BBB16. Prepare NOW for Near WIPE-OUT!!

July 24, 2012

Wednesday, 25th July, 2,012.
An idea of what Nibiru passing will be like.

For about the next 3 months, as the orbital trajectories of Nibiru and Earth, now almost parallel, slowly draw closer together.
It is easy to give an opinion. What IS hard – is to be RIGHT!!

Basically,what is happening, so far as I can gather, is that Planet X,next planet out past Neptune,(Pluto-Charon discounted now,probably a satellite of Neptune, a captured alien planet(a planet of Sirius B OR a space wandering planet)about the size of Saturn,with a 3,600 year orbital period – is ONCE MORE about to pass us very closely. Immense gravitation, magnetism,heat and electricity from this planet, PLUS that engendered from the sun at this time will cause TERRIBLE damage to The Earth via a Pole Shift – probably involving a complete INVERSION of The Earth, or at least a fall on its side(which might be WORSE than it turning upside-down)(All the stars are going to CHANGE ENDS!!)(Drat it! I LIKE The beautiful Southern Sky!!)(As you would have both poles melting their ices COMPLETELY, in the region NOW occupied by India and Peru.(Imagine poles going there! I don’t know why Nancy Leider says that. As invariably the poles change ends via an inversion of The Earth.(The Earth usually INVERTS each time, not HALF inverts.)(The stars,etc. APPEAR to slide of course)(Another point: A Polar Shift requires The Earth to turn upside down, not the crust slide right around, though ice and crust slides might occur TOO.(Nibiru’s immense gravity pulls The Earth upside down.(By pulling The North Pole OVER and DOWN.) It could CONCEIVABLY pull on the polar ices and The Earth’s CRUST FIRST, INITIATING an Earth INVERSION(180 degrees)(But all this is my speculation!)(EXACTLY what Nibiru does and how, I do not know. However judging from past CATACLYSMS(like Lemuria,Atlantis and Poseidon) and noting that there is a COMPLETE INVERSION of the magnetic poles, it can only be from The Earth turning upside down GEOGRAPHICALLY, PHYSICALLY – and not any MERE polar or CRUSTAL SLIDES(Though THAT might occur too.)!!(A note TO those trying to figure crustal and ice SLIDES: The Earth is HOLLOW, and has a huge hole at EACH end!! Earth’s HUGE WITHIN being reached by travelling down these GIGANTIC holes(a thousand miles in diameter)(So please REMEMBER that The Earth is NOT solid, BUT HOLLOW. Therefore IF the crust and polar ices SLIDE, they have to slide THROUGH these giant holes!!)(Rock can bend though!)
The CURRENT heat and disasters,stretching rocks noise,cracks and sinks holes,bubbles in the ocean,etc. are caused by EARTH’S WOBBLE, not Nibiru(so much)(as yet), via CENTRIFUGAL FORCE heaving up the surface and the magma!

But from about NOW on, in ADDITION to Earth’s Wobble’s effects VIA centrifugal force, we shall ALSO GET Nibiru’s influence PLUS the effects from The Galactic Alignment(due 21.12.2012), AND The Start of The Aquarian Age(Taking over from The Pisces Age) on 22.12.2012. Thus we have TRIPLE or QUADRUPLE CATACLYSMS occurring more or less simulaneously. A once in about 26 MILLION YEARS’s event!(So THIS COMING CATACLYSM is NOT just due to Nibiru passing very closely but what I just mentioned ALSO!)

People are VERY Nibiru concious(among those that are cataclysm,etc. minded), not realizing that the heat, disasters, strange noises, cracks, sink-holes,etc. are more due to Earth’s WOBBLE – as yet. But from NOW ON, Nibiru, Galactic Alignment AND Aquarian Age effects WILL ADD ON to EARTH’S WOBBLE – thus creating THREE or FOUR cataclysms ALL IN ONE!!(So the CURRENT growing woes(ONLY JUST STARTING UP!) will be due to FOUR GIANT Astronomical events happening SIMULTANEOUSLY!!!!(All centred on 22.12.2012.A.D.)(I say A.D. in deference to the MAGNITUDE of THE FOUR FOLD cataclysm that is about to occur, START to occur, WITHIN the next six months or so! And proceed for months. Though its after effects, including ice era and ICE AGE, with dense dust, red dust(poisonous, polluting crops and water!) and almost constant RAIN, will proceed for ages!
The whole surface(and inner surface) of The Earth will be changed completely out of all recognition. Due almost entirely to SEA RISE.(Remember too, that estimated February 14th, 2,013 – Earth will suffer FIRE initiated by our sun!)(Due to Nibiru lining up with sun and Earth.)

