DDD2 Red dust,etc.

Wednesday, 12th September, 2,012.


Nibiru should appear up close,soon!

       A number of striking events are imminent. Right on the heels of The Yangstze turning red.

       1.  Nibiru expected to appear like a large red full moon on 15.09.12.

       2.  Increasing red dust falls. Causing red water,etc.

       3.  Jerk 2 of The Pole Shift.(Jerk 1 occurred 31.12.10.)

      4.   Mass alien landing.(Annunaki aliens are up to 15 feet tall.)

      5.   5.  Mass evacuation of humans from Earth. To Mother Craft above.  And to alien planets.

      6.   Faked mass alien landing.

      7.   Israel attacking Iran.

      8.   Note that The Yangstze turning red in a few places is only the latest red water or red dust incident in recent years.




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