CCC12 Prepare for Doom!

Friday, 7th September, 2,012.


Nibiru is STILL coming,we NEED authorities to ACT!!

     The only way to safeguard against the coming cataclysm of close pass by Nibiru – is to get down The North Geographical Pole!(South too difficult.) Unless you can find a good shelter. If you just ignore this threat, then you are likely to die!(November 21st, 2,012 expected passing.) OR HOPE the aliens will save you.

     There is a SECOND cataclysm possible. From The Galactic Alignment!(December 21st, 2,012.)

     Let us not go to sleep!

     HOWEVER, we face catastrophe in other ways,too,SOON: 1.  Civil slaughter following almost certain economic and financial collapse.(The mob will go beserk. Martial Law may counter this – to some extent.) 2. Failing anti-biotics. 3. World War 3(And possibly more.). 4. Radiation from a collapse of Fukoshima site(very likely). 5. World civil war.  6.  Hot spot in space. 7. Proton  cloud. 8. World civil war. 9. Black holes by The Particle accelerators. 10. Epidemic/s and Pandemic/s. 11. Asteroids,etc. 12. Deadly(poisoned water) red dust from Nibiru’s tail.  13. Die in aftermath of Nibiru,etc. 14. A deliberate world population reduction programme.(Eliminate many – to save some.)

      That is 16 perils. Straight out of the top of my head.





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