BBB17 WATCH Nibiru slow down Earth’s rotation!!

Wednesday, 25th July, 2,012.
Check slowing down of Earth’s rotation – by Nibiru!
Don’t let others try to fool you this is not so!
As Nibiru gets closer, it will warm us up, cause all sorts of disasters, AND slow The Earth’s ROTATION down! – Increasingly until The Earth stops rotating – for about ONE WEEK(!!). Then re-starts again – spinning in the opposite direction. Causing the sun to rise in The West – and set in The East. Positions of rising and setting sun are increasingly to the right. Askew from normal.(DON’T let them fool you with HALF TRUTHS!! U.S. Navy setting wrong time figures to fool us!!)

Use MANUAL time-pieces. As U.S.Navy, NASA,etc. will deliberately try to fool the observant that this is not so. Trying to CONCEAL the fact that Nibiru is approaching. In order to have CONTROL over us. And to avoid panic.

However, The Public DO need warning of Doom, Doomsday! So I am asking you all to(using MANUAL time pieces – to prevent those concealing Nibiru’s approach from getting you to alter your time wrongly!)observe(making daily notes)the SLOWING DOWN OF THE EARTH’S ROTATION! Thus permitting those who DO – to prepare for TOTAL STOPPAGE(in Earth’s rotation, for about a week)!

The semi-wise will try to persuade you that your time-piece is at fault. The WISE will know that The Earth’s rotation IS slowing. – Due to Nibiru hauling on the rotating Earth – as well as The North Pole, dragging on the ice caps and The Earth’s Crust – and eventually starting the terrible POLAR SHIFT!! So just BE READY, folks!! Also NOTE where sun and moon,etc.rise and set now. Also measuring the angle between rises and settings!

Observing what IS happening, you may THEN act accordingly – to save your lives.(Survivors starting a new Stone Age – or getting evacuated by The giant Annunaki aliens in UFO’s above!)

In 39 days, Nibiru should appear in DAYLIGHT!!

Warning you ALL!!
WATCH!!(And don’t get fooled by those PURPOSELY keeping Nibiru a secret!!)(Please pass this information on. By e mail and otherwise!!)



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