I am putting this badly I know. But best I can do trying to juggle the FOUR ASTRONOMICAL EVENTS.(Normally we have ONE or ANOTHER EVENT. But THIS TIME,NOW, we have FOUR!! Rembember that!!!! All coming VERY CLOSE together.(The next Halloween and Saint Valentine’s Day should be QUITE memorable!!)

Earth’s Wobble, Nibiru passing very close by, Galactic Alignment AND end of Pisces Age – to start The Aquarian Age – along with OTHER IMPORTANT CYCLES – all centred on 22.12.2,012.A.D!!!!
So this EVENT(It is called THE EVENT)(Many got born at this time ESPECIALLY to EXPERIENCE the INCREDIBLE FOURSOME!!(The WORST disaster to Man on Earth(Future included!)!!!!)will be a once in 26,000,000 years event!
Even ONE cataclysm is DEVASTATING, but to have three or four occurring SIMULTANEOUSLY will “regale” us with THE WORST DISASTER, CATACLYSM EVER for Man to experience on the Earth!!!!(Past AND Future.)


What a SHOCK the creatures of our ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM – ARE in for!(Especially those of Australia’s T.V. Channel 7 – who are always laughing!!)(WHY Main Media so silent if it is true? Because of the policy of silence to keep CONTROL of us, AND to avoid panic. Especially THE FORMER!!)

The come-down from SUCH hilarity – can only be EPIC!!(SO MANY Earth folk are shortly in FOR SUCH A SHOCK!!)

Remember!(But DO go to Zeta Talks on The Internet for good details. Though I note Nancy Leider is 9 or 10 years PREVIOUS in the dates she gives(Written before 1995!). Which I think is DELIBERATE.(In OTHER WORDS, ADD 9 or 10 YEARS, PERHAPS, to the dates she gives THERE!!)(And we arrive at 2,012-2,013 time)(Which IN HINDSIGHT and RETROSPECT IS when the QUADRUPLE CATACLYSM is to occur!)(Done DELIBERATELY apparently!! For some important reason I forget now.)
What a pity, because it means that the people of this solar system KEEP getting knocked back(FLATTENED)(Though many solar systems get these alien interloping planets!) every few thousand years.(PLEASE warn those of 3,600 years hence,ETC!)(Even as WE have been WARNED of what is now IMMINENT!!)
Thus we get a fresh Genesis every 3,600 years.(Nibiru cataclysms occur every 3,600 years. EARTH WOBBLE cataclsyms occur ever 6,500 years. Galactic alignments effects occur every(something different)(26 or 260 MILLION??)years. And a new Astronomical Period, like Aquarius, every 2,000(Is it?) years!)

In addition to Man’s usual hostility to Man,etc.

AND Nature’s harshness!!


For FIREWORKS this is the time to be in!! The WORST EVER TIME for disasters.(For Man on Earth.)

Richter 15 earthquakes to be expected. Up to the TREMENDOUS JERK JOLT as The Pole Shift STARTS!!(Which should LEVEL just about EVERYTHING on Earth!!!!)(THAT earthquake should be OFF THE MAP!!)

This disaster, coming up, imminent(watch for RED DUST and RED GLOW in sky), can be expected to END this Aryan civilization(Have I got the RIGHT word there?!). Throwing us all back to Stone Age.(How will Spirit World fare?)

Man’s history is one long series of Creations!

Stock up?(For many who have not stocked to plunder?)
Why are so many UFO’s getting seen? To rescue the best of us – from World ANNIHILATION!!(Contact your local friendly giant Annunaki ALIEN(JOKE!!))

Prepare to POSSIBLY get whisked up into a Mothercraft above. – To RIDE OUT the storm!!(Or even to another planet!!)

Most of the information on Nibiru,etc. is from Ancient Sumeria!(Originally.)


I do advise(amongst MANY other things) you get BATTERIES. And a battery charger!(Torch batteries,etc.)(Grid electricity may be expected to be DOWN, PRETTY PERMANENTLY!!)(Plus all important electric,etc. APPLIANCES. So WE folk who MAY be initiating The NEXT Stone Age – can get a head start!!)
The Internet has many organizations telling us WHAT to gather together – for AFTER FOUR-FOLD CATACLYSM.

Now 3 months away(start thereof). Heat and disasters will BUILD UP to it…
Last Trumpet all right!!

LAST TRUMP(Of THIS cluster of cataclysms) ABOUT TO BE PLAYED!!!!
Last time any event like this happened there was The Exodus. Moses,etc. How The Red Sea parted!(The Raed Sea anyway, a tribituary OF The Red Sea.)
Be a lot of bugs around,too. But at least they will be EDIBLE!!


Peace be with you all,







Remember! It is not JUST Nibiru!





Will be NO JOKE, as all are VERY SOON – to REALIZE!!

Go to Zeta Talks, folks.

Much detail there, including on our best defensive posture!!

Note: Best off will be those who die!(But STICK AROUND – IF YOU CAN!!)










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