BBB12. Olympic sank, not Titanic.

Wednesday, 18th July, 2,012.



Olympic sank, not Titanic!


They are building a Titanic 2, a copy of Titanic 1.

However, that(Titanic 1) is not the ship that sank. The ship that sank was The Olympic, DISGUISED as The Titanic! The letters Olympic were overlain with Titanic!
Check UNDER the words TITANIC. You should see OLYMPIC.(Registration number may have been changed. Check it.)
Olympic and Titanic were two SISTER ships, identical, bar a FEW parts, including the engines, and the name-plate BENEATH Titanic, plus a few other things.

Mr.Morgan, the ship builder, wanted to claim the insurance on the ship he knew was doomed. That ship was The Olympic. As I understand it, it was deliberately sunk. I believe by the explosion – which blew a gaping hole in the ship OPPOSITE to where the ice-berg hit.(Explosion set off WHEN ice berg hit. By some party, not by the ice-berg.)))(The coal fires did not help, nor the series of punctures made by the ice(NOT a continuous gash!).

So he insured The Titanic, switching insurance from Olympic, at the last moment. The ship that apparently was deliberately sunk was The Olympic DISGUISED as The Titanic! Then he claimed the insurance. And got it.(86 million pounds, I believe.)

However, the REAL Titanic remained, and did so until its healthy end.

Morgan got his money AND kept the ship.

I believe he later regretted the move.(Conscience stricken.)
The owner of The Titanic escaped The Olympic sinking, keeping life and ship.
Both builder and owner did well(materially). Keeping EVERYTHING!!(But their consciences.)


The ship that sank, The Olympic, COULD have been saved – had they reversed engines and steered straight for the ice-berg.(Because the bows were the strongest part – and the ship would have survived a bows collision.)
As it was, they veered left(to port), trying to get AROUND the ice-berg, – but it was too late. And the ice-berg struck.


The ice berg struck starboard side.

The worse damage was done by the explosion on the port side – opposite to where the ice hit. The ship would still have sunk, even without the explosion, but much more slowly. Allowing Carpathia to rescue all.
Coal often catches fire in bunkers. Spontaneous combustion. It was not to blame for the sinking.


All concerned died long ago.


However, it is interesting to learn the true facts.


The owner wanted to win The Blue Riband by reaching New York in record time. So he went top speed. And the captain had to obey and do that.
Though I think as captain he COULD HAVE refused.


Bit akward.
Double “insurance” for sinking disaster. Steer for the ice-berg AND cause the explosion. Via some party on board I suppose.
The losers? Those who died of course. And The Insurance Company.
And The Olympic itself.
The winners: Builder, owner, and Titanic.
Many rivets were not rivetted!
The ship split in two whilst sinking, went down bow first. The screaming ALSO came from the rivets.
The engines fell out when the ship was on the bottom.

Ship well deteriorated now.
This story was denounced – but remains the true account.


The new Titanic they are building is a copy of the ship that did not sink.
It matters little MATERIALLY as they were sister ships – and ALMOST identical.
Oddly enough, there was a German ship called The Titan – which sank in similar circumstances.

AND a FICTION ship called Titanic – which sank(in the story) in similar circumstances.
(Please note Bin Ladin is now Barack Obama!)(Some stand-in stooge and corpse represented Bin Ladin.)









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