BBB15 The Fourth Reich,etc.


Tuesday, 24th July, 2,012.


Thank you for the kind comments,/ RED Nibiru, red dust,red rain and GLOW/Hitler in Antarctica,ufo’s and The Fourth Reich./My web-site addresses are in BBB14.

There is a rumour that Hitler fled(Around 1945.) with some U-boats into Antarctica, though he may first have gone to Argentina.

He built a number of superb secret weapons. Including UFO’s.(I am not saying that ALL ufo’s are German!)(He met aliens who taught him, apparently.)(He also got Atomic bomb first. And passed it on to Japan(or they got secret too).)

I doubt he is still alive. But COULD be, as down below Antarctica conditions are conducive to longevity!In hollow Earth.)


A Fourth Reich may be being prepared – in U.S!

I am well pleased with the comments on my articles(some of my articles). Have read the kind comments. THANK YOU!!

I shall certainly continue writing IF I think of something worth-while to write up!

Don’t expect many more, now. If ANY!!

Note: Red dust and red glow!! Can be expected from Nibiru.(I urge any readers to go into Zeta Talks! Much detail in there. Though was written about 15 years ago!)

Four events to “look forward to”: 1. Red dust in profusion. (Falling to Earth from tail of Nibiru.)

2. Red rain(in profusion).

3. The sudden appearance of a second(but red) moon.

4. A RED GLOW in the sky. Southern sky. Getting bigger and brighter.

These four things should occur(strongly) JUST BEFORE Nibiru is to pass us!(Earth)

It is hard to determine when Nibiru will pass Earth, but my estimate(from some orbital trajectories) is October 31st, 2,012.(Halloween)

Expect electric arc from sun or Nibiru Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2,013.

9 out of 10 humans expected to die.

Richter 15 earthquakes predicted!

And moving walls of water HUNDREDS OF FEET high.

Will need GOOD shelter!!

And be at least about 3,000 feet up!!

N.W. Europe goes under. And British Isles.

The Earth will stop rotating for a WEEK. Then re-start in the OPPOSITE direction!!

Check on Internet for details!

Don’t leave it to last minute!

Australia will be in the DARK NIGHT part of The Earth, freezing.

U.S. in LIGHT, sizzling.

Giant Annunaki aliens to inspect us.

Get details in Zeta Talks,ETC!!(You will need to know how to survive! IF you can!!)(Water poisoned by red dust. Air much deprived of oxygen. Crazed packs of cannabalistic humans AND animals. So little food around!!)(Best defence: Lie in a shallow narrow trench! Or be far out(or under) sea!!)(Underground, – VERY dangerous. Burial alive, awful risk!!)

25 years before skies clear of dust and almost constant rain.

Some say poles will move to India(and opposite). Apparently The CRUST is going to SLIDE – hundreds, even thousands of miles, south west, I think.(South west in West.)(So Australia and New Zealand,etc. should move North East that distance!!)





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