THE OTHERS.

           This is the reverse case of mortals moving into a new home, and detecting ghosts.  For in THE OTHERS, it is the other way around.  The spirits who had recently died – saw mortals as ghosts.  Whilst living on as normally!!

           They eventually contacted mortals at a seance.

           My point here, is that there are SOME, who are now EARTHBOUND spirits.  Who are stuck in the ORIGINAL of Earth plane. Which is a REPLICA of the physical!

           Thus you CAN die – without knowing it. Or having known it, forget, and think it didn’t happen, and that you are STILL in the physical!!

           PLEASE be READY for this possible eventuality!(During the next six months, on Earth, due to Nibiru, The Galactic Alignment,  World War 3(about to begin, I think), The re-action of low humans to the higher vibrations of The Aquarian Age, Terrible Flares from the son, ETC.ETC.(World Civil War,etc. Massive social unrest – and other things.)  I expect 6 to 7 BILLION humans to die!  So VERY FEW can expect to live much longer!!

           Not all who die become Earthbound. Though we all are for SOME period of time or other IN the replica world.

           Some are Earthbound for years, decades.  Even centuries!    There is literally NO LIMIT to the amount of time you may be trapped in the REPLICA of the physical world!

           You may continue STUCK until it dawns on you that you have “died”(your physical body is dead)(You may perhaps see your grave. And read your own tombstone!)(What a shock THAT would be!) Unless you can vibrate yourself out of it, UPWARDS!!

          You might get rescued by some friendly spirit – who has spotted your plight.

          Or you might re-incarnate. You do this by diving into some foetus. Which THEN becomes a new physical body for you.(I do advise human!)

          Prior to that you may try to possess various humans – in order to contact the physical again – IF you can get in(not so easy). But DO NOT try to do this. How would YOU like to get possessed and perhaps DRIVEN OUT by some other spirit!  (They would be using your body to live through on the physical.  And you would be floating around in the etheric world.)

          (Please note: That humans who haunt or possess  are not demons. Though in rare instances you CAN get possessed by one, or by a devil – or devils.  And demons and devils  are not humans.)(Demons are very evil entities of another species. Devils are evil, but not so bad as demons.)(Archangels and angels also exist. But the spirit plane parallel to the physical is a low one, occupied by unevolved mortals!)

          It is very important to understand the death process:  When you die, a cold and numbness spreads from your extremities – towards your heart.(Unless some EXTREME event kills you via suffocation, shock, injury – etc. Then the natural slow death won’t have a chance to happen! Or won’t(or may not) be noticed.)

          Your spirit body(which we all have NOW, VIBRATIONALLY within physical vehicle) is withdrawing – first to the heart, and then to pineal gland, perhaps via the pitituary(gland).  From there it proceeds(now the size of a small pea) out through the suture in the skull.(This appears like a tunnel or somesuch resembling that.) There will be a light at the end – which you travel to.(That will be the outside world, outside your skull!))

          (You COULD exit through the side of your physical body.)

          OUT you go, and then expand into full size – and float down to the astral ground – like a bubble.

          You will find yourself in the replica world(which is really the ORIGINAL of The Physical Earth Plane.).

          THREE possible planes exist IMMEDIATELY after death: 1. If you densify you spirit body, you will find yourself IN the physical world – but as a materialized spirit.(Usually only to a small degree. And also only for a very short time.)(You won’t be very solid.As a rule.)(Mortals will be able to see you,etc. To some extent.)

           2.  You continue to live as you usually do, but in the REPLICA world(of the physical).  Most of us do this for a greater or lesser length of time.

           At first we may have to pass through “the mists”.

           Also, if we get too near our corpse, our GHOST(etheric energy,etc.)(Which cleaves to the corpse until it(the GHOST energy) dissolves. Which can take any length of time. Because it occupied it during its life.)

          This sometimes gets seen in cemetries after dark.

          So, if you get too close to your corpse(after death), the ghost may pounce and wrap itself around you!(So DO NOT go ANYWHERE near to your grave, corpse or cemetery,etc. AFTER DEATH!!)

          Because, if it catches you, you will be in a FOG for an indeterminate length of time!!  THICK FOG!!   Your ghost will hang on to you – to give it life – as it dissolves – perhaps over CENTURIES!!

          DON’T do it!!

         Keep WELL away from cemetries and burial grounds after death. OTHER ghosts may try it!!

         IMMEDIATELY you know have died. Raise your vibrations – by PRAYER,ETC.  And climb AS HIGH AS YOU CAN, AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN, VIBRATIONALLY(AND materially), up into The Spirit World PROPER.(Which is not a mere replica of the old physical. But VERY MUCH more!!)

          Head for the blue-white light.

          Once as high as you can go, it will become easier for you. So DO that!!

          Friendly spirits may help you.(But WATCH OUT for unfriendly ones!)(Who will try to take you DOWN.(Yes,into HELL.))

          HEAR WELL my words. And take NO chances!!     Got that??!!

          Expect to spend an average 50 years in The Spirit World – during your Interregnum.(After-life period.)

          You will gravitate(vibrationally) to THAT LEVEL which will feel comfortable to you. Your home plane.

          And there you will live, perhaps ascending gradually as you evolve.

          You CAN contact the living. But AVOID this. In case you cannot get back up again.

          And with possessing a mortal, – DON’T.  You may get TRAPPED in that body! And have to spend ANOTHER life-time – as someone else!!

         Hear me, WELL!!

        Other dangers exist. So watch out for them!

        I care. So warn you.





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