CCC8 Morality and ethics,etc.

August 30, 2012

Monday, 20th August, 2,012.


Morality and Ethics??

           I am VERY DEEPLY concerned – at the behaviour of my supposedly FELLOW man! I get the impression that it is ALL RIGHT – provided that you keep in with the crowd, do what the pack does, and – JUST let the LOWER rip! Well I DO NOT THINK SO!!

          The Media, as well as the dominant humans, are UNFORTUNATELY our morality and ethics’ guides. (I live in Queensland, AUSTRALIA. And watch TV Channel 7 a bit. So I get my picture of so much wrong living  from THEM.)(Of course, Queensland, Australia is MUCH more sedate(in general)  than is say the average life in The U.S!)(There is LITTLE comparison!)(With the VERY SHELTERED LIFE here!! In Queensland.)

          Now let’s get this straight. I am not(as I FULLY REALIZE that this makes me HIGHLY unpopular – to say the least) OUT to kill joy, and make others as miserable as possible – frowning upon ALL enjoyment. No!!

        MY mind is ON the CONSEQUENCES of “the loose LET IT ALL HANG OUT” style of living NOW BECOMING so increasingly PREVALENT!!(In The West, anyway.)(In Iran for example THEY are MUCH more TOE THE MORALITY LINE!!)(Thieves paying with their right hand,ETC.)(Chopped off!!)

      I am NOT for depriving people of joy. ONLY for INCREASING it. But I take a big picture LONG TERM view.(I am VERY concious that LOWERED SPIRITUAL VIBRATIONS take you to THAT CORRESPONDING degree of suffering  AFTER DEATH. I am thinking of THAT. And wish ALL to avoid THAT!!)

     It would mean loss of CURRENT pleasure and joy – TO the extent involved, of course.

     I am NOT saying don’t find Happiness, I am saying GO FOR the BIG IN THE LONG RUN picture!! Which used to be called WISDOM!!

    People tend to go by what OTHER people do. However MOST other people go for indulgence!! And so this is FOLLY!!!!

   DO YOU see what I mean?


   Yes, one COULD go out and get sozzled,  knock off a car or something – and engage a prostitute. Then go home, take drugs – and go to sleep.

   THAT is true, and SOME do that sort of thing.

   How TRULY happy are they? And WHERE in The Hereafter does a life time or lengthy period of THAT  take one??

   So WHERE is the GAIN?? I see ONLY loss.  And it is this LOSS I am so concerned to save all from!!

   Spiritually INVEST in a better future!! Going to Paradise AND NOT HADES after death!!

   Get me? GET IT??

   Of  course I have to be right about the penalty. But I believe that I am!!

   So which is better? Get sozzled now.  And very often in the future.  And go to a place less high than you thought of  or hoped for when you die.)

   I see so many going for loose living.

   But it DOES MATTER!!


   So THOUGH it WOULD involve the loss some low pleasure and LOW joy NOW., it would mean gaining a happier after-life!!

  HOWEVER, judging by what TV shows, and what a dissolute few do, then I see SO MANY literally GOING TO HELL!!

   THAT is what I DON’T want for you!!

  Therefore, painfully aware of the better alternative, I am VERY deeply concerned.

  I am NOT interested in praise for this. I simply am happier SEEING you,ETC. not suffering after death, but,rather,gaining REAL TRUE joy!!

 Am I making any sense to you? Am I coming across sensibly?

 Yes, I hear cries of SPOIL SPORT, KILL-JOY,and so on. But only from those taking the SHORT TERM view!!(Who be SO LOUDLY dominant!!)

  POT my popularity(I     have NONE. ONLY the REVERSE!!). WHERE is the INDULGER’S long term GAIN??!!

          Humans, in general, choose the WORLDLY WAY, not the way that leads to happiness after death, AND EVEN NOW!!


         AM I wasting my time?(I am not the ONLY ONE so concerned of course.)

        I cannot think that ALL are foolish OUT THERE!!

       I have often FALLEN. But WHY do it?? ??(My fall does NOT raise YOU up. Or it shouldn’t do!!)

