CCC10-3 A warning to the world.

September 1, 2012

Sunday, September 2nd, 2,012.


A WARNING to the world!

Knock it off!! And do more good!!!!

         Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die?  But physical death is not the end!

      NOW is the time to be perspiring BLOOD in our efforts to do good!

      NOW is the time to cleave to GOD and CHRIST!!!!

      People(in general) are confused you see. They think because the wicked have it good now, that they will have it good in any hereafter too! But this is not so!

     We see in a glass dimly now all right!

     Those who have it good now, will have it bad later(after death). Those who have it bad now, will have it good after death!

     Because everything is felt MORE keenly in The Spirit World, it is better to suffer now, not later! Although our stay in the spirit world is an average 50 years – as against 55 in the physical.

     Nibiru and The Galactic Alignment are near. Though it is 2,013 rather than 2,012, that is the year we should dread.

    We may also expect bad solar flares(around Feb 14th, 2,013)then,too!(Saint Valentine’s Day.(I personally see Halloween(2,012.A.D.)  as when Nibiru passes.) Which will probably knock out most electric  and electronic appliances.)

    The dissolute are having a whale of a time now. But all this will change once Nibiru gets seen. Expected to put in a general appearance around September 15th, 2,012. THEN people will begin to gnash their teeth! And wish they had applied Bible wisdom more!!

    Remember the three terrible dates: November 21st,2,012;(Nibiru due to pass Earth.) December 21st, 2,012;(Galactic Alignment!) February 14th, 2,013.(Mass discharge of solar flares,etc!)  Unknown date: Mass alien landing on Earth.

   Meanwhile there is the threat of U.S. attack on Syria. Via NATO probably.  Israel attack on Iran(Supported by U.S. once Iran counter-strikes).(Then Russia and China join in. On the side of Iran and Syria, of course.)

   Also Radiation from Fukushima – as the collapse continues. World wide.

   And the viruses over-powering most anti-biotics.

   Russia and China prepare to counter attack The West.(As The West gets tempted to attack Syria and Iran!!)

  A West in terrible debt and deficit, AND facing economic and financial collapse!!

  We can expect a MASS Annunaki aliens landing,too. Though this may save us.

  The next six months or so – should be rather trying!!

  I doubt there will be a Christmas this year.

 Man is very unevolved spiritually. Though very advanced technologically.

He does not know it, but his knowledge about the universe is about the opposite to the truth!!

Man has it all WRONG!!(On the important matters.)

God is too big to notice!!(BOTH senses!!)  We frolic beneath ITS big toe-nail, unawares!!

The Devil is too small to be seen. And lies in statements like “One more for the road!”.(Usually before a terrible accident!!)

Man is SO foolish.

Our spiritual vibrations are what matter. These are ruled by our behaviour.  These determine WHERE we will go in The Spirit World.

 Yet that last drink matters FAR less than whether or not we helped that unfortunate stranger!

 Men fear death so. Yet, it is possible to die – and NOT KNOW it!!(I mean that we MAY find ourselves in the same environment as when alive!)(We live in a physical universe – that is surrounded by an etheric universe looking exactly like it!!)(Which we enter at SO-CALLED death!!)

     Like the woman who committed suicide – only to find herself STILL THERE.(But in the etheric replica ORIGINAL!!)(Worse than ever now in bed!)

    Don’t commit suicide! It makes no difference. Except that you NO LONGER have a physical body wherewith to do the things you still want to do!! So DON’T be foolish!!

    We do NOT control our existence!  We can only decide to end our PHYSICAL BODY’S life! Which is IDIOCY!!  Seeing that we only find ourselves in the Etheric Original with the same problems. PLUS no physical body!!

    Many men(and women) are angry at God for terminating life at death. But the truth is we go on from life to life without end. (With breaks in The Spirit World sand-wiched in between.) How unbearable it would be to live for ever in THIS physical body!  God knows what it IT is doing. We(so many of us) DO NOT!!

   Yes, it is tempting to TRY TO escape our current pain, if only mental. But it is a DEAD END!!

   We either SUFFER it – or WORSE!!

    We CANNOT escape our phoney prisons. Which are SELF made!!

    The trick is NOT to make our prisons UNBEARABLE HELLS!!

    So WISE is the man(or woman) who raises their vibrations(spiritual).

    Best way is meditation.

    Our troubles are not made by our fellow-man, but by US allowing our fellow man to get into a position where they can hurt us!!  The trick IS – not to give them the opportunity!!(AND to develop a VERY thick skin!!)(Yes. How easy to talk!!)

    Escapism and denial are RIFE.

    But BOTH are futile!!

    Escape from your own SELF-MADE mental hell.

    Or from some truth you refuse to contemplate!!

    ONLY we  have power over our own actions!

    Blame our weakness, NOT their evil!(You cannot change their evil! But you CAN change your weakness!)

    Am I getting stupid in my conceit(vanity)??

    Have a good day!!

    It is odd but I see the U.S. people(who lead a much tougher life) as needing what I am saying far less than my fellow Queenslanders and Australians.








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