DDD1 Red Yangtze! Don’t miss this one!!

September 10, 2012

Tuesday, 11th September, 2,012.


Dust and water increasingly red!

COUNTER the red dust!!

     As some of you may have learnt, The Yangtze River in China, has turned RED. A section of it has. Near Chongquing. Cause SAID to be unknown.  Orange 2 days ago. Red one day ago. Originally yellow.

     Now this is VERY significant!

     Reason being, that Nibiru is near and closing. AND is emitting red dust in two huge columns, one on either side, in a sort of V formation. (Which description was given,originating in Ancient Sumeria, 3,600 years ago!) Whilst red dust is increasingly falling from the sky.  Conclusion is clear enough: The red dust is from Nibiru’s tail! Dropping down from the air.)

    What is needed to be done – is to analyze the contaminating agent in the water. See if it is composed of iron oxides!(Which is what the red dust issuing from Nibiru is composed of!)(To CONFIRM that it is red dust from Nibiru.)

    Sort of RUSTY water!!

    Water turned red in Egypt 3,600 years ago in time of Moses.(The last time Nibiru came around. And caused ENORMOUS devastation and plagues,etc.)

     Nibiru’s orbital period is 3,600 years. Yet nobody seems to know what is causing the current red.  (Or so they SAY!!)  No prizes for the plain CONNECTION. It is rather clearly caused by red dust falling from the tail of Nibiru  into our air from the sky(space)!

     Red dust has been falling increasingly from the sky. The Yangtze is too fast flowing for it to be caused by algae.

     This red water was tasted and drunk 3,600 years ago. It is very bitter and  poisonous to drink. It killed many. Hence a name in The Bible for Planet X, Nibiru, is WORMWOOD!!

     The question is: What do you do when the ONLY water available IS this red water?! Usually fatal to drink! We had better find a way to filter out the red poison! As VERY SOON, the ONLY water available WILL BE THIS RED WATER!!

     I expect the price of bottled water to ROCKET!!

     The red dust from Nibiru is increasingly falling everywhere. Therefore it is going to VERY rapidly pollute our water supplies! STOCK UP, NOW, on bottled water!! Or die quickly of THIRST!!  In the very near future!!

     Even if NOTHING else occurred, it would kill MANY. But VERY MUCH else WILL occur too.

    Apparently it kills slowly. We HAVE TO drink, and with very little else left to drink, we will be drinking this red water.(As if we don’t we will die of thirst! In a few days!!) And then gradually die in many – if not most – cases. WATCH the colour of your tap water. See if it is slowly turning red! As it is going to fall into reservoirs!

    My advice is: GET a filter and/or distillation set-up! Get these now – while prices are low!! So you can remove the red contaminant – or most of it!

    Nibiru should APPEAR soon. And loom like a large full red moon in the sky – with two great horns!!

    Yes, it is puzzling as to HOW Nibiru could get so close WITHOUT being noticed by many.

    The answer is simple: It is being DELIBERATELY HIDDEN by The World Second Governments, The Illuminati, and all mention and discussion of it BANNED by NASA! (Astronomers world wide forbidden to speak about it! Whilst it is being hidden via smudging out,etc. in all or nearly all photographs, whilst being poo-pooed. The General Media prevented from speaking about it!)(In various ways.)

     It is a VERY GOOD question: WHY is Nibiru not in more evidence if it is so close?! It is the OBVIOUS objection. A planet the size of Saturn or thereabouts is going to be HARD to CONCEAL for long – as it approaches The Earth!!

     The answer to that is: It IS in evidence!! If you or anyone examines even a few of the many videos on Nibiru, you will find that pictures of it gradually getting closer DO exist. Quite a few of them.(You take a look!)(Try U-Tube videos!)

     This object only recently became visible to the naked eye. Very small dot, then spot.

     People WITHOUT telescopes(and most are) could not see it. On the other hand those WITH telescopes, astonomers,etc.  are being forbidden(by NASA) to discuss the matter. As is The General Media. Prevented in various ways.

     At first visible ONLY in The Infra Red, and ONLY telescopically, coming up at a sharp angle to the ecliptic(where few people look), and in Orion,  from the far south, not many would be aware of it. Most of the few that are interested were being shunted off.(The DOMINANT element in Humanity is VIOLENTLY opposed to ANYTHING wonderful,weird,marvellous,strange,ETC. – AND MANY will ostracize you if you even mention THE WAY- OUT.  In GENERAL Western Society,anyway. Particularly by Anglo-Saxons. This negative attitude is VERY strong in Britain,and in countries begat by Britain. United States might be more free now. I don’t know. I think people in GENERAL are very opposed.(Humans are largely unevolved and those showing interest in the marvellous are HATED,and SHUNNED. As if somehow mentally deficient!!(Whilst the very reverse is true!)

      Nibiru MOST CERTAINLY exists! It IS Planet X, often known as Nibiru.(However, it is The Galactic Alignment and the re-action to the onset of The Aquarian Age that will present bigger problems! Despite Nibiru being so horrific.)

