CCC12 Prepare for Doom!

September 6, 2012

Friday, 7th September, 2,012.


Nibiru is STILL coming,we NEED authorities to ACT!!

     The only way to safeguard against the coming cataclysm of close pass by Nibiru – is to get down The North Geographical Pole!(South too difficult.) Unless you can find a good shelter. If you just ignore this threat, then you are likely to die!(November 21st, 2,012 expected passing.) OR HOPE the aliens will save you.

     There is a SECOND cataclysm possible. From The Galactic Alignment!(December 21st, 2,012.)

     Let us not go to sleep!

     HOWEVER, we face catastrophe in other ways,too,SOON: 1.  Civil slaughter following almost certain economic and financial collapse.(The mob will go beserk. Martial Law may counter this – to some extent.) 2. Failing anti-biotics. 3. World War 3(And possibly more.). 4. Radiation from a collapse of Fukoshima site(very likely). 5. World civil war.  6.  Hot spot in space. 7. Proton  cloud. 8. World civil war. 9. Black holes by The Particle accelerators. 10. Epidemic/s and Pandemic/s. 11. Asteroids,etc. 12. Deadly(poisoned water) red dust from Nibiru’s tail.  13. Die in aftermath of Nibiru,etc. 14. A deliberate world population reduction programme.(Eliminate many – to save some.)

      That is 16 perils. Straight out of the top of my head.





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