      And there we have it.  

      Am I, and MANY others – WASTING OUR TIME??!!!

     Actually I am putting this very badly. As MOST people DO NOT go in for the dissolute life, but there are MANY who do!

    What I am trying to say – is, that those who live a LOOSER life than the average – GO to a lower place after death – than those who don’t!!


CCC9-4 The Etheric,etc. DON’T miss this one!

August 30, 2012

Friday, August 31st, 2,012.


The Etheric,etc.

       Until we physically die, we are in the physical. At PHYSICAL death, we come out of our physical bodies and dwell in our etheric vehicles  in The Etheric. That is all physical death is!

      We then feel as if air is water, and we can float in it. This realm is electric. Electric sparks every where.

      Some leave their physical bodies temporarily in life. But we ALL(ALL creatures!) leave our physical bodies PERMANENTLY at so called death – which is ONLY of the physical vehicle(currently)! Our physical body then rots away.(As materialists are so fond of telling us. And telling us that we ARE THAT!!) But WE GO ON – in our etheric vehicles. Living AT FIRST in a world which is a replica of our present physical world. The only difference is – is that our etheric bodies being that much finer – are able to float,etc. Then being able to do magical things – and quite easily. Flying about is one.

        We entered a foeutus at birth. Then lived our life-time  All (physical) death is – is PERMANENT exit FROM the physical body we made our own in life.

        As I say  SOME manage to TEMPORARILY exit their physical vehicles in life. And do magical things.  All what we call death is – is our FINAL and PERMANENT exit from our physical vehicles.

       At first most of us continue to live in our homes – but at the etheric level. Often not knowing that we have died! Because the immediate etheric plane is the ORIGINAL exact copy of this physical world. The COPY is THE PHYSICAL PLANE. We are CURRENTLY living in THE PHYSICAL DUPLICATE, NOT the original plane!

      Some become Earthbound at physical death – due to attachment to various interests and fears, (like wanting a particular kind of disposal for their physical vehicle, nameing of a murderer(if murdered), saying where our WILL or some treasure is, wanting to tell the world that they survive,and so on)which then tie us to The Etheric ORIGINAL of the PHYSICAL plane. Since most do not know this, they often, at first, do not realize that they have died(physically). They seem to have survived death! But knowing,perhaps,that they HAVE died, they may be at a loss to grasp whether they are dead or alive!!  So we continue to live as before we died.  Much to the discomfort of people who take up residence in what we had made our home. This often leads to a clash of ownership, but as a rule it is the departed who now NO LONGER own what has been their home. They sometimes drive out, or TRY to drive out, the new people who have moved in.  Sometimes, if not often, they succeed in driving out the new tenant/s!

         So on occasions we have this battle between the living new tentants – and those who have just died. Each claiming, or trying to, ownership!  The new tenants not enjoying, as a rule, ghosts of the departed in what they rightly think is THEIR home!!

        Each side TRIES to drive out the other. Often successfully.

        The legal and moral right  is with the new tenant. But naturally it is hard to have to vacate what you regarded as YOUR home – perhaps for SO long!!

       This is a very important matter – which we would do well to learn full cognizance of!

       When you pay for and move into your home, you naturally think that it IS yours.(Which IT IS.)  But if the previous tentant/s happen to have physically DIED, then a battle may ensue as to who actually occupies the place!!  Such places are usually much cheaper than the normal prices. BECAUSE haunted!(This may be fine PROVIDED THAT you can bear GHOSTS!!)

      It is a bit akward, as who can successfuly RULE as to correctness(or otherwise) of OWNERSHIP or right to tenancy?? Physical lawyers may have a problem with etheric ones!!

     IF you can bear ghosts or a ghost, then it is a good opportunity to get a cheap place! With perhaps an added attraction thrown in.(The novelty of being in a haunted premises.)

     Ghost or ghosts are not likely to be friendly – because being the previous occupants  – they incline to think that they are THE RIGHTFUL occupiers. Do you see what I mean?!(Until it is pointed out to them(the ghosts or ghost) that they SHOULD move on  –  into The Spirit World PROPER.)