      Drinking water is so very important! With red poison in it – it is going to be ESSENTIAL you get filtering and distillation equipment(or slowly die)!(You will have the choice: Slowly die painfully from drinking the red water, OR, die of THIRST in a few days. It IS a hard choice! (One you NEED to be thinking about  RIGHT NOW!!)(THEREFORE get the necessary equipment  to remove the red matter!! NOW!!)

      Filter OR distil.  Or condense.(E.g: Boil it, and then catch the condensation!)

      SOON, EVERYTHING will be coloured red.(Are they Laborites on Nibiru?!)(Apt for Communist(RED) China of course!)

      Price of water will rocket as this news gets out. So act NOW!!

      You can only live a few days without water!!

      Naturally the price of water is going to ROCKET!!

     So keep an eye on YOUR TAP WATER!! As this red dust from Nibiru is FALLING INCREASINGLY RIGHT NOW!!

     It(the red dust) will get into EVERYTHING. Including the crops of course. How do you get it out of the food??

    So it is going to be TINNED foods ONLY,  soon!

    The red dust fall has been slowly increasing for years.(Ever since Nibiru’s TAIL enveloped us.)(Nibiru is surrounded by a huge ball(cloud) of this red dust.)

    We will be BREATHING it in,too! Also slowly fatal, I imagine. So WE HAVE PROBLEMS!!

    Red dust proof your home!(Via duct tape,etc.)(Filtering water is one thing. Filtering food and AIR – is quite ANOTHER!!)

    Yes, it will get into the air-conditioning TOO!  We are going to have to stop air-conditioned air coming in. And it is going to get VERY HOT!!(And cold AT TIMES.)

    The good news: The building you are in is likely to collapse and kill you first!

    Solar flares should soon knock out electric and electro-magnetic appliances. So whilst waiting for the house to fall on you, it is going to get VERY uncomfortable!!

    There IS NO best remedy. It is going to be a slow death – FOR MOST.

    People are stocking up food and water.  But how do you stock up AIR??(Unless you can get into a sealed off underground chamber!!)

   Folks, it is going to get VERY unpleasant – very slowly.

   Let us hope those aliens whisk us up and onto their Mothercraft overhead SOON!!(Or onto another planet.)

   Unbelievable, isn’t it!  Yet THIS IS the overwhelming LIKELIHOOD!!

   VERY FEW will live out the next six months!!

   One answer to the AIR problem – is gas masks – that filter the air!

   Buildings EVERYWHERE will be reduced to RUBBLE.

   How can we live long AT ALL, let alone normally??!!

   Gas masks anti red dust laden air. Treated water to remove the red contaminate.  TINNED foods. Get OUT of all buildings and into trenches in the ground.  Get underground(with adequate supplies).  But consider how difficult life will be!

   Prepping is good, of course. But HOW LONG does anyone expect to live – EVEN PREPARED??!!

   How many are going to be able TO WORK? Or do anything but huddle indoors!!

   So I don’t rate our future!!

   It will get too dangerous to go out.

   And if you stay in – prepare to be crushed to death!

   Lying outside in a trench doesn’t appeal too much.

   We need underground chambers.(Try Unterland?!)  With air, soil and mushrooms,etc!!

    PLEASE relay on the news I am giving you. As I am being blocked from reaching more than a few people!!

    Shall we pray??!!

   Yes, this and worse is coming up over the next SIX MONTHS!! After that it will be back to yet another STONE AGE!!(Quite a come-down from our present(Western) way of life!!)

   Suicide WILL BECOME VERY APPEALING!! But DON’T do it!!(As penalty in Spirit World after death!)

   Suicide ONLY kills the physical body. But you THEN awaken in your etheric or astral vehicle.

   VERY FEW are going to find adequate SHELTERS!!

   Nibiru ITSELF is not the threat(so much)(Apart from the appalling gravity and gravity-magnetic influences – which will be devastating) – as the accompanying debris! 6 or 7 moons, a VERY dust laden tail.

   Under the sea’s surface will be best. Preferably in a submarine! But you will need to stay down for years!

    We shall need those aliens! DON’T try to kill them. Stupid anyway. They are FAR more advanced than we are!!

    Sounds like a NIGHTMARE doesn’t it.  ..IT IS!!

   What a COME-DOWN from our present(for many, if not most)way of living – to fighting desperately TO SURVIVE at all!!










CCC13 The Unterland!!

September 10, 2012

Monday, September 10th, 2,012.


The Unterland.

      That is German for the vast area below ground, of natural passages. Below The Great Within world,too. Both of which are world wide. The Germans occupied some of it.

      The Fourth Reich(Hitler may have survived too!) may spring up from The Unterland beneath Antarctica.

      This is about my 500th article onto Word Press. About 1,000th onto Computers.

      And the equivalent of about 2,000 all told.



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