DDD5. A foot-note to DDD4. Ghosts and poltergeists,etc.

Sunday, 16th September, 2,012.


Note added to DDD4.

         Please note, I believe that if you have an electricity conducting substrate under the ground,like copper for example, then lightning strikes will create an electro-magnetic field – which can provide spirits with additional power. Thus you could have a haunted town, or whatever area is covered by the substrate. I think this is why some areas have a higher percentage of hauntings than others. Spirits are everywhere that mortals have died, but they cannot manifest unless they have access to an electro-magnetic field. The difference THEN – is that you can see them more often – and better. Check on what conducting metal lies beneath you! You MAY be on potentially manifestation ground!

        If you create an electro-magnetic field. Via a generator – or however – then I believe you have created a POTENTIAL for super-natural activity!  Reason being that gravity is caused by downfall of gravitons.  And when you create an electro-magnetic field – then magnetons can block the down falling gravitons – and thus make objects lighter – even weightless. It is then easier for spirits, and even mortals, to MOVE OBJECTS around WITHOUT TOUCHING THEM!!  Poltergeist activity!  Not so mysterious after all!

          Another thing you can do via powerful EM fields – is BY THOUGHT and WILL from WISH – TRAVEL into the past or future(As happened during The Philadelphia Experiment.). And also travel through space!  Dangerous, as you might not be able to get back to your own time, or space; generating equipment not being sufficiently available at your destination!!

         Note that you don’t have to be dead physically to utilize force-fields. And to manifest!  It being sufficient to be out of your body. Phantoms of the living!



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