     Now THIS is a VERY serious matter, – and NOT  a joke!

     It is the new occupant/s who are the rightful new possessors.

     The problem is, how to INFORM the ghost/s that they SHOULD move on, and not try to frighten out the new occupant/s!

     One does not USUALLY think about ghost/s of the previous occupant/s after having MOVED IN to a fresh place.

     A frequent route is to have the ghost/s exorcized(that is banished from occupancy).

    Supposing YOU had just died, and were now a ghost living in your former home. Naturally, as A RULE, you would think that the place STILL RIGHTFULLY belonged to YOU. Wouldn’t you?(ESPECIALLY if you were UNAWARE of having died!) THINK about it, as this occurs to ALL of us- when we die!

    They are not, AS A RULE, demons – or anything like that! But simply ordinary folk – who happen to HAVE DIED!!

    THEY need to be informed that they HAVE died, and need to MOVE ON – into The Spirit World PROPER!!

    The new occupant/s need(s) be informed that their latest home is not demon possessed, but that the PREVIOUS occupant has died, is now a ghost, and needs informing!!

    To do this informing you simply need a SPIRITUALIST MEDIUM  to come in, and contact, or TRY to contact, the ghost(or ghosts). Explaining to them(the ghost or ghosts)that they  HAVE died – and need to MOVE ON!!

    They are HUMANS, not demons. Who have unfortunately DIED!!  And MAY NOT know that fact!  So please TELL THEM!!

    As I say, how would YOU feel having just died, but PERHAPS not knowing that fact, if mortals were now STRIVING HARD to drive you OUT(of your HOME, or what WAS your home). Perhaps via exorcism.

    This is a VERY SERIOUS matter. And NEEDS to be promulgated more!!

   Both sides, parties, feel IN THE RIGHT. So this is not easy!

   We ALL physically die at some point in time! And ALL(Or NEARLY ALL!) have SOME HOME that they are living in at the time!

   Whether you know you have physically died OR NOT, you do need to know what you should do NEXT!!

   When we (physically) die, AT FIRST we are in the etheric ORIGINAL of this physical world. Which you MAY mistake for the physical world ITSELF!!(Which is ONLY its DUPLICATE!!)

   HOWEVER! THAT is not where you need to go or stay.(It being a sort of HALF-WAY house.)  You need to MOVE ON – into The Spirit World PROPER!!(The Etheric Plane is only the first RUNG of a LADDER going upwards in vibration spectrums – without end(down below the physical too, and to the sides, all sides).)

   This is a VERY important area – which both  incarnate AND discarnate – NEED informing about!!

    Likewise with BIRTH. Physical birth.

    Both the living AND the newly arrived – NEED informing that the new arrival has just come FROM The Spirit World – in order to live a fresh physical life! The new arrival may have memories of The Spirit World. They need ENCOURAGEMENT to talk about it, NOT accused of lying or SEEING THINGS! That ALL may learn the fuller truth BETTER!!  

     Of COURSE children often see things!(Things that are ACTUALLY THERE!!)being more psychic than adults. Likewise of animals!

    Please SPREAD this information – to the MAXIMUM!

    It is NOT of the Devil! And the humans and animals concerned ARE NOT demons!

    Most humans are negative. So they will try to get others to see all this sort of thing as EVIL!(When it is GOOD!!)  And try to CONCEAL it! When they SHOULD be SPREADING the knowledge!!  As widely as possible!!

    Life is very simple. The unevolved aspire to the negative. While the good are positive. A constant warfare exists. Between the two sides.  Good versus evil!  Some cleave to The Devil. And some to GOD!!

   The negatives will strive to do maximum harm. The positives to do maximum good.

   Evil wins a lot now. But it is the good that FINALLY win!!

   Aliens exist too. These are entities from other planets and planes. Currently, The Annunaki aliens will work to save us from the coming CATACLYSMS. But the foolish misinterpret this as an invasion, when that is not so.

   A TERRIBLY hard time lies IMMEDIATELY ahead – for every creature(human and animal) on Earth. Due to various calamities and disasters.(The next 6 months finds us entering it.)

   I know about these things, and try to inform as many as possible. Unfortunately I can only reach a pitiful FEW. Thanks to the negatives. So will you PLEASE spread this information unto the VERY MAXIMUM!! In order that we ALL might live BETTER lives. And not just technologically and scientifically!!

     The negatives do negative things in order to(as THEY think) live more pleasurable lives. But doing negative ONLY brings negative things to such doers!!(ONLY doing good will eventually bring good!)

     Leaving the physical body temporarily – is called Astral projection.

     You may think you are in water, under water, when in the etheric. As its air feels thick around you.  You can float, and even fly, in it!

     HOW can one fly in The Etheric? Very simple: The Universe or Omni-verse is not just a spatial and timeal affair, but has too the dimension of VIBRATION.  Our physical molecules are differentially heavier than the surrounding air – consequently we cannot float or fly in PHYSICAL air.  But when we enter the next plane up(which all creatures do at death), we find ourselves on a plane(etheric,astral) where the differential between our ETHERIC vehicles(which we wear after physical death) is far less.  Consequently we can, at will, move about in the astral air much as if we were in water, except that we can move about MUCH easier than as if in water. Etheric molecules are light and MUCH more easily moved than the physical molecules.(In water you could not travel fast. But in the etheric you can shoot along about as fast as you like. This enables easy flight. It is as if rockets were attached to the molecules. And fired at will. And at ANY chosen direction.    Very handy, of course.)(Pictures of humans flying about NON-MECHANICALLY in the spirit world get seen from time to time. There needs to be a basis for that!   As one doesn’t NORMALLY fly about in the air non-mechanically!!  The answer is that the etheric molecules are so light that by mere thought and will WE CAN(In The Spirit World.)over-power gravity – and fly about!)(Not by “magic” – but by the simple fact that light-weight molecules can move around EASILY(In The Spirit World air,atmosphere.) – far more easily than you could under water!(The Spirit World AIR becoming like very light water!)(Simple “physics”.))(I hope you can follow that alright!)(I am trying to say that this gets done LAWFULLY, and not by some absurdity!!)(Planes fly aloft by upward pressure of the wings, the pressure of the air from below being greater than that above, – and not by any method beyond law! And so it is in The Etheric, though the principle used there is very different. Being pressure of WILL pushing the molecules along!)(Against the dead nil resistance of the etheric air.)

        Many people baulk at having to die at the end of their life. But the prospect of having to live FOR EVER – can be daunting too! – Never,ever coming to an end.  WHICH would YOU choose(had you the choice). Die permanently at physical death, or go on FOR EVER!!) (Let us hope we forget the unpleasant times!)(Or maybe live so that there aren’t any!)

     We oscillate  indefinitely, between The Spirit World and The Physical Realm. As we climb, or strive to climb, the planes.

    What is important, is to EVOLVE. And GROW!!

    We do this by LIVING, and DEVELOPING ourselves, and others. Including animals,etc.

    Unfortunately some people want it ALL their OWN way.

    I hope you have learned some important facts here!

   Vic.(The AGE is ending. And I expect to be leaving you soon. I have TRIED to teach you some very important things. Against tremendous opposition and resistance.)(I support GOD, Jesus CHRIST, Saint Germaine, and LOVING and ADVANCING all creatures.  However, the negatives oppose all this. And instead advance THEIR horrors!!)(GOD and THE GOOD win in the end!! Remember that!!)

        We need to learn these truths. Two great ways are Astral Projection, and attending PHYSICAL SEANCES, where the SO CALLED dead manifest!!  By Astral Projection we learn that our physical bodies are simply GARMENTS that we are CURRENTLY wearing.  And by attending physical seances, we can meet those  WHO HAVE PASSED ON, again.

      These things are not wrong, but VERY right.

      Naturally the wicked strive all out to prevent this sort of thing.

      Each to his own, of course.

      We can only be what we are.

      But should STRIVE ALL OUT to be better than what we are!!





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